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A Great Immersive Mafia Game

thegaminglyfe | June 11, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Mafia 2 is an amazing Mafia experience. You feel like you're in a Mafia movie. The story is great, the gameplay is great, and the graphics and sound are both exceptional. The gameplay gets a bit hard and frustrating at times but still fun. The game looks like you're actually in a WWII New York and it sounds like it to. Highly recommended to fans of gang and sandbox games.


Great story

Stebsis | June 5, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Storyline of Mafia 2 is definitely its strongest point. Vito is just home from war and he needs to get back sometime later, but then you meet your old friend Joe who's gotten involved in mafia business, and he gets you out of the army and recruits you to the family he's been friends with. Story takes some turns and feels like a mafia tale. Sadly almost everything else is pretty boring and lacks content. There is absolutely nothing to do in the great looking city. Shooting elements though not bad aren't really that great either. Bunching minigame is decent fun. Driving a car is just horrible, I at least just couldn't do it, it had just such poor controls and driving missions became a chore. Sneaking missions though actually really fun and intense when they click, too often feel cheap and way, way, way too scripted. If you don't play these kind of open world games for the story but want to cause havoc and just have fun, Mafia 2 isn't for you, but for great story lovers this is a must buy game.


Authentic mafia experience

HeyImPhoenix | June 5, 2013 | See all HeyImPhoenix's reviews »

If you love films like Goodfellas or the Godfather then this game will blow you away! It has one of the best gangster storylines I have ever played! the graphics are stunning, the characters are memorable and the gameplay is smooth. worth your money!


Great story, decent gameplay

wildster30 | June 2, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

There are quite a few annoying flaws to this game which make the gameplay itself quite repetitive, boring and uninteresting, however once you get over the fact that the gameplay itself and enjoy the experience of the game then you realize that the story itself is actually very good. Think of Mafia 2 less as a game and more as a highly interactive movie and you will get a great deal of pleasure out of it. As a game this is only decent, however the atmosphere, the story is simply superb. If you're a fan of mafia movies then definitely give this game a go.


If you like Mafia films, movies and games- Buy Mafia II

Crazy4ever | May 21, 2013 | See all Crazy4ever's reviews »

Mafia II is a game about Vito Scaletta, an italian immigrant from Sicily. The story is great and really gets you in the Mafia-mood. I missed never reaching the top of the family and not being a boss, but still it was a brilliant story. The shooting mechanics are really good, and the fighting is great. Still, I miss objects like knifes and bats like Mafia 1 had. There is a bit to much driving between places, but the cars are amazingly cool, and the music is great. Dean Martin and the everly brothers gives you the real 40s feel. The charachters are sooo cool, and you get really connected to them. The story is touching at many points, and along with Mafia 1, Mafia 2 has one of the best storylines I have ever played! If you like Mafia, this game is a 95, if you arent very interested its an 85. Worth the price, but if this game is currently on offer and you are considering it and have never played it before YOU MUST BUY IT.


In the mood... thanks to the music

ccccp | May 9, 2013 | See all ccccp's reviews »

Mafia 2 is quite a good game in itself. The drag is, if you loved the first game (this means you're tasty), you will find it not that good. The town is the star of the game anyway. The characters are too much "hollywood bad boys style". They lack what you love in gangsters on TV : honor and humanity. Trash talking is overwhelming and useless. That's why I don't let my son play it for now. The soundtrack is amazing. Gunfights and driving sequences are so-so. You will miss real dangerous cops. The authors of the story made a thin but great link to the first Mafia game. You'll love it if you remember the first one. The end is ... ridiculous.


Not as good as the original but still a good game

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Simple Review The Good The Graphics on this game is fantastic. The amount of detail put into every corner of the world is astonishing. Posters cover walls. Windows on full display of the products in the stores. The Traffic lights and even the traffic is amazing. Rain and night scenes are beautiful with realistic reflections. It is just awesome! The story line is good. It's not totally ground breaking, but it's a tested formula that works well for any Mafia game or movie. It's nowhere near as engaging as the first game but it's better than most games out there The music and voice acting are both excellent The Bad It's actually not that great in terms of game-play. The amount of shoot-outs you have is really limited and can probably be counted on your 2 hands. You're stuck doing menial jobs like taking things from one spot to the nex which can get quite tedious very quicklyt. Killing a guy here or there (which is most of the times a cut-scene in which you have no control anyway. No Side missions which is a bit of a missed opportunity for a sandbox game So not really a great game to play, but the visuals all but make up for the lack of variety in the game. Also this game is so much easier than the first game and there is one AMAZING moment for fans of the first game


You're missing out

jimsteryo2 | April 29, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

The storyline of this game is most likely the best mafia story I've ever experienced. It blew me away. For me, the fun of this game wasn't the repetitive car driving missions or the bland shooting missions, rather for me, it was the phenomenal story which made this game absolutely perfect. With the radio system in the cars, it made me feel as though I was actually there. A must get for any gamer.


Great game with a few annoying flaws

georgecopos | April 29, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

Mafia II is a good example of a linear game that allows for open world exploration. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, Mafia does not allow you to choose certain missions to do. All the missions are done right after each other, with no "down time" except for the travel time between missions. This means that you can never explore the game world while not "in a mission", even if your objective is just to travel to a new destination. This makes the game much faster, but also allows for more hardcore gamers to explore and find collectibles (playboy magazines and wanted posters) and just cause some chaos. The guns feel great, and the cover system works very well. Friendly and enemy AI are both intelligent. Enemies will try to flank you, and friendlies will watch your back. Now for the few annoying flaws. 1. You do a lot of driving. A LOT of driving. There isn't one instance in the game where you have a group of people in a car but you aren't driving. This can get very annoying, especially during long play sessions. You will be driving to a point on one side of the map to drop someone off, and then have to drive all the way back to go to sleep or complete another objective. 2. The police are too alert. They come after you for small things (hit and run) and large things (murder). But their response can vary so much. For example, you can murder a civilian in front of a cop, and sometimes them not notice. But if you hit another car down the street from a cop, they are on your ass in a second. This would all be okay if shaking the cops were easy, but in Mafia, it's not. First you have to get out of the "alert". This involves driving around to lose your pursuers. Then, while avoiding any other cops, you have to either change your license plate, color of your car, or get a new car. If the cops are after YOU, rather the car, you have to change your clothes. This gets quite annoying. You can bribe the cops by using a payphone, but they are hard to get to without being detected. All in all, Mafia II is an exceptional game with a great storyline and great voice acting. The few flaws are easily overlooked by the incredibly gameplay mechanics and characters.


Life of a ganster (boring parts included!)

