Reviews for Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages [Playfire]



Trollfaceyomama | July 29, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

An amazingly addictive, beautiful, and unique asteroid shooter with some Rpg upgrade elements. The good: Zany story, with many fun, geeky physics references. Tons of upgrades and full control of your button layouts. The art and music are a large step above most 2D space shooters. Many ship styles with actual differences in play. The bad. It takes quite a while to unlock the ability to change ships, mod them, and have access to the store or research. (But you'll be making plenty of money before you do at least. It does also teach you the ship classes.) The Upgrade interface is fairly clunky, but manageable. The research is done in real time or with Plex, the game's currency, and the research only unlocks plans in the store. (Yeah, you must buy them once you research them...) The bottom line: This has kept me happily shooting away all weekend and shows no signs of stopping. It's minor flaws don't hurt it one bit. This is a thoroughly fun game that you NEED to get if you ever enjoyed Beat Hazard, Altitude, or any asteroid style 2D shooter. (Note: I've only played the single player so far.)


Quite a Surprise!

hellinperson | July 13, 2013 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages is space shooter RPG developed by two people. The game is really good and its story is quite deep, I enjoyed it. The skills are easy to use and every ship has its own aspects that makes them unique. The controls are good. Keyboard & mouse are better than using a gamepad. Replayability is excellent. And so is the presentation. Multiplayer is fun, but it's better if you have a nice ship before playing multiplayer.