Reviews for Batman: Arkham Asylum


The better of Batman games

Adam94 | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

I recently wrote a review on Arkham Origins, check it out if you wish, if not then whatever. I'll be comparing this game to the re-hashes of it that later came from WB studios. So this game, when it came out all that time ago was the first playable Batman game on the previous gen consoles; the gaming and comic book community were sceptic at first, but unnecessarily so - The game proved a hit; this is why: - It's a Batman game, it was going to be a hit - The Batman franchise was hitting an all time high, with The Dark Knight to be released - The game play was original, it was an adventure/action/beat em up but with purpose, a story the comic book community loved - The concept of being Batman overthrew us all, the gadgets, combat skills and shear awesomeness of it all overthrew us It did have its draw backs: - It soon became repetitive gameplay, tedious with far too many collectable items to seek - The graphics could have been better for the PS3. The output was 720p but details were missed in some of the environments (if you're not interested in graphics then dismiss this point) The game, to sum up was an original, something WB needed but eventually destroyed with the new-ish Arkham Origins. The 3D functionality was good, great for a game of its time. It was, simply a good game. Peace Out.


True Batman experience

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Whether you are a DC fan, a lover of stealth games, beautiful graphics, action packed open world settings or even puzzles, you have to try this game. As the first installment of the franchise it presents the Dark Knight in all its glory. It has a great lineup of villains, solid stealth parts, extremely well executed fights, tons of bat-gadgets, unlockables, puzzles from the Riddler and probably a lot more that I am forgetting. The controls are simple but have a fair deal of depth, and even with the basic 2 button fighting there are a lot of tricks to master. The graphics is just stunning (well, was at least when the game came out) and the story is captivating. Even if I wanted to it would be hard to find something to complain about. But I don't want to. It is an excellent game.


A great start to a franchise!

TETfromLondon | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

Speaking as someone who doesn't really care about comic books, it is quite hard to get me interested in anything super hero related. However, Batman: Arkham Asylum is an excellent game with a great story and atmosphere and one of the best third person fighting mechanics I've ever used. There really isn't much else to say about it, except that there's plenty of replay value. Well worth buying, especially at a low price.


Great Game!

gamerroverr | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all gamerroverr's reviews »

Not only does this game have the best combat in a superhero game ever! But it offers a great story in a fairly decent sized open world. Although the world may not be gigantic, it makes up for this in the detail which the developer has hand crafted into every area of the game map. In addition to this, you don't have to be a Batman fan at all to enjoy the game, the story is kept understandable enough for people who are new to the universe and complex enough to satisfy long time fans...


Simply Amazing

Lleris | Oct. 9, 2013 | See all Lleris's reviews »

Fluid gameplay, solid graphics and a solid storyline that's easily accessible to even newcomers to the DC Universe franchise (but seriously though, really?). The only thing I felt held Arkham Asylum back is the fact that the gameplay area was just generally quite smaller than most other games. Arkham City which came after it had the right size, but perhaps it was a shortcoming to set it in such a small area of the Batman universe. Perhaps they could have made the Asylum bigger by adding extra floors to it and such. Otherwise, the game is a solid one with no major floors or bugs or glitches.



ysk1985 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all ysk1985's reviews »

This is a very nice start to the batman games. You can play this even if you have no knowledge of batman universe and it will still be enjoyable. The graphics are nice and story is great. The gameplay is awesome as you play as Batman, you really feel the role as you have access to his gadgets and fighting skills. The combat is fluid.