Forceflow | April 26, 2013 | See all Forceflow's reviews »

Now, here's a game which does a lot right: style, music, atmosphere ... it really puts you in that time period during your slow ascend to mob leadership. Cutscenes and voice acting only add to the experience. Texturework and lighting in this game really shines, though the city is quite repetitive and hard to navigate just on visual cues alone. It's hard not to compare this game to GTA4, but the comparison doesn't shine in Mafia's favor. Main problem: a lot of the (non-main-plot) missions are basicly just playing taxi for people, which is a bit infuriating. I also get the impression that the melee combat system really was designed with controllers in mind, since on PC, it consists of practicly throwing your mouse to the other side of the room. A pity. Shooting is your standard cover-based combat, and is meaty enough to entertain. I sunk 18 hours into this game, had fun, but the replayability is severely limited by a couple of boring missions.


So, so good

TheGrizzlyB | April 24, 2013 | See all TheGrizzlyB's reviews »

I like this game a lot more than others might. This game is basically GTA set in the early 1900's. That being said however, it is a lot different than GTA. You can rob stores, and when you kill the clerks the police will come and shut down the shop with yellow crime scene tape. Thats one of my favorite parts of the game. Not only that, but the story is pretty great to me. It makes you pretty sad at the end too.


Not as great as it could've been

PhyxionUS1 | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all PhyxionUS1's reviews »

Mafia II misses the revolutionary status of the first game to reach really great heights and you certainly shouldn't compare the game in terms of content compared to filled sandbox games from the Grand Theft Auto series, but this crime game is full of atmosphere and brings a fascinating story that you will absolutely enjoy. Maybe everything starts a bit slow and not all missions are as spectacular, but there is still plenty left to enjoy. Is it as good as the first game? Not at all. Is it still a good enough game? Yes, but you should not expect too much from it.


Nice Mafia story! But....

DeeCodex | Feb. 24, 2013 | See all DeeCodex's reviews »

the story is not coming close to the Quality of the first Mafia title. Let's face it that's pretty diffcult. I still enjoyed the Story and even played the Campaign twice now, which i not do very often and i'm already starting to think of a 3rd walktrough, because i just like this City and Vito as the main Character. Who really wants to play the best Mafia story should go for the first Mafia, if you can live with the older graphics, but otherwise buy this game because it's just alot of fun. A full recommendation from me!


Enyojed every moment of the game

AmazingHulk | Feb. 1, 2013 | See all AmazingHulk's reviews »

I have to say that i am huge fan of this game. So my review will probably not be very objective. First sequel was fantastic. I played it while i was still a kid. When i got my hands on Mafia II.........was like a child again. The story and film sequences are great. Loved the story,but the ending was little bit sad. Ok,i musnt spoiled game for the people which didnt play (what are you waiting). Gameplay is very fluid. Shooting,roaming the city, pretty good. The size of the city is ok.Not huge not small. But there is not much to do. For me,missions were interesting,loved to upgrade all kinds of cars and just go crazy on the road. Dont know what more to say so i will just reccomend that you play it.


Excellent GTA-ish action shooter

MalekTaktak | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

With the second installement of Mafia, we are introduced to a huge graphical improvement, a weather system as you progress through the game, a whole new realistic car/characters physics system, many types of classical vehicules, guns, clothes and music that throw you straight into the 40s. Obviously, you play as a Mafia man who seeks honor and fortune, and then other things later in the game. The storyline draws the player very deep into the events and is often charming, depressing or both. Personally, I loved the open world feel of the game, I could do anything I would do in any GTA game without having the plot on my back urging me to go back to what I am supposed to do, so I can kill civilians and cops, rob banks and stores or blow up cars or whatever. The only downside is that the story is too short, but still beautiful.


A fantastic sequel!

backslashio | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

Easily one of the biggest visual changes to the original game since the transition between GTA2 & GTA3! Straight away you're thrown into the story with a war prologue and witness the return of a soldier from duty. There's a magical sense of your surroundings as a warplane flies over the city, the snow falls and you'll meet and greet your old run down neighbourhood. I've never experienced a game that pulls you in as much as this, not even any in the GTA series! You'll want to play this game for the story & the fantastic characters as you'll be addicted from start to finish. Unfortunately despite it being an open world you're restricted to the main story with no sidemissions on offer but that's for the better considering the game's Mafia styled setting. A definite "highly recommended" seal of approval!


.........Worst than the first Mafia

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

I have been waiting for this game to happen for years now, and when it finally comes out, it falls short of the first game. The graphics were stunning (specially if you can run it on physx). Admittedly I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the game, but I started to notice a sense of repetition in the gameplay. It had it's ups and downs (brilliant tribute to the first game in the middle of the game), but at least I expected a better ending. I felt cheated that the game was so short (finished it under 10 hours).


Mafia II - review

carlyle | Jan. 12, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Mafia II manages to be a free roaming only on paper, the theoretical notion of the term. The avventurasi plays the interior of a Empire Bay which on the one hand, it is entirely accessible and down and shows attention to detail and attention to detail, the other suffers from a lack of secondary and ancillary activities able to give her personality and above all variety. Mafia II short distances itself considerably from GTA IV becoming in effect a "simple" action, which in the free roaming is an accessory to give more depth to gameplay actually extremely linear. The same mission system betrays the sequential nature of the story in Mafia II: almost every chapter opens with a sleepy Vito about to rise from his bed because awakened by a phone call or someone at the door. So, once taken the favorite car, we head towards the character that will start the mission itself. Just completed it will have the unique chance to get back to our apartment to go to sleep, an action that will complete the chapter. There are no real activities svolgibili beyond those imposed by the narrative and the same system of work (a kind of side quests) is extremely small bone. Also the interaction with the secondary characters is practically absent outside of the mission in progress. What works quite well, especially when compared with the maximum weight of the genre, GTA IV is managing hedges and the other strong point of Mafia II is definitely the driving model that, when set to simulation (compared to normal the other available) offers no little satisfaction.


Fantastic game

Lekes | Dec. 31, 2012 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Mafia II is fantastic. The game has so much atmosphere, that it is difficult to not constantly stop whatever you are doing in the game to observe the surroundings. The city is living and especially its winter period is filled with atmosphere. It made me think it was cold outside my window in real life a few times.. The story is great, although not the most original. The voice acting is professional, filled with humour and Italian accents. This was definetly worth waiting many years for. If I could get a few wishes granted, it would be for the game to be longer, and for the cops to be meaner. Comparing to the first Mafia game, you actually felt you were in trouble if cops started chasing you. It seems much easier to run away from them in Mafia II: all you do is drive as fast as you can. I wish this could be something that can be adjusted in the game's difficulty level. However, these are just minor issues. Mafia II in my opinion is a living, beautiful, atmospheric game with great music, awesome old school cars, and entertaining combat.


