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a bit overrated...

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is a amazing game with its vast enviroment and RPG aspects. But if you're not into the lore aspect and just want to level up and kill enemies, then this isn't really the game for you. Skyrim is one of the best single player RPGs out there but it isn't the top. The game is graphically and gameplay mechanically beautiful and a true sequel to its predecessors. But this isn't a game where you play it to try it out. Once you're immersed into the game, you'll need to and want to grind out those levels and try to complete each quest thrown at you, whether they be side or main questlines. Skyrim is definitely for the hardcore RPG/Elder Scroll player but for someone just jumping into the series, then maybe not the best option for you to start out at.


Another Bethesda Game in the Elder Scrolls Series.

alanmaz567 | July 3, 2014 | See all alanmaz567's reviews »

Skyrim is an open world, RPG game and the next chapter in the Elder Scrolls Series. You start your journey as a prisoner that is about to get executed but right before they chop your head off a Dragon appears, and so begins your adventure. The gameplay is really amazing, the storyline is long and the map is probably one of the biggest maps i have ever seen in a single player game. There are a lot of quests to do after completing the game. The Requierments are pretty low for a game this beautiful. I definitely recommend getting this game.



Rcoder97 | July 3, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

Skyrim is the Elder Scrolls game that every fan has been asking for. It has dragons, a bearable story, great gameplay, in depth leveling up, awesome environments, and mod support. Skyrim starts you out as a prisoner on his/her way to be executed, a dragon by the name of Alduin stops the your execution by wreaking havoc on the town. You now begin your quest to stop the dragons from taking over Skyrim. This game is just so fun to get sucked into. There are multiple stories, side missions, and miscellaneous objectives to keep you occupies for 100+ hours. You can choose from many races to make your character and each race has their own special qualities. Along with that there is a wide selection of armor, weapons, and clothing to fit your character's needs. You can make your character the ultimate thief, magician, archer, warrior, plus more. There is also a booming community adding new mods to download every day giving you more armor, quests, weapons, and just flat out fun. Besides the occasional glitch, this game goes down as one of my all time favorite RPGs.


Skyrim defines a new kind of gaming

MarianoAlipi | June 30, 2014 | See all MarianoAlipi's reviews »

The story is awesome. Characters and their personalities are amazing and very varied. It changes how we see gaming; I've heard questions on several occasions that mentioned something like: "Will my PC be able to run Skyrim?".

The world is vast and full of secrets, landscapes are beautiful and... well... graphics could improve a little, they're not the most important factor, though. It's a very good game, worth spending time. Try it!


Best RPG so far

SchmiRaj | June 19, 2014 | See all SchmiRaj's reviews »

I do not know how you can not not admire this game. When it was granted in 2011, right away I wanted her to have, unfortunately, date and test-reviewed the game moved up to two years. Graphics, which can not be matched today's games already, do not change the fact that in those days it was the hit of the year. Daily walking and doing side missions from the roadside vagrants or householders speaks for itself what this world is expanded. For the first fifteen hours I had something of a shock, the study zakamurków, dungeons, fortresses and cities. In this game EVERY detail is refined, and the locations are not repeated. emphasize the focus, this game is in the form of prizes which gave us a studio in Bethesda, in relation to other present day games. For now, just a script for the script and the same pattern, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will not have this, the total is in any part of it was not. Linearity of the world has been converted into the real world. Let's get to the specifics, the game belongs to the RPG genre and is actually in the polished and each resembles the game (I say this in relation to the games, which although appear on the shelf with the caption'' RPG'', it does not always deserve it). I am firmly convinced that we encourage anyone who even once saw this game, to buy it on this site. I think this game deserves the title game in 2011! PS. In this site you can buy this game for a small price, than anywhere else!


Most casual in the series.

veshnov | June 16, 2014 | See all veshnov's reviews »

