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Good game

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Tropico 3 is a fun simcity style game from Kalypso that has incorporated some decent new features to the genre. You play as El Presidente and you rule a small Island nation in the Caribbean during the cold war [much like Cuba] . You can either support the U.S or U.S.S.R, issue many edicts like birth control, conscription, style of media and many others. The game is quite good at simulating a economy and also in construction. The target audience is definitely casual as it's cheeky graphics and humor does not take itself too seriously, so most edicts and buildings are flat and only effect your current popularity. You can build an army, however you cannot invade and they only act as backup to your police force. You also can have a secret service, and they act basically as tipsters. You can arrest or even kill other political faction leaders and members, so having the three departments are a waste basically. There are rebellions that are nice to watch, these firefights are not elaborate, as a handful of characters run about making pop shots at the other, so it will remind you of gangland style of fights rather than military ones. I just wish Tropico wouldactually took itself seriously and had more mature themes and simulation. As it stands, it's a nice casual economic and popularity sim that's a nice breath of fresh air on the PC and Xbox 360. Recommended if you enjoyed the first two games