Reviews for Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection


Still holds up

fredward93 | Sept. 26, 2014 | See all fredward93's reviews »

I remember playing this game on my dad's desktop when it first came out. It was my favorite game then and it still holds up today. I recently bought it so I could have it on steam and I am very glad I did. The game has an in depth strategy that is really unrivaled by many of the newer entry into the genres. The main strengths for me are the space battles and the tech trees. These features never seem to get boring, and trying to find the most optimal research routes is very challenging. There are definitely some flaws in the game as well, such as blinking maps and poor camera angles at times, but this does not break the game and I got used to the flaws pretty quickly. If you like turn based strategy and 4X, this game is probably going to be up your alley. It is old so it doesn't require a top of the line machine, but it is still quite polished and nice to look at, so all in all, it is worth the money. The DLC is also pretty good and the added races were really fun to get into.


Fun, it's a classic.

drafek | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

The game is a classic, if you don't mind details and like a great strategy game, this will be a game for you. There are 6 races! Alot of technologies! and single player, multiplayer and even co-op! This edition includes all dlc's which do add alot of this, new gameplay, a new race and alot more. Worth getting!


A definite buy for any 4X Fan!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

SOTS, together with the two expansion packs, turned out to be a fantastic 4X game. While the original SOTS felt a bit incomplete, the massive improvements included in the collection turned it into this reviewers favorite 4X. Make no mistake, this is not an easy game to master - there are a LOT of tricks to playing it - but it offers more diversity in tactics and strategy than any other. The sheer options one has and the number of strategies and counter-strategies is intimidating. It is clear that a lot of love and care was put into this product and it shows. While it still has a few kinks and flaws (like some blurry textures, engine that is not fully optimized), the things it does offer (re-playability, truly unique races and play-styles, customization, etc..) do make them trivial in comparison. Definitely worth the low price on sellers like GMG.