Greatest Mafia Game

DonVercetti | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

We're all known to the famous Grand Theft Auto franchise and I am one to absolutely adore those type of games. Mafia places you into the skin of a soldier returning from war, coming home to his hometown in the wintertime. Let me start of by saying Mafia 2 is the best game when it comes to a snowy season, people slipping on the ice, objects leaving marks in snow or react to ice and car handling being hard. I don't want to spoil the story so I'll keep it by saying, It's amazing. When it comes to driving and shooting, I'll say that it's not the best. But the way the game looks and the atmosphere in the gangster style era, is really breath taking. I'd buy this game only to look at the pedestrians walking around, doing there thing and have amazing scripted events!


A good sequel, but it could be better

hannibal_king | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all hannibal_king's reviews »

Honestly, i was expecting more from this game. The problem is I still can't forget the first Mafia but i don't remember Mafia II that much. The first game was epic. They had a hard work on the sequel and they couldn't make another epic game. But that doesn't change the reality of this game is still a good game. If we didn't play the first game perhaps we would love this one as crazy. Because Mafia II is a very successful game in every way. The only problem is that we doesn't have an epic story.


Great game, great environment, good sequel

israel_hlc | Dec. 18, 2012 | See all israel_hlc's reviews »

Mafia II is a great game, with very nice graphics and an interesting plot, although not so good as the previous game. The very detailed city gives you the impression you are in a real city, where people really go from one place to another (not just random walks). While driving, you can also turn on the radio and listen to some songs from the 50s, or even tune to hear the latest news from the world (with lots of content based on real events). The game is not perfect just because sometimes you feel wasting too much time in “mundane” tasks, especially because after the first game you could expect a more righteous character. Of course it’s nothing that much as in GTA games, but sometimes it exceeds a bit. In the overall it is a highly recommended game, especially for those who enjoy open world action games.


A very good game.

999flame | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all 999flame's reviews »

I picked up Mafia 2 because it was really cheap and I'm glad I decided to be such a cheapskate, the game's brilliant. Some people have been comparing the game to the Grand Theft Auto series, but I thought the game felt more akin to L.A. Noire to be honest; it just had that more-glamorous feel if that makes sense. Anyway, the story is great but the only downside to the game is the abrupt ending, and no ability to continue playing afterwards, or even a "new game +" option. All in all, a great game!


Immersive world and story.

overburning | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all overburning's reviews »

The first time I played Mafia 2, I found it lacking in many respect, the world they crafted seem underutilized, a lot of areas you will never explore (unless by collecting those wanted poster). While the environment is beautiful and immersive, the same character model of the pedestrians frequently break the immersion. Once I replay it however, I start to realise how great this game is. Despite what it may appeared to be, this is not an open world game nor a GTA clone. Its focus is entirely on its story, a brilliant period piece. The problems that existed within that story structure (eg. having you belongings taken away for narrative reason several times) is much more tolerable once you realise this is a not an open world game. It is far from perfect, but it is also the only game where I walk around (not run) and drive carefully to avoid any damage simply because of how much I enjoy being immersed in this world.


Great fun and Immersive.

fable2 | Nov. 28, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

If you are going to play Mafia 2, you are going to have great fun. This game is set in a beautiful fictional city which is doomed in the first part and awesome, full of liveliness in the second. The missions are awesome, each having its own difficulty. Killing people is just great. Running from cops is too easy, if you know how to make few correct terms. AI is good but it should have been better. But visually this game is godlike. This game has everything that Mafia didn't have. Like its prequel Mafia 2 is also set mainly on missions with a little to do in the glorious open world. All you can do is just buy guns, clothes have a snack, drink or get your car repaired. While shopping you can be a good citizen paying for everything or just go in and blow the whole shop, steal money, and clothes, guns etc. And if you are a Rambo then come back after blowing the shops and you'll see a POLICE! DON'T CROSS Tag. A very sweet touch :D. Missions are great fun and the ending is ultimate. But unfortunately there is nothing to do in the open world except concentrating on missions. Those who have played mafia will love Mafia 2 Chapter 14! The cars are just superb, with the varietes of sits backing it up. Overall this game is a complete package with some loose ends.


Good story

Woundead | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all Woundead's reviews »

The best part about this game is the story. Not as good as the first mafia. It is enjoyable to follow the story, but the gameplay and not-so-open-world is less than special. For 10$ the game is ok, but I wouldnt pay anything more. As you will finish the game in like 2 days and the replayablility is low as a reslut of the linear story (only) focus.


GTA set in the 40s and 50s

rstokes | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all rstokes's reviews »

It takes alot from the GTA series but does enough unique things to not brand it as another GTA clone. You start off fighting in WWII and end.. well i wont spoil it... The story IMO is better than the more recent GTA titles (im looking at you 4) and the characters are very memorable. Great game overall


The Best Narrative Game This Generation

vjk | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all vjk's reviews »

Mafia II was a complete surprise to me. I had basically expected a poor man's GTA IV. Instead, I think it as the best game this generation. To start off, the graphics are very good. Better than GTA. Not quite as cluttered, but more detailed. PhysX acceleration is also nicely used for flying debris and flowing skirts. Facial animations are very good also. Basically, it's all top-notch with good attention to detail. Game mechanics are quite good. Fighting is good considering the limitations of using a control pad. Gun play is very good. The guns have a good punch to them and the animations are good when shot. Better than anything I've seen from Call of Duty or Battlefield 3 actually. AI is phenomenal. the AI will duck if you shoot at them. They will check open doors during stealth sequences. It is very smart. And the narrative. The narrative had some genuinely clever moments. I'm typically bored by most game narratives, but this one worked very well. I found myself surprised time and time again. And the characters. They're lovable. You see the character trying to help his family out for altruistic reasons. You see friendship with a major NPC. What I like the most about the game is that there's a sense of restraint. Most games basically have you hit the fire button to the max or the accelerator to the max. This game, you have to moderate how fast you go or else the police pull you over. And if you go too fast, you will inevitably wreck your car. And then pay for repairs. So I try to keep my car in good condition by driving safely. All of this adds to immersion. One final thing. Lots of people complain about how compared to GTA 4 there's not much to do in the world. That's not really true. You can still rob stores scattered around the city. The only difference really is that GTA will present you with like 3 mission spots at a time and you can blow off some. Here, you only have one mission objective at a time and you have to go through with it. That's not really a big deal, really, since the side missions in GTA 4 just end up being petty busywork with a fair amount of tedium. Meanwhile, driving to mission locations in Mafia II also takes time, but it immerses you in the world, and you can listen to the really cool retro radio while driving. GTA in contrast, well, the radio isn't as interesting. It's the same thing as the radio in GTA 3, only not near as funny. And compared to your typical narrative game, since you travel to the mission spot, that adds immersion. Really, it's a perfect game, and I hear that the DLC Jimmy's Revenge allows for more arcadey (read: GTA) style chaos. The only real downside in my book is the GPS Map. Yes, I'm serious. The GPS map basically results in you watching it for turn-by-turn directions instead of watching the game world and getting to know the streets for yourself. TOo many games have GPS maps which distract from the game world.



