Reviews for The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising


A city builder which doesn't do much

darkyhbk | July 23, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Timebuilders Pyramid Rising is a city builder which doesn't really do something interesting enough to stand out. Having played the masterpiece Pharaoh, it's really difficult to be impressed by another city builder set in Ancient Egypt. You have a large number of missions, each with a set of objectives. Some are really short and they'll have you mine a number of resources- like gold or sandstone - others will require more labour , such as building a temple or a palace, or reaching a specified number of inhabitants. These all work pretty fine, but they're not at all innovative and they get boring after a while. The graphics are nicely drawn in 2D, with an appropriate colour palette giving you the feel of Ancient Egypt, and the music suiting everything else pretty well. No complaints here. If only the game itself was more diverse and interesting, it would have been a real gem.