Reviews for Fallout: New Vegas


This game is good, really really freaking good.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | See all bullkrieg's reviews »

I've put over 200 hours into this game and it is still great fun. I loved fallout 3, it was a near perfect game, then when new vegas came out I was amazed to see that it was actually improved upon. The story is good, there are a ridiculous amount of guns that just feel great to shoot, hardcore mode, AMAZING DLC, each one is a great adventure on it's own. Great perks, a solid leveling system, soooo many amazing quest lines. I just wish that fallout 4 had quests and story as good as this game. Multiple endings, great faction balancing with actual repercussions for your in game actions. Just an overall amazing game, get it now if you don't have it you won't be disappointed.


One of the best games ever

ConanCookies12 | Jan. 7, 2016 | See all ConanCookies12's reviews »

Like the title suggests, this is one of the best games ever to be created. From its exciting main quest, interesting side quests, good dialogue, fun gameplay, and how you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, this game is a masterpiece and can be put hundreds of hours into. This is a must-have, and IMO it's better than Fallout 4.


Great addition to the Fallout franchise

carnitas134 | Dec. 11, 2015 | See all carnitas134's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas is an evolution on Fallout 3's game play. Everything from Fallout 3 is expanded on. Companions have new options and personal quests. Guns have iron sights. Guns are able to be modded. And the story itself is more open ended. You aren't led down a linear story as was the case in Fallout 3. You really do get to choose the outcome according to the faction you choose to support in the game. However, anyone familiar with Bethesda open world games should know this game can be a buggy mess. Enemies clipping through the floor, quests refusing to start/end. Speech options missing. Companions disappearing.Much of this can be fixed with a simple reload of a previous save.SO SAVE OFTEN! The bugs can be irritating, but when this game works and everything comes together there is nothing quite like it. This is a must buy for FALLOUT fans and anyone with a slight interest in the post-apocalyptic setting.


A very unique game setting

Armannn | Nov. 30, 2015 | See all Armannn's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas is that one game that features a great story, a really unique setting, some cool abilities and and awesome faction system. I will always remember every of the NPCs in a really positive way. However, there's one thing that I can't forgive to any developer or anyone without a really great excuse: sudden crashes. I am able to play Fallout 4 without a single problem yet New Vegas crashes every now and then for no reason. On a much more interesting note, the levels are not really good. Could use some improvements in the details and such. Overall, a well deserved 79/100.


Nothing like the Wasteland of Nevada

tonydareizer | Nov. 26, 2015 | See all tonydareizer's reviews »

This is a fallout game, so you know it has to be good. But how good is it? The game itself is not something astonishing. The modability is what makes the game greater than usual. And, as in all of Bethesda's RPGs, you have a story that's pretty shallow, like the game itself, though the game is very wide. You can explore, head in a certain direction, find all sorts of stuff. Also, you see a DeathClaw? Maul that creature down with the Minigun. Overall, i recommend this game, as it will run on most of today's PCs


Its a must for the Fallout Franchise

T3XASP1AYA | Nov. 25, 2015 | See all T3XASP1AYA's reviews »

Well, I will admit I was a bit late to the fallout franchise and i'm kinda sad that I did not get into it earlier, especially after playing this game. If you are wanting to buy fallout 4 like me I would highly suggest in buying new Vegas first to get used to the whole "fallout" story line, I think that if you go to 4 right away you are not going to get a lot of the things that make the game great. New Vegas is a really good overall game, the graphics, and meh, and the game play is meh being that your character does not really run but more like trots so its a hassle to get from one place to another. But what you do buy this game for is the story line, holy smokes the story line...... its just such a good open world game to play in. Every decision that you make can affect the way the game ends, and who you decide go with. There are many tribes and clubs that you can choose, and within hose clubs they will give you different missions. Overall its a must buy if you want to get fallout 4, and you can usually get it dirt cheap here on greenmangaming so its a definite buy.


I hate RPG's , yet Fallout is my favorite series.

arj2589 | Nov. 24, 2015 | See all arj2589's reviews »

I would just like to say that if you are a non RPG gamer and ever wondered whats all the hype about Fallout. Just give it a shot and try it. Its the most immersive world. New Vegas is amazing with the fact how you can carve your own path, the choices you make actually effect the story line. Loved every bit of it, the politics, the backstabbing, the heroism. The game just consumes you . All and all I will say its a worthy follow up to Fallout 3. And must be played by every gamer, regardless of their taste.


Great improvement on Fallout 3

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 8, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas plays similarly to Fallout 3 but improves every aspect of the game. Where Fallout 3 was set in the most bombed out boring area of the map New Vegas moves the series back to the more familiar locations of the past titles. With Obsidian developing the game the most obvious improvement is the superior writing, on average characters are going to be more memorable, dialogue better, and the backstory of the world and locations you find is going to be well written. There are a lot more structures to find, more characters, more towns, and more factions. The companion system has been improved with your companions now having more to say and quests to be done. Your actions can influence how different factions treat you and wearing different uniforms can change the way factions or people talk to you. Gunplay is still a weak point in the game but you are now able to add attachments to your gun and aim with sights on your guns. As is the norm with games of this style, the AI remains terrible with most enemies remaining still and shooting at you or mindlessly charging you. The game adds a new hardcore mode that changes how healing works, gives weight to ammo, and forces you to sleep, drink, and eat so that you don't suffer penalties or die. The DLC for the game ends up being high quality as well, giving you access to new and varied areas with a lot of them having a very different feel to them.


Has caniballism

Aghass | Sept. 30, 2015 | See all Aghass's reviews »

Truly awe inspiring game made by the all powerful Bethesda Studios! This game can be played for the story, without it and you can try to kill everyone (what I did). If you need an introduction to the Fallout series try this one. Fallout 4 is this one and they have a high bar to beat with this game. The gameplay is so fluid and fun I played for 8 hours straight.


Feeling of Fallout

Schoene1 | Sept. 29, 2015 | See all Schoene1's reviews »

Fallout New vegas is a great game to continue with if you have played Fallout 3 . Many things are very equally to fallout 3 but the graphic is a little bit better and you got the same nice feeling playing Fallout New Vegas. The story is very interesting and there are many ways to play the game in your own style. Many people who are interested in Fallout 4 but can't wait for the release should play Fallout NV because the atmosphere in all Fallout Games are amazing if you like the post apocalypse. NV and Fallout 4 are similar in the style of the game, so the time of the release is coming faster if you can play NV :) For me NV is a 9.5/10 but just because i know how many new features there are in Fallout 4 ;)


Truly a realization of the wasteland

damaffin | Sept. 28, 2015 | See all damaffin's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas was built upon the success of Fallout 3, but it broke out of it and made it's own name in the industry, as a true successor to the series. The game gives you a huge area to explore with really unique enemies, Also the arsenal at your disposal is greater than ever before, with upgraded fat man launchers and other such weapons. Graphics wise it's not the best game, but it's still the best one of the Fallout series. Even if you aren't interested in RPGs, you'll still find this masterpiece fun and exciting.


The game to end games

Tailsthefox2000 | Sept. 19, 2015 | See all Tailsthefox2000's reviews »

This game has been my favorite for a few reasons. Firstly, it fixed what fallout 3 had wrong with it. Secondly it's an adventure, Who doesn't like adventure? Thirdly you can be whoever you want. Evil good, Legion, NCR, whatever you want. Its for YOU to decide.


An amazing continuation of the Fallout universe.

davidwijo | Sept. 2, 2015 | See all davidwijo's reviews »

This game truly has it all -- clever writing, exceptional gameplay, and somehow a true sense of right and wrong within the game world. I'd recommend it to anyone.


