Reviews for Fallout: New Vegas Couriers Stash


Four equipment sets

mahon | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews ยป

If you preordered Fallout New Vegas you should have the contents of this DLC pack included in your game already. Otherwise you will help your character survive in the dangerous world of Fallout: New Vegas by adding the Courier's Stash pack to your game.

It includes four complete equipment packs for your character: The Caravan Pack, the Classic Pack, the Mercenary Pack and finally the Tribal Pack. My favourites are the Classic Pack (come on, it's the blue Vault 13 jumpsuit!) and Tribal Pack (most characterful and different from others). Each of this packs will alter the way you perceive your character and will encourage you to play the game in a slightly different manner, so even if not necessary for the game, they expansion is still interesting.