Reviews for Legends of Aethereus [Playfire]



ConorEngelb | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

A decent gaming experience. The world is satisfying to occupy, feeling almost like a real place rather than an empty shell containing quests. Combat is action-packed and fast-paced, and the skills and abilities cover a wide range of options. Well worth getting your hands on.


New thinking in game.

bluegamer56 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all bluegamer56's reviews »

Right, you got it, great combat(walk not run) beautiful physics and friendly fire and environment use. Crafting out the yeng yang. with a thrilling luck factor, lots of customization of equiptment Character skill tree has many abilities including yells and punji sticks or javelins. Coop up to four players, single player is great, as will as pve/pvp arena. arena may make people thing this is mmo, but I haven't been in KOTH to see how many players max in.(has last stand mode, where you survive as many rounds as possible, fight other people one on one, or, as said, in King of the hill. Visually very nice, has good controls, clean screen and ui.The system menus give plenty of game settings and keymapping. Oh yeah, you die you start quest from scratch again, but you keep the loot you got. same in arena, die and lose what you earned. Game has its homework done, and I hope to see more content added in future, but the price is reasonable for the playability this game already has, and I enjoy it and am always surprised by the game and get good chuckles and scares out of the combat.



megaflux1 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all megaflux1's reviews »

I don't know what mahon is talking about (and i can only guess neither do they) but this game is not a mmorpg at all. If I absolutely HAD to label it i would say it was an action rpg with multiplayer. So yea may as well ignore that other review.. which seems like they stole it from a feature list review. On to the real review.. I would say this game is worth about 30$ in fairness, the fact that they didn't try to jerk 60$ out of my pocket gets them alot of respect. The game letting me play with friends but NOT have to deal with mmotards gets it some seriously high marks in my book aswell. The games strong point is definitely the controls, while i wish they were fully customizable they are really easy to pick up (i only mention this because being an unreal player a,a or s,s is how I'm used to dodging in this game its space+a or s) and the fluidity is really comfortable. Nomatter what weapon I am using it handles the way it should and there's no awkwardness to it at all, the jumping on the other hand while i have never seen an occasion to NEED it (jumping = w+space while unarmed for the record) was a bit clunky.. but not a big deal. Visually the game gets pretty high marks too, I was running it maxed and can't really see anything to complain about aside from its lacking more 3D settings (it does support it! but lacks options to really tweak it). The enemies are well crafted and the gear is very customizable, though honestly saying "millions" of items to craft is a bit deceptive when alot of it is changing the 2 colors on your wrist bands with no change in stats. The crafting is solid, again I dont consider "millions" a fair approximation but there are 3 tiers of items to craft using various materials that will change stats and even a gamble system built in where you can make a pristine version of the item OR fail (but you do recover some of the materials). I like that they have it so you cant save scum to always get pristine versions too, infact there's really nothing but autosaves in this game. The skill trees are pretty robust and both classes have a unique feel, i would have liked to see atleast 2 more classes personally but keep in mind IT'S A 30$ GAME! Maybe an expansion some day? So to sum it all up.. If you are looking for a well made action adventure rpg that lets you play with your friends (something i want to point out bethesda has never figured out people want to do) and don't want to spend top dollar this is the game for you. The replay value is significant since there are 2 classes and many ways to build each one, and learning new ways to deal with fairly aggressive enemies is always fun.


Combat system that stands out

mahon | July 25, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I am not really a MMORPG gamer, so maybe Legends of Aethereus was not really meant for me. It is another fantasy MMORPG, but a pretty good one. Will it find its place on the market with so many good and popular alternatives already present? What makes it stand out is a decent singleplayer campaign. Not only you can play with up to 3 friends in cooperation or against other players, but you can also have good fun without other players, and it's something that some other MMORPGs don't offer. But the most interesting thing is the combat system - it's actually physics based, so things like strength actually matter. They're not abstracted but actually reflected in the game - stronger characters can throw farther but heavier objects don't travel as far as lighter ones. You can easily notice how stronger characters can throw enemies off their feet more easily and - which is very uncommon in games - suffered wounds actually make combatants weaker. Now isn't this combat system alone a reason to try this game and judge if you like it more than the traditional approach? Especially that you get a special arena in the game where you can enjoy combat with other players. I won't be writing too much about the setting and story to avoid spoilers, but definitely can mention extensive skill trees and large freedom of customization of characters, which may be of interest to those who want to play with others.