Reviews for Titanfall (NA)


It's ok

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

There are some cool concepts at work here. The controls are pretty tight, and the mechs are fun to use, at first. Unfortunately,even a couple hours in, the game became a tedious race to chuck grenades until you found a mech and then hope you could move sluggishly around fast enough to avoid getting annihilated immediately. Playign on the ground is basically Call of Duty i it promoted not playing Call of Duty, then clunkily controlling a mech when you get one. Honestly, if this focused solely on the Titans (yes, I do know what they're called), it could have some focus ad moght be good. If they controlled more like a first-person MechWarrior or Zone of the Enders, it could be incredible, endless fun. But as it stands, it's a dull shooter and a sluggish mech game


The most disappointing FPS/MECH game in a while.

Cheese4395 | May 12, 2015 | See all Cheese4395's reviews »

I picked up this game pretty close to when it was realized, even after hearing how bad it had turned out. I was sadly disappointed. This game is clearly garbage. It can keep you occupied for maybe a few hours, but unfortunately it will quickly get boring. It is also a horribly pc ported game. The controls are horribly laid out and suck. Unfortunately, even on the console version the controls are horribly laid out and suck as well. This game is just horribly done in general. At least it looks good?


Well Balanced First Person Shooter

DeadlyKrueger | March 13, 2015 | See all DeadlyKrueger's reviews »

Now that Titanfall is a year old, and the season pass is free. I'll post my review. I've had this game since it came out. It's a lot of first! It definitely was a better option than Call of Duty that launched shortly before. But than again, everything was better than THAT title. Regarding Titanfall, there isn't a lot of weapons, now that's actually a good thing. If you play any other game, people usually flock to one or two guns. The OP ones that everyone uses, well with Titanfall, that's not the case. Yes 10 guns isn't a lot of variety but they are all balanced and they have a way to equal/outmatch one another. Also looking at the fact there were only a few people working on the first game, why waste time with 50+ guns and attachments. It is Multiplayer only, at last minute Respawn TRIED to put a campaign together, but it's still a Multiplayer Campaign. It's by no means a bad game, fun time killer and a great competitor for a piece of the FPS market. It just got old and died out really fast. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to Titanfall 2, which was just confirmed!


Highly Disappointing

Siege23 | March 10, 2015 | See all Siege23's reviews »

When me and a buddy first bought Titanfall we were very excited about it, and very happy with it. As time went on, we found that the developers didn't actually care about us players. The net-code is terrible, the smart pistol was never really fixed, and they refused to do anything about it and any of the other random bugs that filled the game. I'll give the game a solid 25/100.


TITANFALL: Biggest disappointment this year

raulcarlos | Dec. 6, 2014 | See all raulcarlos's reviews »

