Reviews for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified


Above average, but still good

Alexander452 | July 20, 2015 | See all Alexander452's reviews »

This game is an quite good experience. It's a Third person shooter with decent gameplay mechanics that involves around ordering a squad of 2 around. Furthermore it involves shooting mechanics similar to that of mass effect which functions quite well. The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. The grapichs are actually quite beautifull and very impressive when something big is happening. The texture are from average to good. The story is somewhat of the weak part of the game. It's a bit confusing and dosen't really go anywhere and leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger. Yet you can get more involved in both the story and the background story by running around, finding certain items or talk to certain people. The game is a bit short and left me wanting a bit more out of the gameplay but what i got i was happy for. I recommend this


Not bad at all, although it isn't very special.

Maxmetpt | July 10, 2015 | See all Maxmetpt's reviews »

First off, I have absolutely no experience with the XCOM franchise, so I can't say how the plot stands with the other games, or how faithful the universe is. Besides, I haven't played a tactical TPS in a long time, which means that I may overlook some aspects that avid players of the genre look forward to. But here are my general thoughts. I'll try not to be too detailed, since AAAs have such a bigger scale compared to what I'm used to playing. So. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a tactical third person shooter, set in the 60's, in the first alien invasion of Earth. The best of the best are united in the XCOM to fight this invasion, and cover it up to protect the population. You'll go through several missions (some minor, some major), and you'll get to know the people you're working with between each, in the base. You have a squad of 3 people (you, and 2 AI partners), that you have some control over, during the fights. There are different classes in the game, and with each come different skills to aid you in battle. Some are support focused (providing shields, damage buffs, etc.), engineers (focus on tech, turrets, etc.), artillery (with long range deadly shots), you get the drill. Each of them can be leveled up to rank 5, and you go as far as rank 10. With each rank you choose 1 of 2 perks (sometimes, 1 of 1... tough choice, there). Let's start with the presentation. It's a AAA game, and that's very clear. Everything looks really nice, and it felt the theme surprisingly well, with the lighting effects giving the game an old sci-fi feel! Other parts of the game looked more generic, unfortunately. But overall, it certainly looked great, with good particle effects, lighting, and physics. The music also fit the theme very well, both the 60's feel, and the sci-fi. Unfortunately, it was very far apart. I don't feel like they've used the music very effectively, specially in the tense and emotional moments, the music in those was simply underwhelming. Overall, it didn't really feel as unique as it could have. As a AAA, it did very little to standout, despite being pretty good aside from that. One thing it did well in the beginning, was portraying the time setting well, using posters, and even the conversations with the different people. Moving on. The gameplay started out pretty good, but the probems soon started to reveal themselves. I chose to play in Commander Difficulty at first. The problem with that, was the friendly AI. They died within 4 seconds of the start of the fight. And I'm not exaggerating! If I sent someone to revive them, they'd just stand in the middle of the shots and would die as well. And that was pretty much the experience. That kind of challenge wasn't welcome at all. I spent way more time trying to keep my squad alive than fighting! So... after about 5 missions I decided I had enough with it, and turned it to Veteran. I died twice in the whole game after that. Once in the last mission, with throws wave after wave of enemies after you. There's just such a big discrepancy between Hard and Very Hard... that's not a very good balance, in my opinion. Commander mode could have been really strategic and tense, if the AI was worth something. Unfortunately, it was really bad. And you could see in the end, comparing their kills to yours. You alone did about 95% of the job, so yeah... Other than that, it wasn't bad. You had several different weapons at your disposal, different enemies had to be taken out in different ways (not too different, but a bit different nonetheless), the skills lead to some nice teamwork... I wasn't bad! It was not spectacular, but I was fairly enjoyable. As I said before, between missions, you'll be in the Hub Area. Here, you can talk to the scientists, engineers, pretty much everyone, and get their view on the invasion. You'll also know why they're there, and what they're working on. That was cool. It didn't blow my mind, but it's good that it's there, if you feel like exploring a bit more. There are also Notes, Photos, and Audio"Logs" spread out, during the breaks between battles. These also give you a bit more insight into the world, which is always good! Something that really bothered me though, was the Audio Logs. You had to stand near to listen to it. ... Why? The whole point of audio logs is to keep the player exploring, while being presented with the backstory. And they managed to screw it up, and have you stop your playing to listen to it... It makes no sense! Might as well give you a note instead of an audio log... I don't understand. There's not much else to say about it, really. The cover system works fine, for the most part. One complaint I have, is that you can't roll into cover! That's really important, in my view! You can roll out of the way fine. But if you roll into cover, it doesn't connect, so you'll stand up, fully vulnerable, after rolling. And you'll take unnecessary shots. I don't see why it's not in there either, but oh well... I may seem overly negative about the game, for a positive review. The fact of the matter is, that it mostly functions very well. The gunplay is solid, movement in fluid, combat involves some level of tactic, while ordering your squad members, ... It's not a bad game at all. It's simply not a very good one either, and for full price, I definitely do not recommend it. But if you're curious about the setting, or you're a fan of XCOM, I don't see a problem in getting in a sale, or something along those lines. The character interactions, though, were really bad in my opinion. And so was the way they handled the ending. Overall, I expected more. But for the price at which I got it, it was a fine game. Won't change the world in any way, but it was enjoyable.


