Reviews for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition


Good if you like RPGs

palmtreebearer | Aug. 29, 2015 | See all palmtreebearer's reviews »

The first time I played this game I was really disappointed. I played for maybe 15 hours and then stopped playing much. I just kept comparing it to Morrowind in my mind, and anywhere it was different I considered almost inferior. But then I played it again a year later and when I didn't compare it to Morrowind it was a lot of fun in its own right as a distinct game. Even with some things perhaps improved such as combat. The only things that I still really don't like about the game are the graphics for the faces (they just look strange) in the vanilla version of the game and just raiding different plains of Oblivion that all look the same gets a little old. But playing with the guilds, the arena, and even just exploring around can be a lot of fun.


Must Have!

ninjadel | May 29, 2015 | See all ninjadel's reviews »

What more can i say about this game other than its Oblivion. I've invested probably more hours into this game than i've actually lived in reality. The graphics of the vanilla version are fairly impressive, but the game only becomes all the more impressive through the efforts of a very dedicated and faithful modding community. The landscape is serene, the monsters come in all shapes and sizes, the game draws you into it and just doesnt want to let go.


It's not that great, guys.

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Oblivion has been brutally overrated in my opinion. I've put about 25 hours total into this game, and hardly any of it has been spent actually enjoying myself. The characters are plastic and devoid of emotion, the environments are the same few hundred yards copied and pasted over and over. The story doesn't start off entertaining, but seems to have potential. Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to see that potential. The gameplay is stiff and awkward, the magic system is horribly weird and clunky, and it's just an overall boring experience. I want to like it, and it's not bad per se. There's just nothing special about it and I've yet to be convinced otherwise.


Not as pretty, but so much more rich

anticerber | March 22, 2015 | See all anticerber's reviews »

Oblivion was the first Elder Scrolls game I ever came to play..Fell in love with the game rather quickly. Sure the graphics are dated a bit, and even for its time the models looked kinda bad, but getting past that this is probably still one of the best Elder Scrolls to date... Despite not looking as flashy as Skyrim the game feels much more in depth...The lore is stronger, the areas feel more diverse, even the leveling system is better. I have bought this game 3 times...that is how much I enjoy it..and usually you can find a pretty good deal on it.


The weakest out of the modern TES titles, but still great.

heerox328 | Dec. 7, 2014 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Oblivion was great for new fans of TES, but disappointing for the long-established fan base. My largest criticism, besides the terrible main story, was level/gear-scaling (highwaymen should never have Daedric armor) and generic dungeons with no reason to explore them. Those criticisms largely killed the fun and experience of the game, but putting them aside, this is a great experience overall. Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine are great additional content for Oblivion. The Dark Brotherhood questline was unparalleled and iconic. Radiant AI, albeit scaled back, was revolutionary and really brought the world to life. Even the visuals at the time were cutting edge (not the potato faces). Oblivion wasn't perfect, but it pushed the TES brand forward in a lot of ways. Definitely a game worth picking up if you like BGS games.


One of the greatest games ever mad

FreshFeed | Nov. 13, 2014 | See all FreshFeed's reviews »

I have never felt so into a game before. I spent 50 hours on one character in a week span just endlessly playing through various tasks and quests. The storyline is deep and the NPCs are fun. The DLC adds more value and quests to the game. I hope every gamer has a chance to play this game.


A must-have!

waitingforday | Nov. 5, 2014 | See all waitingforday's reviews »

One of my all-time favourite games. RPGs for me started with this game: catching a glimpse of it at a friend's house when it first came out was enough to make me buy it later that day - and I'm still playing it! The question you might be asking yourself is: "Why would I buy this when Skyrim already has it all?". Honestly, it may be beacuse this game was the first in the series for me, but Oblivion still feels much more varied in quest types and scenarios (perhaps a slightly better plot too?) than Skyrim. With missions ranging from finding a painting thief by investigating clues, to stepping INSIDE a painting to rescue the painter from painted trolls, to saving the world from Oblivion, there is never a boring quest and you will find yourself longing to return to Tamriel even just to walk down the streets of Cyrrodil and listen to the locals chat about the latest events in what really feels like a living and breathing world. Give it a try, I promise you will not regret it.