A Worthy Sequel

guykeefer | Sept. 2, 2015 | See all guykeefer's reviews »

Having played all of the Fallout games, it was great to get to play through New Vegas and see some of the new storyline that was created. The multiple groups you can ally yourself with and the addition of the weapon modification system definitely allow you to play through the story however you'd like. You can be lawful good and help the up-start NCR bring order to wastes. You can be lawful evil, allying yourself with Caesar's Legion and grind the citizens of New Vegas beneath your sandal. Or, if you so choose, isolate New Vegas from both groups and create a paradise of sin set apart from anything else in the wastes. The additional DLC is most definitely worth getting as it adds even more background story to war that ended the world. Fair warning though, the DLC is catered towards players who have played through Vegas for a few hours and have leveled their character up to 20-25 or so. I would also suggest perusing the huge mod community before starting up, even if you prefer to play through just the vanilla game. There are several mods that will fix bugs as well as texture packs that add more spice and beauty to the game.


Trip back to Fallout 1 & 2 universe

kazekdoom | Sept. 1, 2015 | See all kazekdoom's reviews »

A fine game that's bringing us back to to world as known in Fallout 1 and 2 (as it was made by mostly the same people). Technically, it's still Fallout 3 engine, and the game is basically the same mechanically - there is still FPS & slow-mo VATS combat capability. But it's the storyline that deserves the highest praise - this time we play a courier who has managed to carry something too important for other people. But there is no clearly defined enemy - the world is living, and this time everyone has their own rights. There is no clearly defined good and evil, as opposed to F3. Also, the world is much richer than in Fallout 3 - it's alive, with inhabited cities, farm fields, enormous area of Las Vegas. And there are geckos too! To sum it up - if you liked older Fallouts, you should not be disappointed by this one.


A Huge RPG With Tons To Do and Explore

GeoffAussieSpy | Aug. 26, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

What a great game. The gameplay is amazing, very nice and smooth, at least to me it is. And the story isn't all that bad. My favorite thing to do is just explore and survive. It can be whatever you want it to be, you choose what you want to do and there is much to do in this. You can explore and find little details of cool things and easter eggs. Find new monsters maybe and prep for a battle between you and them. This game is just absolutely huge and I can't explain it all in one review. I'll just say that you should definitely buy this and play through it. You can seriously spend hours playing it and not get tired of it at all. The atmosphere of the world is fantastic and the wasteland is gorgeous. Anyone looking for a cool game like this huge one, should get it. It's absolutely incredible and loads of fun to play.


Very Fun RPG

palmtreebearer | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all palmtreebearer's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas is a great game although very similar to Fallout 3. I liked the soundtrack better in Fallout 3, but Fallout NV has some awesome environments and a unique setting for Fallout games without losing the Fallout feel. The feel for playing this game on the PC is certainly much better for me than having played it on a console as I can aim a lot better with a mouse and on consoles I often just spammed VATS (assisted targeting) as often as I could but on the PC I feel that I can aim naturally more often. If you are a fan of RPGs you will probably enjoy this game. Also, when speaking you get to actually choose what you are saying, not just choosing a basic sentiment and hoping it comes out right like in Mass Effect. That is a nice feature and helps with immersion. There are a lot of RPG elements but the gunfights are as fun as any FPS I have played. There are also plenty of gameplay videos on youtube if you want to see a quick demonstration of gameplay.


The old fallout experience in a new fresher package

bossmarvinc | Aug. 16, 2015 | See all bossmarvinc's reviews »

If you are a fan of the style of fallout 1 and 2 then this game is for you, or if you are a fan of the experience of fallout 3 it is still for you. New Vegas takes the spirit of the older games, all of the quirky and fun dialogue and characters as well as the odd events, and combines it with the fresh game play mechanics of fallout 3. The story is great as well as there are real choices to make that impact the way the story plays out and who you side with to a great enough extent that it feels like an actual choice not one of a few select paths like many other games. The only real complaint I have is that once the main quest is done you cannot continue to play, but there are always mods for that.


Johnny Guitar

Lord_bubbles | July 25, 2015 | See all Lord_bubbles's reviews »

Its not enough that you can kill every NPC in the entire game, steal all their things, and tipping over every Brahmin you see, but with the addition of mods almost anything you want. Granted its not the perfect game but its the closest to total freedom you'll ever see. With the awkward combat and buckets of glitches, the game has shortcomings. However, nothing can beat the feeling you get when you destroy the mother death claw. This game can be played beyond the end game and mods still surface after years of the release. Instant recommendation to anybody who wants flexibility and freedom.


A Worthy Title for Fallout Franchise

Andreasqiao | July 23, 2015 | See all Andreasqiao's reviews »

Fallout: NV is mostly similar to Fallout 3 and that is both good and bad. The good : - worthy of Fallout franchise - all the features in NV are still here - huge number of quests - terrific atmosphere - decent storyline - not a hardware demanding game The bad : - the graphics similar with original Fallout 3, no improvement at all - stuttering especially in outdoor You might feel abit like dejavu when playing NV but it is still a good experience. If you like Fallout 3 then most likely you will like this game also.


Fallout 3 with more details

DancingB | July 22, 2015 | See all DancingB's reviews »

New Vegas is a great to play and explore. I preferred Fallout 3, but that may be because I haven't played all the DLC for New Vegas. The base game is still excellent, though with a slightly higher difficulty curve to start with than Fallout 3 and a new setting. The desert setting with a Western feel is a refreshing change, though I miss the ruins of old Washington, D.C. a bit. If you are the kind of gamer who likes to collect large amount of tiny things to craft bits of ammunition, enjoys searching for those far-between bites of food, or likes to make sure you get a good night's rest in game as well as in real life, then turn on the hardcore mode and take your best shot. Hunger, sleepiness, and ammunition with actual weight are the primary feature of the hardcore mode. No more pack-ratting! All in all, New Vegas is a worthy successor to Fallout 3.


War... I hope war never changes!

AcidFluxMx | July 22, 2015 | See all AcidFluxMx's reviews »

Words really can't describe how brilliant this game is. It is a perfect example what an RPG should be and it's innovative in it's own way with it's unique approach to combat. I love it in every possible way and I've logged in 120hrs in it. It's a 60hr game if you take the time to explore the game and do all the side quests. It has one of the best sound tracks (no actually the best soundtrack). The radio plays classics all the time and I don't know if it's just me but it appeals to me a lot. The game never once felt boring and none of the quests felt like chores which is something the RPG's can suffer from. The game it's so much fun that I can't recommend it enough. I got this game for 2.5 quid on this site (2x) when it was on sale, on top of the two copies I already own but I would have gladly paid 50 if I knew how good it was. I played Fallout 3 before, it's predecessor and this is an improvement in every way. Fallout 3 is a brilliant game which we owe praise as it paved the way for New Vegas. Although it may not have the next gen graphics that are emerging from the market, do not, please do not miss out on this game. My only regret was not playing it soon enough. I own 4 copies of this game, gave 2 away to spread it's awesomeness and I own the Ultimate Edition on Disk and I have a steam copy too. That alone should tell you how brilliant the game is. I bought the ultimate edition for myself and all the extra copies on sale to give as gifts because it's just that good! I rarely do this for a game, but only 2 RPG games have managed to impress me on a whole new level, with regards to story, immersion, gameplay etc and this is one of them. Dragon Age Origins and Fallout New Vegas are my favourite RPG games to this day, and I've played a lot. So treat yourself to this experience because it really is worth it. I will say that if for some reason you didn't like Fallout 3, then I would not recommend this game (still yet to hear someone who doesn't like the Fallout series).