Long long time ago...

nightninja | June 5, 2015 | See all nightninja's reviews »

If you're looking at this game, chances are you are aware of Xcom Enemy Unknown, or even the older Xcom games. Xcom Declassified is set as before any of that even happened (It's 1962, where Grease is the word). Xcom declassified is a Third-person Shooter with some squad mechanics. You (as Agent William Carter) is out to find out what exactly are the Aliens doing on this baby blue-green planet called Earth. As a team of 3 (you and 2 others), you'll set off to fight Aliens throughout USA, figuring out their motives while saving others from them. Starting off with basic Ballistic weapons (M1911 pistol and M14 rifle for you historic-weapons lovers), you'll gain new gear as you complete missions, from Laser weapons to a flippin' awesome lightning cannon. Gameplay-wise, it's squad-based fighting where you command your teammates to perform skills and flank your enemies.There are 4 classes to select from, but you only get to bring 2 along, so you have to learn what each class is great for, from taunting enemies to bringing friendly turrets to assist you. Combat-wise, outmaneuvering your enemies is important. You'll have to study the terrain to figure out where to send your squad to so as to get all the advantages you can. While the gameplay is linear (with some basic sidequests for mostly experience purposes), playing Declassified is really to enjoy the story of how Xcom started off. So if you wanted to know more about Xcom, this game's for you.


Solid TPS

Obsessor | May 9, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yep, that's one good, professionally crafted third person shooter here. Fans of XCOM series will probably enjoy it more than an average player. But that might not be the case, as "they" prefer turn based combat. Here you get very fast paced action, many weapons to use, lots of upgrades. You can give orders(takes a moment to understand the system and begin using it efficiently - here XCOM players will probably excel), use cover, flank, and blast aliens. Story is there, non-intrusive, doesn't bother you much. Graphics are enjoyable, music plays on the edge of hearing, and voices don't make your eyes bleed. All things considered - good game, worth playing no matter if you're a die hard XCOM fan, or a typical player longing for a third person shooter.


Not Exactly XCOM, But Still A Good Game

AsadAlrafidain | May 2, 2015 | See all AsadAlrafidain's reviews »

Throughout my progress playing this game, I wondered why it is so underrated, but then I understood. Truly, this is not an xcom game, and just carrying XCOM in it's title made it receive so much hate from the die-hard fans of the series. Yet if you look at this game without relating it to XCOM series, you'll find a decent and enjoyable game with rich tactical elements. Sure, it has drawbacks; bugs here and there, somewhat broken friendly AI and some unexpected (and maybe unnecessary) turns in the storyline (the last one could arguably be considered a bad thing), but it has many good things, especially the tactical element of the combat, and the fact that this game is hard even on the normal difficulty will force to think and study your actions, and it will keep you on your toes till the very end of the game. For me, after playing and completing this game, I consider it to be worth checking, especially if you don't have another triple A title at your hand.


Underrated Good Game

Azrael360 | Sept. 26, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

This was really a nice surprise. I usually don't like games with tactical options, but this game I really enjoyed. It's a third person shooter closer to Gears Of War mixed with Spec Ops: The Line and Inversion. The actions over your buddies are not hard to learn, and the action is excellent. Also the graphics, sound and control (I use a Xbox 360 controller). The game uses the Unreal Engine and you can notice sometimes, with its commonly texture pops up found in other games, but nothing game breaking. Still, everything is highly detailed, with great effects that will put your video card to the test, because everything looks really good and the action is fast. The game is set in the 50's, and everything looks that way and very well done. One thing I didn't like was that the game only autosaves, so if you did something and want to save, you can't, except to wait for a autosave to happen. In the base between missions usually happen after getting a new mission or customizing your team. But even with its small flaws, the game is highly entertaining. If you're interested in the X-Com series (as I was) and want to start from somewhere but also play third person shooters and not only strategy games, this is choronogically the first game in the series and explains the origins, so it's a good start.


Underrated Good Game

Azrael360 | Sept. 24, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

This was really a nice surprise. I usually don't like games with tactical options, but this game I really enjoyed. It's a third person shooter closer to Gears Of War mixed with Spec Ops: The Line and Inversion. The actions over your buddies are not hard to learn, and the action is excellent. Also the graphics, sound and control (I use a Xbox 360 controller). The game uses the Unreal Engine and you can notice sometimes, with its commonly texture pops up found in other games, but nothing game breaking. Still, everything is highly detailed, with great effects that will put your video card to the test, because everything looks really good and the action is fast. The game is set in the 50's, and everything looks that way and very well done. One thing I didn't like was that the game only autosaves, so if you did something and want to save, you can't, except to wait for a autosave to happen. In the base between missions usually happen after getting a new mission or customizing your team. But even with its small flaws, the game is highly entertaining. If you're interested in the X-Com series (as I was) and want to start from somewhere but also play third person shooters and not only strategy games, this is chronologically the first game in the series and explains the origins, so it's a good start.


