Reviews for Mumbo Jumbo Collection


Heaven for casual gamers.

Furrek | June 14, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

This pack is probably the best thing that can happen to casual gamers. Not only there are tons of games, every each are different of other. There is a very good sequel to match-3 game called 7 Wonders, Luxor known by every casual gamer, great Midnight Mysteries hidden object game series and cute Glowfish. But that's not all games. Price for this set if kind of high but you need to remember, you buy 23 games, so if you divide the price for each game it have a good price for each game. Also, be careful! These games are really addictive, so it will probably eat many hours from your life. But still, almost every game from this pack is worth every price and every time spent on. Have fun!


Addicting Casual games galore!

legmaco | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all legmaco's reviews »

This is the perfect pack for anyone who wants to have cleqan simple fun. just the luxor games alone is worth the bundle in my opinion. Also this pack can be enjoyed with the whole family, me and my girlfriend used to play luxor on a PS2 together with the kids a few years back. It's basicly a game where you need to match the same color of 3 or more, but it has kind of a arcade feel to it, you are positioned at the bottom of the screen and can side-scroll, and the "snake" of games move around a pattern. You must destroy all colors before they get to the finish line or you will die. It's easy in the beginning but gets more challenging as you progress. I can recommend every of the luxor games. Anyway insane amount of games for a great prize, buy it now! I can also recommend 7th wonder 2.


Very diverse mix

michalmichal | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Mumbo Jumbo Collection includes 23 games, which makes it a good deal forthe price. Although the games will not be everybody's thing, it will not be difficult to find a game for you unless you are only into high-budget AAA hits. Most of the games in this pack are either brain puzzles, or hidden object games, arcades, or a mix of these genres. For example the Midnight Mysteries games are hidden object games, but with a twist - you don't only need to find objects but also clues and infer which objects need to be found for whom. Luxor games are a mix of Zuma and Arkanoid, Chainz 2 is a link-matching puzzler, Zombie Bowl-o-rama is a funny bowling game with zombies, and Reaxxion is a variation of Breakout or Arkanoid. With so many games in the collection it's difficult to describe them all, but I just wanted to show how diverse choice of games you can get in this pack. So although these are not high-budget games, they can surely keep you entertained for many hours.