Reviews for The Bluecoats - North Vs South [Playfire]


Remastered hit of the old days

michalmichal | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Do you remember the old North & South game that we used to play on our Amigas and Commodores? If you feel nostalgic about the old days of gaming, try your games in various emulators only to become disappointed how ugly they look in today's standards, this game should catch your interest! It's a new incarnation of the old hit, a remastered version of North & South. And although it still doesn't look like strategy games look now, it would be impossible to keep the spirit of the classic title in an even more modern style. In The Bluecoats - North Vs South you will find everything you loved about the original game, but also much more. The interface is better done and more intuitive, graphics are whole lots better than before but they still remind of the original, the gameplay concept is unchanged but new elements are added and customization greatly enhanced. So instead of forcing yourself to play the dated original, spend some time playing the refreshed version. It's much more accessible.