Bolo | Nov. 17, 2012 | See all Bolo's reviews »

liked it quite a bit. The biggest thing to be aware of is this isn't an open world sandbox gta type game. It is a very linear story set in a living/open world, so it looks like there is a lot going on but it is really just a back drop. The time period and setting gives it extra marks for me and especially the winter scenes were beautiful. I just wish it was longer. A few more meaningful hours in the story could make it awesome, but it is still quite good. What there is though is a solid story with good characters and fun gameplay.


Good game, great experience

acard87 | Oct. 21, 2012 | See all acard87's reviews »

Mafia II is the sequel of Mafia: City of lost Heaven, and it takes all of its ingredients: it mixes an intriguing story with an immersive city to explore and an excellent driving simulation. The game covers the adventures of Vito and Joe, two guys who start their "career" as mafia gangsters under the protection of the city's padrinos, with a couple of well studied unexpected turns. To unfold the story you'll have to explore and drive through the street of Empire Bay, a well represented city that feels almost alive for its realism. The game is a classic third person shooter and it is actually easy, many parts of the story consisting in just driving from one place to another (but you'll never get tired of driving through the city, it's a really bueautiful simulation), but the game lasted more than I expected (almost 20 hours on the first playthrough, but trying to experiene the game at best and with no haste). The thing I really liked was the effort of the developers to correctly recreate the atmosphere of a USA's '40s-'50s city: everything from clothing, music, city architecture and cars feels right and this results in total immersion in the game for the player. If you loved Mafia 1 or if you are a fan of crime movies, then seriously consider purchasing this game, you'll love it.


Good sequel

behlulkan | Oct. 1, 2012 | See all behlulkan's reviews »

It is a good action game, nice graphics and good gameplay. But it lacks the first game's amazing story. But it finds its place among modern games with a nice storyline as well. You played the first game? You should definitely buy it.


Good action game

dark2025 | Sept. 26, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

The game is fun to play and the story is pretty engaging. The setting and presentation are both well-done, and the city feels like it's straight out of the 40s/50s. Unfortunately there's not too much to do in the city outside of missions other than just drive around, which is pretty cool for a while but then gets a little boring. It's not long, especially for an open world game, but it is fun, and I'd recommend it if you're looking for a new action game to play.


More an experience than a game

Cooberstooge | Aug. 26, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Mafia II is quite possibly my most loved PC game of all time. It has so much style and class you could drown in it. The cars, the clothes, the music, and the setting all fit so well together it's just crazy. Some would say the main story, clocking in at around 10 hours, is too short, and that the open world of Empire Bay is a rather uninteresting place. Those people are crazy - don't listen to them! Just driving around, listening to authentic period tunes, and actual reports from the war, is awesome. The game world is set in two different seasons as well, and is covered in snow and ice for quite some time - adds something a little different to car chases, let me tell you. This game is classic Godfather material, and is loaded with movie references for those movie buffs amongst us. The two main characters are well fleshed-out and memorable, and the story comes to an end in an original but shocking manner.



maciej2601 | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

The second part of the Mafia, the legendary gangster action game developed in 2002 by a team of Illusion Softworks. You play because the character Vito Scalettiego and slowly climb the ladder of a career criminal. Missions include both sections of reckless driving involving car and shooting levels.



Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | See all Sandoooooo's reviews »

This game is a fantastic third-person shooter. It's about you (Vito Scaletta) after you come back from a war to start a crime life with your friend (Joe Barbaro). I loved everything in this game except how short it's. It'll just take 9-10 hours to finish it. I really wished to keep on playing this game, but that's how it was, short. Every mission in this game was creative and original, unlike the missions of the other games of its type. This game is just a playable movie! The voice acting is pretty well done with italian accent. The conversations between the characters were humorous. I liked this game and I'll be waiting for Mafia III..


Good action but not a masterpiece

panz3r88 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Mafia 2 is the sequel of one of the best action game ever made. The game is a linear third person shooter. You can freely explore the city of Empire Bay to find some collectibles but there are not secondary missions. Mafia 2 is not a free roaming game and you must only complete all the chapters one after the other. The gameplay is good but repetitive. In each chapter you must follow the same routine: take the car to reach a certain location, defeat all the enemies and then take the car and go back home. The story is not epic like the one of the previous chapter and you can't understand it completely if you don't buy the Joe Adventure DLC. If you like action games you will enjoy your playthrough, but if you have played like me previous title you will be a bit disappointed


If you are a fan of the Godfather films this is the game for you

StewartX | July 31, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

If you are a fan of the godfather films this is the game for you. Feels like you are in the movie and it is action all over the place. The best way I can describe it is GTA set in the 1940's. Loved every minute of it! It has an excellent soundtrack as well with about 200 songs (All 1950's songs making you feel like you are living in the day), also don't buy this for kids as it is has one of the highest usage of profanities in any game I can recall. Graphics: 8/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Story: 8/10 Multiplayer: Single player only (Damn!)


A great title, though not as good as Mafia I

Kradath | July 3, 2012 | See all Kradath's reviews »

Mafia one is still my absolute favorite concerning single player games. Mafia II lacks in some parts and is inferior to the first game but on its own still a very entertaining game to play. The gunplay with the cover system is well done, even though I miss the ducking and rolling of the first game. But in this one the weapon variety is a bit better and you have many guns to choose from, but I don't like the fact that you can carry all guns simultaneously. The strongest point of the title, besides the gunplay, are the driving aspects and the characters. The story is a bit lacking in some regards, but the majority of the characters are well defined. With the right expectations any Mafia fan will like it even though it lacks behind the first game.


Game for story

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | See all ENDOOO's reviews »

The game offers a good experience for people that want to play game that includes an interesting story and satisfying gameplay. This game shows a part of true friendship and mafia's cruel life that stands beyond it. The game itself has lots of interesting interactivity options in all kind of places. Missions are interesting and are not saturated only with plain shooting. Car handling differs if you are handling it in winter or summer. You can even speed limit your car. Very good voice acting. Street life on the streets are sensible. Graphics are wonderful. Though, game disappoints with things, like empty cities. There is nowhere to go except clothing shops and garages. You need to drive 65 % of the game's time. Cops start chasing you when you drive faster than 55. At some point you get bored of driving. Too little fight moves when in melee mode. This game's beauty hides in it's story. It saves this game from total failure unlike all the Mafia's II dlc's which contains boring missions with no purpose.



BingeBaby | June 27, 2012 | See all BingeBaby's reviews »

For me this game had a lot of ups and downs. I enjoyed the plot, it was detailed and had a lot to it. However, despite that, like a lot of others, I found it to be short. There were side missions and such that could be played out, but I found them repetitive and not worth playing, as there isn't really much to save up for in the game. I also found myself annoyed with it at times, but for the most part it was well developed. The graphics were a high for this game though, everything was clear and smooth and nothing was harsh on the eyes. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to this game, there were certain parts I remember enjoying, such as the smoothness of the driving in this game or the range of shooting experiences. For the most part though, there wasn't much outside of the plot game play that would make it worth redoing again. If you enjoy this type of genre, I would recommend it, it certainly lived up to it's moneys worth, I just wouldn't except anything over the top from it.