An awesome game

patacon | Sept. 12, 2014 | See all patacon's reviews »

This game, just like it says the title of this review, is impressive, from the graphics to the gameplay, the graphics can upload them from very low levels to impressive levels, the gameplay is excellent and offers a highly original way in which we handle one character who gives orders to the others, something that is not in other games, the story is so good that I want to keep playing just to see what happens, no matter if you buy it at discount or at full price, it's worth it, I have many more things to say, if you get the chance, do not hesitate to buy it, my grade is a 10/10


Decent, may drag on at the end

Danielpf1 | Aug. 7, 2014 | See all Danielpf1's reviews »

If you have never played a Xcom game, like me, this might be a good game to get you interested in the franchise. To be clear, this game is a third person shooter and not a TBS. However it gives a lot of background to the other XCOM games and shows the first invasion by the outsiders. The story of this game is interesting enough for the 8-10 hour experience. It has rather good plot twists and interesting enough characters, but it contains some plot holes you might want to look up afterwards. Furthermore, the story is decent, not incredible but its not your standard alien invasion story. The gameplay is another story as this game is a third person shooter. First of all it does contain a FOV-slider, which is really nice since the base FOV is 75. The combat itself is serviceable but not great, the cover system is a bit clunky and the AI sidekicks tend to get themselves killed in the most hard to reach places if you dont order them into cover. The ability system works fine, much like mass effects system, however a bit slower. The weapons are good, however the alien weapons are just an upgrade to the human weapons, as soon as you get access to one, you can forget about the human version. The alien weapons are just better, without being worse in some respect.



Joethepr0 | June 14, 2014 | See all Joethepr0's reviews »

For the first few hours I really enjoyed the game and I was looking forward to putting the hours in and playing it to completion. If you're not too fussy it's a fun if somewhat clunky and repetitive third person shooter with a notably interesting premise and setting. Under scrutiny however the game suffers from numerous small bugs, glitches and irregularities in the sound, controls and AI that add up into disappointment for me. The story in particular seemed like the ending was hastily tacked on in the last minute and lacked any of the exposition that was present in the earlier parts of the game. This drop in storytelling quality was particularly jarring and left me scratching my head at what had just happened to the game I was enjoying. Something else of note is that the game does an awful job of hiding the fact that you are just running from one arena to the next at which point a wave or three of enemies will predictably spawn on the far side for you to fight. In this way it is boring and predictable despite the cool aesthetic design of the areas and the aliens. They should have tried harder to mix it up. It feels unpolished and unfinished to me and left me feeling surprisingly bitter towards it. I wanted to like it (waistcoats FTW!) but I just couldn't.


Decent game for those willing to give it a chance

stemot | May 10, 2014 | See all stemot's reviews »

Im a big fan of the XCOM universe and I don't understand the hate this game has received from fans of the series, especially when we got the great strategy title before this. The games combat plays a lot like the Mass Effect titles in that you have your squad of 3 operatives, each with their own fantastical abilities given to them through reversed engineered alien tech. You must give them strategic commands in battles to get them to flank enemies to an an advantage, much like in the turn based strategy game but taking place in real time. I found the combat to be challenging and also satisfying. The story is much like a B-movie set in the 50s or 60s with your character being an operative in the American XCOM initiative to stop the aliens from invading the backwater US. Anyone that is willing to have an open mind and willing to give an XCOM game a chance even though it isn't a strategy game in the purest sense will get enjoyment from this and seeing familiar enemies return from a new perspective.


Different take on a X-COM game.

EDGE1812 | May 3, 2014 | See all EDGE1812's reviews »

I am a fan of the X-Com franchise, So, I went into this one very skeptical due to its more action oriented design than the traditional titles and the switch from a RTS to a Third Person Shooter. Once I started playing, I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is very well written and engaging , imo, than the one used for XCOM Enemy Unknown. While there is no strategy element to this, the way you handle your 3 man teams has an excellent amount of tactical play to it and is done nicely. The time dilation used in the game keeps the game going but allows you a certain level of precision for giving orders and using special abilities. Despite the fact that the overall plot will be stangnant, there are multiple choices within the game that will affect how events play out. This gives the game a surprising amount of replay value.


A decent experience

MarkDeejay | April 16, 2014 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

A decent squad based third person shooter. Nothing more. The Bureau brings nothing new to the table but is still mostly enjoyable. The 60's style is done very well, even though the sci-fi elements detract from the experience at times making it feel like a 90's or even 00's game. It doesn't mix the settings properly I guess. The graphics are solid, nothing special, but not bad either. They get the job done, like most games. Same goes for the voice acting. The effects on the other hand are done very well. The gameplay itself is hit and miss. There's no research to be done, so if you pick up an alien's weapon you can fire it right away. It's something I missed, especially after playing last year's Xcom. There are mini missions to be completed and agents can be sent on different missions to level up and gather gear. Those missions can not be played so it basically comes down to selecting which agents you want to go. Each agent has abilities that can be unlocked by levelling up. They're all fun to use and there's plenty of variation to mix things up during battle. The battles play out in real time and with the press of a button time can be slowed down to make more tactical choices. Later on you'll have no choice but to use it as more and tougher enemies will be deployed. Without it you'll have a pretty hard time, let me tell you. Also, iIf you're agents are down you'll have a certain amount of time to help them up. If you don't help them in time they'll die and you'll lose them forever. So it's important that you work together and manage them in the best way you can to prevent them from dying. Near the end of the game this becomes much less important because you're other agents will be around level 4 or 5 already. The Bureau is actually pretty lengthy. I finished it in about 14-15 hours on Veteran so I guess it can be completed in roughly 13 hours or so, if you stay alive the entire time. That's actually pretty decent in an age where most action (adventure) games can be completed within 7-8 hours. If I had to rate The Bureau I'd give it a 7/10. It's frustrating at times, but fun enough to play and finish. The only issue here is the price, because even though there's plenty of content the game itself just isn't fun enough to pay full price.