To justify my title, I would like to say that I love Skyrim, and it is worth all the monies you pay. Great game. The reason I called it casual is because it is. Let me explain. The Skills. In the previous elder scrolls games, there were a LOT of skills. In the first three, there were skills for everything you could do in the game . Alchemy, Long blade medium blade, short blade, Light armor, Medium armor, light armor. So many. In Skyrim, Way, Way less. A slight improvement was kill trees, which the previous games did not have. There are some interesting perks. But in the previous games, you would slowly get better at something each time you leveled it up, rather than suddenly being able to roll, for example. More damage for weapons,seeing more alchemy effects, things like that. But A very large subtraction in Skyrim was attributes. When you level up in Skyrim you can increase your Health, magicka, and stamina. In the previous games you could increase; Agility Endurance Strength Willpower Speed Intelligence Luck Personality And all of these attributes affected different skills. I.e Strength, Heavy Armor. Agility, Light armor. This added a whole new layer of depth to the leveling. And they took it out. At it's core, I think Skyrim is more of an action game that the others. Much more focused on everything flowing smoothly than anything else. And flow smoothly? It does. Switching weapons is quick, cast spells and bows are satisfying. The combat is great. But so much was better in the other games. This game had a very realistic environment, with mountains, and trees, and foxes, wolves, and all these real world animals. Morrowind, For example, had how many real worlds animals? Very few. The Rat may be the only one. There was a beatiful handcrafted island there, mushroom forests, swamps, giant volcanoes, all great. Skyrim just didn't have that. All in all, if you prefer Action-RPG's, this is worth your money and time. If you like core RPG'S you would be better off playing Morrowind.


A dragon genocide

SASteve | May 31, 2014 | See all SASteve's reviews »

Skyrim is a game about murdering dragons, as you probably know. You play as a mythical warrior that has dragon blood running to his veins, therefore he has to kill them, this part is not properly explained, but who the hell cares, right? It’s the fact that you kill dragons that makes this game so praised. The action takes place in a medieval setting, like any fantasy story and its dog, in which you have to fight big hairy monsters and take their loot in order to sell it and buy more health potions.
The combat is not really challenging, but it works, at least most of the times. The first person camera can be very confusing because all the monsters pile up in your face, but you are going to continuously slashing their face anyway, so there is no need to worry. If you are new to this game your strategy would probably be to run up to an enemy and attack them till they stopped moving, it’s not really challenging, actually I don’t think you can play Skyrim in any way to make it harder, you can increase the difficulty, but you can exploit the bugs and the secrets in the game anyway so you’ll just have to spend more time tin order to become over powered than usual (the hidden chest in Dawnstar is still there). You can also choose a different type of combat, but it basically boils down to just attack them. The thing that really makes Skyrim awesome is the fact that you can just find adventures while you wonder around the map, there are loads of areas on the map and it feels very wild, I personally enjoyed to roleplay as a smug almighty God, shouting apart everyone that annoyed me. There is also a crime system in this game, which is absolutely ridiculous, not because it exists, just because it’s not really punishing, you just have to press “e” to serve your time in jail, after that you are free to go , it seems a little bit GTA for me. You are losing skill progress while you are in jail, but you can very easily recover it, which makes thing rather perplexing, why would I pay for my crimes when I can just click my way out of it? Money is more useful than the skill progress, if you want good weapons and armor, you will have to grind like you are a gold mill, it’s really hard without exploiting the game, but again, why would you play fair when you can just take what you need? It’s not more challenging, it’s more dull routine.
So, is Skyrim any good? Many other critics declared this game as the best of it’s year, although I would have to disagree with them, Skyrim is not a bad game, it’s a fun little RPG that you can very easily play for hours and you’ll always come back to explore this fantasy land.


An awesome game

elsta123 | May 17, 2014 | See all elsta123's reviews »

A seriously one of the best games I have ever played. Its a fantasy open world where you can you what ever you want. You want to slay dragons ? You can ! You want to go on an adventure ? YOU CAN ! You can do everything ! There are tons of weapons and armor and mods where you can get more game hours and custom quests and stuff to game. I don't regret buying this awesome game I love it! and I recommend it to everyone ! It's is a must have game! You won't regret the money you paid for it !


a good entry to the series

mirta000 | May 16, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »


The dungeons are all a bit the same and very repetitive. The main story includes a lot of steam punk themed dungeons and to be honest after a while it becomes very tiresome.

While the combat system was improved the game has less spells in total, meaning that being a mage is so much less exciting.


Good main story line and some interesting side story lines. A story line about fighting dragons most definitely beats closing Oblivion gates repeatedly in Elder Scrolls IV. Some side quests are also so much better than in the previous installment (notably the thieves guild story line), there's still a lot of secrets that you can find while exploring and separate side quests will still entertain you. Some quests are worse though (assassin's brotherhood is very incompetent in this one). OVerall the story line is a plus though.

Exploration. There's more to explore than before! The world looks beautiful and running from one side of it to the other feels amazing. Finally there's animals, such as deer and rabbits. It feels more immersible than the previous installments .

To sum up: while not my favorite, it's a solid installment into the series and it did have some much needed upgrades over the previous one. For RPG lovers out there I would recommend getting it.