Great Game

August_1 | July 21, 2015 | See all August_1's reviews »

Pros: More choice. In fallout 3 you got a black and white main quest. And to be honest most of the side quests were like that too. In fallout 3 you never got to question yourself. Whereas in fallout new vegas neither the NCR, Caesar's Legion, or Mr. House could really be called good or bad. Cons: The world doesn't seem that alive. Unlike in Fallout 3 where every places you stumbled across would have some sort of story, in fallout new vegas most places felt lifeless and empty. Most small locations either had nothing of interest or were just completely boarded up.


A great sequel

The1337N00Bx | July 21, 2015 | See all The1337N00Bx's reviews »

Fallout, once again proving why it's my favorite game series. Showing the aftermath of Las Vegas gave an interesting take on the Fallout world. Like Fallout 3, this game includes a large selection of weapons and armor to find throughout the wasteland and plenty of diverse enemies to fight. The story was great, and has hundreds of hours of side missions to go through as well. Plus the diverse dialogue options allow you to choose the path the story goes. The skills and perks you can pick also add a great way to make the character you want to play as. I would highly recommend this game to everyone.


Newer than Fallout 3, Better Than Fallout 3

emptyhaven | July 19, 2015 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

Fallout 3 might have brought the Fallout series to the present day and age, but Fallout: New Vegas brought the original vibe of the games back to us. Hailed as the true successor to the original Fallout, there is a definite return to the original roots in this game, going back to some of the original destinations, and really a conscious attempt at recreating the original feel of the first Fallout game, but with the newfangled graphics of the modern era. If you felt unfulfilled in Fallout 3, the New Vegas is what can cure that. If you've got an itch to explore the wastelands, go for New Vegas.


Thought Fallout 3 was too little for a Bethesda experience?

daxthevortex | July 19, 2015 | See all daxthevortex's reviews »

Well, Obsidian has you covered. You can now actually play the bad guy by joining Caesar's Legion, instead of just doing one bad thing at the end like in Fallout 3. Or, you can join the good guys, the NCR, and try to bring law to the Mojave. You can even join the mysterious Mr. House, founder of RobCo, as his right hand mercenary. Or, you can tackle all three on your own, siding with Yes Man and ensuring the Mojave's independence from outside forces. It's honestly up to you! The gunplay is as fast paced as ever, the story is more player focused, and the perk system has been overhauled to make it to where you aren't a walking God by the middle of the game like in Fallout 3. If you like to play a silver toungued-devil, you can. In fact, there are probably close to double the Speech options there were in Fallout 3, making characters such as mechanics, scientists, swindlers or even pacifists extremely viable. Also, gambling is making it's return from Fallout 2, making Luck a very OP stat. It's generally very fun, but the voice acting is cringe worthy at spots, there is a massive amount of glitches (that are solved by fan made mods and patches), and the Hardcore mode is a bit underwhelming. But, it is definitely worth the 3-10 dollar asking price. A must have for PC PRG fans!


My favorite Fallout game(So Far)

Chikn_Wang | July 16, 2015 | See all Chikn_Wang's reviews »

I absolutely love this game. It beats out Fallout 3 in my book, just barely though. I love the Western theme versus the Capital Wasteland. If you haven't played this yet, you need to.


Average game on it's own, stellar with DLC and mods.

Jacobeanthomas | July 15, 2015 | See all Jacobeanthomas's reviews »

Currently playing Fallout 3 so I can't compare the two, however, so far I can tell that Obsidian included a lot of quality-of-life improvements in their game. For example, iron sights, which is a mod in Fallout 3, is now available natively in the vanilla game. Neat, right? As far as open world games go, New Vegas's story is a bit linear. However, this also means that the characters and factions are also more fleshed out. If you're planning to get this, get the Ultimate Edition. Finish the game once without mods, then start a new game and go crazy with them. New weapons? You betcha. New armor? Sure! New monsters? Definitely! Not to mention quests, locations, companions, even weather and lighting in the Nevada wasteland-- all of those are possible. Definitely a buy.


Las Vegas to New Vegas

rcotta1994 | June 13, 2015 | See all rcotta1994's reviews »

This is a great game if you liked the previous Fallout games. Runs more smoothly then Fallout 3 (Fallout 3 doesn't work well on Windows 7 and up). An added benefit is that it is a highly mod friendly, well "add-on" because it treats mods as such. V.A.T.S. is retained from Fallout 3, some gameplay variables have changed, and your companions give you temporary perks. Who will rule over New Vegas? The choice is yours.


It's a Bethesda game, even though it actually isn't.

Shodex | June 6, 2015 | See all Shodex's reviews »

Fallout: New Vegas is an Obsidian made spin-off of Bethesda's own Fallout 3. It looks dated, the AI has rocks for brains, the animations are stiff, the combat is clunky, the voice acting is mediocre at best, and yet it still managed to suck hundreds of hours out of my life. Go figure. Fallout: New Vegas, like all of Bethesda's open world game RPGs, has something captivating about it that makes it easy to ignore it's many blemishes. With this being a spin-off and not a true sequel, New Vegas doesn't stray too far from it's predecessor. While this certainly means it suffers from a lot of the same issues as Fallout 3, it's mostly a good thing if you enjoyed Fallout 3. But New Vegas isn't without it's differences, and among them are a more fleshed out companion system, weapon modifications, and a reputation system that effects how each of the game's factions treat you. Arguably the biggest advantage Obsidian's Fallout has over just about any Bethesda game is it's writing. Bethesda has never been very good with writing, and we've let it slide each time because their open world gameplay emphasizes freedom and the ability to make your own stories. But it's refreshing to have some of Obsidian's storytelling talent behind New Vegas, it really helps you feel involved in the world. So whether or not you will enjoy New Vegas all depends on what you thought about Fallout 3, and whether or not you want more of it. Maybe New Vegas fixes the things you disliked about Fallout 3, maybe it is just more of the same. What I can say for certain is I really enjoyed Fallout: New Vegas, and I think it surpasses it's predecessor. If you're looking for an extremely lengthy game to get lost in, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best choices you could make.


If you were disappointed by Fallout 3, NV may be your game.

sycomantis1991 | May 12, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

I tried multiple times to get into Fallout 3. I always enjoy the bginning, but once you leave the fault, the environments are so bland and the characters so dull that I couldn't get immersed. it has nothign to do with it being barren, it was just uninteresting. I had been very wary of New Vegas until a friend told me that it was atmospherically and story/humor-wise more akin to the earlier games in the series. He was right. You're still in barren post-apocalypse, but there's something more invigorating about it. I'm interested in the world, I like the characters I come across and want to help the, and most of all, I care about what I'm doing. In Fallout 3, you were chasing your douchebag dad that abandoned you to take all the heat for him leaving The Vault, and it just made me not care about him at all. This time, it's about finding a gangster Tony Bennett that tried to have you whacked, finding out why, and restoring a sense of stability and safety in your life and the lives around you. Everything about New Vegas is more itneresting to me, and both games go for the same prices an even usually have the same discounts running simultaneously. I'd say that even if you didn't like 3, it's worth a try, and if you did like it, it's similar enough to be worth experiencing a new story within that world


Great game if modded.

Camzo | May 9, 2015 | See all Camzo's reviews »

The game itself can be incredibly buggy at times and can be a bore, I believe that this game has a wonderful modding community that have not only fixed the various bugs and glitches in the game but have also made the game an entirely new experience. I'd recommend buying, but only if you are prepared to mod it.


Post-Apocalyptic Gamblers and Cowboys

Zaggeta | May 8, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

Fallout 3 was a lonely trek through a desolate wasteland with scatterings of mutants and raiders. New Vegas fills that Wasteland with settlements and people, adds in a war, makes choice mean something and lets you gamble. Out of the two, New Vegas is much more faithful to the classic Fallout 2. It lets us move closer to California (where the series began) and meet some familiar factions in the form of the New Californian Republic. Storywise, FO3 feels more personal, but New Vegas seems larger. Gameplay, both are highly similar but New Vegas wins outright with a higher variety of quests, weapons and activities. Both should be bought but my preference remains with New Vegas.