A solid, enjoyable game

bradysam | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all bradysam's reviews »

The game initially felt like a weird FPS, Strategy hybrid with play styles that seemed at odds with each other. A couple of missions in however I felt that they started to compliment each other a lot with changing enemy configurations and a wider variety of enemies. You have to keep on surveying the battlefield and changing tactics to respond to the variety of situations that arise whilst playing. The story is very interesting the overall idea is excellent, even though it feels that the execution falls slightly short of what it should have been. The XCOM elements added to it really help to bring the game up, and whilst minimal, the extra missions and helping keep your base in check are nice additions that help flesh out the game. You should go into the game expecting not to be initially won over, but as the systems evolve a few missions in it really starts to show the ideas it has, and by then you'll be hooked and want to see the story through to the end. It's worth picking up, especially on sale!


Why all the hate?

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

I don't know what the game was originally going to be like but what it ended up to be is a great solid third person shooter. I know, XCOM supposed to be turn based and tactical and so on, but if it would have been a shooter - well, this is exactly how I would imagine it. And how come everyone got outraged about this but not about UFO Enforcer (another game that I enjoyed a lot). Anyway, you are playing as agent Carter and the game is set in the 60s at the birth of the XCOM project. It is pretty much a standard cover based shooter where you are able to order your teammates around, collect alien weapons for personal use and generally shoot stuff up. And you have some gadget that gives you some supernatural powers such as telekinesis. The story seems reasonably even though the main character is somewhat cliche'd (it will come as a surprise to none if i will tell you that he's a lone wolf by nature who often bent the rules in the past to get the job done). I would recommend the game to anyone who can get over the fact that it is XCOM and yet not a turn-based tactical game.


You should play it

acare84 | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all acare84's reviews »

I don't get the negative reviews here on this game? I think theres a lot to be said for people who write negative reviews with only 4-6 hours on a game, a lot to be said about that. The game is straight of of the 50's B movie and plays much like Mass Effect just not with as long a story. Its good there some DLC knocking about for it now to give it a bit more life. If you like to the whole B movie theme and are up a interesting story, you'll have fun. Just keep in mind it not that long ..


A really solid game, despite its troubled history

commanderhavoc | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

This game was originally going to be a first person tactical shooter where you would be doing investigations while also fighting the aliens in the 60's, but the outcry from gamers, critics and the XCOM creator himself was so bad that the game went underground and it went through several changes until it became the third person tactical shooter we have now. It is a surpisingly solid game that doesn't hold back on testing you, even on the easiest setting. You must act quickly in the middle of battles by issuing orders to your agents to take cover and perhaps provide cover fire or deploy a turret. There are also several interesting powers that can turn the tide of an otherwise hopeless battle in your favor, like a shockwave that will knock the human-sized enemies off their feet and a telekinesis-style power that lifts smaller enemies up in the air and leaves them even more vulnerable to your attacks. And it is rather interesting to see the origins of the XCOM project unfold before your eyes as you play through the game as well.


Better Than Expected

DrakeHerder | Oct. 13, 2013 | See all DrakeHerder's reviews »

I understand that most people would view this game warily as it deviates quite radically from the pre-established formula of XCOM games. In the end, the XCOM game does it more harm than good. The setting is solid, the presentation values are good and, all in all, it is a very enjoyable game, even if it does not do anything too different or original to distance itself from other thrid person squad based action games. As far as gameplay goes, it is very reminiscent of the later Mass Effects in terms of abilities and pacing, though with bigger emphasis given to position. If it had been a bit bolder in terms of how the player interacts within the base - which also serves as the hub for the game - it would've been an even better game, especially considering the numerous side missions. Some such missions are designated dispatch missions, giving you the ability to pick a squad to go on said mission, like what was present in Assassin's Creed. All in all, I'd say give the game a shot, especially when it's on sale or at a lower price. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


Awesome Story and Gameplay

spongengebob | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all spongengebob's reviews »

I really liked this game the story is really really awesome. The "Command-Mode" where you can give orders to your squad while your in fight is really cool but I hate it when i told an Agent that he should go to that position and he goes to the position and then he tries to kill himself because he rans into aliens. So the AI of the own squad isn't the best but i really liked to play the game.


Enjoyable. What else?

MarcoCav | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

XCOM Declassified is a third-person shooter pleasant and able to give a lot of satisfaction to the experienced player, thanks to the mechanics of managing agents which, in terms of gameplay experience, are able to distinguish the game from the compatitors. However there are some flaws: the artificial intelligence of companions sometimes failed, and the graphic is not particularly optimized in spite of the look and feel of the game. The main points in his favor are the setting, the dialogue, the characters and the story goes. In a word, this game is really enjoyable to play.


