Reviews for XCOM: Enemy Unknown Pack


A lot of fun

tabion | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all tabion's reviews »

One of the most fun games I've played in recent years. There is a lot of variety to the classes and equipment and how they can be used, with challenging AI and interesting map layouts. Managing your money and resources outside of combat was surprisingly fun. I thought that aspect of the game wouldn't be very interesting, but it is critical to your success in the campaign. If you like thought-provoking encounters and critical thinking in resource management, I'd definitely recommend this game to you


Renovated classic

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

XCOM is very good renovation of good old classic UFO games (Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep). Brilliant tactical turn based strategy. Fight for your planet and defend it from alien attacks. Develop your base, research technology based on alien tech, take care of finances, enlist people from all over the world and fight greys and other alien species. Good luck commander!!!


Fantastic. Just fantastic

El_Chupacabra | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all El_Chupacabra's reviews »

This was the first X-COM game i ever bought, and damn it was worth it. All i end up doing is naming my favourite soldiers, then watching as they completely obliterate aliens, and becoming sad and annoyed when they are murdered. Just buy the game. I've only encountered 1 bug/glitch so far, and all that happened was that one of my guys got stuck in a wall during a mission, kind of annoying but hey, what are you gonna do. Word of warning to those that actually get this deal: the slingshot DLC is hard, or at least for me. I've been through about 20 soldiers trying to do the first part of it. But anyway, buy the game, but it now. You will regret this. Mark my words!


Good game, even if you are not xcom fan.

exit850 | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all exit850's reviews »

I am not xcom fan, I did not play any previous xcom games, did not even know their existence. However, this game is pretty good. It has element of managing your resources like simulation game, and winning battle against aliens like turn based rpg game. The downside is that managing resources, especially managing satelite can be tedious. And there aren't many way to deviate. There is always pre set standard to how to spend your money and research hour, since satelite and certain research is crucial.


Great game, some flaws, lots of glitches

sadsaturn | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all sadsaturn's reviews »

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is my first dip into the franchise. While I enjoyed the overall feel of accomplishment a good mission brought, and the sense of loss a bad one wrought, it's at its best. The turn-based combat and mechanics make you sit on the edge of your seat whenever there's an encounter, where every move counts. Unfortunately I did have some issues with the game, particularly where I felt tunneled with the ability to only do one mission and make one country happy at a time. In addition, the game is buggy. I had the title at launch, and although a lot of the bugs the plagued the game have been resolved with subsequent patches it still has some infuriating glitches every now and again. My final warning is to beware of the DLC unless you know what you're getting. For the most part, for most people, it's probably not worth it.


Great game that does not dissappoint

logicbomb | July 25, 2013 | See all logicbomb's reviews »

Don't miss out on this game. It's well worth the cost and a ton of fun to play. The strategy involved in planning your mission and executing it flawlessly or failing miserably is what makes it exciting. Luckily unless you just can't lose a solider ( your own decision) you can just replace him. The agency development side of the game is fun and gives you something to work towards at all times.The story is good and I like that you can follow it at your own pace. I really liked searching for the special agents and building my squad up before I engaged in the epic story missions.


Ignore the above review!

P_Sherman | July 13, 2013 | See all P_Sherman's reviews »

At least, the part about gameplay. For one, enemies only get a move turn when they see you, after which you finish your turn before they attack. Of course, if you've already moved the rest of your squad, the enemy will get to attack before you can respond. Just keep this in mind, as well as line-of-sight, when moving your units forward and you should be right. Additionally, if you use the Overwatch ability effectively you can reliably eliminate at least one alien during this move turn, as they scramble for cover. Essentially yes, aliens ambush you, but this is what tactics are for! The game is somewhat difficult, but your skill will only improve as you become more familiar with the research and skill trees. This is actually my one small niggle with this game- when selecting research paths and skill progression, you can't see past your current options, making forward planning impossible unless you've previously advanced far enough in another save game, or you've looked up the wiki. But, to be fair, this represents the fact that humanity has no idea what the alien tech does until we research it, and the skills just come to your units naturally (I guess). You might want to wiki skills so you don't miss out on some incredible skill synergy. Graphics: Agreed- not only the technical aspect, but the alien design and terrain deformation really add to the atmosphere. Sound- Well, you can turn your squad's speech off to spare you from repeated lines of dialogue, but they sometimes point out the enemy's behaviour, whether they're flanking, retreating or have a height advantage. Other than that, have you ever played a shooter? Bang bang bang, explosion, shouted curse words, repeat? Sound effects are going to repeat- I really don't think this game should be marked down for that. So anyway, I used to hate tactical games because I'd always get screwed over by some complex aspect of gameplay I just couldn't get my head around, but in XCOM, when you're on the ground your options and their advantages and disadvantages are all clear-cut; at a glance I can tell which units are open to flanking from which directions, which areas of the battlefield I have covered, and exactly what I will gain from launching a rocket into the side of that building (hint: a pretty explosion and dead aliens). Not to say this game isn't complex, but it's also very intuitive. If you have any desire to feel like a master tactician constantly making decisions with far-reaching consequences while the fate of the world hangs in the balance... XCOM,


A game that does not disappoint.