Great moments, but not always fun.

Robojeeves | April 1, 2015 | See all Robojeeves's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas lets you out to explore the world from the minute you finish speccing your character. You immediately get started sidequesting, looting and leveling your way across the desert wasteland to the highly exclusive bed of business and luxury: the New Vegas strip. One of this game's key features is the ability to become liked or hated by any of the various towns, gangs and military groups. The game offers you endless choices about who you want to ally with, how you want to accomplish a mission and where you want to go next. Most of the quests are very creative from a narrative perspective, but almost all of them boil down to fetch quests or dungeon crawling; which wouldn't be a problem except that playing the game isn't really that fun. The gunplay is designed to look like a first person shooter, but unless you are playing on easy you'll spend most of the game using V.A.T.S., which basically turns the game into a turn based rpg, along with some real-time running away so that your energy can recharge. Since you must level each weapon type individually, you won't get far by trying to use all of the weapons. The game expects you to choose one or two types and stick to those for the majority of the game, and there isn't much variety int the encounters. Also, the enemies will scale to your level which prevents you from feeling any more powerful after leveling up. Aside from the gameplay, however, the game is bursting with personality. From talking cowboy robots to the classy radio station hosted by Mr. New Vegas, there are plenty of entertaining characters and stories to uncover and the world feels alive despite the relatively drab graphics (which can be remedied with a few good mods). All in all, it is really good as an experience; I only wish it could have been better as a game.


A very broken game...

GatsuRage | March 26, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

When people ask me if recommend this game, I don't know exactly what to say...guess I will tell my experience with this game: The very first MAIN quest, where I had to defend a town from bandits.. the bandits itself went into T pose and they started to move back and fort~ also game had autosave and I forgot to save, so had to restart the entire thing from the start~ tho only wasted couple of hours, I can totally see what this game gonna be about if the very first mission is this broken. Now, game's has lots of content, and I would say is worth the price, but keep in mind few points before buying it: ♦Very broken. You will find lots of bugs and stuff that will block you from progress. ♦Not made by the original developers of Fallout 3. ♦Super dated graphics... not a huge deal, but keep that in mind. ♦Animations not very well done, there were lots of games at the time this one came out with better animations. So yeah, if you are new to the franchise, you no need to play previous ones when it comes to the story. Regarding gameplay is better if you see a youtube vid about it, but is basically very straight forward, you can shoot in real time your targets, or you can "pause" the game and select which part of your body's target you wish to shoot at. score 34, below average game, it has lots of content, but is very broken.. like devs only cared to add stuff rather then to care how the game works, they only cared about put a game with "fallout" name and cash in....sad.


Not as good as Fallout 3, but still a solid game

MadDemon64 | Dec. 29, 2014 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

If you played Fallout 3, you know what Fallout: New Vegas will be like. You venture out into the land, littered with irradiated locales and mutant wildlife, taking part in a story much bigger than you could have thought, and free to do what you want when you want. But that’s what made Fallout 3 good, and it still works with Fallout: New Vegas. In Fallout: New Vegas, instead of starting off in The Vault, you start off in a shallow grave. This time instead of searching for your missing father, you are searching for the man who tried to kill you. In Fallout: New Vegas, you wander the Mojave, a welcome change from Fallout 3’s ruins of Washington D.C., and it looks glorious, especially at night. The story, while not as engrossing as Fallout 3’s, is still fairly solid, as are the sidequests. Sadly, Fallout: New Vegas is glitchier than Fallout 3. Not game-breaking-lose-all-my-progress glitch bad, but there were some problems. However, they didn’t happen too often, just noticeably more than other games. Fallout: New Vegas is a rehash of Fallout 3, but in a good way. If you enjoyed Fallout 3 you will probably enjoy Fallout: New Vegas, but if you don’t like games that reuse many assets from a previous game , then you should probably steer clear.


Nobody does post-apocalypse like Fallout does!

TayburrFripper | Nov. 30, 2014 | See all TayburrFripper's reviews »

It is an Open World Post-Apocalyptic game set around Las Vegas with RPG and FPS The Storyline and world are extremely immersive. The character building is fun. the Combat is great. VATS is hit or miss for some people. I like it. could be better but it ain't bad. The Modding community really made this game something special as well as provides the fixes for the few hundred bugs in the game. Just be sure you go grab some texture packs and the bug fixes and whatever other mods catch your eye. You shan't ever be disappointed. Best RPG game ever. I can only wait for the next Fallout Installment with uncontrollable anxiousness!


Good, Not Great

enderx30 | Nov. 29, 2014 | See all enderx30's reviews »

Fallout takes you to the Wild West this time. I did not enjoy the setting as much as I did FO3, given the terrain is mostly desert and lacks the feeling of a ruined world. The writing brings back the wit of the classic Fallouts, but the main quest is unsatisfying unless you buy the DLCs/GOTY Edition that fleshes out the Courier's story. Gameplay mechanics have improved, and it seems though the devs took the popular mods from FO3 and took them to heart. That being said, New Vegas also has an excellent collection of mods, and are definitely worth your time if you so decide to pick this game up.


I keep getting back to it

Freeze256 | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all Freeze256's reviews »

The game is buggy and has some flaws.The story really isn't the best there is and as a guy that likes to play with assault rifles there weren't many cool looking out there.However this is why we have mods.I have so many mods they are bigger then the game itself.It isn't the best looking game, download some mods done.Finished all the quests and you are bored?Download quest mods.Feeling like there are not many guns out there?Get yourself some mods.This is the thing that kept me coming back and wasting a lot of time on this game.Its really fun to go around explore the mojave, hunt monsters, or kill factions u don't like.The replay-ability is really big even after not playing for a while the game kept dragging me back.Its not as good as Fallout 3 but the mods change that and i'm really happy about it.


Why haven't you played this yet?

ajoshi | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all ajoshi's reviews »

One of the best games I have played. Actually, I still haven't finished it- I just finished all the DLCs, and I got back into the main campaign. The DLCs add a huge amount of content, and if you're a 'carry all the loot back to my stash' kind of player then it takes even longer. I do recommend getting the DLCs, and get a bundle deal if you can. Unlike Fallout 3, NV has 'hardcore mode'. This makes ammunition have weight, makes the player need food, water, sleep, and has some healing implications as well. It's not too hard with it, so I do recommend playing with 'hardcore mode' enabled. Remember, your companions can carry your ammo ;) Finally, the gameplay: Fallout 3 forced you to go along with the Brotherhood of Steel, and only at the end did you really get to make a choice that impacted the 'big result'. That's not the case here- there is a war brewing and you need to choose sides, but there aren't just two. There are many factions in the Mojave and you need to recruit them to your cause. Not all factions like each other so you need to make them get along. If not, you can always make sure they get destroyed (so long, Brotherhood of Steel!). Companions have quests that give them bonuses if completed. You can gamble your savings away (or take someone else's). There are a number of radio stations, including one that can only get by completing a quest (20k caps or a new radio station? The choice was easy for me!) Also, it's great to see Vegas and towns around it. I went to Vegas after playing this game and got so excited when I saw Primm! I didn't say anything out loud, but dammit, I was in Primm! Before this game, I had no idea Primm was even a place!


Prepare to Loose Yourself Into Another World !!

