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first thief

Lluvia4D | Sept. 18, 2014 | See all Lluvia4D's reviews »

Is the first Thief I played, I played for almost 2 hours and loved the atmosphere, the gameplay, everything is perfect . You can choose the difficulty , I chose normal and it's still a little hard to steal things without being noticed, you have to think before what you're doing and keep an eye on the movement of soldiers. The graphics are not spectacular, but they are beautiful. I ran the game with everything max, filters, etc, at 1920x1080 and rolled flat, the FPS ranged between 50 and 60. It took me almost 2 hours to get past the first mission , exploring every corner to steal as much as possible and trying not to be detected, which made me take more time. About the negative reviews, including the "big sites", I was not disappointed to read before playing, and now I played I'm not unrepentant, as I said, I loved the game and I recommend for you that enjoy a good first-person stealth game. Ignore the reviews, play and give your own conclusion.


A great stealth game with an amazing story!

SadSambal | Aug. 16, 2014 | See all SadSambal's reviews »

Story: 90 Graphics: 85 Music: 80 Gameplay: 90

First off, I haven't played any of the other Thief games, so this review is based only on this game.

Thief has a great story, it captivates the player from the very beginning and it remains interesting until the very end. The story reminds a lot of Dishonored: the protagonist is a shady character who is projected as an antihero, the city is plagued by a disease, the ruler is oppressing the civilians, and so on. The more you think about it, the more similarities you find. Nevertheless, it's a really good story that complements the overall feel of the game very well.

On to the gameplay. Stealth is an integral part of Thief (who would've guessed), and it is done very well. The detection system is accurate and realistic, not at all like Skyrim. And, the system is also very unforgiving if you manage to get detected. You won't simply be able to fight back against more than two guards, even on normal difficulty.

Speaking of difficulty: Thief has a feature called Custom Difficulty. You can customize your experience by disallowing kills/knockouts, disabling the Focus ability, enabling game over when you are detected or a variety of other factors. This feature is amazing for people who want to create an extra challenge for themselves!

Thief has a mix of fairly linear levels (most of the times the player will have several possible routes) and an open world city. This was actually a very good idea: it gives the player a bit of freedom and lets him explore the city, while also keeping the story alive with the levels.

The graphics are good, even on lowest settings. They are great on higher settings, but sometimes the building textures look a little bit unrealistic.

The background music is actually part of the gameplay: it changes when enemies are alerted or suspicious. The voice acting is also done very well, but the game has a weird bug where you can hear people talking who in places where you shouldn't.

All in all, Thief is a great game and I really like it a lot, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who likes stealth games!


An underrated gem in the stealth genre.

PrimalHunter779 | July 26, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

Thief is the fourth installment in the classic "Thief" series of video games. The franchise has been known for its outstanding contributions to the stealth genre and is favourably remembered by the majority of the gaming community. Thief, rather than serving as a sequel, is a reboot for the series. This is a new start for the series, and it should be stated that the purpose of this game is to reinvent the series for the new generation, rather than build on the successful formulas used in Thief, Thief II and Thief: Deadly Shadows. This game shouldn't be compared to previous titles; with that said, in this review, I will treat Thief as a completely new game and will not judge it based on earlier titles in the series. Thief lets the player play as Garrett; Master Thief and one-liner delivering badass. He's been in the trade of stealing goods for years, and the game opens with Garrett on a job that almost immediately gives him a "bad feeling". This provides a set-up for the events of the game, most of which doesn't make a lot of sense from a writing point of view, and leaves the player feeling confused and a bit disappointed with the lacklustre and muddled story. Fortunately, the actual gameplay in Thief is far better. You can crouch, sprint, walk, scale wales, climb ropes and peek around corners, all of which feels really fluid and genuinely makes you feel like a trained thief. Hiding in the shadows gives you the best advantage over roaming enemies like Guards, and you can also use the 'swoop' ability to fly from one shadow to the next without being spotted. You can also climb walls and certain objects to obtain a higher vantage point over your enemies. These enemies can also be distracted with a variety of tools such as water arrows, fire arrows, rope arrows, smoke bombs, and small breakable glass objects. This all makes for a diverse stealth experience and really sells the role of being a Master Thief. However, the level design of the game often makes it difficult for the player to fully embrace these options. Level design is often linear and constrictive, and often misleads the player by being inconsistent with climbable and non-climbable objects. The level design is repetitive and somewhat bland, and doesn't really allow the player to be adventurous or explorative. The only exploration to be found in the game is the constant scavenge for loot, which while fun, doesn't make up for the overall limiting design. Additionally, enemy AI is also quite poor. Guards sometimes spot you from a fair distance away, and sometimes they fail to spot you even when you are two feet away. This kind of inconsistency feels frustrating and lazy, especially from developers who are known for producing excellent games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which didn't feature any of this laziness or inconsistent level design and technical flaws. With that being said, I really did enjoy this game. It has beautiful visuals, and the lighting effects look fantastic on any graphics setting. The game was a very enjoyable stealth experience, despite the lack of innovation, and offers loads of replay value and additional challenges beyond the short 7-hour campaign. Pick up this game if you like a decent stealth game reminiscent of Dishonored, although lacking the polish. This game deserves a solid score of 7.5 / 10.