A must have!

waitingforday | Nov. 3, 2014 | See all waitingforday's reviews »

One of my all-time favourite games. RPGs for me started with this game: catching a glimpse of it at a friend's house when it first came out was enough to make me buy it later that day - and I'm still playing it! The question you might be asking yourself is: "Why would I buy this when Skyrim already has it all?". Honestly, it may be beacuse this game was the first in the series for me, but Oblivion still feels much more varied in quest types and scenarios (perhaps a slightly better plot too?) than Skyrim. With missions ranging from finding a painting thief by investigating clues, to stepping INSIDE a painting to rescue the painter from painted trolls, to saving the world from Oblivion, there is never a boring quest and you will find yourself longing to return to Tamriel even just to walk down the streets of Cyrrodil and listen to the locals chat about the latest events in what really feels like a living and breathing world. Give it a try, I promise you will not regret it.


The best of the Elder Scrolls series.

RavenRayn | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all RavenRayn's reviews »

Anyone can play this game. This game can be played so many ways. After playing for years, I can say this game is that one game that you can always go back to. Play for a month straight, get distracted, and you'll come right back and the game will stay just as appealing. Even after having played for so long, I'm still finding quests that I haven't seen and places that I don't recognize. With the Shivering Isles, that's just added on to. It's a beautiful game and you won't want to miss out.


One true RPG

markegiani | Oct. 23, 2014 | See all markegiani's reviews »

One of the best games I've ever played !! A big leap forward from Morrowind and almost a perfect game. With a breathtaking story, the game blew my head as it started. I also have to say that it is maybe the most non linear game and it will suck you in over and over again. NEVER GETS BORING. The only flaw that I saw was that stupid gate closing quests. Every infernal gate that you come up to is almost the same as the last one, so soon it becomes very boring trying to close all the gates. As for everything else, A MASTERPIECE.


A masterpiece

Dingusaurus | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all Dingusaurus's reviews »

This is one of my favorite games of all time, simply because it's so interesting. The characters are extremely interesting (even if the voice acting is a little cheesy), the plot is great, and everything just feels incredibly fluid. I had it first on the Xbox, got the DLC, and then got the game and DLC again on PC simply because it's so good. If you don't have this game, for whatever reason, then I strongly urge you to get it, you won't regret it.


A True Gem

Azrael360 | Sept. 24, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

This was the first game I played from the Elder Scrolls series and loved it, immediately. It was for the Xbox 360, and I fell in love with this incredible big game, such environments, culture, stories and world, it has it all. My last save in the console version has a time of 375 hours played. Comparing it to Skryim, this RPG is a little more complex than Skyrim, you have more options for your character and skills, but probably you won't use them all. Just recently I picked up again to play it on PC, but you can tell its age. But thanks to the modding community, you can convert it into a beautiful game, with new content and fixes. Go to Nexus and see for yourself. To start, I highly recommend the Unofficial Oblivion, Shivering Isles and Official Mods Patches for this GOTY Edition. If you have never played this game but enjoyed Skyrim, you have to give it a try. And later if you enjoyed this one, don't forget to play the game Morrowind too!


Buggy but keeps bugging you to come back!

DBA | Aug. 27, 2014 | See all DBA's reviews »

