Reviews for Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage


A DLC that has Nifty Items But...

TheForgery | Sept. 12, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

Operation Anchorage is an interesting DLC. For those who become tried of the deadened environment of the Capital Wasteland, this DLC offers a simulation that takes the player at least two centuries ago into a winter themed epic battle. The atmosphere is beautiful and is nice for a change. Furthermore, the action is entertaining for a while and will not bore players. However, the DLC is VERY short which is the most disappointing part of Operation Anchorage. It can be completed in less than one hour and this is a major issue as the ability to command strike teams only happens twice. What anyone craves in this DLC is the rewards, which is a unique shocksword for those who specialize in melee weapons and a Chinese Stealth Armor that has a limitless stealth field and allows easy infiltration. Finally, the DLC is pretty easy to finish and as such, Operation Anchorage is usually completed right after beginning the game (which is leaving Vault 101) and power armor training is immediately available after the simulation is finished. In conclusion, the DLC held promise but the length cut most of its potential in the short lifespan it had. I give it a B- as the rewards are satisfying, not the simulation itself which is a darn shame.


The worst of the Fallout DLCs

The1337N00Bx | July 21, 2015 | See all The1337N00Bx's reviews »

There were aspects of the DLC that were entertaining, like being in virtual reality, which allowed for a different kind of environment than the Fallout games are used to, but overall I felt it just fell flat. Felt more linear than most Fallout maps, and the story wasn't all that great either. Added new items, but none of real value in my opinion. Overall, If you had to give a Fallout DLC a pass, I'd suggest passing on this one.


Cool, but Utterly Pointless

NShep53 | June 17, 2015 | See all NShep53's reviews »

Operation Anchorage was the first released DLC expansion of Fallout 3. People were pretty excited before it came out, as was I. New content for FO3? Awesome. Right? Well.... OA takes places in Virtual reality within the game and you fight in a certain battle against the Chinese that took place before the bombs fell to create the wasteland that is the world of Fallout. Overall the combat is fun enough and there are some cool items to collect, but the game style of this DLC is narrowly focused and closed off, and it really doesn't fit Fallout 3 much at all. Overall, Operation Anchorage is still worth the play even with all it's flaws. Just don't get too excited about it.


Okay first effort

vipe_1 | Dec. 6, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

Operation Anchorage for Fallout 3 is the first DLC made for the game. Op Anchorage will have you going into virtual reality to fight the mentioned Alaska war in the main game story. Nothing in Operation Anchorage is particularly tied to the main storyline, and doesn't really effect anything in the wasteland. The DLC is mostly action based, with you fighting Chinese soldiers amongst other American troops. With the DLC you get a bump to experience, some new weapons, and most notably the Stealth suit. This is cool, and great for those with high enough stats to really sneak around undetected. Overall though, Operation Anchorage is very limited in scope, with small battles and less playtime than you might expect. This DLC is decent enough for what it is.


Premium armor upgrades

lairdjaren | July 30, 2014 | See all lairdjaren's reviews »

Operation Anchorage offers a tidy campaign with a couple of great end-game items. The expansion is explicitly combat-oriented, where your pc is a special-ops soldier fighting in the world war that preceded the fallout universe. At later points, you'll get to set and receive back up from squads. The campaign is fun, but a bit short. Regardless, the best part of Operation Anchorage is that you'll get to keep some top level items afterwards. For example, the stealth armor can generate a cloaking field in sneak mode without necessitating one-time use stealth boys.


A good first DLC for F3

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 6, 2013 | See all Matthew_Lumie's reviews »

I bought this I think about the time it came out, and out of all the DLC it's still the one that I enjoy the most! Having played the original Fallout games a bit, this is probably the most old school of the content, and while while Broken Steel is probably the only 'expansion pack' for Fallout 3, I must say this adds a whole lot more to the game and takes about 4-6 hours to complete. I would like to give even a top rating, but truth be told it is a bit narrow in scope, but very fun regardless :)


Virtual reality!

drafek | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

In this DLC you've to go into a virtual reality, in this reality, alaska is being attacked by china. The expansion is done really well, it's really shooter-based, but the story is also done well. There are alot of new weapons and ofcourse armor's. The detail in this expansion is done really well. You also can choose your ending in this DLC, which is done really good. Sadly you can't keep your items after leaving the virtual reality, but because we're on pc, we can just use control command if you really want them. Pretty good dlc, I enjoyed it because it was a little different than the main story-line.