big letdown

shyguy1354 | May 15, 2014 | See all shyguy1354's reviews »

ok, i haven't played a thief game before this game. the main reason that i did get this game was because it look like dishonored, which i loved.

so when i started playing this, i really didn't like it (i'm not that big a fan of u must do stealth or else type games) although i learnt around half way through u can just run through most the game without killing anyone but alerting them and running away.

i can say that there was no glitches or such while playing it so thats a plus.

so to some this could be a good game but for me it wasn't.


A rather mediocre game, and a bad stealth game

OverkillerlSRBl | May 12, 2014 | See all OverkillerlSRBl's reviews »

This game promised alot, multiple ways of approach, interesting loot, big and beautiful city, interesting stealth mechanics etc.

However it is not nearly as good as it was supposed to be. The city is divided into zones, with loading screens and same animations over and over again, the missions are hardly interesting at all, but there are some motivations in loot and discovering secrets, but the lore is really empty, so documents won't matter much. The stealth mechanics are rather solid and make up for the name of the game, but its ridiculous for a master thief, Garret, to steal forks and cups. The combat is so dull its rather idiotic to even get in it, its only some fun when playing full-stealth approach. The story is so dull and inconsistent, that its pointless even to try to understand it, characters are dull and boring and nothing ever makes any sense.

Overall i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but as it is it is a solid game, despite all its flaws, yet there are many better ways to spend your money, save yourself the trouble, get Dishonoerd :)


Critics are too harsh, the game is great!

toshexy | May 8, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

Mostly you'll hear that this game is a letdown. And it is not surprising given the hype related to it's release. Given the huge expectations this game does disappoint a bit, but hey - which game doesn't?

If we put that aside this is one great game, especially since it's been a while since there was a Thief game, and this one improves greatly on the experience you might remember from playing the old Thief games back at the day - and man do I remember that feel. You get it in this game as well.

Just stealing left and right is a repetitive thing though and becomes monotonous after a while. Doing the same thing over and over in any game becomes boring. Thus Square Enix decided Thief will not be just about stealing - there has to be a story that would include some big conspiracy and all that OMG I'm special stuff. And I don't see a problem with it. Though some of the plot may be too obvious, the game wasn't meant to be the story of the century, and so it's OK.

Structurally, the game is well thought out with main objectives and side quests that allow you more or less a good deal of open world (open city) exploration. And that feeling of freedom is a great deal for me. The mechanics are great, and the abilities are not overstretched, but kept to a certain level of realism - that makes things both more interesting and more fun to do. You gotta use a bit of your mind to accomplish things after all.

The biggest letdown in most games like this one is the very dumb AI. Enemies are blind most the time, literally, and when alarmed they just run around with no clue. When you get spotted they are limited to the places they can follow you - they won't even climb after you. So yeah, there are some points deduced here.

Bottom line is the game is a good one, it combines modern graphics and new additions with the feeling of playing the old Thief games. A winning combination in my book. That it didn't live up to the hype and promises of it before it's release, it didn't - but I think people should just learn to move on.

I have yet to find a game that is all and/or more than what it claims to be before it's release. If you find a good deal for this game, you should get it.


A disappointment

Sohli123 | April 22, 2014 | See all Sohli123's reviews »

While the news of the Thief reboot got me excited, unfortunately the same can't be said about the game itself and what should have been a must have/must play game is nothing more than a filler that you can play while you wait for other highly anticipated games such as Destiny or Borderlands - The Presequel.

Thief disappoints on multiple levels: be it graphics, story, your surroundings or the AI, everything in this game makes you feel as if the reboot has taken a step backwards rather than going forward.

