Reviews for Commandos: Strike Force


Not the best, but not the worst.

qvothe | Jan. 26, 2016 | See all qvothe's reviews »

It is good, but certainly not an excellent World War 2 shooter. Other franchises, like Brothers in Arms or Medal of Honor are surely better than this one, but if you already finished them off you may as well give it a try. It is still an interesting game. You can play with several different characters of the team, switching between them, so that is fresh - sort of a FPS version of 'Commandos Behind Enemy Lines'. Game does feel a bit too arcadish though, and graphics struggle to be called 'good'. All in all it's not the worst game for you to pick if you're a fan of FPS titles set in WW2, but it's also not the greatest one.


Bad Commandos, decent game.

Furrek | Jan. 8, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

I'm in big love with the first Commandos game - heck, even sequels were good! This game, I can't call this a Commandos game. It's no longer strategy game but some FPS, that isn't fun or challenging at all. Even for a FPS game Commandos: Strike Force is very poor game. Playing as spy is kinda fun but otherwise it's just a boring game. It's sad to see great franchise as Commandos to have this game. If you are fan of Commandos series DON'T BUY this game. You will regret this. Maybe, if you never played original Commandos, you might have some fun, but that's the only way to have a little fun of this title.


Well it's not terrible

Yobokkie | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all Yobokkie's reviews »

I feel bad for games like this but then again it's also the developers fault somewhat. They take a game series that had worked really well as one thing and try to convert it into something else. On it's own it's not a terrible game but being attached to the commandos brand means it's going to always be compared to the other games in the series. Those games were very innovative and challenging and even today highly regarded, so to take a few elements of that gameplay and put it into a rather generic shooter was never really going to work out. It's fun enough to play and the mechanics aren't terrible but it's just not commandos. To be honest, a game like Hidden and dangerous 2 does a better job of being a commandos FPS than this does with it's squad play, inventory management and different skill sets. If you've never played the original commandos or really don't enjoy hard core strategy games then this will be an inoffensive enough game to play through once, no more linear than most modern shooters and with a few new twists even. Graphics are not going to break your system and sounds are good. All in all an enjoyable enough shooter, just not a commandos game.


Commandos: Strike Force - review

carlyle | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

In each of the fourteen missions available in CSF, we will have to drive a maximum of two characters, and sometimes, instead, take our missions solo - with the default character from the computer, without the possibility of "switcharing" with other members of the team - making the most of the intrinsic features of our commando. The game shows with graphics not top notch, but of great impact. Much less pleasant Artificial Intelligence that controls our opponents. Given that, in ninety percent of the situations, just kneel not to be seen by an enemy a foot from us, the good Germans are not very smart even at the highest level of difficulty. The challenge they present in combat is therefore almost nothing, even by virtue of the fact that they tend to die for a gunshot fired by six kilometers. Much more interesting is the stealth component, when it comes to get behind the victim and strangle him: but sin that the tenth same animation in a row, it gets boring to see the enemy reeling and die.


This is not the real Commandos

panz3r88 | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Commandos Strike Force is not a RTS like the other title of the series, but try to recreate the same gameplay mechanics in a first person shooter: for example you will command different characters with their unique abilities. The game is boring, repetitive and less complex compared to the other Commandos titles. If you love Commandos series you should avoid to buy this title.


Yup, it has changed…

DeaD | Dec. 15, 2012 | See all DeaD's reviews »

Whether for the better or the worse is hard to decide. The game after all isn’t a bad one, but yeah it is different…Let me explain. First most of the characters has gone, maybe they were killed during the war or who knows. So those who loved the earlier games, they may feel the lack of Sidney(„Tread”), James („Fins”), Natasha(„Lips”), or even the dog(Whiskey), etc... It is acceptable though because putting more characters in a FPS, well i do think it would’ve been everything but easy. These three(the Sniper, the Spy, and the Green Beret) is enough, that simple. The game offers you the option to be stealthy, brutal, or having fun using the spy :) . The graphics are good in my opinion, the missions are diverse, interesting, but somehow you just feel something is missing. It may be the strategy. The game is a FPS, and that’s all. You don’t have to plan much, and this one just doesn’t have much to do with the game title „Commandos”. It offers multiplayer, but no co-op, which could make the game awesome. Honestly you should try the game, but maybe after you play through the missions you won’t play it ever again. For this price it is worth though.


