Reviews for Brink Complete Pack


Fun and Interesting Shooter

GeoffAussieSpy | Aug. 26, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

First off, the story is very, very interesting and quite cool when you get further into it. The gameplay is amazing, the shooting is nice, very well done mechanics. It's mostly the story that you'll be into. The AI teammates and enemies are pretty bad though and can be a pain to get through. But the story is great. So if you're into games with great, cool, interesting stories I would give this a try. The gameplay can be quite fun with the shooting and parkour mechanics working together to complete the objective. I remember really liking the choose your side and customize your character. You choose, you decide what you want to go with. The story is cool and definitely worth a try and/or playthrough. The gameplay can get quite old fast and can get boring at times. Very fun though at times.


Nice Game Indeed

awwa4 | Nov. 9, 2014 | See all awwa4's reviews »

If your looking for a story, this game does not have much of one. This game is more of a get the objectives done, which ever team complete the objective wins. The aspect is more for multiplayer, though because it interacts with the idea that if this team does this objective the other objectives change, but you still can play with bots. There is some customization to this game, which include the player, your perks, gun skins, and assorted attachments. The game lasts for quite awhile, but one bad side to this that sticked out was how repetitive it could be and how long the match is. Some objectives can become repetitive at times and it takes a lot of time to complete one objective, if teams are pretty even. I still definitely recommend this to other players, so what are you waiting for lets play some BRINK!


Interesting game.

InsaneHien | April 19, 2014 | See all InsaneHien's reviews »

Brink was a decent game during the time it came out. Was hooked since it's an FPS with RPG elements. Kinda like Borderlands. The game can get repetitive and boring quick. And despite using id Tech 4, the graphics look great so I'll give the developers a thumbs up for that. Not many people play the game now, but if you have any friends that still play the game, by all means do co-op with them. If this game interests you, pick it up when it's on sale.


If you want to play Brink get the Complete Pack

Vlady | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all Vlady's reviews »

Great customization, decent progression system, solid gunplay and class variety. However, overall map design is lacking cause of many choke points and as a result matches often end up in a boring stale mate. You should also be aware that there isn't a real single player campaign, but just missions with bots which are the same as in multiplayer, so get this only if you enjoy team based FPS games. There is a small dedicated community of skilled players so you should be able to find matches. Also parkour is jolly I guess. Complete pack is the one to buy. You don't wanna buy just the base game, cause everyone else that plays it, already has all the maps. Personally I couldn't get into it.


Fun but gets old quick

xAFBx | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all xAFBx's reviews »

Like my title says, it gets old. It's pretty fun because it's different. The RPG elements are pretty nice. Unlocking stuff is fun. There are a lot of weapons and mods, which is nice. You get some cool ones like DOOM guns with this bundle. But nobody plays it anymore so you have to just play with Bots. You can't pause single player which gets annoying since games/matches usually last around 20-30 minutes. It could've been a great game, but, fell short. If you can grab the complete pack for around $5 or so, I'd recommend it. Especially if you can get a few of your friends to purchase it and play with you. Otherwise, not so much.


Very Good game

DeadReap | Sept. 23, 2013 | See all DeadReap's reviews »

Brink is Very good game, it has alot of customization to your character and your weapont. Brink also have a realy good fizics of the game, great engine, intresting challenges and good game play, apart that it doesn't have a lot of players it is realy interesting and good game. And realy worth buying.


Great fun that won't last long

greenxeyezz | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all greenxeyezz's reviews »

This was a great game while it lasted, and it didn't last long. This is a game that definitely thrives off its multiplier aspect, and bots just do not cut it, you need a player base, you need TFC to make it happen. While the game did and does offer everything you need to make this a good competitor with customization of guns and skins, as well as abilities. The fact still stands that it needs a player base for this to thrive. Unfortunately not many people know of this game to make it shine as well as it can, and hopefully everytime this game goes on sale an influx of players will stay and make the game fun again, albeit for a short time after.


Was worth the buy.

Dev0n | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Dev0n's reviews »

After reading many reviews on brink, and most of them telling you its not worth the money. I can happily say it is worth it, the game is great, the combat is fun and immersive, and the parkour movement makes it even better. Get it, you'll thank me later!



Narsuaq | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Narsuaq's reviews »

I owned this game on Xbox360 and just bought it now for PC. I did actually like this game despite the fact it felt like a bit of a let down. There was no real campaign, which did bother me. That being said if you can gather some friends to play with, it can be a tonne of fun.


Disasterously good

spycid | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

In Splash Damage's Brink, rival factions do battle over the fate of a post-apocalyptic floating city called The Ark. But for some people The Ark sunk. Brink's intriguing combination of class-based team shooting a free-running movement have kept it high on gamers' radar throughout its lengthy development cycle. It's distinctive visual style, unique setting, and countless character customization options only fueled the fires of anticipation. Brink is a class based shooter like Team Fortress 2 and the game was supposed to be the next Counter Strike with some added Free Running movement. However it felt miserably not for the lack of innovation, gameplay, graphics, design or artwork, but for the lack of interest in common gamers as it didn't offer anything new except a lot of hope to promise of bringing something new. This game had a lot of time put into development and yet it still feels unpolished, rushed as the inclusion of too many things spoiled the game. It should have been Multiplayer only game, Single Player storyl mode was completely unnecessary. Get this game if you like Class based fps and got tired of playing Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike.


Surprisingly unpopular but great shooter

ivangroznyi1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all ivangroznyi1's reviews »

I never quite understood why such a good shooter as Brink went so unnoticed and gained so little popularity. Maybe it was just a wrong marketing plan, or other popular titles were released in the same time. But the game is really good in what it is - a first person shooter, with enjoyable single- and multiplayer modes (both competitive and cooperative). This pack gives us Brink, the game, and three DLCs for it: Brink: Agents of Change DLC, Brink: Doom/Psycho Combo Pack DLC, and Brink: Fallout/Specops Combo Pack DLC. Each of them offers new skins and customizations for player character and his weapons, new abilities, increased max level, and increased replayability thanks to new maps. With such a set you should be able to spend much time playing and wondering what went wrong and why didn't the game become as popular as it should be.