In the game, you assume the role of Master Thief Garrett, a resident of The City (creative name i must say) who wants nothing more than what every rich resident of The City has. He likes to steal and steal in style using as much stealth as possible. When Garrett and his protege Erin get involved in a cult supernatural ritual of some sort, he must investigate to find out what truly is going on. Not to mention there is The Black Baron (evil ruler of the city), The Gloom (a plague of sorts) killing people and a revolution taking place that you must tend to as well.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the game which makes the story feel unfocused. What should have been a beautiful story about stealing loot and looking good while doing it, ends up being a clone of sorts of Dishonored which isn't really that enjoyable.

The game looks ugly compared to MANY other games on Xbox 360 and PC. Garrett is one of the most hideous heroes i have seen lately with grey shades for eyebrows and a face that is scary rather than mysterious. Other characters don't fare any better, with movements, dialog delivery and facial animations being just plain bad.

The patterns of AI controlled guards are predictable and you can easily slip past them, If you alert the guards, they repeat the same few lines while they search for you no matter what part of the City you are in. There are only two types of guards which means you will see the same Crossbowman or Swordsman patrolling in the game over and over again.

The only saving grace of this game is the thieving. Looting stuff in the silence and darkness of the night gives you an amazing satisfying feeling and with a ton of special rings, bracelets and jewels to be added to your collection, stealing never gets boring.

Overall, developer Eidos Montreal disappoints rather than deliver. This could have been an amazing reboot of a classic franchise which ends being a mediocre experience at best.


A real surprise

Mustardfinger | April 19, 2014 | See all Mustardfinger's reviews »

From all the negative press I expected a buggy game, poorly executed with bad stealth and broken game mechanics topped off with an annoying protagonist.

What I found was pretty much the exact opposite. It is well worth your time I found it to be immersive and like for like more enjoyable for me than dishonored which was far better received.


Extreme letdown...

holly4banger | April 17, 2014 | See all holly4banger's reviews »

Having seen these strangely positive reviews I had to redress the balance.

This game isn't a Thief game, they have just taken the name and some elements of the premise and made an utterly linear, buggy insult to the legacy it's leeching from.

If you want a game with the feel of Thief The Dark Project and Metal Age, try Dishonoured. It is a vastly superior game with a real sense of freedom, a pretty aesthetic and gives you a sandbox and arsenal of toys to approach each mission.

This just isn't Thief.

I'm giving it a 10 purely for the FOV slider.


Excellent and immersive, with no actual problems

legots | April 14, 2014 | See all legots's reviews »

This game was a heck of a lot of fun to play, with its amazing atmosphere (reminded me of Dishonored, with the dark, gloomy, and generally unpleasant feel of the city), exciting combat, and sometimes even quite scary moments. I think the stealth mechanics were great, such as jumping from shadow to shadow in order to avoid guards, pickpocketing them from behind when they aren't looking, and the level design, which is great, (and with enough game-time I think I would probably know the game map better than my own town's layout!). I think overall it's a quite solid game. In my opinion the only real flaws to the game was the plot, seeming a bit random to me (although it may have been my fault for not really paying attention), but really the rest of the game makes up for the lack of storyline (and wow does it look pretty), and to me the over-abundance of weaponry, as I felt I was only really using a few of the well-sized arsenal of gadgets and arrow-tips that I could use.


Simply amazing !!

LoudeRZz | March 21, 2014 | See all LoudeRZz's reviews »

This one is one of the best games of this year in my opinion, it's so fun and all the purpose of the game is very fun and thrilling cause you have to do everything quietly and those are the kind of games which I like and I recommend !

I Only got disappointed that it's only a single player game and not with a multiplayer mode (which could make the game perfect!).


Thief, different smell that original game, but a great game

ansonicte | March 5, 2014 | See all ansonicte's reviews »

This game is the continuation of the classic game Thief, stealth game genre, this would be his fourth instalment yet the game is like a newly reconstructed version of the game, and maybe this is your worse problem. The game is similar to the original old essence but something different, maybe you are missing the freedom that had its previous deliveries.

But this does not hurt too a fantastic game, that maybe fans of the series expect something more, but someone that just knows the saga, this is a good start because the argument is redesigned and has a fresh start. Graphically the game is pretty good; the graphics are halfway between the new and old generation graphics. Highlighting the light effect

Playable is not for people who like action, but if you're like me, you'll be happy to play to Thief.


A fresh reboot of a classic dimond!

dockzor | March 5, 2014 | See all dockzor's reviews »

You know there are two kinds of review you should take into consideration when you have a reboot for an old school game like Thief. There are the the people who are hardcore fans and are looking for the game they know and love, then there are the new players who are looking for a good game in general. I am new player, I have never played a Thief game before this so obviously I speak for the 2nd group of players.