So I just got out off a sh*tty TITANFALL session so I feel a bit ranty right now... So trying to be as unbiased as I can, here's what I can tell you from this game if at this point in time you haven't purchased the game: So the parkour mechanic is very broken. Cool, but broken. Let me explain: The ACTUAL parkour is fine, the vertical movement allows for interesting gameplay and it's highly entertaining, the problem is that the developers wouldn't think that players wouldn't abuse of such mechanics with the double jump and jumping all over the f*cking place and that makes every close encounter, which is 80~90% of them, a melee spammer, and because these developers have a h*rd-on for commando-like melee (for my non-call of duty brethren, pretty much means that you'll kill the player with melee if he's at least 10 feet from you... give or take...), the fight is decided by connection and who's got the melee button mapped correctly... To the point where my F key is the melee button, aka the fastest button I can reach in the typical gamer-hand-set-up-thingy. Mind you that this is around 80% for every engagement you'll find in this game... if you haven't moved along to another game then follow me deeper into this rant. For the people who wonder A) why dont you just shoot them or B) why don't you avoid close-quarter encounters, let me answer those two questions with one long answer which will probably talk about more than two things... <await for laughter <in case of /internet, expect just heavy breathing> > (I don't know how to code...) Another issue that would be fine if it wasn't for the easy-to-do parkour, is the fact that the bullets required to kill a player is very high. I haven't tested personally but I expect it revolves around 10~15 bullets with an smg/AF at medium-ish range if you're just counting with the accuracy, recoil (those two things are different my friends) and sway of a weapon (which this game has a lot), of course there's the whole 'spacebar-spam-happy' thing to deal with, so expect a whole clip per player, ammo isn't the issue because the developers made the one good decision to provide you with ALL the ammo your heart desires. So long distance kills are borderline impossible if you're playing with anyone that doesnt have the hand-eye coordination of a toddler (which thankfully some people do in the game :3!), because they can easily jump/parkour out of that situation, and it's extremely hard to follow a person while it's jumping because the movement speed increases when you parkour (again, great for actual parkouring, terribly broken in engagements between players); And in medium combat the player can just either double jump/parkour its way to you and now you're in a kicking match (did i forget to mention that melee here is a roundhouse kick? Sounds pretty cool right? Except for the fact that it's absolutely not a deadly blow to kick someone plus extremely hard hit at a player who's f*cking twirling!). And because of the high-movement speed you need almost aim-bot-like aim to hit the player with the shots required to kill him (which for most guns in 3... you're not hitting that without the other 27 though...). TITANS: IT'S AMAZING! THEY ACTUALLY WERE ABLE TO RECREATE THE FEELING OF WATCHING TRANSFORMERS! As in confusing, chaotic and EXPLOSIONS!!!! All kidding aside, actual 1v1 titan fights require a lot of skill and hand-eye coordination, so it's actually pretty cool! At least those f*ckers don't jump! The problem resides when there's a 2v1 scenario, and that 1 has no chance whatsoever, which is good, but I feel like there should be more of chance, especially since im usually that 1 :P... There's really no issue with titans except for 2 things, and they both are variations from you guessed it, cod4 and mw2: For this first one i need to explain it in a... Unorthodox way, we'll dive deep into the minds of a respawn programmer: "So a titan is at least 3 times bigger than a human, with much MUCH bigger guns and missiles... SO LETS GIVE THEM 3x MORE MELEE RANGE ;D!!!! BECAUSE NORMAL COMMANDO ISNT GOOD ENOUGH!! WE NEED THE RAGE TO FUEL OUR EVIL SOULS...” That didn't really help huh... ok I guess I’ll just go about the old-fashion way: When you run out of "health" on your titan, you enter this "last stand" mode and gives you limited (all titan health is limited as in not-regenerative) constantly degrading health so you can leave your titan, which sounds like a smart idea, you still move around normally and titans that shoot at you make that health lower so you have less time to leave your titan. They also came up with a cool idea that if you put a titan onto that mode you can melee the titan and it'll punch the player out of it, which is super cool! EXCEPT for the fact that they f*kcing decided that titans should have +30 feet melee ranges, soooo what ends up happening is you're trying to eject but you can't because the other player pressed the melee button faster than you pressed eject because you need to keep that melee button close or you won't win any engagements, so you'll literally sit there watching this other titan GLIDE LIKE A F*CKING MAGNET towards you that takes a f*cking second! so you can see yourself like falcon-punched to little pieces..... And if you happen to be on the winning side of the engagement don't worry, because respawn also figured out a way to make you miserable :)! Because they give the option (its a perk) that if you eject the titan on time the titan will become a bomb with a radius of a roundhouse-kick and a half, so there you are after a tough titan battle and all of the f*cking sudden you're in breath distance on a bomb that there's no chance that you'll get away from so you just die... and the worst part: YOU DIE BUT THE GUY THAT LOST THE BATTLE LIVES!!! Because your titan gets pulverized with the explosion, you have no chance to escape, while the dude that ejected is safe up in the air... un-f*cking-believable... Now here comes possibly the biggest bullsh*ts in the game... 'So with this chaotic combat system it would be nice to have a weapon that aims for m- YOU JUST GOT KILLED BISH!' by a spacebar-spam-happy-*sshole-douchebag-no-skill-required S.M.A.R.T. pistol user. S.M.A.R.T. stands for "S....ERIOUSLY GO F*CK YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SH*T THAT GUN literally (this is me yelling louder than ALL CAPS...) AIMS FOR YOU! ALL YOU DO IS JUMP AROUND EVERY-F*CKING-WHERE AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS KEEP LOOKING AT ME! BULL. SH*T." M.A.R.T. This gun is the main reason that you shouldn't buy this game! Not the things I ranted about previously, not the legit concerns that will come up after this, it's this bullsh*t overpowered of a gun that abuses of everything that I just ranted about... except for the titan thing... that's just respawn still thinking that commando and martyrdom is a good idea... Ok so here are some "real" concerns of why you probably shouldn't buy the game... although I'd say I gave some really good points over there..... that was sarcasm... or was it??-Anyways: -Servers are unpopulated, which means that the people playing will be those hardened tryhards that know everything and probably use smart pistol because they're douchebags...and a few like me that have dignity and souls, who are still good, definitely better than you... -You can't disable DLC, so if you have the DLC you're stuck with the tryharding *ssholes that use smart-pistols because they are the devil's spawn. -The game has very, VERY little content, 9 primary weapons! That hasn't been seen in any shooter since... I don't know but cod4 and mw2 had more than 9 WEAPONS! The game has less content than the average battlefield of crisis beta have... AND IT’S BEEN A YEAR SINCE ITS RELEASE! It's honestly very disappointing... the matches soon become monotonous and dull and *SSHOLE PISTOL driven... This one is probably the most serious issue... the developers worked really hard on formulating a completely new mechanic for FPS they forgot about longevity... this game will get boring I promise you, might not be immediately, It's still not boring to me but I'm starting to feel some frustration for always seeing the same thing... I have less than 3 days’ worth of game time... which is not a lot for a cod-like shooter... -The game isn't very much supported, the smart pistol from what I know hasn't been changed since the game's release, and all those issues I talked are the same way, and there's some other things here and there that are annoying, such as there's extreme, as in always there, video tearing or whatever it's called, so the game sort of forces you to use v-sync but you don’t want to do that because it'll give you input lag... so you decide between an annoying stripe that's very distraction or constant lag!... So hopefully you'll avoid this game like it you should and spend your good earned money somewhere else... That said if for some stupid f*cking reason you still want to buy this stupid f*cking game, hit me up on origin ' raulcarlos69 ' (no spaces nor the ' ) and at least we'll rage together! Disclaimer/Edit: I thought the game came out the previous year but it came out on march of 2014, which is 8 months ago... everything still applies I'm just too lazy to go through my novel and correct every time i said it came out last year :P...


