Reviews for Cloudberry Kingdom™


Procedurally generated madness

duzell | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all duzell's reviews »

The gimmick for this game is that every level is procedurally generated, and this makes for a very unique sort of game. On the plus side, it means that you can go and play as many levels as you want, and the game will just keep serving them up for you. A big feature of this game is that it tailors the level generation to what it feels your skill level is, and it does this better than any other game I’ve seen. On the minus side, this means that levels are good, but never really excellent in the handcrafted way you might see in something like Super Meat Boy. Besides the level generation, this is a fairly standard platformer. You pick up new abilities every few levels and try to move to the right while everything tries its hardest to kill you. If you ever get too stuck there’s an option to see how a computer solved the level so it never gets too frustrating, but it also never really feels too brilliant. Overall, a good game.


Great game!

friendbear | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all friendbear's reviews »

This game is awesome! It has great graphics and its easy to play and understand. I like how you are able to customize your own characters and make them different colors. There are just so many different ways to change up your character and make them unique.

If you like the game Super Meat Boy, you will definitely love this game. I like how its timed, so it makes you go as fast as you can, testing your reflexes and skills.

What I dont like is how it gets a bit hectic in some levels and its just overwhelming.

Overall, its a great game. Everyone who is looking for a good platformer should get this.