So far this game is very fun and unique among my game library. I am glad to see this game sticks to its guns and focuses on actual thievery and isn't combat such as Assassins Creed or Dishonored, fighting multiple enemies is suicide and stealth is always the best option. There is also the ability to customize the difficulty in any way that suits your play-style to make it harder or easier, by choosing harder settings boosts your score and rewards you for playing hardcore.

Another feature I like seems to be similar to Splinter Cell, after a mission you receive a score based on three categories (Ghost, Predator, Opportunist). My only beef with this game so far is that its a little linear and the maps seem small compared to a game like Dishonored. Its just my preference, its nothing against the game. As long as a game maintains a strong story and good mechanics then being linear is fine, being a linear game seems like a bad thing these days and to me its just one method to telling a story.

On to the second part of this review.

When I was reading reviews on metacritic today I noticed that about 90% of the negative reviews were about how "modern" it was or how it was a crappy addition to the series. Now I can understand why people might be disappointed in the direction a game might take but it doesn't make it right to give it a 0/10. Fact is that this is a quality game and plenty of effort was put into developing it, thats all I can ask for.



gforcesa | March 2, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

The game was a blast to play. I see so many negative reviews for it but I really liked it. The best way to play Thief is to never be seen and it is the way I played it all the way through. There are three ways you can deal with enemies in the levels. First is to be stealthy and never be seen. Second is to knock out people and hide their bodies. The third one is to fight your enemies head on. It does remind me of Dishonored which is good. The only problem I had with the game was that if I play it too long it eats my frame rate. Other than that its a game worth playing if you love stealth games and its fairly long considering I beat it in 15 hours.


A fantastic and atmospheric game ...with only a few minor issues

EviLFazZ | March 2, 2014 | See all EviLFazZ's reviews »

This is not my final verdict on Eidos and Square Enix's Thief, as I haven't had enough game play time with it yet (so many beta play throughs right now too), but I will say this for now has some of the best audio and visuals I've seen recently and from a technical point, they have done outstanding job of it.

Thief doesn't just support Stereo 3D (SBS 3840x1080), but it shows THE BEST I've seen in any game (with endless breath taking moments), as well as 8Ch (192Khz 24bit) audio output which is frighteningly realistic, raising the fur on our two cats.

Unfortunately, both NVIDIA's ShadowPlay, FRAPS and a couple of other similar capturing applications I use, just won't capture the game play in it's spectacular Stereo 3D form as I recently did with Titanfall | Origin Public Beta | 3840x1080 60fps | Stereo 3D SBS | Pre-Oculus Experimenting so I can only share (for now) my grabs in 2D (even though it was all played and captured in Stereo 3D).

If you're interested in getting the game for yourself, I will strongly recommend you do not play this on any games console, as it they all look and play nothing like it does on Windows OS as Thief is truly something special ...a bit random with collectable objects, missing HUD options, plastic acting and odd mix of accents ...but still definitely special.


Fairly good

animruler2 | March 1, 2014 | See all animruler2's reviews »

This game has a nice stealth aspect to it. Definitely recommended for people who like stealth games. It has a good story, environment, and AI. The only downside is the animations. I feel like they could've done a better job of making the animations smooth instead of teleporting from standing to sliding. Very similar to Mirrors Edge. But other than that, very good game.


Better than the reviews give it credit for.

TETfromLondon | March 1, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

I'll start by saying that I'm not a veteran of the franchise. I've played a small amount of the original, and plan to play more, but the only thing I've gathered from it is that it hasn't aged well, although that doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't worth playing. I'm therefore reviewing this one from the perspective of someone new to the franchise, so understand that if you are a veteran, you may disagree.

Thief is a game with stealth as its selling point. A lot of people have compared it to Dishonored, but I don't entirely agree with that comparison. In Dishonored, if you choose not to be stealthy, you will have a tricky fight on your hands which may have bad consequences after you've finished. In Thief, if you choose not to be stealthy, you will die. The combat feels difficult, but not badly done, although it probably would get on my nerves if I had to do a lot of it. The stealth is quite good, as sneaking around avoiding detection is very satisfying. The AI is not too bad, and the main reason people think it is is because in all the videos, the brightness has been turned up for recording, therefore making it look like guards are staring straight at you standing in a brightly lit area when in fact you are in darkness. There are occasions when it's a bit slow though.

The movement is also fantastic in this game, as it feels incredibly fluid. The bow is also nice to use, although I would like it to be slightly more difficult.