A solid game

virulent0o | Sept. 30, 2013 | See all virulent0o's reviews »

Although The Bureau takes on the XCOM name, it does not play like any of the previous titles. It blends 3rd person cover shooting with squad management. The result feels very much like a more tactical version of Mass Effect. If micromanagement is not your thing, you might shy away from this title. For those opting to stay, you will find that managing your squad in the heat of the battle is rather enjoyable. There is a lot of negativity towards this game due to it not following the XCOM ways nor does it excel in being a pure shooter. My advice, don't let the critic's score put you off, The Bureau is a solid game.


enemy unknown i miss you :(

kapamaru91 | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all kapamaru91's reviews »

Generally The Bureau: XCOM Declassified although not bad game, just has nothing to do with their ancestors. The battles are quite fun and quite interesting, but it is found in many other releases. The title of 2K has a serious identity crisis, because while he wants to import data from classic strategy games of the past, does not want to complicate more than they should things not to scare the average kazoual player. Therefore, what remains in our hands is a mediocre shooter with unresponsive script and graphics. Definitely not the worst proposal in the market but if you were looking for something fresh and innovative based on the universe of the series X-COM, just forget it and stay very good XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


Excellent Mass Effect like game

zakk77 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all zakk77's reviews »

I don't understand the bad reviews this game has got, it's excellent. There might be few techncial glitches but the story and gameplay is pure solid gold! If you're into games like Mass Effect this one is just for you, It's tactical 3rd person shooter with a lot of story elements. Some people might play it without doing additional investigation quests and without reading notes and audio logs, then I understand why they don't like this. This is for patient players who like to read a good story while playing. Recommended!


A new take on XCOM.

Bobafett2k6 | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all Bobafett2k6's reviews »

(review also on my steam profile - Bobafett2k6) An enjoyable 3rd person take on XCOM in the 1960's. It plays well with a good cover system and 'in battle' squad management system, there are plenty of abilities available as you and your men level up to keep battles interesting for the most part too. Visually it looks good, and there are a nice mix of locations to keep things interesting. Unfortunately the story isn't believable and feels a bit like it's been cobbled together to fit and the technology available right from the start just doesn't make any sense, laser turrets available in the 60's? And that's before you encounter the aliens. You'll find yourself up against sectopods and mutons from early on in the game which unfortunately has the side effect of making it feel a little repetitive later on. The battles do feel a bit staged as there doesn't seem to be any alien resistance between areas of the mission, it's more like moving between battle areas that are nicely set up with lots of cover options. All in all it's a decent game and I feel that some of the reviews out there are a little unfair as it's not what you would expect from an XCOM game.


Me like!!!

DanielZo0 | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I REAALLYY thought this would just be another shooter but they implemented X-COM's style of strategy so well it actually feels like 3rd person RTS xcom, I dont care about the unsatisfied destructoid review I don't see why in the world he would like how it isnt a shooter or a strategy or an xcom game BECAUSE ITS ALL OF THOSE COMBINED, and that's much more awesome than it sounds GamePlay: 9/10 Story: 8/10 visuals: 7/10 Replayabilty: 10/10 P.S: anyone going into this expecting a carbon copy of XCOM enemy unknown or UFO defense's gameplay is an idiot


Challenging game of tactics

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

I couldn't wait to pick up my copy of The Bureau after playing it's predecessor: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I absolutely loved both games as they provide several options of how to play the game. The Bureau combines both FPS and Strategy very successfully into one immersive and awesome gameplay experience that you will not regret.


Tries to stay to stay true to the XCOM brand, stumbles a bit.

Farris | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all Farris's reviews »

I played through it all on the "Commander" difficulty and the for first few hours it was quite frustrating and rather hard (in a good way), you actually had to think tactically, flank, use cover on the high ground etc. The extra nice bit about the highest difficulty is that if your agents get "downed" you can only stabilize them, and they will not get back up on their feet. That essentially means you could be faced with having both of your agents downed, but stabilized, and you were left alone with facing the remaining aliens. All that coupled with the perma-death of your agents Is really nice, and stays rather true to the XCOM brand. The story overall was also quite good, and (without spoiling) there were some things in the story that I did not see coming, which was a pleasant surprise, and was dealt with rather nicely. So what was bad with The Bureau? Well for one, there is no research at all, nothing. You find an alien weapon that has not exploded (pre-defined placements throughout the campaign missions) and you pick it up, now you have it unlocked, and all agents that can use that weapon class can also equip it. You don't even have to get back to base before you can start equipping your agents with it, you just need to get to a "resupply point". That was a really bad design choice in my opinion. The backpacks were also implemented rather oddly, you find backpack schematics littered around on some levels, and others you get from sending out your "reserve" agents on their own missions via the main map from the base. And it's the same deal as with the weapons, you find a schematic, you have instantly unlocked the backpack for use on your agents and yourself. All in all, it had some strong and good sides, such as the need to use tactics, flanking manoeuvres, combine your own and your agents abilities and not just sit behind one chest-high wall and use blind-fire all the time, like some other 3rd-person shooters. And the bad and ugly sides were the lack of some of the more complex systems, such as research for new weapons and equipment. I quite enjoyed the game, and for this price I got it at, it was worth every penny!


