Reviews for Hearts of Iron III: Collection


Excellent strategy

taytothief | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all taytothief's reviews »

Another fantastic paradox strategy, this time based in WW2. If you like warfare strategy, you must own HoI3. And there's so much content for the game, the community is fantastic. You'll get it at a good price, I wouldn't suggest paying full price, wait for the sales.


A fantastic collection for World War 2 gamers

DaiMonPaul | July 30, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Hearts of Iron 3 is the most complex grand strategy game covering World War 2, and it's a great game if you take the time to learn it. You can play and control all aspects of any country in the world, and the game contains political, economic, and espionage systems. At its heart, though, Hearts of Iron is a wargame, and you'll spend most of your time building and directing your armies at an operational level. There's a ton of stuff to manage, and it can certainly be overwhelming at times. Luckily, the game allows you to delegate almost anything -- production, diplomacy, or even military operations -- to the AI, and it does a decent job. To actually learn the game, though, takes a lot of time and a willingness to read outside wikis/watch "Let's Play" videos. If you have the patience to learn it, you'll get a great wargaming experience. This collection gives you the base game, its first two expansions, and a handful of spritepacks. The spritepack DLCs are totally cosmetic and give you pretty units to look at -- they're an added bonus, but certainly not necessary to enjoy the game. It's the other stuff here that really gives you a great value in this collection. The base game itself is a solid title, but it feels unfinished and contains some bugs/enemy AI issues. Semper Fi and For the Motherland fix most of these issues while adding extra content -- Semper Fi gives you user-defined theatres, many UI fixes and additions that make it easier to manage your armies, and an additional start date. For the Motherland offers battle scenarios (which I love, as they're short, confined to a limited space on the map, and a ton of fun) and partisans behind enemy lines. This is a great pack if you're willing to put up with a high learning curve and a lot of micromanaging. Once the expansions are installed, the game is detailed, fun, and a great experience, and it's quite moddable, too. The only thing this collection is missing is the last expansion, Their Finest Hour. It helps to complete the HoI experience, so make sure to pick it up, as well!