Reviews for Sid Meier's Civilization® IV Complete [Playfire]


Historical Strategy Game

aznsnsn | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all aznsnsn's reviews »

Do you have a taste for history? This game incorporates the world's history all the way into the present and a predicted future. One game going through all the different ages can literally take hours as you try to expand or conquer. There is a rich blend of fighting, developing, decision making, and diplomacy. The graphics are nothing special, but what makes this game so great is the complexity. It goes into a lot of detail using many cultural and societal developments. There are just a couple problems where you may lag very late game, because in 1 turn, so many things will happen at once that it will take a while before your turn arrives again. Overall it is a great game for developing your mind.


A Great Strategy Game Well Worth The Money

TuckerOR | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all TuckerOR's reviews »

It's true, Civilization games are definitely addicting. I have been playing Civilization games for many years now, and they never seem to get old. There are many strategy games out there, but I must implore you to try out these games. I can sit down in front of my computer and play these games for hours and hours. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Civilization, from minding your own business and not dealing in international affairs to creating your own alliances to even starting a war that spans continents and numerous countries, it seems as if no other games does this as impressively as Civilization, and no game in the Civilization series is as impressive as Civilization IV.


The best civ period

CyberspyXD | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all CyberspyXD's reviews »

I cannot even begin to describe how deep and fleshed out Civ IV is even more then its successor Civ V. Almost any PC can run it which is a plus and it retains its deep play that rewards thinking over brute force. Do you want to peaceful you can win that way want to conquer the world go ahead and many more victorys can be attained. This includes beyond the sword which is the biggest and best Civ expansion ever that makes Civ even deeper. This is easy to get into but as always hard to master


The most detailed incarnation of Civilization so far

mahon | July 25, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Even after the release of Civilization V, many players remain faithful to the previous game - Civilization IV, claiming that it's the peak version of the game. And if you're a player who wants to micromanage your empire, you won't disagree. It's the most detailed and demanding part of the series so far (although I haven't played the 5th game with its latest expansion Brave New World yet, so I cannot judge it), and with two great expansions in the pack it is enough to keep a fan of strategy detached from reality for months. In this part you oversee every aspect of your empire - from its international relations to every citizen's occupation. And if it is not enough, you get an additional game - remake of Colonization updated to Civilization IV engine. If you think how many hours of gaming this pack can provide you with, the price is a real bargain. And the fact that so many players prefer it to the newer Civilization V is a recommendation in itself!


Civ 4

ArmokGreyjoy | July 15, 2013 | See all ArmokGreyjoy's reviews »

Civilization IV is another great game for the Sid Meiers Civilization series better then V and a great improvement form III. Civilization IV is a turn based strategy game in which you take a rule of any of the many nations you have at youre disposal and youre goal is to build an empire that will thrive and eventually will win in one of the six ways to achieve victory in the game. Theres great improvement in the AI and the overhaul feel of the game and there also enough tools that will help you mange youre growing empire like the diplomacy one which gives you information of why a Civ hate you or love you based on youre action, there also quite a lot of scenarios and mods made by the community which are just fantastic overall one of the best Strategy games I have ever played.


The most complex

Demilisz | June 21, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Civilizatioin IV Complete is a pinnacle of the series. While Civ V is newer and better in some points (mostly combat system), it's still lacks some touches. Civ IV, on the other hand, suffers only in outdated combat mechanic, where you could stack a large number of units on single hex. AI does the same and so wars are about who can get bigger stack first. Everything outside that is great - you feel like rising and managing a nation, from first city to great empire. Religion, espionage, diplomacy, politics, culture, health (the biggest feature missing from Civ V as for now), wonders etc. are here. Truly legendary game that no one can miss.


Greatest turn based strategy game of all time.

jackyboi1014 | June 16, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

This is my first experience of Civilisation and I'm impressed. I love the 'Great Person' feature and the Golden Ages. There are some excellent unique units and buildings - I always play as Peter The Great because Cossacks give me a distinct advantage over Cavalry in the middle part of the game. There are some excellent wonders to build as well. Always save the Globe Theatre and National Park wonders until the end of the game when you'll have a large population (my biggest city had a population of 40) ! My only gripe is a complaint I would also level against games such as Rise of Nations : at the end of the game the original uniqueness of the different civs has disappeared and every civ is pretty much the same. I suppose this is realistic though. Also, micromanagement can get a bit tedious when you have 30 or 40 cities. However, this is a game that I'll come back to time and time again because it has plenty of depth and every game is different. I wish there were more old school PC games in development. We can only hope. Another winner from Sid Meier.


