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Fun game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Sorcery is a really fun game to play and It's really easy to get into and nicely immersive thanks to the intelligent use of the PS Move. Graphics are good if 'cartoony' and the sound effects and music are atmospheric. The magic system is enjoyable too. Before you have time to get bored with one set of spells, you find a 'nexus' to unlock a new set, and finding new spell combos is fun - as is finding how the spells are affected by environmental features such as fire pits and wind vortexes. It's got good replay value as you never have enough money to purchase the ingredients to get all the potions, and some choices of path you take mean you can't raid every treasure chest in the game... At least not on your first run through! The weak points are the storyline and a lack of imagination with the magic. Story-wise, you don't feel you have an objective, you feel as though you're stumbling along, reacting to things as you go. Magic-wise, you've got a wand but other than making a specific gesture to switch between each type of magic (Arcane, Ice, Electricity, Fire, Wind, Earth) you only need two other gestures - flick to attack a foe or wave to activate the secondary spell. I'd have liked to have been weaving some intricate patterns with the wand to cast additional spells, with the more powerful ones requiring more intricate, longer patterns to learn and complete, making the game more tactical and a little more 'RPG' than it is. That said, it's good fun (Please note you need move controller for this game)