Reviews for Lost Planet 3


Give it a go!

Demadizz | May 30, 2015 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

After reading the reviews of this game, I was a little hesitant about getting it. However once I did, I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed the story and game play. Capcom did a great job polishing this game. Some moments feel a lot like dead space, where as other moments are more action oriented. Wonderful game overall. and worth a look into. 8/10. Giant robots and monster aliens. Enough said


Dont like the new rebooted system

kapamaru91 | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all kapamaru91's reviews »

The first few hours, the game gives the illusion of an open world, with each region being associated with some other (much like the recent Monster Hunter) where we go from one point to another completing quests and returning back to our base to buy upgrades arms and our robot. The problems start after the first piece, so the title "hits" a severe form of identity crisis when converted (or at least trying) to a ... survival-horror in dark, claustrophobic spaces in the footsteps of Dead Space.


Lost Planet in a new skin.

fable2 | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

The game isn't that bad as the critic reviews may suggest. The music is good, the visuals are quite acceptable (on my older rig), the storytelling is capturing. The voiceover is good but the audio quality is a bit strange. True, it has some tedious parts and lack of rig-weaponry; somehow, it doesn't feel right. I enjoyed the maintenance tasks with the rig which is well suited for those, but for combat is unsatisfying. Yes it tries to be Dead Space-like, but I felt some Rage and Mass Effect in it. No achievements so there is little to no replay value for me right now even if I left out a bunch of collectibles. The key configuration is a bit awkward and didn't allow me to remap most of the keys, i.e., use E for multiple actions was rejected, even though some keys were by default mapped to many actions at one. Still, its a buy for me.


Lost Planet series rebooted

michalmichal | Sept. 2, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

I was not quite sure how high my expectations regarding this game should be, after the second Lost Planet game, which (although visually superior) didn't manage to remain as interesting as the first part of the series as far as the story and tension go. Fortunately the third game returns to the right track with everything that was wrong in the previous part. The storyline is much better and I think I won't be spoiling it when I say this game is actually a prequel to the series. This gives us the opportunity to play as beginners in survival on this dangerous planet, and offers interesting challenges. And even if visuals could be a bit better, they're good enough for demanding players of today. So even though I am afraid the game will not win popularity contests against other recent releases, it is still a very solid game, now backed up with solid story, good characters and interesting gameplay.


Great story

DanielZo0 | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Great story and voice acting. It takes a whole new spin on the series going back to the beginning. You have control of a Rig which is like your personal Mechwarrior, but you also leave the rig and use your weapons like pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, etc. Great game and enjoying every minute of it so far. Single player alone is worth getting the game for but there also Multiplayer which has multiple game modes. This is a must have game for any Lost Planet fan, and in general if you like third person action games or Mechwarrior, then you would like this game, I definitely suggest it.