Best Elder Scrolls Yet

abbadoxx675 | April 24, 2014 | See all abbadoxx675's reviews »

This is the best ES title yet. The leveling system has been streamlined compared with oblivion. The characters dont have that round pasty look they have in oblivion. Good thing they took out the annoying conversation mechanic and usless stuff like running, swimming to boost stats; jumping to get better jump skill could have been retained but the game already has a ton of skills to level. The story is stupid and boring but that's not the reason people buy this title. Combat system still needs work. You basically just hack away with melee weapons and play as an fps with magic. By the way , the magic system sucks. Performance-wise the game runs ok because the devs wisely break-up the draw distance by placing lots of rock and vegetation on the terrain. Few games beat this as a time sink.


Good RPG, not for core gamers

Funtaine | April 16, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

Skyrim is a highly enjoyable game for casual RPG gamers, however, it is not an attractive game if you're a core gamer. It's like a dumbed down version of Oblivion only more beautiful. The game is not challenging and such features as armor has become simplified for more casual gamers.

It's beautiful, the voice acting is perfect and the story is engaging often offering you a few choices. However, at the end it doesn't feel like you've done anything or saved the world.



zathor1nan | April 14, 2014 | See all zathor1nan's reviews »

This was one of the first real games I played and I loved it. The graphics are amazing (especially if you get into modding) and the gameplay is fun and addicting. It has room for every play style. you can be an archer, a tank, a mage, a necromancer, or a thief. The game has loads of character customization in it and even added a way to customize your character again around mid game. All of the DLC add plenty of new places or things, especially dragonborn which takes you back to morrowind. The game is a whole lot of fun and even without any mods you can spend at least 100 hours in it. If you mod the game you can have so many things. The modding community is great and still thriving a couple years after the game came out. My only gripes about this game are that sometimes it is a little bit glitchy and the combat doesn't feel very solid. Sure, the killing animations are cool but when you are fighting the sword just seems to pass through. All in all this game is definetly worth the money. I would have paid more if I knew about the awesome mods.



9insane9 | April 10, 2014 | See all 9insane9's reviews »

Oh man, this game. This game was my introduction to single player RPGs. Despite its bugs it remains one of the best open world RPGs ever made, in my opinion. There's just so much content and more is created every day by the community! That makes the game absolutely timeless. Having sunk almost 200 hours into the game and not even gotten to the DLCs yet, I can say: I want more! It's a very immersive experience. What makes it particularly awesome is the modding community I mentioned earlier. Graphically, it's very easy to mod the game to perfection enhancing the immersiveness even further. Because the environment looks so great, it's awesome to explore the vast world of Skyrim.

The only things I feel could've been done better are the inventory and fighting systems. The inventory feels a bit clunky and all over the place and the fighting can get a little dull sometimes, comparing to other games of this sort. But, as I said, this game remains one of the greatest despite its flaws. Definitely worth picking up!


A perfect open world

ZioAgrippa | April 7, 2014 | See all ZioAgrippa's reviews »

An amazing RPG, with an infinite and animated world to explore. An exciting storyline in an epic scenario. You can spend hours contemplating the nature accompanied only by the soundtrack and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

A game that must be tried.



SirHeroTheBrave | April 1, 2014 | See all SirHeroTheBrave's reviews »

One of the best open world RPGs, not it isn't perfect just like any game but it sure in hell fun. You can do alot of different things and with mod support the ideas are endless. You can do many of the quests many types of ways or do whem when you want for the most part. You can hunt explore and make no friends. Make armor weapons and learn magics. Just all round fun that will get you about at least 50 hours of fun game play.


Great RPG, but with Some Flaws

icedmetal57 | March 24, 2014 | See all icedmetal57's reviews »

After having played ~400 hours of the game I have come to the conclusion that the game is great. It certainly has its flaws, but it's still a solid game. For those looking for a somewhat action-y Role-playing experience, you'll find it here, there are numerous ways to customize and create a character to your liking. One thing that really extends the game for myself has been character builds that the community has created. Character builds are great because they allow you to create a character that is focused on certain aspects of the game while giving your character a bit of depth. I personally don't find the game interesting if you just play a single character that does everything, aside from that being unrealistic, it gets boring after a while. Try some variety and play a sneaky mage, or a strong warrior, that focuses on dragon shouts to disable your opponents. There's plenty to get out of the vanilla experience and can be expanded upon greatly with the DLC and even more so with mods. This game as well as the previous games in The Elder Scrolls series has had a great modding community that has extended their lifespans greatly. There are literally thousands of mods for all sorts of players. I recommend playing the game in a vanilla state first prior to checking out the mods, except for maybe the bug fixing or graphic enhancing ones.