A spinoff, not a sequel nor a prequel

zonzon | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all zonzon's reviews »

This game has what XCOM lacked, a bigger emphasis on a scenario and exploration. This is a TPS that tried to keep the strategic nature of the originals, but is not really as complete as what XCOM was. Nevertheless, the scenario is quite enjoyable, with a little surprise occuring at the 2/3 of the game. Surprise that was actually quite brilliant, you may see it like Far Cry 3 hidden message, but this one is not outrageously insulting us as a gamer and rather intelligent. The game is clearly poorly optimized, crank down the reflections on lower end cards. Shadows look great at max setting, but they tend to glitch sometimes, restart the game if it occurs, or lower the shadows setting. The worst point about this game, is that it doesn't light the events of Enemy Unknown, this is not a flaw in itself, it's just a shame.


A good Mass Effect clones

Cavalieroscuro | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is an action game, with several RPG elements on it. If you have played Mass Effect 2, well, is pretty similar to it. Same dialogues reel, same strategic and action options...but the game is good. It's a nice clone, with a good plot, several weapons and upgrade (you can level your main character to 10, all the other NPC to level 5). The graphic is good and the game run smoothly even on not so new PCs. Give it a try.


Agent Carter, report to the Skyranger hangar at once!

Guardian412 | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a great game regardless what the mainstream reviewers says. Actually I enjoyed this game much better than most of the recent releases. It has an interesting, twisted and long storyline, a polished gameplay, good missions, great skills, well designed tactical controls and authentic atmosphere. Some says the game could have been better. Yes, just like every game. Some parts of it could be different, such I would enjoy an open world exploration and more side missions. Or more interaction with the base staff. But as I look back, I enjoyed every moment of this game, regardless I wasn't able to discover every house, or couldn't interact with much elements on the levels. It takes about 20 hours to finish the main storyline, so it's also a very long game considering it's a tactical TPS game. The only two real cons are the higher system requirements which is unusual for the Unreal engine and the A.I. could have been better here and there. But if you get used to the tactical control and get the real taste of The Bureau, you'll like it. If you loved XCom: Enemy Unknown and if you'd like to know what leaded to the foundation of XCom organization, or if you want to play in the XCom universe from a different perspective, The Buraeu is a great game to do this. It has an interesting premise, a great atmosphere set in the 1960s Cold War Era, a very long gametime, interesting skills and sometimes very-very hard missions and tough enemies. Even if it's a TPS, you have ti use similar tactics what you used in XCom: Enemy Unknown. The Bureau is a great and challenging game, what I bravely recommend it to those who love longer storylines and challenging battles.


What I expected and more

DomEReapeR | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all DomEReapeR's reviews »

I'd been waiting for this game for ages, when it finally came out (3 days later here than in America) I was blown away by all the bad criticism it has recieved. The game is pretty much what I expected, a third-person Xcom. It took me about 14 hours to finish which is a biiit on the shord side for 45 euros but it was a very enjoyable 14 hours. The game gives you a main character, and as you rank up, you gain powers based on technology taken from the aliens you've defeated, eventually you're able to throw out your own silacoids and drones as well as mind controlling enemies for a short period of time. You can bring 2 squadmembers, that can each have one of 4 classes in the game. I personally brought a Recon for specific target high-damage strikes as well as an orbital bombardment, along with an engineer who could throw out mines and turrets. Along the game you find a lot of new fun weapons, from ballistic to laser, and eventually plasma. All the weapons are satisfying to use, and work perfectly in conjunction with your powers. There are a lot of enemy types that all look pretty similar but function very differently. I played on what I think is supposed to be the normal difficulty (I played on squaddie) and the game was a bit on the difficult side, but it was managable. I'd say there's definietly replayability if you switch out your squadmembers classes and your own abilities and weapons. All in all, the game did not dissappoint, was very enjoyable, and fans of XCOM are going to absolutely love it.


So familiar and so very different

ivangroznyi1 | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all ivangroznyi1's reviews »

You thought it would not happen. I did. And then it happened. The XCOM franchise moved into the cold war period. Now you get your XCOM in a 60s setting, and it's so full of character and so unique that the atmosphere sometimes dominates the game of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The game is a great twist on the XCOM universe, as now the game is presented from third person perspective. Yes, it's not another XCOM strategy... But fortunately the person in question is interesting enough to make the game addictive and interesting. And the whole story and setting are so good that even if the gameplay was bad (which it is not), they would justify playing the game just for the sake of them. If you can immerse yourself in the XCOM universe once more, even though the game is not another XCOM strategy, you will surely have a blast!


Great XCOM Game!

Plasros | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Pretty much everything I wanted from the canceled XCom Alliance game that we never got. Yes, it apes Mass Effect, while offering a deeper tactical system. Voice acting is pretty solid and the overall flavor is very unique. So far it's the 3rd best X-com game, past the first and the recent tactical remake. The story was compelling, if a bit rushed in parts, and I wish they had incorporated some more of the research and building aspects of Unknown but in the end I was completely happy with my purchase. The end of the game feels very rushed, and I would have liked a bit more diversity among my squad as I tended to use the same two for every mission. Definitely worth a buy though, as long as your expectations are right.


