Reviews for Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts


A Satisfactory DLC

TheForgery | July 4, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

Honest Hearts is set in Utah, far away from New Vegas. Despite its differences, it is still bounded by the law "War never changes". It all begins when you, the player, decides to accompany a group to Utah but only you survive an ambush. Then, you are taken to a man who has a legend built around him and must choose the fate of those who reside in that land. The DLC's primary strength is its exploration and action value. The treacherous lands yield fairly primitive tribes who constantly battle each other with some mutated creatures making some appearances. Another great characteristic of this DLC is the environment. Travel to "Zion Canyon", an area mostly undamaged by radiation and have no worries of radiation poisoning throughout most of your time. It is a nice change to how players are constantly exposed to encountering irradiated sectors of the base game. The storyline is pretty good but did not cement itself fully. It is underdeveloped and had potential but it soon becomes tiresome. The best attributes Honest Hearts has to offer is its unique weapons that can be carried back to the Mojave Desert. The .45 Auto Pistol and .45 Auto Submachine gun are my favorites (due their caliber) and can dispatch most enemies with ease. There are also unique melee weapons as well for those who prefer to bash enemies with a club or a paw from a slain mutated bear. I give this DLC a C due to its refreshing atmosphere and new weapons to shoot with but it is far from being great due to several issues.


Not as great as the others DLCs

KingTed | Feb. 21, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Honest Hearts is a journey in the Valley of Zion, a new area populated by human tribes and big mutant monsters. The new area is really big and offers a good atmosphere. The quest also has a nice story and great characters. Unfortunately that's all! It's a good DLC but not that original compared to the others.



MobeusChronox | March 16, 2014 | See all MobeusChronox's reviews »

Not my favorite of the FNV expansions but still a very solid experience and an excellent addition to an already excellent game. The setting is beautiful and it adds quite a bit to the overall story of FNV and the lore of the Fallout Universe.


Rather disappointing

Gmen | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Out of all the DLCs for FNV, I found this to be the least satisfying. It had plenty of promise, what with new characters that are hinted at in the base game making an appearance here, but somehow it just doesn’t deliver. There’s a rather large map, but I just feel like there aren’t enough varied things going on, or places to go, as beautiful as this new area is -- certainly a change from what one is used to from playing FNV and the other DLCs. This is more like the Red Rock Canyon areas, but way bigger. It’s made frustrating by the fact that you have to navigate all these mountainous areas – often by going the long way around, made worse by the fact that your Pip-Boy map doesn’t seem to take height into account. And the game engine isn't the best when it comes to object or terrain manipulation. It just feels like an uninspired slog at the end of the day, running from one place to another undertaking samey quests, and battling with the layout of the area. There are some new weapons to be had, and an increased level cap complete with new perks, but the overall experience feels somewhat lacking. It is also easily the shortest DLC in terms of play time, in my experience, albeit far from being a complete cakewalk. You’ll be able to get through it within a few hours. After playing the first DLC, Dead Money, this was a bit of a let down, in my view.


A good story, as well as a new area to explore

ADUAN | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

The DLC storyline of the Burned Man, as well as the people who are living in Zion Valley was a story I enjoyed. The character are once again, unique and memorable, and the Valley was a place that I enjoyed exploring in order to learn more about its tale. The new weapons and armor that the game provides are also fun to use, and the increased level cap as well as new perks are also an added bonus. This is the a DLC I recommend getting.


A new area!

drafek | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This DLC is the best fallout:NV DLC in my opinion. It does add a really large new area, with alot of hills. The atmosphere really is done well. There also are new enemies, a really strong Yao Guai and Zion Canyon and alot more. There also are new perks, and a few rare new weapons, a few weapons are a auto submachine gun, the compliance regular, War Clubs and yao guai gauntlets. Worth getting!