The environments are fun to explore, so you can steal anything that isn't nailed down. Just like in Eidos Montreal's previous game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, they are open and there are lots of different routes through them, although there are occasions where I'd like to see more. Still, when people call it linear, it's a lie. People are saying that it takes you 8 hours to complete the game, but I feel that that's a bit unfair, as I am only on the third chapter, and have already played for almost 8 hours. I'd be surprised if I complete it in under 15.

Lastly I'd like to mention that in usual Square Enix fashion, the PC port is phenomenal. There are tons of options, including a field of view slider which I'd recommend bumping all the way up to 110 degrees to get the full experience of the game (you can see most of your body when you look down, which I really like). The game is a lot of fun on both a keyboard and gamepad, so you should try both out to see which you prefer. Overall, Thief is great, and I'd love to see more.



PapaLazarou | March 1, 2014 | See all PapaLazarou's reviews »

The reboot of Thief has been met with some mixed reviews by critics. Some game reviewers seem to like and others seem to hate it.

I got the game pre-ordered from GMG and I didn't want to look too much into the reviews and just try out the game myself. To see how I like it. And I do, I like it very much.

The goal is to play like a thief and steal valuables. You can do that in many ways: -There are the main story line missions where you have to collect a certain something -There are side missions where you have to steal valuables -You can just go off your path and break into houses, stealing stuff for your own desire

You have to do all this while not being seen and avoiding guards. The best way to do this is to stay out of the light.

The first person view lends itself really well to the stealth gameplay.

And did I mention that there is an insane amount of customization so you can make the game as difficult or challenging as you want ? No, I didn't, but it's there so check it out.


Steal everything

Stebsis | Feb. 28, 2014 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Thief is, like the name suggests, all about stealing stuff. You steal everything valuable you can, paintings, picture frames, jewellery, even earrings straight from woman's ears. Garret doesn't leave anything behind.

Story begins with Garret stealing stuff, you get to gameplay almost immediately and right from the start you get the itch to just take all the shinnies around you. Plot starts off interesting with touch of supernatural elements, but it never really amounts to anything great.

This game does make you feel like a master thief. You sneak around, look through closets and cupboards for anything valuable, behind paintings for hidden safes, bookshelves for hidden triggers, pick locks and so on. It all feels satisfying to do, and especially if you don't just knock out the guards there is a lot of tension if there's guard or even two in the room at the same time, and you try to hide from him while stealing stuff.

Unfortunately the AI is not good even on highest difficulty. Even a little bit of shadow is enough to hide you if you're at least 3 or so meters away from guards. And they also seem deaf, you can just walk past them most of the time without even crouching. It's not to say they're not challenge at times, I play without knocking out anyone which makes it a whole lot more satisfying to clean a house from valuables. Guards still have very precise path they always go through which takes tension out a bit, I really wish stealth games would do something drastically different with AI even once in a while.

You're given a variety of tools to commit the burglary, some of you need to buy with money you get from looting. Stuff like little knife to cut out paintings from the frame. Variety of arrows like rope arrow to climb places and water arrow to put out fire. You also have this supernatural power, focus. I didn't use this at all, you have the option to disable it completely. It basically shows you interact-able objects, helps pick locks or fight guards, and you can upgrade these abilities to make you better thief. I just don't like to use this stuff, but it's there if you want to.

There is a ton of customization to play the game the way you want. You can turn off the HUD completely, no health meter etc. loot doesn't have a glint to show it better, no button prompts or waypoint and so on, everything can be turned on or off which is just amazing, this is the way more games should do things, let us really play the way we want. You also have variety of custom difficulty settings, from more minor like disabling focus to some that really put your thief skills to test, for example failing mission if you're noticed, only checkpoint saves, if you knock out anyone you fail, and ironman that erases your whole save if you fail.

Graphically this is pretty good, I wasn't able to play on highest setting, this is pretty demanding game, but I've seen videos and it's pretty gorgeous, lighting effects and shadows look really good.

There have been very mixed opinions of Thief. It's pretty good game in my opinion, but I can see how people wouldn't like it as much. It is pretty repetitive, story isn't great, AI is at times just stupid, but I just had so much fun stealing everything, finding out every piece of loot I could find, picking locks etc. that made it worthwhile. Thief makes you feel like a thief.


Amazing game and gameplay

fishey334 | Feb. 27, 2014 | See all fishey334's reviews »

I have been a loyal member of the Assassins Creed and Thief franchise. Though as good as other games are the game play of this is phenomenal. You have a massive amount freedom in what you can do and how you carry out things and the thrill of being unseen. Though it isn't as graphically advanced for its age in this day though ultimately in this age you seem to have to make a sacrifice for graphics for game play and they pull this off the game is riddled with bugs. This is a great buy - Worth every penny!!!