Great Empire building strategy

wildster30 | May 31, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

One of the best empire building strategy games I have ever played, an all over great experience with very low requirements so pretty much any PC can run it (I have a 5 year old bottom of the range laptop that can still run Civ 4 smoothly). Definitely worth a go


Never grows old

roberz | May 13, 2013 | See all roberz's reviews »

Definately my favourite among the series. Have been playing on and off for about 2 years now and I'm still as hooked as ever. When it comes to hardware it's rather friendly as you don't need a high-end system to enjoy it, but as always it's prefferable for a smoother ride. With the gold edition and it's exp's you'll have more than enough civ's to play around with, all with a unique feel, no game really feels like the next one if you're willing to go outside of your comfort zone. I'm amazed, well worth every penny!


Better than Civ V! Expect to be amazed.

Greynor | April 25, 2013 | See all Greynor's reviews »

I picked this up at retail about a year ago. It is the best game I have played in years. It beats Civilization V in so many ways. There is no lag, and you can play in a variety of game modes. An awesome game for all gamers of all ages.


Same addictive Civ action!

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | See all chivshiv's reviews »

I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of computer games, so last week when I decided it was time to splurge on a new game, I decided to go for an old standby. I'm glad I did. My most recent experience with the Civilization franchise was with Civ 3 many years ago, so I have been pleasantly surprised by the updates in Civ 4. The graphics are obviously much improved, the interface is slicker and a bit easier to use, and there is a bit more depth in the game play. The changes are minor, however. Anyone familiar with the previous versions of the game will be able to jump right in with only a few visits to the Civilopedia to look up new aspects of game play or units. I have an old (2007) 2.4GHZ Core Duo Macbook with 4MB RAM and one of the GMA X3100 graphics cards, and the game runs great. The graphics look nice and I haven't had any freezes or hiccups. Anyway, a great version of an old friend. Happy conquering!


The Greatest Turn Based Strategy Game

Jelley | Feb. 21, 2013 | See all Jelley's reviews »

Civilization 4 is truly an amazing strategy game, featuring great strategic depth, and a many ways to customize the experience to suit the users needs. The game has a simple premise, advance a small band of nomads into a mighty civilization, eventually winning the game when one of five victory conditions are met. However, many areas need to be managed, such as foreign relations, and defense, where a balance of all things is crucial to success. Combat essentially revolves around a modified a rock-paper-scissors method, whereby every unit counters and is countered by something, but also has a strength rating. Graphically the game looks amazing, with a clear UI layout and smooth slick animations. This is accompanied by great sound design, particularly in the narration for technology researches, but also in the Grammy winning main theme. Although daunting at first, the game is quite user friendly, featuring extensive tutorials and accompanying hints and tips in the game. The game also features great mod support, allowing users to customize the experience to a play style or setting of their choice. The game even ships with a library of pre-made mods, which are easy to activate. The add ons included don't alter the game play a great deal, but the added units, wonders, factions/leaders and even cinematics complement the vanilla game well, and provide more tools that can have an impact on the final result. Although Civilization 4, or the included expansions don't revolutionize the civilization experience greatly, small but meaningful additions such as religion, great people and the user friendly 3D engine, improve on an already great series, to create a highly entertaining experience.


Perhaps the best strategy game ever

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all nintendo97's reviews »

I picked this up at retail about 10 months ago or so. It is quite simply the best strategy game I've ever played. It beats Civilization V in so many ways. It doesn't require higher specs, so you can probably play it on a laptop. This is the perfect game to play on the go. You can play as numerous different rulers of different societies, and a huge modding community can help you to play for hundreds of hours.