A huge disappointment

simonsix | June 20, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

A huge disappointment mostly because of lack of the open world environment, side missions and characters, completely linear story. Often the game doesn't allow you to perform random activities - simply blocking friendly fire or scripting way to much.The original Mafia was a cinematic, emotional, expressive and great gaming experience, visuals were outstanding for its time, the original city was beautiful and massive. The story and it's characters were the best part, very mature and well developed.


Dont Compare the Game - Play it

ROKET | June 18, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I went into Mafia 2 thinking it would be something like GTA but soon realized that it was a pleasure to play if I remembered that it was its own experience. The point wasnt the cars or city - the point was the story and amazing gun play. The gameplay itself, including car handling, was soooo satisfying. I loved how it felt to fire the guns and kick mafia ass. The characters were great and I had sooo much fun going through it. The visuals were also really good and I enjoyed my adventures through the game as a result. I recommend this game and also recommend that you go in with a bit of curiosity rather than hope for GTA.


gameplay and ambience

Geenaro | May 27, 2012 | See all Geenaro's reviews »

Very good game depicting gangs before, much better than the first game, great story, gameplay and ambience. Definitely a game that you can not miss. In addition to the DLCs


this is awesome dude

Geenaro | May 27, 2012 | See all Geenaro's reviews »

Very good game but very short also that the map does not develop other missions, finally, the end remains open for a Mafia III I have this game with all DLCs.


Good, but not as the first one

moulz | May 19, 2012 | See all moulz's reviews »

I absolutely loved the first Mafia game, definitely worth it, even now. When I first played Mafia 2, I did not really feel the same thing than with the first one. Of course, the game is really beautiful and runs on my not-so-good computer, which is nice. The story line is pretty good, too, even though I found the game to be kind of short. The atmosphere really is immersive. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that it is a GTA-like game: this is not a sandbox. And, sadly, but expected, once you finish the game, there's basically, in my opinion, no replayability. Anyway, whether you played the first one or not, it does not matter: I found Mafia 2 to be a really good game, definitely worth the price I got it for.


The best game of the Mafia

kalil | April 24, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

To say, a very good game, I move to the golden age of the mafia and captivated me enough ... This wonderful book will keep you busy for 15 chapters, which indeed are very entertaining the only bad thing is that my taste is a short game, I finished in just about 10hs. Although if you want to entertain and feel a real American gangster I recommend MAFIA II an excellent purchase will not regret it, I recommend ...


Not too bad but not exceptional as well.

xboxer | Nov. 15, 2011 | See all xboxer's reviews »

The story and atmosphere of Mafia II is excellent. It really captures the 1940s and 1950s post-war years really well. The music changes according to which era you are currently at to add to the atmosphere. Gameplay is pretty bland. It all comes down to go here and kill someone or shoot your way out most of the time. It lacks the variety that their competitors like GTA have. But overall, a fun but mindless sandbox game overshadowed by larger games its supposed to compete against. But still, it is great in atmosphere and story and this is Mafia II largest selling point.


Mafia II: 85/100

luscious | Oct. 25, 2011 | See all luscious's reviews »

Never played the first Mafia, and I hope to play it in the future, but I could say Mafia II was a great game. The overall experience was entertaining and astonishing. I've played this game 2 times, and plan to play it for the 3rd time. This is very rare for me to play a game this much times. People complain about driving too much in this game, but to be honest, this game had one of the best driving mechanics. It was very fluid and I honestly had no problem driving most of the time. There isn't much free roam like the GTA series, but that's good because it actually encourages you to continue on the story, which I absolutely loved. The DLCs were also great, imo, especially Joe's Adventures. Though I did enjoy this game alot, I'll have to rate it 85/100, which is about a solid B.


looking past the expectations

Ascadia | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all Ascadia's reviews »

Mafia 2 is not a sandbox game. It was never designed to be a sandbox game, the original was not a Sandbox game and the sequel is not a sandbox game. While the Mafia series has cosmetic similarities to the sandbox genre it is at its heart a story driven action game set in a city environment. The environment is there for setting and atmosphere, not to extend the gameplay in any meaningful way. Could they have made Mafia 2 into a standard sandbox? Certainly, but that is not what the core fans were looking for. Now that's out of the way, lets talk about the game itself. Mafia 2 is a classic mafia tale, spun in a small slice of war era Chicago/New York. The characters are great, the plot is exactly what you would expect from a Mafia themed script and the gameplay is fast and fun. Visually the game is a treat for the eyes and the over all impressiveness of the environment really pulls you into the world. Sadly Mafia 2 was heavily mismanaged in both its development and its launch. The devs tried to do too much and ended up having to cut a ton of content and hand it over to another development team to finish off as DLC, and 2K cut so much content for pre-order bonuses that there was very little if any rewards left beyond the story for playing through the game and finishing the missions. However the games plot props up this very uneven house very well and if you approach it with the right mindset you will walk away with a very enjoyable experience. However if you expect this to be GTA with Fallout Music you will be disappointed.


More of the same

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

Mafia II was the perfect opportunity to take an already great game and improve on it's few flaws to make it a masterpiece. Unfortunately they didn't do that, or at least didn't do a very good job of it. There was some small attempt to make the game world more interactive by providing clothing stores, gas stations and food places, as well as a few other places to find side quests like stealing cars etc. but ultimately there was no drive to do any of that and you could quite happily ignore them. The main story was pretty much more of the same as the original, but with nicer graphics and a new cover system for the gun fights. One thing I will give them credit for however was the throwback to the first game they put in near the end. I won't go into to much detail because of spoilers, but suffice to say they handled it very, very well. The story it's self is over all pretty similar tot eh first, young man down on his luck gets into mob stuff, likes the money/women and takes it too far. Then finds out it's a harsh world and everyone is out to get him. It was about on par with the first game in this regard, and also had similarly interesting characters and story telling. Another thing the did well was showing the progress of time. The game starts off in the 40's following on from WWII and goes on into the 50's, and over the course of the 10 or so years the game follows it shows the progression of fashions and technology in quite an interesting manner. Every time the time line skips ahead you notice everyone is driving slightly more modern cars around and listening to slightly more modern music and wearing slightly more modern clothes. This is especially noticeable half way through the game where there is a large time skip. While it wasn't as good a game as it should have been and probably could have been a little longer, It is stll a pretty good game that I would recommend to everyone interested in mob stories.