Nothing Less Than Spectacular

mikenotcaptain | Dec. 5, 2014 | See all mikenotcaptain's reviews »

The first time I saw Titanfall I was hooked. I went over to my buddies house and played the Alpha on Xbox One and loved it. Got it for PC the day it came out and have not stopped loving it. The best aspect of this game is its seamless gameplay. By this I mean one second you are running and gunning, the next second you drop kick someone, the next you are wall running, the next you are dropping your titan onto an enemy titan, the next you are battling in your titan, and so on and so on. These various transitions are seamless. This game also has great graphics and wonderfully designed maps. People are complaining about the game getting repetitive fast but I disagree. Since day 1 the developers have been constantly making updates to engage the player. The challenges constantly give you the opportunity to try different guns and play-styles to ultimately make you better. I even bought this game for my brother so he can enjoy the amazing-ness that is Titanfall.


The perfect blend of FPS/mech warfare.

heerox328 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Did you love CoD4:MW? Do you enjoy mech combat? If the answer to both of these is a resounding yes, look no further. From the founder who brought you Call of Duty comes a new innovation in the first person shooter genre: Titanfall. The perfect blend of FPS and mech combat all in one. The only criticism I can attribute to the game is a lack of a compelling story. Respawn Entertainment tried to mesh the main story and the multiplayer into one, but had less than ideal results. Otherwise, this is a solid multi-player experience with amazing verticality and interesting dynamics between pilots and titans. Amazing game. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys shooters and mech warfare.