Oblivion, the 2nd Elder Scroll's game I have played and the 2nd one I've enjoyed. This game (and the series) is outstanding and definitely a leader in open-world RPG's. The game consists of a main plot like any other game, the thing what sets this game and Bethesda's open-world RPG's apart is the fact you can go off from the main quests and do what ever you like. You can complete the 100's of side quests, you can explore every nook and cranny in the world, or you can go around killing (Although I do advise you join the Thieves Guild and level up before hand because paying off bounty can cost quite alot (Or you can get them player.payfinethief commands in the game to make it easier). Compared to Skyrim, graphic fidelity is something lacking in Oblivion which is expected however the game world is beautiful compared to the newer title in the game due to a wider range of colour palettes, more diverse terrain, a more vegetated world and many other unique landmarks with fine detail. Another segment of the game which is different is the combat, it is slower and requires more thinking compared to Skyrim's system. Arrows are like feathers floating through the sky and more stamina is needed to swing that blade of yours, this is even the case for movement and levelling in general, however the modding community has existed for years meaning a simple search on Oblivion's Nexus Forum's can get you a 'Fast Arrows Mod' or 'Better Levelling Mod' instantly, and that is what I love about Oblivion, Mods are easy to install and are in huge numbers. Yes Skyrim now has an easier Modding portal which is the workshop but Oblivion uses a better search system, Google. As well as the previous points, Oblivion offers more customisation and more items compared to Skyrim which is pretty bland if you ask me, but it's up to you which one you prefer. Another thing is that Oblivion is extremely buggy but again, modding prevails and gives us 'Unofficial Patches' for all aspects from the base game to DLC (Which are included in the GOTY version of the game). Now you may be thinking, why would I want a buggy, unfinished game? Yes, that my be the case yet to me, bugs in such a full game makes me laugh whenever I see them (In the case of animations and yes, there are mods to fix them too so don't worry). Overall Oblivion is basically a palette for you to go wild on. You can mod, complete, explore, create and basically do whatever you like and that to me is the thing which makes me keep playing Oblivion and the Elder Scroll's in general. It's such a good game which is on sale 24/7 now-a-days so I advise you to buy it. Thanks for reading, DBA.



Ghost_Panther | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all Ghost_Panther's reviews »

If you have a game bucket list this should be at the top. There is nothing wrong with Oblivion. It has everything an RPG fan loves. Fun quest lines, great factions and Daedric Gods. If your a fan of Skyrim or Morrowind buy this game. Oblivion is for everyone.


It won't fall in oblivion

NoelKreiss13 | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all NoelKreiss13's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most famous and old franchises in videogames, just like morrowind did, oblivion is an open world experience where you can do whatever you want, follow the main mission or explore the world to became the strongest knight in Cyrodill, also with two greats expansions, which includes even more content, what makes it a total worth game, which you will play for hundreds of hours!


Still the Best

MrDaleks | Aug. 20, 2014 | See all MrDaleks's reviews »

This was the game that was offered to me with my xbox 360 years ago, i spent so much time in this game it's almost ridiculous, and yet, i still love it. I played other TES Games but for me, Oblivion is the best, an endless gameplay in a gigantic world, so many quests, so many things to do. The Elder Scroll IV : Oblivion is a game you will fall in love with.


Refreshing RPG

Jericho417 | July 31, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

Oblivion has a lot to offer, even for new comers to the Elder Scrolls universe. I do think that there is a bit too much hand holding, though. The graphics don't age well, but you can use mods to help it look pretty. The modding community did a lot with this game, since Bethesda released a toolkit. You could easily add spells, quests, and gear, customize them to your hearts content, then place them anywhere you wanted in the game. So much effort went in to this game, that it's hard to find anyone who recommends playing the game without any mods. The combat feels nice, but it is a little stiff. Magic is extremely useful, with spells for nearly everything. The inventory system is a bit clunky, especially if you're at maximum capacity. Despite the flaws, the world of Tamriel is so much fun. You can join factions, even becoming the leader in each one. Oblivion gates pop up all over the map and you can choose to close each and every one. I'd really recommend this game for anyone who enjoys a fantasy setting. You can play however you please, whether you want to be the savior, criminal, or just some guy who wanders through ancient Ayleid ruins.


Flawed, but shines nevertheless!