AsadAlrafidain | Nov. 26, 2014 | See all AsadAlrafidain's reviews »

The title above is not a joke !!...Proceed on your own risk. During my many years of gaming, I've learned some "facts", and one of them is this: The guys at Bethesda really know what they are doing, they make the best Role Playing Games (RPGs). The "Fallout" and "The elder Scrolls" series prove this statement. The "Fallout" games have their own unique atmosphere, the post-nuclear open-world wasteland, and they have established it as a standalone genre. The last addition to the fallout series, Fallout: New Vegas, is the tip of the iceberg to these games. Here are some of the things you'd expect from this wonderful game: - The game has a unique atmosphere that makes you really feel like you are living in a post-nuclear wasteland. - Hundreds of gameplay hours and diverse quests. - Replayability of the game. - The Decisions and actions you make really affects and alters the outcomes of the game. - Hundreds of believable characters, each with his own mindset and story. - A lot of guns, armors and other items, each with it's own characteristics that make them unique from each other. - A crafting system and a bunch of drugs and medical supplies, each with it's unique benefits and side-effects, and there is the risk of addiction. - the environment affects the player, especially when setting the difficulty of the game on hardcore. these effects includes the need for sleep, thirst, hunger, irradiation. - Multiple enjoyable radio stations with music and ongoing news that change as new events happens in the game, including some news about your quests and deeds in the wasteland. - Very generous modding community with thousands of mods, ranging from esthetics to semi-DLCs addons with new guests and plots. I'm sure I didn't cover all the good aspects of the game and didn't give it it's true appreciation, because it really requires you to play the game to really understand it's value. The only bad thing I found in this game was it's rather outdated textures, but even that is solvable with mods like NMC's texture pack and EVE (essential visual effects) you get a cutting edge graphics and visual effects. In a simple word: MASTERPIECE !!


Amazing replayablity

baybora95 | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all baybora95's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas is another proof that Bethesda knows how to create games. The mechanics are simply quite similar to Fallout 3 but some are really fun to play like maximizing luck skill when you start and go to downtown and win tons of money from gambling at level 1 and doing quest with ease :) . The game has bugs but are very rare. The errors can mostly be corrected with console commands. Fallout New Vegas has quite nice graphics and a bit more colorful unlike shadier graphics of Fallout 3. The graphics does its job very well enough combining with gameplay to drag you into his story. And now we have come to the gameplay part. This cant be described but can only be lived. So first i shall tell you that you should try this game under any circumstances even whatever i said was enough to attract you because nobody can describe this games amazing RPG material and the feeling of this game. The factions in the game and a lot of places to explore ( by that i mean A LOT, TONS OF) gives it a high replayablity function. You finished the game with republic? Then go on and try legion. Oh you finished with it too? Why u no capture New Vegas all alone by yourself and be the king? Or maybe you wanna be the henchman of someone? No worries we have it too. In the game there are lots of characters and each character is very well designed and reacts to your actions realistically. The best part of the game is its hardcore mode. The best thing that happened to me in my gaming life. With hardcore mode you dont only have human or animal enemies but also time is ticking against you too. You gotta find food, water; you gotta get enough sleep and when you are exposed to radiation you gotta patch yourself up. At first the effects arent that big you lose some stats but when it reaches max point you die. Unfortunately the karma doesnt have much effect in gameplay like fallout 3. Also I'd avoid Courier Stash and other weapon DLC which give you good weapons for the beginning of the game. They make the game so easy. NOW GO AND PLAY OR NEVER KNOW WHAT THE BEST RPG FEELS LIKE


Still one of the best modern RPGs

Zaggeta | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

Even with the outdated graphics, New Vegas is an unmissable RPG classic. While Fallout 3 transitioned the series into the modern era, New Vegas takes it back to its story routes. While Fallout 3 was a somewhat lonely hike through the Capital Wasteland, New Vegas is a vibrant wild west shooter. There are a lot more side activities to do, such as gambling and faction tasks. With multiple choices in the main quest, New Vegas also possesses major replay value. A definite must-buy for any RPG fan.


Stay Classy New Vegas!

skuthix | Oct. 24, 2014 | See all skuthix's reviews »

Fallout: New Vegas is a game set in Post-Apocolyptic New Vegas. One thing that I LOVE about this game is the setting, it's very different from Fallout 3, everywhere you go you don't get rads and *some of* the water is drinkable! Now the main story of the game is, you are a courrier a courrier who was shot shot in the head. A robot came and dug you up and some docter fixed you, now you are looking for the man who shot you. Along the way you meet new friends, and new enimes. There are also different factions you can help, or not help. Some factions don't like it when you help others, such as New California Rebuplic doesn't like the Legion and Legion doesn't like the NCR. There are also minor factions that don't auctally need to be worried about. Another thing I like about this game is the freedom, as with Fallout 1, 2 and 3 it's open world and there is allot to explore. One of my favorite things to do is just roam around the map, looking for loot, new locations and quests. And the quests don't really feel like a chore, the quests are auctally fun! I found myself wanting to do the side quests more than the story it's self, which the story isn't bad but allot of the side quests tell very amazing stories too. The characters you meet are also fantastic, when you talk to someone you auctally can feel like they have their own personality thanks to nice voice acting *most of the time* So let's talk about DLC, There are 4 DLC add-ons and personaly I didn't really enjoy them as much as the Fallout 3 DLC. Honest Hearts was okay. Lonesome Road was awesome auctally. Dead Money was alright. and Old World Blues was awesome. In Fallout 3 I loved each DLC, but don't let that turn you away from the DLCs because they are all worth buying. Sadly enough, I was not aware that all of the DLC is $22 so I just bought the normal edition, wish I wouldn't have done that... This game kind of buggy luckily the modding comunity can fix that for you! There are some great mods from, Texture mods to compainion mods to quest mods, I mods. Anyways this game is deffinitly worth the money but like I said BUY THE ULTIMATE EDITION. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to enjoy your stay!


The Wasteland Warrior

KingTed | Oct. 3, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Already 40+ hours in the Mojave and I must say this is a blast to play. The gameplay is really good. The Hardcore needs are neat. With a few mods from the Nexus and a ENB, the game looks gorgeous. This is my first Fallout Game. Now I'm looking forward Fallout 4! :D


Welcome to the wasteland and enjoy it like never before!

Pradlik | Sept. 19, 2014 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

Fallout franchise is already legendary and fans are awaiting every new piece. Fallout New Vegas gets even better than Fallout 3 with many bugs and drawbacks being fixed and with a very cool setting in the Nevada deserts and towns around Las Vegas. Being in the wasteland is the best aspect in the game - having to take care of yourself, eat, drink and sleep, taking care of your health, radiation levels and so much more. You can even get addicted to alcohol or chems. Amazing! Furthermore, there's so much happening in the world - there's hundreds of quests and even after replaying the game, you can feel the story is brand new again, especially if you pick different fractions. The story itself is pretty good too, but not the best thing. Thanks to all above mentioned and more, this could easily be one of my favourite games. However, there are many drawbacks. Firstly, the crashes. This game crashes approximately every 30 minutes which gets really annoying. And I mean REALLY annoying. Second of all, a game released in 2010 (after games like Bioshock, Crysis or F.E.A.R with outstanding graphics) has the visuals of a 5-7 year old game. The music is nothing special and 4 songs on the radio? My oh my... To sum up, this game got me going for several hours with lots and lots of fresh content, the survival is best in games so far and the story is pretty decent too, I also love plenty of mods for the game by the community. However it gets pretty tiring after dozens of hours, the glithes and crashes make you want to throw your PC through a window and the graphics are nothing special.


More Fallout in Fallout!

Obsessor | Aug. 5, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

This is the game. Fallout 3 was good, Fallout New Vegas beats it with a baseball bat and leaves in the desert to die. It feels more like Fallout 2. In Fallout New Vegas we're experiencing another amazing opening. While in FO3 our charactere was born, in FNV it dies at the beginning. Quite a twist. And after that it only gets better. There are factions vying for control over Mojave, with you in the middle. And again, after a linear Fallout 3, you get to decide who will win, and who will die. You will plot, cheat, steal and kill your way through Mojave desert full of bandits, Legionnaires, New California Republic troops and simple people(and mutants, and ghouls). To any end you desire. And the grande finale... Oh boy, ain't that a kick in the head...