Good game

Oxide012 | Sept. 20, 2014 | See all Oxide012's reviews »

The games fun the multiplayer is balanced weapons titans anti titan weapons all serve a purpose in the matchs unlike other AAA shooters. Though the single player could have used a better story.. all in all good multiplayer. Prepare for Titanfall.


Great Game, but Hard to Completely Recommend

tedesco75 | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all tedesco75's reviews »

This game is a lot of fun, it is well optimized and runs great on my system. Almost better than anything else I can think of. Since its release the community has diminished though and it often takes a few minutes to find a game. Really, Titanfall was one of my favorite games recently and I really don't like multiplayer games. The use of titans is very interesting and adds a neat dynamic to the playing field. It does suffer from no single player mode as I could tell you pretty much nothing about the plot or setting other than some military guys are fighting some other military guys and they have robots. That being said, it is great and action packed. I wish I could give it a better recommendation but the diminishing number of players makes it hard to give it better marks.


Fun but lacking in updates.

7bryce2 | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all 7bryce2's reviews »

Just like the title says. Pros: .Fun fast paced game. .GIANT ROBOTS .nice graphics and good maps Cons: .Lacking in updates .expansion packs dont add anything nice other than a couple maps. .lack of weapons and customization .don't really listen to community ------------------------------------------------WORTH GETTING



Sedarspal | Sept. 2, 2014 | See all Sedarspal's reviews »

Same stuff every game. Get your titan and survive = win super boring and a big waste of money. I wish I could get my money back


Great game

Ghost_Panther | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all Ghost_Panther's reviews »

Really fun game that's new and refreshing. Almost revolutionary. Only flaw with Titanfall is the campaign isn't very good. It's basically 18 multiplayer matches with background stuff you barely notice. Overall it's super fun and entertaining.


Great Game, But....

mrminecrafter1 | July 16, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

It's a really well executed FPS game. The addition of jetpacks, parkour, and mechs really add some unique aspects to the gameplay. It's absolutely thrilling being given the ability to chain together infantry kills. The weapons are really well balanced and are great to use. The Titans aren't too powerful but they are certainly useful in combat. Graphics are pretty good and the game barely has any technical issues. The problem is the depth of the game. It lacks customization options for anything in the game. Titans have limited customisable options. Weapons are also included. Even your character is limited to pre-set options. A small number of maps that while are good, needs a bit more added to it's collection. More unique gamemodes would also help the game. All in all, a pretty good FPS title.


Almost There

Volace | June 12, 2014 | See all Volace's reviews »

Personally, I feel that, although the game is great, it didn't quite live up to the hype. Sure, it's loads of fun stomping around in big robots, or running along walls parkouring all over the place, but after a while, it gets kind of repetitive. There are some weapons in the game, that, as pilots, there's no escape from *cough* Smart Pistol *cough and some of the Titans just don't seem to match up to the others. Other than these problems, it's a pretty fun game to play in short sessions, and I would recommend buying it.


New, but gets boring

HirPeng | June 8, 2014 | See all HirPeng's reviews »

The game started out as a fast passed game that delivered lots of fun but then after a few days it turned repetitive. Why, you must ask well the game had few guns and levels played out the same. Overall the game was fun for the first 4 days worth the 60 dollars I do not think. The graphics did look amazing, but if game play is not good graphics really do not matter


Titanfall: Call of Duty in Disguise

JaviDoubleOh7 | May 6, 2014 | See all JaviDoubleOh7's reviews »

This game is overhyped by the big moneymaking companies as usual. I bought it, played it, and as predicted, it is Call of Duty with big robots, nothing innovative as many reviewing sites make it out to be. I know why they claim it is the almighty game, that is because they are getting a big paycheck from their masters. I can tell you right now, that this game might as well be called "Titanfall: Call of Duty in Disguise. Been there, done that, nothing new. A few minutes into Titanfall and the realization that you just wasted money will hit you like a ton of bricks. My personal rating system goes from a "low meh" aka CRAP, to "meh" aka OKAY, to "awesome" aka AWESOME. I give it a Low Meh out of an Awesome. Low Meh/Awesome


I love it

JABxxx | May 3, 2014 | See all JABxxx's reviews »

I havent enjoyed a first person shooter this much since Call of duty 4. Its important to point out though the game is online only so if your online connection isnt very good I wouldnt recommend getting it because you will be at an extreme disadvantage. Double jumping with your jetpack, parkour and the mechs make this game stand out from call of duty. Although if you've played call of duty recently you'll feel right at home here which will decrease the learning curve a bit but also gives you a bunch of new utilities and abilities to use to diversify the play style from Call of duty.