That being said, if you're looking for top-notch story-telling with incredible quest-lines, you may feel a bit disappointed. While the experience with combat has certainly improved with each new Elder Scrolls game, the quests and stories feel a bit empty and are nowhere near as good as the ones in Oblivion or Morrowind.

If your more of fan of RPGs with more focus on the action than the stories, you'll like Skyrim, if you care mostly about the story, you may be disappointed. Overall it's a great game that's worth checking out. Fortunately, since there's a great modding community, chances are there's some great mods that can improve upon any aspect of the game.


Something For Everyone

pickelsurprise | March 16, 2014 | See all pickelsurprise's reviews »

Skyrim is very clearly a "quantity over quality" sort of game, but that's not to say the quality you get is lacking. It does have some of the infamous Bethesda bugginess, but all things considered, Skyrim is much more stable than Oblivion and Fallout 3 were.

This game's greatest achievement is probably just how much you can do with it. Of course, some character builds may be more powerful than others, but there is really no wrong way to play the game. You can be whatever kind of character you want, and you can engage in whatever shenanigans your heart desires. Plus, if the stock content isn't enough for you, there's so much modding support that you will quite literally never run out of things to do.

Now go forth and make a name for yourself.


Fantasy RPG

Nihilater | March 16, 2014 | See all Nihilater's reviews »

Skyrim is a great RPG made by one of the best RPG creators of our time. It falls flat in some areas that make an epic adventure forgettable. Many people have said that Skyrim has the vastness of an Ocean and the depth of a kiddie pool and it is true. That does not say this game is bad the combat is Elder Scrolls floaty but I never had a problem with it. Leveling is very cool because rather than killing enemies for exp your must level up certain aspects of what your going for i.e. blocking, light armor, archery, etc. It makes you as the player choose how you want to play rather than going down a determined path at the beginning. The game falls flat in that whenever you do a quest the npc do not recognize your triumphs like in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Other than some minor bugs and various other non immersion things it is a fantastic game.


A life away from real life

ki11fr3ak | March 1, 2014 | See all ki11fr3ak's reviews »

Most of the games we come across today are games that we would just love to play but only for a month or so, after that, they feel boring. And sometimes there comes a game that will grow on you, the more you play it. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one such game. It’s never ending world makes you feel, even after putting 100 hours into the game, that there is still something to do, some dungeons to explore or some quest to complete. Believe me, I’m 125 hours into the game and has still not discovered half of its locations. Literally speaking Skyrim, once you start, will become your second life.

The back story of the game begins with the High King of Skyrim being murdered by Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of the rebellious group called the Stormcloaks. This leads to a civil war within the country. Thus, as the prophecy goes, the god Alduin takes the form of a dragon and descends upon Skyrim resurrecting the dragons, long lost creatures only remembered in Skyrim’s lore. Your character as you will later discover is a dragonborn, the only one who can actually kill a dragon by absorbing its soul. Absorbing dragon souls unlocks special powers known as shouts which, you have to learn first, are the words of power in the dragon language. Of course for any Elder Scrolls fanatic, the story is of little concern and the quests, guilds and factions are what he will look for. The side quests, unlike the previous games, don’t feel like they are present just for the sake of it. They all have a story in them and less of “go there and kill this random dude “stuff.

The first thing you do, after starting the game, is customizing your character. You will have tons of options to choose from right from your character’s race to the war paint on the face. And after you’ve done playing god, you are left on your own to do whatever you like. But don’t stray too far away from the roads early in the game or you will become food for some hungry animal simply because you can’t best them in the initial levels of your character. Levelling up will earn you perk points which allow you to increase certain skills. What skill to increase depends upon you and the way you want to play the game. If you’re the kind of guy who just loves to hack through hordes of enemies with your swords then the one or two handed skill is what you need to improve. If you’re the guy who loves burning people down then the skills in magic are for you. If you like stealth more, then increase your sneak skills.

The graphics of the game are spellbinding. Even though the game was shipped with Dx9 textures, the game looks stunning. Each and every creature, town and object right to the flowers and butterflies are neatly done. The game looks great by the day but the best visuals are during the night. You will be gaping at the stars for a good ten minutes even if you have a dragon in front of you, ready to rip your head off. The soundtrack of the game sets you in the right mood for exploring or for butchering some beasts. The “Sons of Skyrim” theme is a must hear. The clashing of swords, Bashing of shields and beheading foes all sound great.

Overall the game is a pleasure to play and is one of the best RPG’s there is. Three words for any gamer out there: “Get it, NOW!”. It’s the “game of the year" for Talos’s sake. Now if you excuse me, I've got dragons to slay and shouts to learn.