Kremlin_Krusher | July 12, 2013 | See all Kremlin_Krusher's reviews »

Now before I go on I will say that getting the DLC is a must if you are a hardcore X-COM fan. It definitely is worth the buy having the extra and unique missions to play through. The only drawback about the game is that if you save only 1-2 turns before an incident occurs, the game is pretty much set on how the mission will play out, ie. if you lose all your of your squad that turn and only have a 1-turn save before hand. Most likely things will not turn out great. So I suggest you save and save often. That hicupp aside the game plays great and NO research BUGS that prevent you from progressing. Was a well polished game that was released on time. I game the game 91 only because of the save issues needed so frequently.


Best RTS game in recent memory

spycid | July 8, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

2k managed to revive an age old dead franchise by creating one of the best RTS games lately. It's like a game of chess where it tests your brawns and the smart AI helps you strategizing.


A good game that get's a bit boring in the end game

kouru225 | July 8, 2013 | See all kouru225's reviews »

This game is great: it reinvigorates the turn based games of old and brings with it a hardcore semi-rogue-like theme that makes you terrified of every move you make. XCOM is, and has always been, a reimagining of a basic UFO invasion scenario turned super realistic: your soldiers die forever, you will probably lose your first couple of games unless you choose a low difficulty, and you will be punished for any mistakes made in the game (the game is built so that each playthrough will be different/randomly generated.) This, however, is a remake of the original and takes more of a board gamey approach to the original's simulator approach. That's not to say that this game IS a board game, though. The game presents itself in two stages: a turn-based battle stage and a real-time with fast forward options strategy layer. On the strategy layer you buy weapons, soldiers, satellites, aircraft to shoot down UFOs, build facilities, and choose where to send your troops, which begins the turn-based battles. The turn-based layer gets rid of time units and allows one movement and one attack with the exception of soldier abilities, which depend on class and equipment. The end game may start to get a bit less exciting and dangerous as you slowly learn about the aliens and gain technology that seems a bit overpowered, but the beginning and middle of the game are so exciting that it doesn't even matter (mods have also attempted to remedy this issue.) This game is punishing, rewarding, scary, exciting, and just plain old fun as you watch your soldiers, whom you've (possibly) named after your friends and family, die or become heroes. A great game that should satisfy any fan of alien invasion movies, strategy, or anyone who just wants some good old fun and doesn't mind losing. I recently had a friend who claimed he "didn't like those type of games," but ended up loving XCOM. Do yourself a favor and buy this game. P.S. The missions aren't randomly generated like the original game, though. There are ~100 missions that are randomly selected.


Great change of pace game

idklion | July 7, 2013 | See all idklion's reviews »

Gameplay: For someone that typically plays FPSes, the pace of XCOM is much slower, but yet still action packed and exciting. Combat requires strategy elements that are quite different from either FPS or RTS games. There's a bit of a learning curve there, but is quite satisfying once you get used to it. And there's enough customization elements (research, etc.) to satisfy your inner RPG gammer. Graphics: Honest, I was not terribly impressed. The game looks good. But probably doesn't really stack up against some of the better looking games of 2012 (Far Cry 3, Mass Effect 3). Last note: By far the best part of the game is that you get to name your characters, and when they die, they actually die. That emotional investment means that every battle is important and no soldier is expendable.


Pain in my ass, but fun to play

FennixSilvertai | July 3, 2013 | See all FennixSilvertai's reviews »

Graphics: I'm going to start by saying, anybody who is one of those graphic obsessed gamers will not be disappointed by the masterpiece that is x-com. I understand that some people have played the previous titles and have told me there are some major differences between them. Audio: The audio to the game is incredibly fitting the soundtrack especially, the only complaint I would have in this regard is that the audio begins to feel rather repetitive the twentieth time you have done a mission. Gameplay: Well done, well thought out, the only thing I hate about the gameplay is that the enemies are designed to wait in ambush for you and more often then not you will lose your people just trying to sight an enemy instead of in actual combat. I don't mind the feature but I hate how enemies will remain still for round after round and the minute your unit sights them they immediately get to move and attack you. It is as if your turn has completely ended regardless of what you wanted to do.