Brilliant Story, Lackluster Gameplay and Length

Mondu | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

Right off the bat I will say that Mafia 2 has one of my favourite game stories out of everything I've played. While I admit that games fall far behind the brilliance of older mediums of literature, Mafia 2's story kept me captivated from beginning to end and I would find myself playing for hours on end just because I was so immersed in the story. Is the story a cliche mafia tale with parts taken from The Godfather movies? Sure. But did I enjoy it? Hell yes I did and I would definitely recommend this game to those of you who enjoy decent stories in the games you play. Gameplay wise it falls short. I'm not a big fan of shooters so I feel the amount of gunplay in the game was perfect; but I understand that as a title focused around the mafia, people will be expecting a lot more gun fights for the amount which are ingame. Even I was a little surprised at the lack of it. Missions will have you doing all sorts of things you can imagine the mafia doing - stealing, fencing stolen goods, stealing cars, taking down the bad guys. But be prepared to spend the majority of your time driving as this is what nearly every mission will entail and if this is your idea of fun gameplay then expect to be thoroughly sick of driving by the end. The game in itself is very short, lasting 7 or so hours if you're lucky, and after reading initial plans I was disappointed in the amount of content which was cut. With almost limitless mafia mission ideas it was a shame that there wasn't more variability with tons more missions to make the game longer. Robbing a bank had been one of the larger missions which was ultimately cut from the game. I would recommend this game to anyone who was interested but I would also suggest not expecting too much from it. If I hadn't enjoyed the story as much as I did, I would be singing a slightly different tune about the game overall.


Let down

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all keysersoze16's reviews »

I played the 1st game so naturally I was looking forward to this one. after playing the game my thoughts went from good to bad! the graphics are awesome! but there is lack of fun. It seemed that the game devs didnt want you to have any fun, you can speed past police and there would be no cops chasing you!in the first game you had to use the blinkers of your car however in the second game this was not nesscary! which let the game down for me so much. The ending of this game was just so bad that I thought the devs just ran out of ideas and just thought "lets end it"


Mafia I 1/2

emperor20 | Aug. 17, 2011 | See all emperor20's reviews »

It could have been a decent enough game without the desire to cut so much content to milk the consumer with DLC. Mafia 1 focused around taking very long drives on slow cars, cutscenes, and repetitive era music. This could have been so much more of an improvement had the game came out complete, instead of the disjointed situations that occur from having missions removed for future release. The series is about taking in the scenery and the reward is gun fights.


Great story, not much else

pman | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all pman's reviews »

After hearing only good things about this game from a few friends of mine, i decided to check it out. While the game does have an extremely deep and rich storyline and decent game-play, it doesn't have that much else. The game on a whole is far too short, almost at Half Life 2 episodes length, and those games cost around 9 dollars. So, in short if you want a game that will last you for weeks, this is not the game for you. Instead i would recommend something a bit longer, such as Grand Theft Auto IV, or the underrated Godfather 2. However, if you're in the mood for a great story that feels like its cut off way too soon, or if you can get this game for cheap during one of GMG's great sales, then i strongly recommend this game to you.


bit short, very immersive game

defic | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all defic's reviews »

Mafia 2 is great game with tight story. Even if it has open world, don't assume it being anything like GTA's free roaming. That is in good meaning too. You don't get bored since next mission/event is always waiting for you. There is slower paced peaceful scenes and then there are faster adrealine loaded scenes. You really feel like being in the forties-sixties too. The cars, the music, the people, the main character, all of them feels very authentic. The game is bit short and it lacks replayability but if you can get it cheap, I strongly recommend you to buy it


Fun game

Quizn0s | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all Quizn0s's reviews »

I rather liked Mafia 2, but there are some problems. First, there's not nearly enough gunplay. Moments where you and your buddy are put up against numerous opponents with tommy guns are intense and exciting, but there's far too few of those. Second, there is way too much driving. Most missions are just "drive from A to B, then back to A." The driving is fun, but not when you do it for hours on end. Third, there's not enough to do in the city. You can rob stores or buy food, but that's pretty much the extent of the open world. It feels like it should've been a linear game instead. The story is great, you really feel like you're in the Mafia, and some of the dialogue is excellent. However, the short length, along with the sparse action sequences, prevent this game from being amazing.


Ok but but not too good

thomasgjj | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all thomasgjj's reviews »

This game has one of the best story's out of any game I have ever played. The story is one that will grip you from the start and keep you gripped until the end. However that is the only gripping part of the game. The combat is very weak at best and the only other thing you do is drive about. There is ALOT of driving and cut scenes. This is not the game you want to be playing if you want a faced paced third person shooter but a game you want play which could best be describe as watching a thirteen hour film.


Get it for the story

B1000 | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all B1000's reviews »

Mafia II is a game that had the potential to be great. Instead, it leaves you with a well-designed city with nothing fun to do. The best thing this game offers is in it's single player cut-scenes. They are both well-scripted and have fitting voice-actors to add to the realism. The cut-scenes keep the story going and make the mundane missions worth completing - just to see what happens next. Pick this up if you want a good story and if you don't mind the typical 'drive-to-and-back' missions.


This game is both cool and uncool...

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

The game is set in the early 20th century. While it's a great game - it's got some big disadvantages. First of all - if you want to truly enjoy the game, you HAVE to buy DLCs. Otherwise - it's just too short! It's extremely short. And after you complete it - no free roam. No multiplayer... Another thing I disliked a lot was the radio. The stations were too short. On the other hand - the story is great, the game is somewhat realistic, as far as I know - it reflects what really was going on during these years (not a true story, just a reflection). Although as I mentioned - you have to buy the DLCs. They fill the gaps what has been happening when you were doing time. If you are up for a short and great story - this game's worth the money. Also you should consider that you'll want the DLCs. If you are not up for that, you want a big story - then this game is not for you. I would still buy it, even though I don't like short stories because the story and the gameplay is really great.


Oh what the game could of been......

Cronik2k | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all Cronik2k's reviews »

when you find out what was cut from the game. I still loved this game but my was it short and easy it was so empty compared to Mafia 1 and very linear and nothing to do when the game story has ended with no free roam or side quests or multiplayer. The cut scenes, story, voice acting, characters and fun shoot outs kept this game entertaining and really worth a play through but im glad I only paid £5 for it as it really is a game wheres not much replay value and when it ended I was like are you kidding me? The DLC packs aren't great either but if they come on sale for £1.50 each again the extra missions packs that is by all means give them ago. The graphics were stunning and I only have a half decent PC and I could have most settings high and ran with ease just a shame the world wasn't very big and didn't have many different areas to explore the city itself is rather emepty certainly not like GTA or Saints Row games, the lack of mod tools was also a set back for the game but even so its well worth a play through.


Amazing game, too short

NoLove3827 | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Mafia 2 is a great game, nice cars, nice graphics, nice map, great atmosphere. unfortunenatly the game is over very soon, on the plus side you can go drifting in the snow with very old cars, or you can modify your cars in the 50's and go rob a Gas station, which is fun because the police go to investigate robberys and such and adds alot to the atmosphere of the game, definantly worth playing.


