Reviews for Killzone 2


One of the best FPS's around!

SNAC0B_ | April 13, 2014 | See all SNAC0B_'s reviews »

Killzone 2 is a standout game in a rather stale genre, where most other FPS games just put you in the role of another gun ho soldier fighting terror around the globe, Killzone 2 manages to reinvigorate the genre by ditching earth and taking the battle to the enemy home world helgan. The experience is very story driven, from the epic opening scene to the surprising closing moment the game does a great job of telling the story of both sides of the battlefield and the driving forces behind them. The game boasts some very slick graphics which help immerse yourself in the very different world which helgan certainly is. The movement and controls have a great weight to them adding to the realism and the AI of the enemy soldiers is surprisingly good, whether they are being suppressed by your gun fire or they are dashing to new cover because of the handful of grenades you just threw there way they are rarely just cannon fodder. Overall this game may not be for call of duty lovers bit if your looking for a game with a great story to tell and some great graphics and gameplay to back it up then Killzone 2 is certainly for you.


Fantastic sequel to an average game!

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

The first Killzone was an average which was nothing special nor memorable however this sequel is excellent! I remember watching the opening scene for the first time and saying to myself, "Wow this game looks so amazing" and it keeps that level of visuals throughout the game. The sound is top notch which I expected nothing less than that with all the hype the game got. I just don't find the story to be all that captivating and it really left me with the feeling of "I just don't care what happens here". The gameplay feels heavy. You feel the weight of your players armor as you run, jump, turn, and aim. It isn't a bad feeling at all, just expect it to take a few minutes to adjust if you are used to games like Call of Duty. Overall I would say this is a game worthy of a purchase if you are a fan of FPS's or just like looking at beautiful graphics. I love how they made the game not look like every other game. This game is grey and dreary and it doesn't feel like you are on earth like most other games. Highly recommended!