Reviews for Titan


Surprisingly good block-breaking game!

Scorpy | July 16, 2013 | See all Scorpy's reviews ยป

I was taken by surprise at how much content there was in Titan. For a $10 block-breaking game, I expected little level variety and gameplay tweaks. However, Titan surprised me on nearly all fronts.

Its art style is great, very reminiscent of Tron. Levels are detailed and textures look great, but what I liked the most was that there was a lot of level variety. Variety in the colors, textures and models really made this game fun to play through.

Gameplay is somewhat similar to classic block-breaking games, except things such as traps and environmental hazards will really change up the gameplay. These are all level-specific, making the game a real challenge because every universe is different when it comes to traps and the environment.

Definitely pick this up if you like puzzle or block-breaking games. For $10 it's easy to get your money's worth.