Mafia II, sex, violence and money, based on your low instincts

klaros | Aug. 1, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

In this review I'll do a double comparison: with the old Mafia and with GTA. Graphics Mafia series is always been sold a year after GTA, so it always had better graphics. For example light and fire effects are really impressive, I found myself doing screenshot in a bathroom for the lights effects, in Mafia II there are the best fire effects ever seen (pretty realistic ones, I wonder how could someone do something better), also the light from a lamp on floor and its shadows is wonderfull like are wonderful your car's lights on asphalt while is night. Characters have some polygons (you'll see it expecially looking at the fingers) but are well done (just look the girls) although there isn't a great models variety. Cars too are well done also if you can find some polygons after accidents. You can customize your car (it is expecially nice to chose colors and rims) but as for clothes to have a decent number of models and styles you have to buy the expansions. Clearly there is no comparison between Mafia II and Mafia graphics, although the second one surprised when was sold the first time. Sounds and Musics Joe's gags are pretty always fun, but obviously at the end of the game there will not surprise you anymore. The music and the radio comments came directly from the time the game is setted and will change as the time passes (for example there will be comments on war or on your crimes) but it isn't something great, just fair. To extend musics you'll have again to buy expansions (the same form graphic). I think you'll find better music on GTA, but obviously it is definitively better than first Mafia. Gameplay There are different kind of missions: sort of car race, sort of splinter cell hide and strike, normal shoot everything. You'll can use covers and jump them too. There is a good enough variety of weapons, molotov, nades, rifles, machineguns too. Using cars is fun but I don't understand how the other drivers and pedestrians could have an AI worse than Mafia I: the first ones will always cut your way, while the second ones will try to do the same expecially if you use your horn (while they should do exactly the opposite). During the game you'll have to find many contemporary playboys numbers where you'll see the girl of the month, a trick to "convince" you to complete the achievement and play the game again in a different difficulty level. In game sexy characters (half naked) is used to attract players, while they should have pointed more on story quality. The gameplay isn't much different from GTA one, excepted that there aren't side quest and if you want them you have to buy the expansions. In Mafia I when you finished the game you had access to many strange but nice minor missions. If you want something similar on Mafia II you have to buy the expansions. While GTA has a multiplay mode, Mafia II doesn't (sharing achievements or score tables exepted). If you but Jimmy's Vendetta you'll transform your Mafia II in a sort of GTA game, multiplaying apart. Story While Mafia was mainly based on engrossing and involving events, GTA in comparison was more a nice to do list, infact the story was less important. As time passed things changed and the GTA story become a bit more important, while in Mafia II surprisingly the story isn't so good as first episode's one was. What let a player say in 2002 that Mafia was more engrossing than GTA was the story and the setting. Due the technical ammount of workload in Mafia I characters weren't much psychologically deep, but the happening, story twirls and feelings were involving: you were a taxi driver that found casually in middle of a starting mafia war, you had no other choises than join to a family, you find there a nice girl that you would marry, some betrayals in the mafia family ecc. All this built a fiction but sort of epic adventure with a great ending. In Mafia II the story seems more centered on "realism". Don't take if for bad, you'll always be the superhero guy that kills hundred enemies and will shake the city. What I mean with "realism" is the character psychology: there will be the contextualized but a bit recurrent question: why are you doing what you're doing? Vito will recognize after some time that the answer is for the good living (girls, quality objects) for voiding the poor life they had before. There isn't something epic anymore but a trivial motivation. Although in the game you'll go in jail for something near 10 years for some little crime, and Vito near the end will have a sort of educational consideration about whatever you had went devasted by the same violence he used to get it, that the mafia easy way get back with interests what gave to him, you'll find that the story lack to be engrossing. I have to add here an important bad part in the game: Falcone was in real life one of the most important italian magistrate that with Borsellino sent to jail a huge amount of important mafious people, also discovering most about this organization we today know. He, Borsellino and the escorts were killed by mafia with explosives. Ingame his surname is used by a mafia boss. Obviously this is everything except a good idea, probably it is the worst idea I saw in a videogame.


A good adventure

Harjyot | July 26, 2011 | See all Harjyot's reviews »

Mafia II is a great adventure game that has great visuals and audio, along with a solid story, and decent shooting mechanics. The driving may put you off, and the game is not really free-roam, either. The game's city mainly exists for the story to unfold, so this game is more worth it for the story. The game is a great adventure, worth playing through at least once.


Nothing like Mafia: COLH

darkmajki | July 10, 2011 | See all darkmajki's reviews »

Since i really like the first Mafia , i thought that this will be a great game.The really looking good trailers the gameplay i was thinking that this will be even better than its predecessor.But no, the story sucked there where some bad bugs, alot of driving(although the city is very beautiful) no countryside, and there were no mod tools.But there are some good sides of Mafia 2, like the great graphics, great character background(which mafia 1 lacked) , good car physics.But i will encourage buying it since it has great action and very beatiful graphics.


A visually pleasing game with an empty world

sesprit21 | July 7, 2011 | See all sesprit21's reviews »

I was waiting for Mafia 2 since the first one came out in 2002. The first Mafia had an engaging story, great characters and an immersive world. While Mafia 2 is by no means a bad game, it seems that developer 2K Czech was afraid to take risks and made a game that doesn't build on the foundation set by the first game. The story is nothing special and you can see the plot twists coming a mile away. This game is only saved by it's atmosphere. Empire City looks great and while it is a shame that there isn't much to do in it, other than drive from one mission to another, at least you won't get tired of it. All in all, Mafia 2 is an average game that doesn't offer anything new to the sandbox game genre, but is saved from being bad by it's visuals and stunning city.


I Enjoyed This Game

SnivMunchr | June 28, 2011 | See all SnivMunchr's reviews »

Perhaps because I never played the first Mafia game, and maybe because of my low expectations, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It has a fairly engrossing story, plenty of action, a open(ish) world to explore, and enough achievements to entice a re-play or two. All around good GTA-like game, as long as you don't pay full price or have high expectations. Be warned, however, the DLC is a waste of time and money.


very good game

Babelfish343 | June 27, 2011 | See all Babelfish343's reviews »

Mafia 2 improves alot upon the basis of the first game. The graphics look fantastic (especially on pc) and the atmosphere of the mafia era is very strong and you start to believe in the world you play in. Everything from the story, to music, to visual items is appropriate to the era, and you feel a bit like you are playing a GTA game but set in a past era. Overall, a great game and buy if you like games with great stories!



hotmando1 | June 23, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

You got cover, you got nudes, you got mafias, you got the same old same old Mafia story rebooted in better graphics and game play. The game even ends without much of a hook. But of course, there is always dlc to fill that wanting feeling if you ever get one. Plenty of dlc to drive the game price up, in fact, the dlc themselves feel like they were missing from the base game to begin with. Another money scheme. It's a mafia, go figure.