Ninjaboots | June 12, 2014 | See all Ninjaboots's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a great game. It has bugs and it has quirks, but it is nevertheless a great game. Here are some of its pros and cons: Pros: -Complete customization of your character (appearance, class, race, skills, etc.) -'Big' open world (you can run around anywhere you like, doing anything you want, in any order you want.) -Tons of side quests and faction related quests. -Fast Travel is a vast improvement over TES:III Morrowind. -Quest and map markers are vast improvements over TES:III Morrowind. -Many builds and 'types' of characters are viable. Cons: -Interface clearly designed for console (Playstation/Xbox) and not computer. -Since enemies level-up with you, it's possible for them to become much stronger than you (Likewise, you can become stronger than them if you plan in advance how you will level up for optimal ability point increases). -Some NPCs speak with multiple voices (clips from various voice actors with completely different sounding voices), this shatters the 'immersion' a bit. -Resist Disease doesn't function properly (even with 100%, you can still get diseases). -Main storyline is a bit repetitive. -Landscape 'scenery' is a bit repetitive. -Personal Con - In Morrowind, you could put Paralyze on a weapon, in Oblivion, you can't (except a staff, which doesn't deal damage, so I'm not counting that.) Overall, Oblivion is an improvement over its predecessor graphically and mechanically, despite its flaws. There are plenty of patches and mods available to help remove some of these bugs/flaws, and add additional content which increases its replay value greatly. I strongly recommend the game to anyone, particularly Skyrim fans who missed out on it previously, or RPG fans in general.


One of the best open world games yet!

ProgenitorX | June 7, 2014 | See all ProgenitorX's reviews »

I've played this game so many times now, each time with a new character build. There is a lot to do with tons of variety to keep you entertained. The story lines are interesting and fun to explore. Highly recommend this game if you're looking for something to keep you busy for hours to come. Even though Skyrim is out now, Oblivion is still a great game on its own (some may say even better, apart from graphics of course). The game just gets bigger once you start looking at player mods.


Best RPG of it's time

luky7dayz | June 7, 2014 | See all luky7dayz's reviews »

This game is now outdated by it's sequel, Skyrim. However, what it lacks in ground breaking graphics it makes up in innovation and replayability. It may be older then skyrim but it gives its own replayable tale that can take you as long as you wish to get through it. If you ever get tired of skyrim, its fun to get back to oblivion!


Best Elder Scrolls

Seibitsu | June 7, 2014 | See all Seibitsu's reviews »

This was my first Elder Scrolls game and have to say got hooked to it, didn't regret buying it at all. Althought the missions end up beign a little bit repetitive, you will have tons of fun exploring these Tamriel lands, full of nature and bandits. The story is long enough and you have infinite things to do. Even with the expansions you'll have more fun. Knights of the Nine let's you create a secret society that wants to defeat an evil guy. Shivering Islands gives you a brand new storyline full of missions and a new vast island to explore.


My Favorite Elder Scrolls

Trebledaniel | May 19, 2014 | See all Trebledaniel's reviews »

This game is more refined than its predecessors, and it keeps the game challenging with enemies that level with you. The quests are the best of the series, and the options to choose major skills, race, and sign all affect how well you can play a certain role. It is one of the best RPG's Bethesda has made. Pick it up if you are looking for a great open world experience.


one of my favorite games

mirta000 | May 16, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

Let's start by listing the strong points: the combat system is much better than Morrowind's. No longer is there a percentage of *hit* *miss*, if your sword collided with the enemy you hit. And there's more spells to pick and choose from than Skyrim! Not to mention the ability to create your own :) Story The main storyline is not very strong nor interesting. For a while you're going to be juggling a future king and the amulet. One goes missing. Then the next. Then you close a million gates, even though they're all the same repetitive dungeon over and over again, however the side quests are so worth it! Get involved with the assassin's brotherhood, become a thief, or perhaps a magician? Why not just be a fighter in a fighter's guild or go trough arena quests? Want to learn what famous orc suicides because you tell him that he is actually part vampire? Find the quest and do it! As for the expansion included - one of the best games in the series. Period. Shivering Islands is a really insane place. Use psychedelic mushrooms, have cheese for all as celebration (scratch that! Someone might dislike it! Cheese for no-one!) and discuss wholes filled with clouds (or was it clowns? Clouds don't smell as much). all in all I think that I've spent around 1000 hours in total in this game. 200 hours if you do every single sidequest is normal for a playtrough. Make it about 5 hours if you do only the main story. It's worth buying 1000 times over. Doesn't matter you joined the series at Skyrim, or Morrowind, or if this is your first game.