Grave Out

lajvjjajajaaaa | July 31, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

Fallout New Vegas is first-person open world shooter game with amazing feeling. It's one of the few game that actually catches my eye seriously. It's amazing post-apocolyptic game. There is so much to do in FNV that even if you have all the mods it will be difficult to get to them. The story begins when you are shot, then you wake up in a docs place. You have a lot of questions like who shot you or why did he? The main story is long but you have side story too. It is kinda better than Fallout 3 in my opinion. The combat system is just like Fallout 3. You have not only the normal FPS mechanics but also VATS. Scan you enemy then tell it where to shoot and it shoots. It is very good for sniping. Sleep, eat and fight at the same time. The world is big and at first will travel really slow and if you go north at you first several hours in the game you'll get killed like me. Loot, kill bandits and save people. And try your hardest!


Fallout - The town in the desert.

hateah | July 22, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

I didn't played it much, because i did not had the time to, but i played the first quests. I like the aiming system, and the reality of the game, its just an epic!! By using your weapon too much it gets weaker and you gotta visit a mechanic to fix it, what more reality can u want than that? It has also an aiming system which shows u how much % u can take by aiming in different part of the bodies. The first levels are pretty easy, the aiming is very cool tho. The training is also cool and i really liked the test at the beginning. It feels like you're really doing a test for testing your abilities. I took it very seriously, and i choose me to be in the sphere of the science. I didn't thought it'll be fun so that's why i chose the weapon sphere. There you basically choose your skills. And the old fashioned little town where you are in is very,very cool. IT gives the game really good feeling of playing some old priceless game. Play it as much as u can and you will not regret. This game doesn't deserve even one negative review. It's one of the best game in the Fallout series.


You'll never get bored of it!

SantaSteamKeys | July 19, 2014 | See all SantaSteamKeys's reviews »

I picked up Fallout New Vegas because I've played a couple of Fallout games before and really loved them. I thought I'd love New Vegas just as much, but nope, I loved (and still do love it) even more so! Open world games like this are simply amazing - you can get about 200+ hours of gameplay with the main game and there are quite a few awesome mods for the game which gave me more than 100 hours extra gameplay.


Amazing game.

veshnov | June 16, 2014 | See all veshnov's reviews »

I would first like to comment on meta critic's score of this game. 84. Lies. this is one of not only best RPG's I've ever played, but one of the best games I've ever played. The story feels free and presents enough choices for you to take a path that you would take, rather than being forced down one, like in Skyrim. (Skyrim is still a great game BTW) The final battle is difficult, but rewarding, and the ways you can go through the game are overwhelming if they were are presented to you at once, but they are masterfully placed so they just present a choice, rather than another path to take in the game. What I mean by this, is that some games will present you with blatant choices, and at the beginning of the game you will say to yourself what kind of person your character is going to be. Sometimes it is more prominent than others, i.e fable, but it happens. With this game, you develop opinions of characters. Whether or not you want to kill them. And you make choices based on that. But you can play the game again, and still make choices based on you. Not your character, you. Truly immersive. Gameplay is phenomenal. Many weapons, and different ways of playing. Both VATS and real time shooting work well. All around, great game.


So close to perfect

ThePugilist | June 8, 2014 | See all ThePugilist's reviews »

This game is so great, and can be used to waste hours and hours of your life. This is about as close to perfect as a game has ever reached. This game has a lot of variety and customization, so it can be played over and over again. It is one of the best, if not the best game I have ever played. the DLCs are decent, but not too amazing.


Surviving the apocalypse or just shooting stuff?

damaffin | May 18, 2014 | See all damaffin's reviews »

The Fallout series has always been somewhat of a favorite of the fans. Why, you may ask. The answer lies in the open world, the huge choice of armaments and probably the excitement of being in an apocalyptic world. Those are all the right reasons which make this game amazing, both to myself and the others who find this game worth their time. And frankly, it is. So if you can't make up your mind which game to jump on next, consider Fallout, it might just be the game for you.


Awesome Games

flyingcat001 | May 18, 2014 | See all flyingcat001's reviews »

like skyrim with guns,but exactly this game came earlier than skyrim,however this game let you experienced the post-apocalyptic of las this game you can choose your ending by side on of the factions. and this game is some kinda gory but still playable.


One of the beast game's I've played, Hands down.

Dodec1 | May 6, 2014 | See all Dodec1's reviews »

First things first, Get this game now! No matter the price, also get the DLC. It is lengthy, fun and has a rich story. For original fallout fan's it's your lucky day. It goes back to the setting of Fallout 1, so pack some nuka cola and some ammo because your heading for Nevada!



MobeusChronox | March 16, 2014 | See all MobeusChronox's reviews »

FNV is, in my opinion, a superior game to Fallout 3. I loved the setting, the characters and the story line. You can easily spend dozens of hours just exploring the Mojave without ever touching the main quest line.


almost the same as the originals...

damienjameswebb | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

the gameplay and engine is the same as fallout 3. it throws in some country western feeling and adds gambling... but it could almost just be an expansion to Fallout 3. the only really good improvement is the fact that the writing feels a lot more like the original fallout games. it just seems a little more dirty and raw. it doesn't shield itself with censors like 3 did. the modding is greats always and allows you to add tons of options and content thanks to the online community. the main story however is really the key, with all its twists and turn and choices, you could almost never play the game the same twice. it takes a while to really get into it, and there can be times when you get lost trying to help save some random people from a wolf attack... but its entertaining as hell and provide hours of amusement. a must play for any real gamer.


What Fallout 3 should have been

Gmen | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

While Fallout 3 was good, it was this game that everyone was looking forward to. Why? Well, because it had a development team which consisted of people who had worked on the original Fallout games, including the cancelled Fallout codenamed Van Buren. So this was set to be Fallout done right. And so it was. I found it to be much more enjoyable than Fallout 3. There are plenty more weapons to be had, which can also be modded this time around, and there are several new additions like the companion wheel making it easier to keep a leash on them on your friends. Combat is somewhat improved, with the ability to aim down the sights with most weapons for increased accuracy, and V.A.T.S should be used sparingly due to the damage you can take while it's active. Many of the enemies from the previous games and some new ones show up for you to take on. Personally I think the levelling up system in the game is much better with many new perks to choose from, and the base level cap has been extended from a puny 20 (as in Fallout 3) to 30. The sound in this game, from the dialogue to the retro music that takes one back to the mid-twentieth century, is absolutely superb, and even the most dedicated thrasher out there will find him or herself humming to the tune of “Blue Moon” by Dean Martin in no time at all. And to accompany the music, you have that atom punk theme to the game, combining old technology with more futuristic technology, which I find is much more apparent than F3, and I just love it. If I were to live in a post-apocalyptic society, this is how I would want it to look. While on the topic of looks, yes, Fallout: New Vegas doesn't really look that much different from Fallout 3, graphically. It could pass as a mod for that game, perhaps. And the colour scheme of the game, which consists of hues of orange and brown, might not be to everyone's taste. And the poor robotic animation is still present. There are also a few issues such as the fact that the game is quite buggy, and you will more than likely experience freezes, crashes, and corrupted savegames. So it isn’t a very stable game. But if one can look past this they will find a real diamond in the rough here. There are plenty of mods out there too, so once you get through the main game several times, which will take you enough time as it is, there’s tons of replayability to be had. For those of you who complain that Bethesda hasn’t ever made a decent RPG, you should try this – because it isn’t made by Bethesda, and it is more than decent in my book. New Vegas is a bit like owning an Alfa Romeo. You hate it when it doesn't work, but you absolutely adore it when it does.


