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Meh, again a vehicle pack.

drafek | July 7, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This dlc does add 5 vehicles, just like all the other dlc's. Stern-Berger Midi:is a bus for urban area's, the detail is done well. The Pavlov P-42 was made in the mid 1910s, it originally was designed for anti-submarine warfare use, but soon it became populair was a air taxi. Great design! Stingray Cityjet is made in Australian, the third generation of these vessels have high fuel, they're aimed for regular ferry service. Vagabondo Satellite is aItalian-built Vagobondo tram, it's fast and does look really good. The Crescenta T4 Suburbia is a Danish creation, it's a combined metro/light railway train. It's made for use between traffic hubs and countryside towns. It does have nice detail. These vehicles do have really good detail. Worth getting, but recommend a sale.