Another game I wanted to like but couldn't

AkiMatti | May 6, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I went into this game expecting great things after all the hype. I tried it. I tried it with mods, too. Still, failed to captivate me. It just failed to motivate me. Why should I run around in these forests when I could go out my apartment door and stroll in the woods myself? Why are so many characters hostile towards me when I don't even know them? It feels pointless. I guess I just expect being able to talk my way out of most situations after Torment and that affects my opinion. At least the world is huge and there is a lot to discover. I guess. Didn't have the patience to wander everywhere. The game also expects a lot of time from you, but that comes with the genre. So my review is for those who want to get quick enjoyment out of their game. To people who don't have much time to play. The guys who used to be hardcore gamers but who have been sucked into family life and work life. If you don't have the possibility to put tens of hours into this game in a short time frame, I doubt you will get much enjoyment out of this. But if you can, it'll probably be a blast.


Immersive RPG

Edreih | April 17, 2014 | See all Edreih's reviews »

I recently purchased this game because I heard great things about it. Going from Skyrim to Oblivion, I felt like the dated graphics could be a setback but I was wrong. The story is immense. You can spend hours and hours on side quests and exploring the entire land of Cyrodiil. The menu and controls did take getting used to, since I went from the Xbox PC controller to the keyboard. But after a while I got used to it, so nothing really bad about it. All in all, this game has a ton of features that will satisfy your RPG needs. Good story, music, voice acting, side quests, main quests, giant map, and character customization. It's the whole package. I actually prefer Oblivion's storyline over Skyrim's. I highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to play an amazing RPG.


Ground-Breaking RPG of the Century

Jbuzzxyz | March 31, 2014 | See all Jbuzzxyz's reviews »

Oblivion will always be my favorite RPG, even since Skyrim was released about a year ago. The graphics, a decent upgrade from Marrowynd, along with an extensive list of things to do in-game, all add to my rating. "You" take on the role of your character, and you develop a connection with your character in-game. This was a fantastic part of the franchise, and will always remain in my heart. I still play Oblivion to this day.


Favorite Game Ever!

robinrs1212 | March 30, 2014 | See all robinrs1212's reviews »

This game was my introduction to Bethesda and I am now a devoted follower of all of their games. This game is one I have returned to and replay on a yearly basis (sometimes even more often).


Strong thumbs up

Kizales | March 30, 2014 | See all Kizales's reviews »

Out of the Elder Srolls games, I've only played Skyrim and Oblivion, and out of those two, I have always favoured this one. The leveling system was confusing for me at first, but I have grown to greatly appreciate it. The overall difficulty is an immaculate balance between challenging and simple.


Still holding up well

Jowacom | March 28, 2014 | See all Jowacom's reviews »

I don't know how many hours I have spent in the wonderful land of Cyrodiil, where this game takes place. There are lots of places to explore, items to find, quests to do and much more. In this version of the game there is however another world included - the Shivering Isles. I won't spoil anything, but that guy Sheogorath is really funny. Sure, the AI system can be a little strange at times (who likes overpowered mudcrabs and rats?), but that doesn't stop this game from being an unkillable modern classic. And I haven't even mentioned the mods; there are literally thousands of awesome mods which can improve various things in the game - or make the whole thing go completely over the top!


A good RPG game

pvmambembe | March 28, 2014 | See all pvmambembe's reviews »