Old School Fallout Fans Rejoice!

Coolicy | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

Fallout 3 was a great game in my opinion. In fact, it brought me so immersed into the Fallout universe and lore. I bought Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 on gog just for the story, and can see how FO3 deviates from its predecessors. Fallout New Vegas is developed by Obsidian, where many developers came from FO1 & 2's Black Isle Studio, so the game's writing and lore feel just right at home for FO1 & 2 veterans. If you didn't like FO3, however, you won't like FNV. If you liked FO3, however, you'll be right at home with FNV. The writing is superb, and the choices feel important. As per Fallout tradition, you'll get to see the consequence of your actions in an end game slide show. Decisions will range from which faction will ultimately come out on top (there are 4, only 3 will be obvious though) to a companion's personal vendetta. Perks and SPECIAL are back of course, and how you select your character ultimately dictates how your game will play out. It's the freedom that makes Fallout unique, and FNV doesn't disappoint in this regard. Obsidian's games are notoriously known for being buggy, and some parts of the game feel empty. This is undoubtedly a result of not having enough development time, so this may sometimes be a little rough around the edges. It is more important to note that the PC version of FNV is vastly surperior to its console counterparts, and I speak with no hyperbole. The modding community literally makes the whole world different and much more interesting. If you can think of something that would make FNV better, someone's probably made a mod for that. Don't like the armors of a faction? There's a mod for that! Don't like how FNV only ultilizes 2GB of your ram? There's a mod for that! Don't like how little amount of guns are in the vanilla game? There's a mod for that! Don't like to manage (install/uninstall) all these mods? There's even a mod for that too! Even today, years after this game's release, the modding community is still highly active. There is a generous amount of content in the base game. If you like it, purchase more DLC's is optional but definitely check out what you can do with your game by installing mods!


The greatest post-apocalyptic RPG game

drakso | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

If you are in to open world RPG games and really like the post-apocalyptic setting this game is a MUST BUY. The game does its job very well. The world is huge, the numerous characters that you will meet trough out the game are awesome and full of life and there is a huge variety of weapons, gear and items. The story is amazing filled with lots of decisions, side quests, quest lines and different encounters. Because of the huge world and many possibilities you will run across a bug or two, but the major bugs that the game had were patched a long time ago. DLC wise I would suggest picking them all up because all the dlc are very fun and a good addition to the story, but if you are feeling picky I suggest picking up the Old World Blues DLC.


Couldn't get better

DCGGames | Dec. 14, 2013 | See all DCGGames's reviews »

This game is one of the many reasons gaming can be so beautiful yet so dark in nature. This game is graphically and game play-wise amazing. The story line is full of surprises and is very similar to the story line of its ancestor Fallout 3. Fallout:New Vegas is a leap in gaming because of it's ability to give the nostalgia of Fallout 3 yet make itself it's own game. The gameplay is so fun at most of the times and the map is so pretty. All of the different town have different feels to them. This is a very well polished game and only lacks in that it does feel to similiar to Fallout 3, but that is not a bad thin in all respects.


A great addition to Fallout franchise

Mandemon | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

Having played both Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, but skipping Fallout 3, I was little bit skeptical about Fallout: New Vegas. I was happy to find that I was wrong and the game feels very much like a Fallout game. Mojave Desert looks great and the radio really adds atmosphere, the old 50's song playing really give the vibe of "World that stopped". Story is interesting and offers many branches and not only to main story, but also to numerous side stories. There are is much variation that you find yourself replaying this game again and again. Characters range from forgettable to people you want to tell to your friends. Game world is large and open right away, but player will soon notice that unless you are prepared, you are not welcome in certain parts. Game will nudge you towards certain path, but if you wish to go off the rails, it does not stop you from doing so. I would strongly suggest players getting all the major DLCs, as their stories are great and range from bittersweet to funny to scary. However, the game is not without it's flaws. The combat feels less skill based and more on how good FPS shooter you are. Also, naturally to Bethesda released game, it is also filled with bugs. I would suggest getting some mods to fix these problems. Overall, the game is great addition to Fallout franchise. You don't need to be a fan of Fallout to enjoy the game, but it helps.


Great game, better with mods

KalGoran | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all KalGoran's reviews »

New Vegas is set in a cool, almost Western or frontier feeling environment. It has a solid main story that is very open ended, giving you a variety of ways role play the major events, while also giving you small quests and jobs to further immerse yourself in the world. Gameplay is largely similar to Fallout 3, meaning some reliance on VATS and some awkward first person shooting, but the RPG elements give you more freedom to decide how to play. The New Vegas Nexus has tons of great mods that will further add content and immersion, and should absolutely be visited if you pick up this great game.


Amazing game

TheRedAbyss | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all TheRedAbyss's reviews »

I find this game simply amazing. I have played several hundred hours on this game and i never grow tired, there are just so many things to do. You can shape your character however you want, and go wherever you please. Every single DLC for this game is amazing. The dialogue in this game is both intriguing and funny. There are heaps of different quests that all feel relatively unique. This game is basically set up to make you go for hours. Hours of fun, and hours of exploring.


Prepare to have no social life...

koeserm21 | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all koeserm21's reviews »

This is one of the essential games you need on PC, along with it's little brother Fallout 3. You can easily sink 60+hours into this game and feel like you have hardly scratched the surface of what it has to offer. After you have completed the entire game (if you can, I keep finding surprises as I go), you can mod the game until you have what is basically an entire new game. I would personally wait to get this game on sale, so you can get the ultimate edition for 5 dollars or so. I personally think the DLC for this game are much more engaging than those in Fallout 3 (though, those are amazing in their own way), and they have many memorable characters and storylines. Overall, the only thing that holds this game back for me are occasional crashes or startup failures, but they are pretty rare (at least for me).


A proper Fallout sequel

commanderhavoc | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

If you're among those who though that Fallout 3 didn't really live to the franchise, then you won't be disappointed with New Vegas. You play as a courier that has the worst luck ever as you are ambushed by a mysterious man in a checkered suit who steals a strange casino chip you were supposed to deliever before he puts a bullet in your head, yet you manage to survive thanks to a strange security bot with a western accent that brought you to a local doctor who patched you up as best he could. Now you must find out who this man that ambushed you is and what is so important about that chip while at the same time helping others who are in plight, or just be a complete and total douchebag towards everyone. There are a lot of classic Fallout weapons in this game, including the awesome Power Fist that can turn a foe into mince meat if you land a critical hit. There are also some pretty good story DLCs that add to the game, the Old World Blues is considered the best of them all with its silly characters and weapons you can get. Also, there's plenty of interesting mods for the game made by the community and some might even add completely new areas that they've made. This is a must own for fans of Fallout or if you're the type of gamer who loves post apocalyptic games in general.


True fallout sequel

VindiBanga | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all VindiBanga's reviews »

This game is more true to the original fallout games than fallout 3 is. If you liked Fallout 3, you'll like this the same. If you disliked Fallout 3, this solves most of the gripes you might have had with it. Better writing, more interesting story, factions and characters than Fallout 3. There's a good amount of game to be played here (lots more guns, locations, vaults, characters) and multiple playthroughs are still fun because most of the quests have many different options and are actually pretty deep. Overall a much better game than FO3 and a fantastic one at that. The DLC is also nearly all very good. Only downside is it it/was fairly buggy. Most of that has been fixed now but make sure you make multiple saves.


