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First Impressions

dillymydally | April 2, 2014 | See all dillymydally's reviews »

Coming from a long history of MMOs like WoW, SWTOR, Rift, and countless others this game is surely a breath of fresh air for MMOs. The combat is exciting, the quests are engaging, and the pvp is outstanding. The intro, like most MMOs, is a bit slow but the game picks up quickly. This game is no joke though, if you're the type of person looking for an easy game like WoW has become, don't bother. This game is a challenge, but worth it. Definitely the best MMO out there as of now (in my opinion of course).


Better than I hoped

chrimbus81 | April 2, 2014 | See all chrimbus81's reviews »

I'm not sure if it's because I had really low expectations or not, but so far ESO seems to have tons of potential. The freedom within the classes is just the right amount for an MMO. I would've liked to see them stick a little truer to say Skyrims method. Starting out as a truly blank template. However, what they've crafted with the classes has a natural feel to it and still plenty of freedom to create some unique play-styles. I'm probably the only person that feels like this but one thing that does bother me a little. Is the way most of the dungeons and questing works. So you're put into this MMO and gave a single player story. Makes no damn sense in my head. So you're doing a quest, doin your thing. You go into a nice cave and expect you'll need to sneak around a little. Nope, just run through it. There is probably at least 10-20 other people doing the same quest. I wish Zenimax would've made these single player or group only instances. The feeling of Elderscrolls would be much more intact. The recent Neverwinter MMO done a decent job with this. The rest of the game was mediocre at best but those guys did a decent job of trying to keep you immersed. That's my only real problem with the game so far. WIth all of the distractions I still manage to get myself immersed into the story enough to enjoy it for what it is. A story, that I'm sharing with countless others. Which is a good thing. One last note. The game is beyond gorgeous. Some truly breathtaking sunrises to be seen.