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Great game and great fun with friends

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I waited for Dirt 3: Complete Edition so that i could play with the classic cars and have additional trophies for the game. So Dirt 3 is a great game with spectacular graphics and the car sounds are great. The split-screen is fun playing cat and mouse with friends and hiding and let the other player find you :). The story is based on seasons, you have 5 seasons and each season has 5 chapters in it and each chapter has about 6-7 episodes (races). As you level up you get new sponsors that will give you more XP than the others if you choose to race with that sponsor but you can always choose another sponsor to race with. The Gymkhana is fun and not that hard and you have free roam too as you finish the seasons you'll unlock new zones to play. I haven't tried multiplayer because there is no one playing Dirt 3 online. I think it's a pretty good game to get when you get bored of the others and from time to time play it. I haven't finished the game yet but when i get bored i play it. If you like Racing Games Dirt 3 is definitely for you.