Fallout : New Vegas

tristetea | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all tristetea's reviews »

Taken from the site where i used to review my games to. Where Fallout 3 started softly by born of your character and safe childhood in the depths of the vault. New Vegas starts by your character getting shot in the head. Nearby smalltown doctor patches you up and pretty much after that you are own your own. Questions rise up in your head, who shot your character and why?, and what was that platinum chip so important that you've gone through all this. Answer lies in New Vegas,but the journey is long and eventful and the game doesnt end upon your arrival to New Vegas, it starts there. The world itself ain't larger than in Fallout 3, but it contains more to discover and there's always a monster or two trying to end your life. In Mojave's desert the recivilization is under rapid construction. I found the best things in the game is the liveliness and realiness of npc's. Eventhough the earth is destroyed, it's filled with different sides with their own goals and problems. Everytime you journey to somewhere new, you'll probably end up having handful of quests that lead you to a yet another new location, it seems the exploration never stops. Mainplot in the game consist New Vegas and the control of that specific area. Of course you are in the middle of it and will be the final judge to decide the fate of the city and the surrounding areas. Engine might run a little old already, but game's content compensates this more than satisfyingly. All in all. Gameplay is fun, you get to roam free just to shoot anyone or complete tons of sidequest to your liking with great storylines and npc's in a complex and harsh but beautfiful world. What more can previous player of Fallout 3 or even a new player wish for?


The Buggiest Fun You'll Ever Have

faerie241 | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all faerie241's reviews »

Fallout: New Vegas is my absolute favorite game ever, which is why it's difficult to assign a score. This game has an absolutely endless stream of quests to play through, and the world feels so alive and vibrant (a difficult task in a post-apocalyptic wasteland). In most ways, this game is a significant improvement over Fallout 3. Why does it get a lower score if I love it so much? The reason is the bugs. This game contains an absolutely staggeringly large amount of bugs. Some are innocent, or even funny, such as when a group of people kept walking past the edge of a cliff Wile E. Coyote style only to randomly drop to their death after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of nearly game-breaking bugs, such as corrupted save files, broken quest lines, and frequent crashes. A few tips for playing Fallout: New Vegas from my experience: -Save frequently, and save on a new file every time. Saves get corrupted frequently, so you don't want to be relying on one save. -Turn off the auto-save feature. It makes corruption more likely, and also crashes your game a lot. -Be careful with the DLC. It can lead to frame-rate drops and more frequent crashes if you have too many installed. -When you need to ultimately pick a faction to align yourself with for the end of the game, since I don't want to spoil anything here, make sure you read about the bugs attached with the NCR plot line, as that quest line is notorious for a nearly game-breaking glitch (I've had it happen twice). I know all of these bugs sound terrifying, but this game is really good. Even with the bugs, I do highly recommend you try this game, just take the necessary precautions with it.


Superb Game

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Matthew_Lumie's reviews »

I would describe Fallout: New Vegas as a game that keeps on giving. There's so much to do in it. Of course you can be good bad, or somewhere in between, but in NV you can truly be yourself, and there are all sorts of wonderful adventuring to be had... Like the old Fallout games, you can now choose Traits and use different type of ammunition depending on your needs. Also, the main story while not necessarily of the same caliber as Fallout 3, is truly cool and enjoyable. Hardcore mode is great for any gamer who wants a more realistic experience, and considering the apocalyptic/survivalist nature of the game it's a great way to play. Oh if you prefer the silly humor of the old Fallout games, try on for size the Wild Wasteland perk, you'll love it!


Succesful improvements and a whole new story

michelpulha | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all michelpulha's reviews »

This game didn't disappointed in any way in comparison with FO3. The graphics have improved (a little), the skills were partially reworked, new enemies, a lot of factions and more comedy elements as well. I just couldn't get enough of the details that are found in every place.The utility skills (like barter, speech, cience and repair) became more interesting, unlocking many possibilities along the way. You can fully understand the context, empathize with the people's lifestyle, learn about each faction's definitely one of the most immersive games. The graphics are great and does not require much hardware, the only downside is that the characters are still invariantly ugly. Fortunately, all the Fallout games are very easy to mod and there's hundreds of ways to quickly improve the graphics. In fact, it will look like a 2012 game just by adding a new texture pack.


Challenging, but still amazing.

bauwan | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all bauwan's reviews »

When I first heard about Fallout 3, I wasn't really convinced about taking it first person perspective, so I totally forgot about. Some time ago, I saw it on sale and gave it a try. And I can tell you right now... I never was so wrong in my life. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas was totally the best hybrids of FPS and RPG I've ever played. Great story which sunk me in for a long time, danger everywhere (I believe most of us, met Supermutants while having really low level), tons of fun, many many hours to spent in post-apocalyptic world. Also, one of the great feature was that you could decide if you want to fight in real time, or using VATS. The first way was challenging sometimes and led me straight to death. I you liked the first Fallout games, but you weren't sure if it still good in FPP, try it. It's totally amazing.


One of the best rpg/fps hybrids ever.

eL_Jay | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all eL_Jay's reviews »

Follow-up of the Epic fallout 3. Though the story is less immersive then the original, the gameplay is improved. For example the vanilla game features iron sights and VATS is less overpowerd, so this game is more played like a realtime fps/rpg instead of the semi-turn-based VATS-action featuring the orginal fallout3. Bottom-line, allround this game is as good as the orginal fallout3. SSD and modding is highly recommended, but even vanilla this game will provide over 100 hours of great gameplay in a single playthrough. Games don't get much better then this. Must have for everyone who loves rpg games and/or fps/thirdperson shooters. (go for the ultimate version because this is one of the few games where the dlc actually adds a lot to the game)


Explore the Wasteland

ADUAN | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

Fallout: New Vegas is a game that I enjoyed playing. Like any Bethesda game, you have the choice of following the storyline, or exploring the world while doing whatever you want. Anything goes; you can be a negotiator or an aggressor, and you can build your character in whatever way you want. The characters are also interesting, with the companions all having unique personalities and the named NPC's all having mostly unique quirks that make them memorable. Get this game if you enjoy the open world experience.


Good Game almost Great

Soured | Oct. 17, 2013 | See all Soured's reviews »

The game is both a setback and an improvement on Fallout 3. The story line is much better with less plot holes than the last one. You get a great immersion in the game too since you want to succeed against the antagonist so much (no spoilers). The game has many different factions each with their own quest line so there's a lot of room for choices. The game has a lot of cut content however and is definitely not stable. World design is lacking since so much was cut, many large settlements aren't as large and extensive as they were back in Fallout 3. The graphics are kind of lacking but many mods have been made to improve it. The game crashes ALL THE TIME. Probably about once an hour depending on how good your comp is. It has a lot of random lag spikes and your patience runs thin quickly. There's a large mod community including some that almost double the content in the game for FREE. It's a great game and you'll enjoy it if you enjoyed Fallout 3. Behind how badly it runs is a game you can spend 100 hours on easily and still not discover everything.


A grower

Glyndwr | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Glyndwr's reviews »

At first I didn't think I was going to like this game, it felt too similar to other Bethesda games in the mechanics. Graphically the game is dated and it is not particularly innovative. Having said all that I found myself going back to play a bit more. and a bit more! It offers a large game world and what happens in the storyline does depend on choices made as well as how the many different factions view you, for this alone the game provides good replay value and being so cheap it has to be recommended.


Hours of Amazing

professordinosa | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all professordinosa's reviews »

Follow the great story line, or don't! Either way this open ended adventure sees you through hours of some of the best post apocalyptic mayhem available. Collect caps to buy stuff. Blast enemies to pieces (literally). Pick a side or go it alone. Playing through a few times will net you a different story every time.


Great game

murphy7801 | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all murphy7801's reviews »

I find it much truer to the spirit of the old games than fallout 3. Its much the same as Fallout 3 mechanics and gameplay wise aside improved manual aiming. Huge world good story definitely worth play since its so cheap these days.