Reviews for Alien Storm


Essential MegaDrive classic

damodarko | April 9, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

Alien Storm? Just wow, what memories! This game is just fun. As a kid I would sit there for hours with my buddy and get my alien busting ass handed to me by this game, but I always came back for more. This game is arcade gold, right up there with golden axe. If you're a fan of classics, this is money well spent. This has a feature most modern games don't have, the ability to grab a second controller and co-op side by side, as it should be!


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Although its short length, Alien Storm is a beat-em up game where you take action against an alien invasion. Recycled enemies and short story mode are the bad aspects you will find in this game, but if you are keen on classic beat-em up action with a kick-ass B.G.M., you will have a nice time playing Alien Storm, let's say... 2 hours tops


Aliens Have Invaded...Again!

CrimsonWizard | Feb. 6, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Alien Storm is yet another brawler game developed for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) where you play as a member of a extermination squad, tasked with saving people and blasting any invaders you see. It's very similar to Sega's Golden Axe series only with a sci-fi setting rather than medieval fantasy. You must first selected one of three characters, a female commando with a flamethrower, a male commando with a Ghostbuster style proton pack, or a robot with an electric whip. It honestly doesn't matter much though, they all play about the same so pick what looks best to you. The basic game then starts where you run around, blasting aliens with your weapon, and collected energy canisters to charge your screen wide special attack. However, there are two functional difference between this and Golden Axe. Instead of a jump attack, you have a dodge roll, allowing you to spin out of the away of a crowd ready to clobber you. The second is that you'll occasionally be thrown into an auto-scrolling first person shooter stage like Operation: Wolf or Area 51 where you have to blast all the aliens in sight, blast objects for more energy, and avoid hitting civilians. It's rather simple overall, but isn't an easy game by any means. Playing on the standard difficulty gives you only 3 spare lives, and while you are very durable, there also isn't any health pick ups in the game either. Of other note are the 2 player modes where you can play the standard game with a friend, or a battle mode where you can duke it out with another person though it's far too simple to match up to the quality of a fighting game like Street Fighter 2. Sadly, for all the small changes in setting and mechanics, the game just feels like a knockoff of Sega's own Golden Axe games, and doesn't do much to stand out. The gameplay is competent, but simple, and the game's sci-fi theme is adequate, but doesn't really catch the eye either. It isn't a bad game, but I recommend spending your money on a Golden Axe or Streets of Rage game instead if you like brawlers.


Classic Arcade Style Game

drakaenae | July 22, 2011 | See all drakaenae's reviews »

This game is like one of the typical fighting games at the arcade. You can choose one player or two player mode and you can choose between three different characters. Instead of inserting a quarter every lose a life, you have 3 credits which act as quarters; once you run out of credits you lose the game. Just like the typical arcade fighting game, the main objective is to defeat your enemies- the aliens, and each stage ends with a boss fight or challenge (where the speed increases or you switch to first person mode). This can is pretty challenging overall, since you have a limited number of lives, and sometimes, its impossible to evade all attacks from the aliens in one player mode. Two player mode is a bit better but is still pretty challenging. Overall, I would recommend this game to people who like arcade games or coop games.


Time to exterminate.

GAMERamble | April 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

I guess Earth is just too lucrative a vacation destination for aliens as once again we find ourselves invaded. So pick up your plasma rifle, strap on that flame-thrower and go give the bastards a "warm" welcome. Preferable take along a partner as this is not going to be a easy assignment. Besides the usual guy and girl you also get to pick a nifty robot so everyone is catered for. Each character also has their own weapon and special power so pick carefully. Standing between you and the evil alien mothership is about ten million of the smaller creatures. Everything from slugs to gremlins as well as some other genetic freaks await you. Alien Storm looks like you typical side scrolling beat 'em up but all the characters carry around huge weapons to kick ass with. You do have energy levels to keep a eye out for which goes down each time you use your weapon or special power. Run out of energy and your reduced to beating the aliens over the head with your gun. Besides running and shooting you can also perform a John Woo style rolling jump to get out of those tight spots. The aliens come at you thick and fast and only the trigger happy will survive to the last encounter. Every now and then the perspective also changes to a first person view like in Operation Wolf where you get to mow down hordes of aliens in locations like a convenience store or lab. Everything in these scenes are destructible and laying waste to everything in sight rewards you with health and energy. Of course there are also some mean motherships out to get you and these guys are anything but pushovers. Again taking someone along for the battle helps a lot. Although there are three difficulty settings Alien Storm can still prove quite challenging. You only have one life and health is exactly readily available. The fact that you also only have two continues between two players will ensure that you don't just waltz right through this one. The later stages especially throws everything in the book at you and just when you think it's finally over another tribe of aliens come to spoil your day. The graphics in the game is quite cool with loads of disgusting aliens and over the top special abilities. Playing as the robot you can use your head as a bomb while other players have skills like dropping down a huge missile or calling in backup firepower. These all use up precious energy so save them for those really dire situations. Although there are tons of detail and cool backgrounds the overall color scheme is a bit limited. The animation's are also a bit on the stiff side. The creatures you battle all look cool in a disgusting freakish kind of way. Just try to imagine that garbage can you just passed sprouting a mouth and a slug like body and you'll get the general idea. It's also cool to fight and then spot some gremlins eating someone's house in the background or hanging form the ceiling. It's not so cool when they jump down and start chewing on your face though. Stages also show a lot of variety with battles taking place all over the city as well as inside the UFO and other spots. The first person shooting levels are fun but a bit on the short side. The sounds in the game is a bit of a letdown though. The music never rises above average and none of the tunes will exactly stick in your head. Sound effects are also not that good with the usual screeches and bangs going on in the heat of battle. The annoying civilian screams of help are particularly harsh on the ears. The controls are responsive and you can customize everything to your liking. Performing a running jump is easy and every now and then I even managed to jump over a enemy while shooting down at him. Quite fun. Enemies have the nasty habit of ganging up on you and without a second player to watch your back (or act as bait ) your in for a tough time. Not a impossible game just challenging. If you are looking for a fun two player game that focuses more on firepower than brainpower Alien Storm is your game. Shooting at the aliens instead of beating them up is fun for a change and the first person shooting levels are some of the most fun I've played in the genre. The challenging gameplay will also keep you playing for a while. Not bad in one player mode but you really need a friend to get the most out of the game. While it's not exactly a classic it's still very entertaining and I can recommend it to anyone looking for a arcade thrill.


Golden Axe in space!

Muzicjohn | April 7, 2011 | See all Muzicjohn's reviews »

That's right, if you played Golden Axe before - Alien Storm have same mechanics, but instead of killing goblins, you will exterminate ugly aliens. Again: three characters, energy (like magic) system, bosses, co-op mode. But there is something more, sometimes you can enter a building and then game changes into a shooter! It's hard to aim with pad/keyboard, but it makes this game a bit fresher. Between levels we enjoy another surprise, a short "running" mode, in which we can just move up/down and shoot. So game is still playable, but I recommend to play it with someone in co-op mode ;].