Reviews for Majesty 2 Collection


More Majesty!

Obsessor | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

For someone who played the first installment, here's a quick summary: There are more buildings, units and fun than in the first Majesty. Plus you have 3 expansions. If you liked Majesty, you'll like Majesty 2. For those who don't know what this game's about: You can't control units directly. All you can do is place buildings, hire heroes, and flag markers for heroes. These can be called "quests." Those range from exploring a patch of land, through protecting a building, to killing monsters. I say quests because as with every quest, there is a reward. In gold. Your gold. You pay the heroes to do stuff. So it's basically that you are on the other end of every RPG, as a quest giver. Ever wanted to try that? Now is your chance. Be wary that the game may be hard. It is, however, very satisfying. And given you have three expansions and a mission editor, you will spend a lot of time with it. 80/100 and a rat infestation for your town.


Your Majesty

Mscigniew | Jan. 13, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Majesty is not really a RTS game,Majesty is what the developers called it: Fantasy Kingdom Sim.What does that mean in practice?Well you take the role of a ruler of the kingdom called Ardania,your job is to take care of economy,hire heroes,make sure they get the best equipment,you also have to enable them to earn some gold.You dont have a direct controll over heroes,they do as they please,but you can set rewards for objectives(exploring,destroing,killing)if the reward is high enough your heroes gonna do what you want them to do.Majesty is one of my favourite games,part 2 has improved graphics and sounds,the game is not as hard as other people are saying,once you get a hold of game mechanics,its quite a ride.I love this game and hopefully you will as well.


A great strategy game with some exceptional mechanics

drakso | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

Majesty 2 the "fantasy castle sim" is just that. A castle sim with a very good designed fantasy setting. The game has adequate graphics and an amazing art style. The soundtrack is also very good. But that is not the highlight of the game. The game is unique because of a game play mechanic. Usually in strategy games or sims you command your units or give orders trough something. In this game, the main units that you use to explore, fight and defend have a mind of their own. In order to stimulate them, and make them do what you - The king wants, you have to put bounties. If the bounty has a high enough price, more characters or heroes will be interested in the task. With the money they get they buy items and gear from your shops, creating an economy in the castle. The only down side is the fact that you can't change the difficulty of the game, and in many instances the game can get very frustrating and hard.


My Favourite RTS

Stuman31 | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all Stuman31's reviews »

Though this game may not be for everyone, i love it. In terms of Strategy games im not a big fan of getting bogged down in micro management. Majesty gets rid of that and allows you to focus on bigger aspects of the game. The learning curve on this game can be extremely tough. The game gets very difficult very quick. I enjoyed the challenge and loved the game. Basically i would say this is a game for people who enjoy puzzle strategy, more than RTS


A good RTS but a lot too hard for average people.

sergebelanger22 | July 26, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

First of all, I never played Majesty 1. Therefore, I will not compare both here. I will review from a point of view from a newcomer to this franchise. The tutorial is made well enough so that you get used to most of the buildings and buttons quite fast. However, as it is the case most of the time, the trickier options are never explained. So at some point, you find yourself reading more on the game and you learn new things even if you got 70% of the missions completed. The game has around 16 missions. This does not seem a lot, but some of them can take you few hours, so expect a good 30 hours. If you have bought the Majesty 2 Collection, it contains 3 extensions which all contain around 8-10 more missions. Plus, it also contains a Map Editor which I never used so far. The extensions are more or less the same than the original game. If you have played the entire walkthrough and have enough, do not buy the extension. If you want more, then they worth it. The game has no difficulty level. The missions are themselves classified as beginner, advanced or expert. So, if you have issues with one, you are really screwed. That is where some people may find it frustrating. Personally, I could not complete the last mission of any of the campaign. I have retried them at least 10 times each trying different strategies. None worked. Graphics look dated for sure, it is a 2009 game after all. However, it is still playable. This looks like Warcraft 3 I would say. The music is good when you are in the game, but can be annoying for a person who hears it from outside of the room. The whole gameplay was new to me. You do not control the characters, you put money on top of the missions to attract them. So, you can put 500$ to explore specific area, or to defend a tower, etc.. Sometimes it feels good, but sometimes it just feels broken at all. There is for sure improvements to be done on this side. I bought the complete package on sale at 5$ and I do not regret it at all. If you find it at this price, it certainly worth every penny.


A fun, unique twist on the RTS genre, but really hard

DaiMonPaul | July 8, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Majesty 2 is a unique RTS game where you don't actually control your heroes but rather entice them to do things with rewards. I've never seen a system like this before in a strategy game (other than in the first Majesty game, of course), and it's a nice change from the normal routine when playing RTS games. It adds a new layer of complexity and also makes this game stand out amongst a crowded field in the genre. Having played and enjoyed Majesty 1, I was expecting to see more of the same from Majesty 2. And that's pretty much what you get here, with a few tweaks. Majesty 2 gives you more units, more buildings, and more options, but it also seems like the AI isn't as good. Your heroes sometimes wander off on their own despite your monetary encouragement or end up charging into a swarm of enemies to meet instant death for no real reason. Thankfully, this doesn't happen often, and the game is still fun to play. It's really, really hard, however; the first levels aren't too bad for someone with experience in the Majesty universe, but before you're even halfway through the game, the difficulty level seems to skyrocket. The expansions are also quite difficult; I've yet to beat them all. This collection gives you the base game of Majesty 2 plus its three expansions, each of which adds units, items, maps, and campaigns. There's a ton of value here, and this collection will keep you busy for hours. Recommended if you're a fan of RTS games but want something a little bit different from the norm, but if a high difficulty level scares you away, you might want to approach with caution.