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Amazing Game!

Plasros | July 30, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

3 Stars od Destiny is a prequel to another Aldorlea game - Laxius Force. It's not as big as its "big brother" but it's still around 30 hours of playtime and lots of quests. Otherwise it's quite similar to Laxius Force - huge dungeons with plenty of secrets to discover, tons of armors and weapons and some really challenging fights. Battle system-wise I would say that it's quite possibly the best RPG Maker game I've played - there are just so many spells, buffs and debuffs and using them correctly is often the only way how to win. The story is - once again - thrilling, there's also some humor and many interesting characters. Plus, after finishing the "main story", it's possible to continue the game and finish things you've missed. Also, there are multiple difficulties and some "goodies" (bonus character and so on) are available for free at the Aldorlea site, so 3SoD can easily last for more than 100 hours. In other words, if you enjoy playing this kind of games you should definitively not miss this one