Reviews for Killing Floor Complete Pack


Great Game.

mrsnype | Feb. 23, 2014 | See all mrsnype's reviews »

The Good. Killing floor is a survival horror game, one of the best I have played. If your looking for a zombie survival game with a storyline, perhaps Killing Floor isnt for you, this game is about just, surviving. You can play online with your friends, which in my opinion is actually more fun then playing alone. This game has a wide variety of weapons, and since this includes the DLC you have even more!. It also includes perks, and other upgrades to help you through this game. The Bad. Nothing really, this game has a few glitches, but overall this game is great!.


Great game, great multiplayer.

MrBearShark | Feb. 18, 2014 | See all MrBearShark's reviews »

Killing Floor is an exceptional game. Wave after wave of zombies assaulting you, awesome weapons, and a satisfying final boss at the end of the wave? And I haven't even gone into what you can do with the Steam Workshop. This game combines good gameplay and good co-op to make one beautiful baby of killing and gore.


Great action zombie game

spycid | July 8, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

If you loved Left 4 Dead and wished for the game to be melee and action oriented instead of fps, then this is your kind of game. Must play for kill 'em all zombie game.


Exceptionally gratisfyingly gruesomely entertaining!

Oblaque | July 6, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

Its really pleasing to see the specimens' heads blow up after a Magnum revolver shot or owning the Patriarch with melee attacks or with the sharpshooter class. There is some variety of specimens but it lacks on bosses, which is actually, just one boss, the good old Patriarch. Its fun to play, specially with friends, getting cornered by the zombies. If you do enjoy zombie killing games you'll have quite a good experience. There are lots of achievements to make on Steam. There are also DLCs. There are some classes and each has its specific perks, there are no big disadvantages or overpowered classes at all, each has its specific guns, though, you can still buy other classes' guns but you wont do so well with them as you'll do with the guns' specific classes. The whole pack including all the DLC's are in this package.