Great Game With Only A Few Problems

mattsocoolx3 | April 19, 2014 | See all mattsocoolx3's reviews »

Titanfall is a constantly fun FPS that I just cannot seem to get enough of. The game creates a new standard for any new first person shooter that will come in the future. The game has just about anything you could ask for in a shooter other than a good story. The Multiplayer is very engaging but does lack any sort of competitive mode for players looking to be ranked in any other way then just leveling and EXP.


Fun, but get's old fast.

mrjoeyadamczyk | April 13, 2014 | See all mrjoeyadamczyk's reviews »

Although Titanfall is a unique gaming experience, it falls in every other genre like Battlefield and Call of Duty. It lacks the expanding experience these games once had. It's not completely terrible, it was easily 30+ hours of entertainment I enjoyed before getting sick of it. But, you can only unlock so much and the repeat of the same gameplay, Verdict: Excellent game with outstanding graphics, a unique experience that gets old rather quick, but hours of fun otherewise.


Good but not Perfect

FURHAM | April 13, 2014 | See all FURHAM's reviews »

Titanfall is a great game but there are many cons to the game such as a really bad campaign, terrible party set-up, and barely any weapon/titan customization. Titanfall also offers many new things that no other FPS offers such as the amazing parkour available in all the maps, burn cards which are cards you get after a round and can be used for a certain ability which can give you a greater advantage in matches. All in all, Titanfall is a great game but it lacks many things that could make it perfect so I give it a 75.



BigPaxDaddy | April 12, 2014 | See all BigPaxDaddy's reviews »

first of all let me say this isn't a bad game, infact it seems to be very well made. the graphics are pretty good and it's super smooth at 60 fps with hardly any drops ever. that said it is very dull after about 5 hours of play time. maybe it;s just me and i'm growing out of FPSs but i couldn't stay into this game very long. if you want to buy it wait for a price drop or huge sale. like i said it is fun but i don't think there is any longevity to it.


Fun but lacking

SonicusZ | April 6, 2014 | See all SonicusZ's reviews »

This is a really fun game however I got bored with it after about 10 hours. This game is a fast paced multiplayer only shooter somewhat similar to the call of duty series. Pros: The movement is really faced with the ability to wall run and double jump which kind of reminds me of the unreal tournament games and it makes moving around much more fun compared to other shooters. The game of course includes titans which are very easy to control and can mix up the gameplay a bit. The servers are actually very stable and the game also controls very well! Cons: This game didn't do all that much unique stuff with the weapons, with only a handful of weapons to unlock and most of them are your standard military type gun. Also the campaign was nothing more than a few multiplayer matches thrown together which takes about 2 hours to complete and is only worth playing to unlock the other 2 titans. The game also only has 5 game modes and 15 maps so once you get used to the new running mechanics and the titans there really isn't all that much left to the game. Also the graphics while not bad isn't anything special and considering how this game is the first big xbox one game I was expecting a bit more than something that looks like a 360 game running in HD. The performance is also kind of odd. The game runs very well on everything I've tested it on except I have to drop the textures down quite a bit which I find rather odd since they don't even look that good maxed out and my gaming rig has no problem maxing out bf4 along with pretty much every other game. In conclusion this is a decent game with lots of potential but feels like it is lacking a lot of stuff. I personally feel like it wasn't worth full price but if you are the type of person that loves the multiplayer portion of CoD and is fine with not having a campaign along side it you'll probably love this as well.


You're meching me crazy.