Story: After the mysterious assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII, the throne of Tamriel sits empty. With the Empire to the brink of collapse, Oblivio portals are opened and Daedra march on Tamriel, leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go. To combat this evil, the player must find the lost heir to the throne and clarify the sinister conspiracy that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel. Graphics: A great graphic for the time. A chance for a classic and cares more about the game's plot. Believe me... Audio: Great soundtrack, good dubbing of characters, including the Emperor is voiced by none other than Patrick Stewart. Missions: In the main quest there is a multitude of missions completed seram... What's the impression of an infinite game. Controls: Many feel that gameplay is classic... Big mistake. Much has changed in Oblivion. Mainly the combat system, which ended up being adapted for a more "simple", similar to "hybrid" Action-RPG games like Fable, with a button system to attack and to defend. The defence is no longer automatic and now the player's abilities that determine what happens when some particular aação is made. A. I.: Artificial intelligence is weak. The only significant improvement was in NPCs, where the new AI system fully developed by Bethesda, the "Radiant AI" gave a little more life to giving them a list of goals for themselves, based on their individual characteristics characters. Multiplayer: No multiplayer, but there is a MOD for that. Requirements : Minimum : Processor - > Pentium IV 2 GHz or Athlon equivalent RAM - > 512MB Video memory - > 512 MB Direct3D - > Yes DirectX Version - > 9.0c Windows XP - > Operating Systems Space - > 4.6 GB free disk The Good : The strong point of the game beyond history is the amount of quests you have to complete . As I said earlier, she is so great that the game seems to be infinite . The Bad : The Ai game leaves MUCH to be desired, making the game easier and less worrisome. Replay Ability: Wonderful. There is always the opportunity to return, creating a character with a different class, different race and follow a new path. The Bottom Line : Overall the game is very good, a good story, good voice acting, a huge map, many missions. The chart was very good for that time. A chance to this great game of TES series. I assure you that if you liked the more you will enjoy much Skyrim Oblivion. Mainly discover much talking in Skyrim and you always wanted to know how it happened.


Amazing RPG!!!

JJ136wain | March 22, 2014 | See all JJ136wain's reviews »

Oblivion is a great game i prefer this over morrowind and skyrim because of the size and content in this game. The music is superb and there is loads of mods, plugins and dlcs to carry on the adventure. There are alot of bugs but that could easily be fixed with unofficial oblivion patch. The storyline in oblivion is very interesting and has alot of depth. The plugin add new player homes that come with there own background making oblivion like a real world. But one of my favourite things is how the the npcs interact with each other and how there are topics, rumours and how you can have different relationships with different npcs. I also like the amount of spells in oblivion and how you can conjure alot more apparel, weapons and creatures than skyrim. I also enjoyed the arcane university more than i did than the college of winterhold because of the size and detail. So if you enjoyed skyrim, morrowind or other RPGs you will love oblivion due to the amount of detail and depth of oblivion lore.


The expansions live up to The Elder Scrolls name.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Shivering Isles is the first official expansion for TES:Oblivion. While Knights of The Nine added another quest line and a few more hours of gameplay, Shivering Isles does double that with a larger main quest for the special land and dozens of side quests. Nothing graphical has changed here so you can expect to see top of the line graphics that require an average machine to run decently. The main point of the expansion is New content, whether it be creatures, quests, items, details, or settings, Shivering Isles has it. Many new creatures such as Shambles and Scalons make their debut in SI. These are not only more creatures to fight but they each have their own special abilities like Electryas poison you very quickly and Scalons are stronger while near the water. This is a fun touch that adds to the surreal feeling you get while playing Oblivion. The new area of Shivering Isles is a seperate land that can be accessed by a door on a tiny island in the Heartlands. The mere size of the Isles is about 2 Imperial Cities. When you aren't on a quest it is just plain fun to explore the new areas and see what cool lore or details you can find in the landscape. The main SI quest is by far the best experience you will get from the expansion and is along the fun factor or the Main quest in Oblivion. You meet Sheogorath and he asks you to help him stop Juggalag and The Greymarch that destroys his realm at the turn of every era. Along the way you meet lots of new characters and have a new take on the lives of NPCs in the game. The items in SI are a great add with many being better than the Original drops and just being unique in attributes and look. Since Shivering Isles isn't your average place you can also expect to find many odd weapons such as a dagger that heals the enemy on strike. At the end of the 20+ hours of Shivering Isles you feel as though you have a new take on Oblivion as a game and it feels good. I really reccomend Shivering Isles to any person who likes Oblivion and the TES series and wants to get more gameplay hours out of them. Pros+ New everything- quests,items,creatures,areas,gameplay Fun look on the TES world, reminiscent of Morrowind Cons- No major Gameplay changes, still need a higher end PC, could have been a few more hours longer