Commandos Strike Force Review

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

This game has an interesting fusion between the RTS and the FPS world. It's a fun game but it could've been improved. Anyway the game is pretty linear and it's pretty short but it has a multiplayer gamemode wich lengthens the game by a bit, just to have some fun. The graphics are fine but they could've been better. The best thing done in this game was the audio and the music.


Your Average Shooter

faraany3k | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

This was a interesting take on the series. Instead of traditional squad based RTS, Eidos decided to make it a FPS influenced by Call of Dutys of that era. The up close and personnel approach in my view didn't turned out to be good. It was not as much fun as it was use to be when it was an isometric rts. There are number of reasons this FPS change doesn't end up well. Firstly the older commando games use to have a huge and diverse squad of special commandos which the series fans started caring about. On the other hand this game only features 3 commandos of that squad. The Heavy guy, the sniper and the spy. All in all this shrink-ed squad although diverse in ways doesn't have the same effect as the older games. FPS elements were solid enough and we can play as a straight shooter or as sniper or as a spy class. Graphics were decent for its age. Story and missions were your standard WW2 affair. In the end it wasn't a bad game. But in the WW2 heavy era of 2005 and before. Commandos Strike force doesn't stand out as a unique title.


Change isn't always good

newn | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

Commandos 1/2/3 were different. The view was from the top, now it's more like a casual shooter game... I really hated it. The game still remains with the characters, tactics, missions, etc.. But it's not the same as the former parts. It doesn't have that 'deep' planning anymore, you only have the view of a first person instead of a view like in a strategy game. However if you are a new player and don't care about the classics - it is quite a good game. I loved the gas and trowing knifes features. Sounds and graphics aren't too bad either, controls are good... So if you aren't an old fan of Commands - you should enjoy this game. If you are an old fan - you will probably hate this game. However - I'd still buy it out of the curiosity to see what's up with a completely different game. So even if you are an old fan - you should get it to see the change.


Thoroughly Enjoyed Strike Force

postewar | June 18, 2011 | See all postewar's reviews »

Being WWII fps genre, I'm surprised I have not played this one sooner. (I thought all Commandos were RTS) Commandos Strike Force is not so similar to Medal of Honor Allied Assault or Call of Duty. No, not quite so, Hollywood dramatic, polished, story and character wise, its still quite an enjoyable game, with even more tactical sense to it than being a straight through rail shooter that the other two are. Things like stealthy sneaking around wearing German disguises and killing the enemy with a garrote, silencer, gas or knife and planing out your attacks are all nice features of this game. Being more tactical over all, I still think this game has a very good mixture of stealth and action moments, and in some missions players are able to TAB swap between two different charters / classes to use their key attributes. Graphics are about what I'd expect for a 2004-2006'ish release, the level design and characters looked great as far a recreating the WWII atmosphere, and the AI seemed to be okay. The English cut scene voice overs were not in sync with the animations very well, a small distraction, but I believe the devs at Pyros were from Spain, therefor the animations were probably in Spanish, so I'll cut them some slack. No issues playing this on Windows 7 64bit. Great entertainment for the value. Thanks GMG!


Not bad, but not good

Jalberto | April 6, 2011 | See all Jalberto's reviews »

His isn't a realistic game. Intensity is lost when soldiers can barely run. Enemy AI is pretty weak, and I was repeatedly bothered by the weapon change function. But if you like the old shooters games, try this.


Interesting change of view

keeveek | April 5, 2011 | See all keeveek's reviews »

First two Commandos games are pure classics. The third one - not exactly. The creators of the famous ancestors decided to change Commandos franchise completely and served you an actual FPP game! Insane, you say? Nothing more false. The game still remains tactical, but it's tactical FPS now. Several chacarter classes offer you different way of going through the levels. Which are hard, real pain in the ass. Only a few of them can be completed simply by shooting up everything that moves. You have to think and use your character skills to survive, especially a spy who can disguise as different person. AI is not as demanding as it should be (for example, line of sight is very shortened) but it's still fun and damn satisfactory.