A good game, but has potential for improvement.

Shadowwolf414 | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Shadowwolf414's reviews »

A well done, very original combination of the third person shooter and real time strategy genres. It has good visuals, and for the most part the game play is very smooth. Generally, the game is very similar to Mass Effect, in that you are a commander of two squad mates, who you can co-ordinate in the field, as well as the dialogue system, in which you decide how Carter (the protagonist) responds to the situation. However, the main point for improvement I think could be made, is that this game didn't need to be XCOM. It felt like the XCOM theme was holding the game back more than anything, and that the temes of the game had been developed, and then changed to fit as an XCOM game. Overall however, definitely worth a play for a challenging, quite original experience.


Decent game

laterbase | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all laterbase's reviews »

This game got a lot of flak for not staying true to the original IP, but it is a pretty fun tactical shooter with good atmosphere and a fun setting. Give it a try.


Great and underrated game

zakk77 | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all zakk77's reviews »

I don't understand all the bad rep this game has got from reviews. Solid tactical FPS shooter with very good plot! This is for someone who want's to think how to win the battles and is ready to read the notes and listen all the audio logs in game. Without it I understand why someone would not like this. If you're friend of Mass Effect series I'm sure you won't be dissapointed! My recommendations.


A different XCOM

zipnox | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

After the recent success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown comes The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. This time however it’s not the strategy game you might expect, instead you get to play as an agent tasked with the defense of the world in a third person shooter perspective. The story presented in the game is engaging, accompanied by excellent sound direction and voice acting. The graphics and overall atmosphere are well done and the game offers lots of tactical thinking in shape of squad management. The biggest issue with the game in my opinion is that it tries to approach several genres at the same time while never reaching its expected potential in either category; this is accompanied by the fact that the game has been developed for optimal play on a console device. I feel that this severely limited the game potential, trying to reach all audiences at the same time is an improbable mission. Overall, the game is enjoyable as long as you don’t expect the same turn based strategy that we’re used to get. It’s a different game and well worth trying out if you’re into third person action games.


Pretty good xcom

Bradaz85 | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Bradaz85's reviews »

This game is a decent enough third-person-shooter, Not the best but still good. For me, it does deserve the Xcom name and it does a good job of telling a story, even if the gameplay feels slightly like a mass effect clone, for me that was a good thing. The game performs well on AMD hardware.


Some issues but enjoyable!

p0tenc | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all p0tenc's reviews »

Although not perfect I don't understand why the game is getting bad reviews. A few negatives are that only one key can be bind to each action and some agent abilities can be fiddly moving with the camera. Over all though this game is enjoyable and much better than some reviewers would have you believe. I especially like the XCOM 60's theme and the GFX is good too. I probably would not pay £30 for it but considering I got it for £20 with all the pre-order bonuses I'm quite happy and will have fun playing it through once. I don't see this game having the replay ability of XCOM Enemy Unknown, but these are 2 fundamentally different games, so would be unfair to compare them. They share the same theme and that's where it ends. Don't expect Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3 and look at this game as something unique.


Grows on you!

moronicron | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all moronicron's reviews »

At first I found the game to be very "Meh" but after playing a few missions with my own custom agents everything just get more fun. The game can be challange at times and I would recomend playing on Veteran difficulty. Tactical mode can be somewhat clumsy when it comes to moving markers over gaps in the terrain but with a little fiddeling you will get your mines, grenades, artillery and turrets where you want them. Everything has a sort of Mass Effect vibe with how the gameplay is set up except this feels alittle smoother. Story is kind of okay and thats the most I can say about it. For anyone who wants a TPS with full control over your AI team then this is for you.


The altered remains of the Xcom FPS

09williamsad | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all 09williamsad's reviews »

This game started out as an FPS but has been turned into a "Tactical" TPS. The game has tactical elements but that usually comes down to move soldier here and use ability X. Playing the game in a run and gun Rambo style in not easy as your health can be depleted quickly if you are not careful and do not stick to cover. Your AI squad mates usually will go to where you tell them to and stay there but after a while they will follow you or move to another piece of cover which may or may not be in the aliens arc of fire. There is no research and engineering like in the TBS XCOM games. This is a somewhat tactical shooter with the XCOM IP attached.



Zache_ | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all Zache_'s reviews »

Loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown and when I first saw the trailer for this game i pre-ordered it at once. The first thing that you notice about this game are the graphics. Great looking scenes and environments, it actually feels like you're in a real secret army base, spaceship or whatever. It also really feels like you're in the 60's, the clothes, haircuts, huge computers, it's all great. Can only imagine what this would be like with the oculus rift. The gameplay is lovely. I really enjoy the change from 'god-perspective' (as in enemy unknown) to third person where i now can shoot like in an fps-game. The story is great aswell. Can't quite say i have ever been more into a games story as in this game. I really want to listen to everything everyone has to say as it's all interesting, and the letters that people has left all over the abondoned towns. The thing that makes my rating a 9.5/10 instead of 10 is the combat. As its now real time strategy and you have to shoot for yourself you can no longer craft the perfect strategic plan as in XCOM: EU. But it feels like a completely new sort of game which I would like to see more of. You also get alot of checkpoints after almost every fight, which makes you less careful, which I think is bad as you no longer fear that your agents might get killed, you simply just restart from checkpoint. TL;DR: If you're looking for the same kind of strategic combat as in Enemy Unknown, do not buy this game, it is very very different. But I love it, great story and great new kind of combat.