Mafia 2: The 40-50's all over again.

GoldenNGuN | April 16, 2011 | See all GoldenNGuN's reviews »

Mafia 2 is a third-person action-adventure game. It is set in the 40-50's in a city called Empire Bay. The city is ruled by 3 families: Vinci family, Falcone family and Clemente family. The story is about Joe and Vito. Vito fought the war against the Italians in World War II. But when he comes back from his duty Joe is already waiting for him to make trouble again. The story is great! I really think it's the best story in a game so far. Joe and Vito are also great characters to play with. They all have there interesting backgrounds. Also there are numerous cars found in Empire Bay that are all perfectly designed. They all control very different. The guns in the game are typical 1940-50 weapons. From a Thompson 1928 to a Mauser C96. There is just one point where it goes wrong. There is not much to do in the city itself when you've done all chapters. You can collect Playboys, visit clothing or gun shops or you can have some fun with the police. But that's all there is to do after the chapters. But don't get me wrong, it's still a great game. Mafia 2 is a great game with 8-10 hours of fun. I can really recommend this to all the players who like a great story mixed with action-adventure. The ones who only like the free-roaming, you can better play a different game.


A Shadow of its Predecessor

niniendowarrior | April 14, 2011 | See all niniendowarrior's reviews »

Mafia II is the much awaited follow up, this time taking place in Empire Bay instead of Lost Heaven. While the first game produces memorable characters and powerful stories, this game seems to be extremely cluttered, never figuring out what it really wants to talk about. There are many plot threads in this game, all of them possessing very good potential to build strong premises. All of them delivered with extremely well written lines and powerful scenes. Unfortunately, all of that brilliance falls flat when the game fails to follow through on them. The production values are extremely impressive. Character models are well done and Empire Bay is rendered with attention to detail. The soundtrack is a huge improvement from the original though it lacks the atmospheric music. Mafia II's strongest achievement is its cover/shooting mechanic that certainly is nothing new, but still deserves mention for getting the core basics right. There is much more to do in Empire Bay compared to the first game, though that isn't saying much either. If you ignore all the flaws, the game is a nice distraction. Nothing more, nothing less.


Not anything like GTA, completely different experience

BDtetra | April 12, 2011 | See all BDtetra's reviews »

A lot of people compare this game to the GTA series. Yes, they are both sandbox games where you can free roam, but the concept is totally different. I mention this because a lot of people play this game thinking that it's something like GTA, and get disappointed because it turns out that it doesn't play like that. One major difference is that there are no multiple side quests. There are not a lot of collectibles either. Some may think that this is a negative thing in a free roam game. This game, actually, is not really a sandbox game. The whole point of the free roam aspect implemented in the game was put in there just to enhance the experience of the main campaign. And, if you actually play the game, this concept really works well with the whole game, especially since the campaign is very well made. The driving though can get a little annoying, since there are many times that you drive around but there are numerous amounts of cops in the streets. You can't drive like crazy and run away like GTA, which does seem a little more realistic, but it does feel awkward. The controls aren't perfect, and I did had a little trouble doing gunfights in the beginning, but it is nothing that really gets in the way of the gameplay. One major flaw was that there is only autosaves, and the autosave span is longer than I would expect for games like this, especially since you can die pretty easily.


Must play!

xtrench | April 12, 2011 | See all xtrench's reviews »

First thing first, Amazing graphics and city design! This game is beautiful to look at and driving through the city while listening to the era's music really makes you feel like you've traveled through time, absolutely amazing. In some parts Mafia 2 feels incomplete as if parts of it were cut out and that's probably the case since the absolute lack of side quests. There are characters that appear to be designed to give out missions and invite you to visit them to get said missions but when you do visit, they never have anything for you. But the main quests are loads of fun and diversity with cinematic set pieces that side quests, if they were present, would have detracted from unless they were made with the same investment, which judging by the DLCs side missions, they weren't. Mafia 2 features amazing sound track that fits the time frame perfectly, the game spans over a decade and while time progresses so does the music and cars, with the cars in this game being upgradeable and customizable but to a limited degree. With great voice acting and immersive atmosphere this game is a must to any mafia fan or the 50's era fan. People looking for a sandbox type game might be disappointed with the lack of activities outside the mainquest but that can be remedied with the DLC packs but they're not as well made as the main game.


Sequel is always worse than original

fearon | April 8, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Godfather 2 is better than first one. What about sequel of Mafia? It's sad, but this game isn't as perfect as it's older brother. But still is a good story about crime families in the past USA. Memorable characters, beautiful city, great soundtrack and lot of shooting. Is there more things, that we can want? Maybe better ending. Mafia 2 ends sudenlly, leaving dissapointed gamer alone with credits. It could be a good sequel, but somebody failed the task.


Yes! It's Like That Other Game!

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | See all GMGReviewer's reviews »

The game isn't almost perfect but it is extremely polished. You would think a game like this is somewhat like GTA, well you're right! The gameplay itself is exactly like GTA but the elements in Mafia 2 is more chill, focused and solid. The driving is more realistic, if you go over the speed limit or hit a pedestrian in front of a police, they will chase you down and kill you. The shooting and controls is exactly like what you see in most third person games, the duck and cover mechanic. The main thing about Mafia II and what make it stand out from the others is the story! The cut-scenes and voices are great, the story itself is like most mafia movies where you start out as an immigrant and you move your way to the top. Enough of that, now on to the pros and cons, which i compare it to GTA a lot because it's similar. Pros: Story will keep you engaged. Great character development. Excellent music that puts you right into the games time-line. Great checkpoint throughout the game. Solid melee, stealth, shooting and driving system, they're simple and not as complex. Average gameplay length which is about 10 hours. Cons: Bland world, you could pick locks, flush toilets, talk to people etc. but its not as alive as GTA. Repetitive missions, but the story will keep you coming back for more to see whats next. Bad enemy A.I. similar to GTA. Cars are important in the game, you need to drive without denting your ride. The wanted level stays on you unless you change clothes or car. No side mission/low replay value. For those who aren't comparing this to GTA haven't played either or don't know the difference between gameplay elements and genres. Mafia 2 doesn't have a lot of variety as GTA but its solid and enjoyable if you like story based games. The score would be higher, but the current price drops it down.


Almost perfect

tangoak | April 4, 2011 | See all tangoak's reviews »

Mafia is a game for those who prefer open world games with no extra side quest. Atmosphere in Mafia 2 is awesome. I almost found myself many times from ditch when I was admiring the view. The city of Empire Bay is large and it takes a while to drive from place to place. There are many kinds of places in Empire Bay and places are recognizable after you have drove back and forth few times. Music is awesome: music is performed by Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra and you can hear tracks from 1940’s and 50s artist while driving car. Gameplay is good even though driving car is little hard with mouse and keyboard. I recommend using gamepad while driving. Mafia 2 is a very good game but it has some minor glitch. I want more of this!