Reviews for Battlestations Midway [Playfire]


Solid game but not without problems

lachking | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Battlestations: Midway as a package is quite well put together. There is a campaign with various types of missions, there are numerous cut scenes and there are challenge mode missions. You command a variety of vehicles such as planes, ships and submarines and the controls are smooth and responsive. The graphics are solid although not particularly outstanding and the sound effects are also quite good as well. The main problem with the game however, is that the missions get difficult and repetitive rather quickly. You will often have to repeat certain segments, often the boring ones, to get to the challenging part of the mission, such as sailing out of a bay in a slow destroyer only to get annihilated upon entering the ocean. The objectives themselves are solid, but the actual mission designs let them down. However the game is still a solid experience nonetheless thanks to slick controls, good atmosphere and a variety of craft to pilot.


Right balance between action and strategy

Lekes | Jan. 3, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

The most polite way to put it is that I don't dislike this game. The graphics are decent, the cut-scenes are well done, and the first couple of missions really pulled me in and captured my excitement. But as the game story progressed, the excitement quickly wore off leaving me uncommitted to continue. Each battle became frustratingly harder, even with the difficulty setting on easy. There was no ability to save the game mid-mission which left me with a lingering bitterness every time I had to restart (which was quite often). A worthy attempt, but the developers just couldn't close the deal for me making it a tolerable air/sea shooter at best.


Sequel to a game nobody played that nobody played

cavalcade | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all cavalcade's reviews »

This deserved better. The original featured a tutorial so long that many people didn't make it through. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some players weren't discovered by their other halves slumped on the sofa, slowly decaying after being sat for the best part of 2 hours being told in painstaking detail how to move a ship and a submarine. The sequel still has a fairly long tutorial but at least manages to get you into action before rigor mortis sets in. The conceit here is that you fight skirmishes in WW2, but fairly interestingly you have direct control over the planes, ships and submarines in the conflict, dynamically switching between them to execute pin-point assaults on a bewildered enemy. That's the general idea, but as with many videogames the reality is an interesting blend of slightly dull moving around interspersed with a few moments of panic and excitement. That's not a bad thing - with Call of Duty these days it's like someone holding your cheeks and shouting in your eyes for 8 hours - and this is a more refined, gentlemanly game. Like chess. But with torpedoes. The game is probably best in multiplayer, but the chances of finding someone playing these days is remote (so make a friend buy this too). It has a vaguely Carrier Command vibe to it in this mode, and very interesting, layed fights can develop. It has to be said though that the netcode is variable and sometimes you can get battles stuck in a sort of stalemate. You get the feeling that it wasn't the best tested and balanced game of all time, but it's fun all the same. Recommended, if you want something a bit more cerebral and gentle than the modern trend for killstreaks and racist 12 year olds screaming at you over a headset.


Surprisingly well put together

simonsix | June 18, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

This is a surprisingly well put together game. The single biggest drawback is that during battles with multiple units you spend most of your time playing on the map screen to coordinate everything.The campaign is too SHORT.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Battlestations: Midway offers a really great mix between real time strategy and direct actions, it is actualy the best thing of the game. The singleplayer is pretty short but the multiplayer compensates for the hard challenges and short length. The voiceovers and sounds overall are a bit average and for example hearing the radio chatter might get boring after a bit. Other than that, it is really fun and you shouldn't miss out the multiplayer.


You Cant Go Wrong at this price

madgamerguy | July 8, 2011 | See all madgamerguy's reviews »

Have both, for a while now "Battlestations: Midway/Pecicfic" games and they are excellent, there is still online play for both games..single play rocks...multiply is so fun..every battle you play is different..get both games, midway works with game spy and pacific is GFWL...I enjoy these games..."no run and gun," but fly sail and submerge..



hotmando1 | July 5, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Single player was really short. It lasted only a few hours for me. The only thing that extends the number of hours you spend playing is death. Checkpoints are used wrongly in the game, sometimes you'll have to restart an entire level for the sake of just giving up. Gameplay can be better but it is pretty smooth. No crashes or anything which is a good sign. Graphics are done nicely for it's release date. I can't really see casual players playing this but hardcore fans of aerial combat will enjoy it. Get it for the kicks, not value.


Awesome game

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | See all wahidasoldier's reviews »

I have to say I had low hopes for this game, but the more I played the more the game entertained me. Sure the missions can be long and one false step can lead to an hour of progress to be wasted. But if you drill through it trying different strategies you will defeat the enemy in no time flat. The most helpful thing in this game is the tutorials.. if you go through those you should be fine. Starting the game without the tutorials can make your gaming a lot harder than it actually is. Now the breakdown Gameplay: works extremely well, and the although managing the damage hud can be a bit annoying, you can do fine without management. This may not be the case on the hardest difficulty (did not go through that one yet). Graphics: very nicely done, from the planes to the vistas. Sure, it doesn't look like highly detailed when you get down to it.. but, with you hopping from ship to ship or plane to plane, or even ship to sub you can overlook some of the fine details. Sound: pretty good weapons sone accurate and fulfilling. Value: Replayability is there! Of course these take the form of unlockables.. but what do you expect from an arcadish game? Tilt: I give this game a nice 9 because I personally enjoyed it, and I do tend to play it for short bursts, even the challenges are fun. All in all this game exceeded my expectations and is a very fun game.