Reviews for Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland


An absolute must-have for HoI players

LSD | March 6, 2014 | See all LSD's reviews »

For the Motherland is one of the proper expansions for the game, and as such, is absolutely necessary for players. The strategic resources and partisans are definitely the most important features. Strategic resources make taking territory a tactically rewarding part of gameplay. Different parts of the world feature different resources, such as materials and industry. Tungsten, for example, improves armour piercing units of the faction with access to the resource. It also vastly improves diplomacy, as nations aligned with your own faction can share their resources with you. The partisan system is incredibly fun, and allows nations who are quickly "destroyed" to continue to fight. It's truly fantastic to build partisan underground systems in countries you intend to liberate, allowing you to wreak havoc behind enemy lines. Partisans also make it more important to police your conquests, to prevent the above from taking place. Definitely worth buying!


Partizans, grand politics and technical improvement

mahon | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I recently reviewed the Semper Fi expansion, and now here's something eastern front oriented - an expansion to the Semper Fi expansion. Now we're less focused on naval and aerial combat (although there is some wolfpack-related content here too), moving closer to the ground or even underground, as many changes here address the subject of partizan units and operations. Now you can create whole underground movements and units, and assign them to combat. Moreover (and historically correctly) you can not only battle occupying forces but also ideologies who are aiming to take control over the partizans' country. That was very typical to the eastern front, where many underground organizations fought both against german occupiers and soviet 'liberators'. It also introduces option of overthrowing governments in other countries and installing your own ideology there. Moreover there's a layer of complexity added with the concept of strategic resources which need to be grabbed and controlled in order to keep your forces operational. This is a perfect match for the underground forces concept and a good task for them. Also grand politics gained another enhancement - now countries pursue their war goals, which determine their actions and are reflected in diplomatic actions. And last but not least, the expansion was supposed to improve usage of multicore processors. So if you have one, and most likely you do, your game should run much smoother now.