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Great game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

The God of War games are fantastic and this second and final (probably) sequel has it all, GOW gameplay, very elaborated graphics, music and story and a fantastic sense of epicness. After playing all the other installements of the series, it's hard to get really excited about the final installment of the God of War saga, so if I had played this before any other games, This will probably be a very close 10. The game really starts with a big bang and there are quite a few new implementations to keep it fresh and different from the others. It's especially graphic and very gory, entering quicktime sequences in first person view was really something different and enjoyable to watch. There are a few different enemies that feel quite unbalanced but it's not impossible to beat the game. I played it in Hard difficulty from the start and after quite several trials I was able to go through the whole game. The challenge modes that are unlocked are a good way to extend the life of GOW3, and the extra features unlocked give you a good look into the production of the game. Overall it's a very solid game, top notch and really impressive magnitude from beggining to the end. Since the new GoW came out, it was the perfect time to play through this game. Higly recommended to anybody who likes well crafted games.