Brilliant Old School Tactical Shooter

spycid | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

One genre which is missing from the latest games is Tactical Shooters. This game blends the modern Third Person Shooter genre with old school Tactical aspects. Old noire feeling and Cold War setting made the game look beautiful. Not only does it look beautiful, but the storyline is great. It's not a generic run and gun and press a lot of buttons game. I liked it since it's a tactical game where you have to strategize to move ahead. I hope you will like it too.


Not a typical X-Com, but still fun to play

Shav | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

This game causes a lot of trouble when it comes to giving it a proper review. After all it is pretty decent shooter with a lot of tactical elements, but... ...but it is a part of an X-Com franchise, of course that everyone wants it to be completely amazing and breath-taking! Is it? Nope, just because there are a lot of minor drawbacks that makes it just an average game. Lets start with a story - setting the game in 60's was a great idea, but a plot (no spoiles) simply is a bit...weird, and it lacks sense during most of the game. The characters are forgettable, the atmosphere isn't scary at all. Gameplay is pretty fun, especially at the beggining. Mixing a TPP shooter with tactical elements works great during early stages of the game, but after a while it is a bit boring and repetetive. Also, there are some problems with issuing orders to your squad mates, especially on stairs and hills. The game would seem better if there was no "XCOM" in the title. It is a solid production, but lacks emotions and innovation to be truely enjoyable not only by casuals, but also hardcore fans of XCOM franchise. But remember, even that my review may seem pretty negative - IT IS NOT A BAD GAME!


A few issues here and there, but still a solid tactical shooter

ryanclive | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all ryanclive's reviews »

The following is an honest-to-goodness review, and my personal take on The Bureau. Take note, this is my first game in the XCOM series. Prior to finally being able to play this game, I went through several articles that gave this game mediocre ratings and reviews. Instead of feeling regret for pre-purchasing the game, I actually felt more intrigued, as I often experience games and films that I end up liking - only to find out later that they have less than desirable critic ratings. First things first, let's get the issues out of the way. Having played all of the Mass Effect games, I quickly noticed that the combat somewhat borrows heavily from the ME series, right down to the Lift ability of Carter. Originality is a rare commodity these days, and frankly, I couldn't think of a better way to improve on the tactical shooter formula. The graphics in the cutscenes are terrible; Initially, I was under the impression that the "style" was intended to fit the noir/vintage look, but I have a strong feeling it really isn't. In the same vein, the graphics can look a bit outdated; Lip sync is off, and the textures could have used better samples. Now that we have gotten those out of the way, let's get to the good parts. The Bureau is actually a solid tactical shooter. I have played and absolutely completed all Mass Effect games on Insanity mode, and even here, my squad sometimes gets knocked out even on Rookie. The point being, it's a tactical shooter at heart, and will require serious micro-management on your part - which I find fun and refreshing (of course, you could also argue that it was negligence on my part, LOL). The perks you gain vary greatly with each squad type, and from commando to engineer, there really is no weak link. All squad types are useful, and will depend greatly on your play style. Flanking and positioning is given a lot more emphasis, and the game punishes rubbish preparation on the part of the player. Weapons do not have mods, sadly, but they all do the job and there are good variants in the game, both Earth and Outsider (alien) types. The Bureau's story is actually engaging, too, complemented by a period-accurate soundtrack. The dialogues are borderline cheese at times, but unlike the cutscenes I have mentioned, they are at least period-centric, and exudes a genuine B-movie feel. There are no collectibles or audio logs that extend the story, other than a few negligible notes scattered around. The game does not break any new ground, but it isn't overly terrible either. I'm taking a bit of a guess here, but the complaints probably stem from the high expectations of people, expecting this to be closely related to Enemy Unknown, but Enemy Known and deep strategy and tactics this is not. Having played the likes of Mass Effect and Gears of War (both of which are somewhat close to the gameplay structure), I personally find the Bureau to be competent and fun. As a closing note, I would recommend getting the pre-purchase version of the game (if there's still time) that comes with the free DLC, Spec Ops game, and XCOM collection; as I can hardly recommend buying the game solely at $50.


not bad but trying to mix games/genres doesnt work 100%

comedychris | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all comedychris's reviews »

not bad but trying to mix games/genres doesn't work 100%, ok so the 3rd person action and shooting is fun, the class based combat, and variety of ways to win a lvl instead of simply running and gunning is a fresh take on modern games, that same strategy that wins me over also is a downfall, the detail and complexity is no where near xcom EU and because of that i feel a new game of a franchise should be better not worse.. a good game but if you can, get the previous title... unless you like gun play then this is for you. :D