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Still unfinished 4X game

mahon | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Bear in mind we're not reviewing a finished product here, but what is presented to us at the moment. Horizon is not completely done now, and the authors offered us a chance to access it even before the official release if we purchase it before the game's premiere (the game offers so called 'early access'). If you are a fan of space 4X-type games, you may like Horizon. If you're not too much into the genre, you might better try another game to convince yourself how interesting 4X games can be. While some of this game's aspects look unfinished for the obvious reason that the game is not finished yet, the overall picture we're getting here is that Horizon is going to be just another game of its genre - not a bad one and not a brilliant one, too. For a fan of the genre it may be a must to have and to play, while for others it is just one of possible choices. I wish the authors all the feedback they may get, as I always applaud these who grant early access to their games.