Superb Package

lachking | Oct. 6, 2012 | See all lachking's reviews »

Civilization 4 is arguably the best civilization to date and the expansions make the game even better. If you are not familiar with Civilization, it is a turn based strategy game where you lead your civilization through the ages through founding cities, building units, gathering resources and interacting with other civilizations. Civilization 4 in particular, is often discussed as the pinnacle of the series. The level of depth is very large and the visual style still holds well today. The combat system is very good with each unit having a strength rating and the diplomacy screen offers well animated portraits of the various leaders. The expansions add more leaders, scenarios and wonders to the mix, as well as additional scenarios. The Beyond the Sword expansion also adds random events, which I found to add a large level of excitement to the game- such as a volcano eruption destroying all nearby improvements. Overall, this is a superb package. You’re arguably getting the best Civilization to date with the expansions that make the game even better.


The end of Civilization

emperor20 | Sept. 3, 2011 | See all emperor20's reviews »

There is nothing left to add to the series. While the release was one of the most rocky starts for a strategy game and the actual requirements were much higher than stated, the game kept getting better with expansions and computers. The modding community continues to add "one more turn" to the game, as developers have integrated many mods into the expansions. There are many added options to play the game that even allows for dealing with trading technology without having them trade those techs like it was candy. The AI is still a cheater, but you can find mods to change it and open up the files to make the game more enjoyable. It helps to keep building units nonstop since the slightly better AI will still send dozens of troops at your border and box in your attempts at expanding.


Better than Civ V

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

I've spend hundreds of hours playing this game. As I mentioned in my review in Civilization V page, I think that this version is better. The graphics aren't too old, it's still great, same goes for sounds. This Civilization is also much harder than Civilization V. Even for that I like it more. This game isn't very easy to start playing, and is even harder to master it, but all the experience you will get in the process is incredible. It's very fun and when I play for three hours straight, my only thought is: "one more turn and I will go make myself a dinner". That thought is very long and usually ends in two hours. That doesn't happen with every game, rather it happens with very few games. The incredibility of this game is extremely addictive. In my opinion, this is the best turn-based strategy game ever created. It has all three expansions attached to it and costs only 25€, and it's worth every cent! Even if you think that's a lot for an old game, think about it this way: 3 expansions attached! It's truly incredible game. The very best work of Sid Meier's.


Complete masterpiece.

GAMERamble | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

I have been playing the Civilization games since day one and I can honestly say that the fourth installment is so good that I have had no reason to start playing the fifth! If you only ever buy one strategy game in your life make sure its Civilization IV.


Sid Meier's masterwork

malk | Aug. 7, 2011 | See all malk's reviews »

One of Meier's greatests works and Civilization at it's best. Extremely addictive and fun with lots of customization so your nation can advance through the ages the way you want it, be it as a powerful military nation who conquers all by force of arms, a quiet nation secretely discovering the secrets of going into space or even a nation with a culture so great that other cities want to join you without you even lifting a finger. Be ready to see hours fly by as you manage your cities, lead your soldiers to war and prepare your space ship to Alpha Centauri. What will YOUR civilization stand for?


Best game ever?!

nurz | June 28, 2011 | See all nurz's reviews »

I'm playing Civilization IV since its release in 2005. And I can't stop doing this. Easy to learn, hard to master, one more turn... This simple phrases could describe outstanding gameplay - add straight & neat graphics and brilliant music - you have Civ IV. With plenty customization options you will get your preferred type of game - short and easy victory or short and painful defeat. Replayability is at highest level here. Worth every money!


The best Civilization game ever!

ZippaLip | April 11, 2011 | See all ZippaLip's reviews »

Civilization IV complete is surely the best in this epic series because the 5th installment is not as good. This game has all the element that make the series one of the most famous and praised in pc games: turn-based strategy, simulation, war, diplomacy, control of the map, a lot of ages, religions, cultural influence, wonders, technology and unit so you can revive the history of mankind. The graphic is very beautiful even nowadays (it was released in 2004). In the complete edition you have also the two expansion packs (“beyond the sword” especially add great features) and Colonization (a sort of spin-off), you have also many special scenarios and mods (some made by fans), so the duration of this game for single player can be very very long! There's also multiplayer. And the main music theme have recently received a Grammy award! If you want the real Civilization experience buy it!