Roflcatz | April 6, 2014 | See all Roflcatz's reviews »

Titanfall is a competitive first person shooter. That's basically it. There's nothing ground-breaking and it certainly isn't going to make your bed or do your dishes for you. It does exactly what it sets out to do and does it about as well as any other game on the market. What it lacks in diversity it makes up for in execution. The gameplay is smooth and exciting, the titans feel more powerful and satisfying than a pilot, and there are enough maps and modes to make it feel like it's worth your while. However, there was potential for so much more, especially in regards to the "campaign." I put that in quotes because it's hardly a campaign at all. It's just a regular multiplayer match window-dressed as a story mode. It plays no differently, and the only thing that differentiates it from the classic multiplayer is that there happens to be a shallow, undeveloped character that you won't care about talking in the corner of the screen. All in all a missed opportunity that they should make better in the sequel. In conclusion Titanfall is a great, maybe even fantastic competitive first person shooter. It doesn't do more than what it sets out to do, it's just that what it sets out to do isn't ground-breaking.


Addictive just like COD: Modern Warfare

rafa507 | April 2, 2014 | See all rafa507's reviews »

Since it was made by the same great minds that brought us the first Modern Warfare, the game is addictive. It has fast gameplay and plenty of action even without the titans on the map. The graphics are not that great for a 2014 game but with all of the action on the screen you won't even notice it. The game has this thing called burn cards which are only available when you die so inorder to get that "boost" during a match, you will have to die. Anyways, the game is pretty good but the major downside is the lack of modes and there is no private matchmaking yet, should be coming on a later update


Good but not as good as it should be

brandonha94 | April 1, 2014 | See all brandonha94's reviews »

Pros: great new combat mechanic Titans are not overpowered escaping in a dropship is refreshing burn cards are not overpowered Cons: Campaign could be more thought out more weapon customization summary: the new running mechanic is great but and the games never feels 6v6 a great game but it is a little bit lacking in the weapons and the campaign


Titanfall is almost excellent.

Eniem | March 20, 2014 | See all Eniem's reviews »

I love it! Its really fast-paced game, so its not like BF4 or something. Its an FPS more like Crysis 2, 3. You have double jump, wallrun and sprint so you can run whole map in a minute. The only downsides I found are those: at first, you don't have a lot of weapons to chose from, only like 9 weapons as pilot and 6 weapons as titan, not a lot of perks. The second downside is that the game itself is too fast. I mean, i like fast-paced game, but you play 4-5 minutes a game and then you wait for 1 minute in lobby and 1 more minute to load, that's annoying. I would like to play 10 min. The scores are too low. That's only downsides i found. But i totally like this game. Great!


Wow I feel awesome

AsmodeusSabrael | March 18, 2014 | See all AsmodeusSabrael's reviews »

A game where I can call down a Titan Machine and squash other players while launching a barrage of bullets, cloaking and wall running onto a friendly titan to shoot more baddies, then jumping off him onto an enemy titan rip a part off of it, then shoot the insides and make the pilot jump out then jumping off and destroy him then back onto it and blow up his titan makes me feel AWESOME. Great game, i rarely get games so early released but def worth it. The texture settings are barely visible on a small screen under 21 inches so playing on a mid card at high or medium is perfectly fine and doable. The AA settings have multiple options for fxaa low to high and msaa of your choosing as well. Fast paced. No single player campaign here it's all online and multi. play as 2 factions and complete the campaign to get both new titans. OR just jump in and destroy. Having "burn cards" to choose from after earning them in each match is a nice touch for extra "buffs" or weapons. Customization is mediocre tho not bad. Yes you can "prestige" in a way. Watch more vids on youtube if you want, but I love it.


More than CoD with Mechs

YoshihitoBLM | March 18, 2014 | See all YoshihitoBLM's reviews »

I was truly impressed with this game. I have played every Call of Duty game and have been pleased with them, but never to this extent. This game far exceeds any other shooter of this type I have played. The combat is fast and fun with amazing tricks that are quite easy to pull off. This game is easy for the new player yet can be hard to truly master. The maps are varied and the selection of weapons and upgrades are nice. This game outshines Call of Duty on so many levels. To the haters calling it Call of Duty with mechs, play it. This game is simply amazing and the most fun I've had in an FPS in awhile.