Best One

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

Skyrim is great, but this one is the better one of The Elder Scrolls franchise. If you throw in more polished graphics then this will surpass Skyrim any day. It already does, so there's not use in talking about it. I actually played this game after Skyrim for some odd reason. I guess I never really noticed this game since I didn't really become a gamer until a year after this game was released. This game does make me speechless at times because I've been sitting here thinking about all the great things to say about it and I can't pick a single thing. There's just too much awesome going on in this game. That's all I have to say.


A great game

Lexanderion | Dec. 13, 2013 | See all Lexanderion's reviews »

Oblivion is an amazing game and well worth the purchase, even being over 07 years old, standing on its own as a solid Western RPG and Elder Scrolls title. If you have played Skyrim, you may be off-put by the lesser visuals. However the story alone makes this game be worth a try. The level up system and the gameplay are very similar to its newer counterpart. You'll never be bored as there is always something going on : either a ton of quests to do or just random adventuring, and of course meeting NPCs, dialogues and all that are also included. It is quite an immersive experience and you can clearly see the rots from which Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim was born years later.


One of the Greatest RPGs

cybrxkhan | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all cybrxkhan's reviews »

Oblivion was my first TES game. Before I tried it, I was never really into RPGs. I always found their stories trite, fantasy cliches with little imagination nor depth. Oblivion, and the TES series in general, offered an alternative: instead of being forced to deal with a bad story, you, the player, get to choose what bad stories you want to experience and at what pace. It was surprisingly refreshing - if I don’t like a questline, I can just walk out. Additionally, I later discovered that if you dig deeper into the game world, the stories aren’t always that bad - there is a lot of lore and background to everything, and though not as amazing as Morrowind or even Skyrim, it was there for you to discover if you had the patience to read books, listen to conversations, and explore hidden locations. Even though it is more than half a decade old, I find Oblivion has aged well. As evidence for how wonderful I found Oblivion, I played around 500 hours of it within two months - unmodded, too. With mods, you can extend the experience even further. All in all, Oblivion is a game I recommend, as well as the entire TES series in general.


The game that put Shealgorath on the map

Nova4 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Nova4's reviews »

This game is huge, is even bigger that skyrim with dlcs, why?... simple... in this game you had, the normal world to explore and the oblivion plain and they are huge places to explore... You can get lost just exploring one city or looking for loot on one of the hundreds of dugeons or chating with the npcs of the game ( chek m'aiq the liar the is my favorite) or my favorite part of the game... mods... lots and lots of mods... this game had almost everthing... and hell yes is fun. +The soundtrack is beatiful. +The grafics are ok for a game of 2006. +The combat is intense and never boring. +The world is live and the main and side quest are so interesting. +This is one of the first games that had a facemotion capturing on it, you really think that the npcs are alive. +This game had Shealgorath... and if you do not know who is he... you must buy this game right now. The only think that I do not like about this game are the minor bugs and some faces of the npcs, but you can fix this with mods. Worth everysingle dolar



ColeYote | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all ColeYote's reviews »

There is only one bad thing I have to say about this game, and that's the spellcasting system being a *tiny* bit counter-intuitive. Other than that, it's nothing but praise from me. It's a good story, the world is huge and immersive, the gameplay is fun, the soundtrack is fun, the voice acting (which Morrowind didn't have) is on point, there is a TON of content, it's just a great game.


Top Notch RPG

rydad | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all rydad's reviews »

Despite being seven years old, it's not less impressive than when it first came out. I didn't even play it until it was about four years old and that still did nothing to lessen my enjoyment. The amount of detail put into everything (as well as all the other Elder Scrolls games) is just unreal. Whenever you think you've found everything in Cyrodiil, you'll suddenly come across some unexplored castle in the woods, or cave in the mountains. Even after putting well over 100 hours of gameplay in, I still wasn't tired of it. One of the best RPGs and worth every penny. Also, be sure to get the GOTY edition, as the Shivering Isles DLC is definitely worth those few extra bucks.


