Reviews for Saints Row IV



FATFUCH | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all FATFUCH's reviews »

This is an awesome game, i would recommend to anyone! does not really matter if you have not played the previous saints row games, because the amount of fun you have playing this one is amazing :) If you don't know what saints row is, the best way i could describe it is being like a mock GTA instead of "reality" based sand box game, you have a "Sci-fi...comedy" sand box game, that will keep you entertained for many many hours! i recommend this game to anyone and i promise you will not be disappointed, especially at this price!


Saints Row humour is better than ever

ConcernedCiv45 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all ConcernedCiv45's reviews »

Rather than follow SR3s path of crazier is better SR4 keeps the craziness, as well as both gang elements and humour in the quite good storyline. Weapon customization is amazing allowing you to don weapons such as the Aliens pulse rifle to the Star Trek TOS phasor, despite multiple freezing incidents the game really pits you against the Zin protagonists in a Mass Effect style campaign, top game, must buy!


Crazy over the top, tounge in cheek action

Kiant | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all Kiant's reviews »

Those are just a few words that can be used when it comes to speaking about Saints Row IV.It's hard to explain all of this game in just one sentence. The game has been amped up so much it's more on 20 dial than 11. The difference between the first saints row that was trying to copy cat GTA at the start of this generation, compared to the product we have now is outstanding. The further it has been able to distance itself from GTA and become it's own game, has worked wonders in making this franchise better. Sure many of the concepts in this game are directly rifted from other games, such as collecting orbs high in rooftops, so clearly inspired from Crackdown, or that you plug yourself into a simulation which might as well be called the matrix all show that originality was not what the developers were aiming for. That doesn't make it a bad game, since all those inspirations make this game stronger, the humor and ability to mock itself show the developers are clearly clever and know what type of audience they are aiming for. Sure it's not going to reach the dizzying heights of drama found in the walking dead by Telltale or ND's excellent Last of us but it is still fun. Sometimes, that's all that matters when playing a game, if it's fundamentally fun then you don't always need originality or fresh ideas. There are not many games where you can be driving a giant mech suit trying to accumulate a high score by blowing stuff up and then in the next instance hear your main character and an NPC singing along to "Opposites Attract" whilst driving to a mission marker. If you want a laid back, kick ass game that is just genuinely a pleasure to play and enjoy having a massive smile on your face whilst doing it, then this game is for you.