Reviews for Batman Arkham Origins


Prequels are not that great

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

If you like Batman games then you'll love this re-hash of a moderately good franchise of video gaming. I like Batman but think previous titles are better. The game lacks innovation, something brought to the table in the old days of Arkham Asylum and (kinda kept up) in Arkham City. If you are looking for a batman game, get one of those, if you love them, then only try this. Try not to buy this first as it will give you an unrealistic picture of previous games. I will give the game credit; it does follow nearly all aspects of the DC universe. It's heavily Synder based (if you know who he is, kudos, if not then he's a modern Batman writer- very good). I cannot stress how alike this game is to the others, but only lacking something other than 3D functionality! (If you're posh like me, buy Arkham city and Asylum and lap it up on your amazing 3D tele). The first two games are certainly better. If you like beat em ups, get it. If you love beat em ups, get the first two. Peace out.


Great game for a great series

Sorilis | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all Sorilis's reviews »

A lot of people from what I have seen on the internet and in various magazines were worried about two things where Batman Arkham Origins was concerned. The first one being that the game was the first in the series not to be made by Rocksteady, instead it was developed by Warner Brothers Montreal. The second was that it's a prequel and many felt that this would ruin the continuity of the series. Well after having invested over 30 hours of gameplay into both the Online and story mode features of the new game i can easily say that the game is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable games of 2013 for all Batman fans out there. The graphics follow the legacy that rocksteady left behind allowing for a crisp winter scene being displayed in front of you. The free flow combat has been improved once again leaving you flowing through the combat seamlessly although this can have a few minor bugs but nothing that a patch cant sort out. The storyline is gripping and gives you one of the most accurate character references to the comic book bios compared to any movie or comic hero game. And following in true to the Arkham series its packed to the brim with side quests and missions, although to some relief they've cut back on the riddler trophies. The online feature on the game is enjoyable and challenging and playing as one of Jokers or Banes elite can leave to some challenging forms of game play. But nothing quite compares to the thrill as playing as Batman or Robin and attempting to pick off the bad guys quietly without alerting the rest of their team. Overall i've had a really pleasant experience playing the new addition to the Batman game. I feel WB Games Montreal have done an amazing job staying true to the Arkham series that we know and love while creating and opening for new players to join in and not be confused as to what's going on. I would definitely recommend this game to any Batman or comic book fan out there.