Lovin it!

santtuz112 | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all santtuz112's reviews »

Tons of things to find and see and hours of quests, Maybe go rob store? How about joining guilds? If you like games where you get stronger while you playing you should get this! You find better gear / buy / enchant and train your skills and level up!



aznsnsn | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all aznsnsn's reviews »

This was my first real RPG. Oblivion has so much action and plot in it, that it would take hours to finish. The added DLC make the game even funner and more interesting. The ability to change from third person to first person allows you to play with different styles. The graphics are very intriguing and draw you into the game world. The combat system is very diverse and allows many different and cool ways to kill enemies. When you at last finally beat the last quest, maxed out all your levels, there is still modding. Adding mods increases the amount of time you spend having fun while testing out new creations from other players. This is definitely worth emptying your wallet for.


Worth every cent!

Kevduit | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

I purchased Oblivion because I want an open world game that I could do anything I wanted to. Well, I got EXACTLY that! The game is open and free, and the choice of everything in the game is entirely up to you. The character customizing makes you feel as though your character could've possibly been a real person, and then you can make them who you want them to be, by doing side quests, and either good or bad deeds. Want to be a Warrior? Go ahead and throw on Heavy Iron armor, grab your iron longsword and go into battle head on. What about a thief? Join the thieves guild and begin robbing the rich, and giving to the poor (but mostly yourself) You can choose to do whatever you want in this game, and completely create any kind of person you want. Now, with the World. Cyrodiil is a massive land of forests, fields, trees, and mountains. Travel anywhere you want, and live at any city you want. The side quests in this game are literally endless, and once you think you've finally finished you last one, another twenty come out of it. Although Skyrim is the new and improved Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion is really the game to start with! I Recommend this game to anyone that wants a medieval open world game!


Great title, Great Game.

Exlerth | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all Exlerth's reviews »

This game is just amazing and even if it's getting old now, it's still beautiful. If you've been playing a lot of Skyrim but never really played any Elder Scrolls before, I suggest you to buy this game. There's tons of hours of gameplay and a lot of Easter Eggs as well!


Great Game

Xillion | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

I've had a memorable experience with Oblivion. This is somewhat different than skyrim but if you haven't played any of the other the elder scrolls games, this game would be a great place to start. With the graphics maxed out, it looks beautiful. The music is really great and the story is awesome. You should really pick this up if you're into RPGs.



grzegorz2047 | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all grzegorz2047's reviews »

The game world is huge and consists of numerous different locations, each with individually shaped and the type of flora and fauna. In addition, each living in his community has its own history, culture and politics. Land, which also resides visit more than forty species of monsters. In addition, many tasks and maze is randomly generated with the start of the game from the beginning. And you've also changed over time. Your character can travel on foot, on horseback, and paying carriers. In Oblivion there is also a new map and a dynamic compass showing how close we are to the site, or as important to do the task. I really recommend it for RPG fans.


An overrated RPG that could have been much more

toasteddude | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all toasteddude's reviews »

Oblivion is a promising if not slightly disappointing RPG. It offers a colourful and varied fantasy world to explore. There are plenty of entertaining quests to enjoy, particularly the Shivering Isles quest line and side quests. The main quest line is dreadful in story and gameplay. The combat is not engaging and does not fit many play styles. Melee combat builds are by far the most viable, with spells filling a support role, not a main role. The combat itself is not very fun and just feels stiff. You can hack and slash at enemies with the largest of weapons and they just shrug off the blows until they die. Some technical issues persist as well, stiff animations and crashes. Certainly worth it when on sale if you want to experience one of the most influential RPG games for yourself, but you are much better off playing it's sequel, Skyrim, at this point.


Worth playing.

Gantork | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Gantork's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the fourth elder scrolls game. Unfortunately i played this game after playing Skyrim, so it was kind of a downstep for me. Altough it´s a great game, just as Skyrim you will spend a lot of time with this game.