You'll get really in to it

Joker516 | March 17, 2014 | See all Joker516's reviews »

This game is a ridiculous amount of fun. I've been looking for a new FPS for a while since I got bored with the usual ones, and was excited for the release of TF, and it definitely did not disappoint. You'll get so involved in the game that you won't even notice when your friends in your party leave the game and you keep on going with strangers, and you won't even care once you do realize. The game is almost perfectly balanced and is one that does actually require skill unlike many FPS and really has a vast array of ways to be played to fit everyone's play style. The game is also very beautiful aesthetically and everything meshes very well without going overboard like many PS3-4 games.


The Evolution of Shooters

gillnavisingh | March 17, 2014 | See all gillnavisingh's reviews »

In the past, I've bashed on modern era shooters like the Call of Duty and Battlefield series for being stagnant. Titles like those were beginning to get a bad reputation for being boring and repetitive, and with multiplayer being it's only saving grace - it was bound that people would tire of the series entirely. The team that made Modern Warfare 2 went on to create Respawn, and their first title, Titanfall came out very recently. The polish that Respawn put into their Call of Duty multiplayer certainly shows in this fast paced Mech/Parkour shooter. Titanfall is a multiplayer only experience, which adds story elements in, involving a war between the Militia, and the IMC, two factions warring of a planet called "The Frontier". The Militia calls it their home, while the IMC see it as a resource pool for humanity in a time of scarcity. You are a Pilot: one of few who are capable of operating and fighting Titan mechs, and whether you are on the IMC or the Militia, you will be parkour jumping and running through many beautifully crafted areas of The Frontier. Controls are tight and responsive, the way Respawn games are, and the Source engine helps to make the environments feel timeless. The world of The Frontier is beautifully crafted, from the various environments, which often have many background events occurring while players are in combat, to the grand orchestral soundtrack where much care and effort has been placed. The game flows incredibly well, with respawn times being virtually instant. Players may find new methods for traversing the lands and finding new places to parkour around. Any wall is scaleable, and the absence of falling damage allows players to explore with little penalty. Players may be turned off at first when they play, and that may be because fans have figured out strategies to succeed in a short time. Perseverance and patience are required for newcomers, but the pacing will improve as you level up and acquire better weapons. There are several gripes to Titanfall however. Team balancing is almost non-existent - players may find all the low level players to be pitted against players who have played for weeks, with no way to switch teams before or after a match. Constantly losing is bound to make players ragequit or drop out from the team at the end of a match because of the poor team balance. Titanfall also includes a Prestige system, in which players give up the weapons and mods they have unlocked for a rank increase indicated by a number against their gamertag and has no added benefit. The download size for Titanfall is astounding. The game is 50 GB in all, with 35 GB reserved for uncompressed sound. The reason for this is to allow Titanfall to play on older systems more easily without sacrificing audio quality, which is a good thing considering the quality of the game's score. Overall, Titanfall is a leap forward for shooters, and deserving of the multitude of awards it has obtained. Titanfall takes the best of modern shooters and retro shooters to create something truly wonderful which, in my opinion, will become the new standard for the genre.


Run and Gun Fun

MooseKaboose04 | March 17, 2014 | See all MooseKaboose04's reviews »

Fun if you want to just shoot stuff. Takes a while to get rid of the habit of thinking you're confined to run on the ground, but for me, hits a nice middle ground not being call of duty, and not being battlefield at the same time. Something new is always a welcome change :) The only bad thing i've found is it's sometimes hard to get set up in a game with buddies, but then again, its more of a run and gun game and not really a teamwork kind of game is it?


Titanfall is worth it.

Therizino | March 15, 2014 | See all Therizino's reviews »

The main thing this game has going for it is that it's actually FUN. The only real criticism I can think of is the campaign mode, which could have had some sort of changeable dynamic based on who won or lost. Other than that, it's a great game that I would recommend to anyone who will listen!