Reviews for Payday 2


The game is enjoyable. With or without friends

tonydareizer | Nov. 27, 2015 | See all tonydareizer's reviews »

This is a fine game. Of course it's not "Saints Row 4" fine, but it's better than a lot of games. The gameplay is what you'd expect from a Payday game, meaning collecting ammo, struggling to survive if you made a wrong move, that sort of gameplay. The graphics are good, also. The whole idea of the game is an excentric one, and, despite seeing it in other games, this one does it right. Overall, i recommend it, but it will eventually get boring.


Great alone or online!

SirFoxLot | Nov. 19, 2015 | See all SirFoxLot's reviews »

I love this game, everything about it is just smooth and enjoyable. Guns feel good, the mechanics work, I've never had the game crash. I love the constant updates! Overkill truly cares about their buyers. It is a lot of fun with online users and even the computers. The only downside I think, (which is just personal) I don't enjoy the length of missions, I like to be quick with my games. Overall a really great and enjoyable game that is constantly evolving!


Its not even worth discussing singleplayer

09baydas | Nov. 7, 2015 | See all 09baydas's reviews »

Payday 2 is all about strategy. Many if not most missions can be completed in stealth, resulting in a higher pay-out. It is a team based game, so its best played with friends – if you want to complete missions stealthily, or play missions which require objectives to be done in a certain order, don’t even bother with the online community. Missions are fun to complete multiple times as often the game places guards/cameras etc. in different locations. There is a lot of DLC for this game but I haven’t bought any of it and I’m not bored yet (at the time of writing I have around 25 hours of gameplay).


Friends are required, and DLC is a nightmare

Padfoote | Oct. 17, 2015 | See all Padfoote's reviews »

I've put nearly 200 hours into this game and really enjoyed it for the first 100 or so, and only kept playing because friends wanted me to play with them. I enjoyed the game play at first, but it quickly turned into a repetitive grindfest. The DLC model is rather absurd as well, with a new $5 USD DLC coming out every other week or so. At first I got a DLC shortly after it came out due to the new heists and weapons, but now most of the DLCs are useless weapon and character packs containing about four subpar weapons, masks, and a handful of achievements. Basically, if you get this game for $20, you'll spend more than triple that on subpar DLC packs that are pretty much required to play the game anymore. Recently Overkill added microtransactions to the game in the form of weapon skins (which they promised several times they'd never do). If these were only cosmetic, it wouldn't be a huge deal. The problem is that they've added stat boosts to the skins, and in order to balance it, they nerfed the weapons into the ground. So your choices are either buy the skins, or deal with terrible weapons. If everything I've said thus far hasn't deterred you, let me warn you about the community and the AI. If you want to play online with the community, you had best be prepared to be kicked for not having a certain perk build, or certain weapons, or for not being a certain level. Want to play alone? Enjoy a terrible ally AI that can barely cover you and can't help with any objectives. In order to enjoy more than a small handful of heists, you'll need some friends who also own the game. TL:DR: Was fun at first, got grindy fast. DLC model is a little ridiculous, devs went back on their word and introduced a terrible microtransaction system. Friends needed to enjoy more than 5% of the game. Hope this helps.


Great game, horrible marketing stratagy

ManishP | Oct. 16, 2015 | See all ManishP's reviews »

What began as 4 friends robbing banks, has ended with greedy developers robbing its loyal fans. I began playing Payday 2 just as the game had started to flourish, during the first Crimefest in October 2014. The game had plenty of maps and weapons to keep me entertained for the next 6 months whilst I racked up well over 1000 hours, mastering the games hardest mode (Deathwish) and enjoying the excellent DLC available, such as the Big Bank heist. Overkill’s success soon led to their downfall, as they took their existing players for granted and began releasing a chain of half-arsed DLCs and “Free” updates which changed the very core of the game that led loyal fans to invest so many hours into. Heists became less about assaulters with heavy arms robbing banks, but a group of cowboys and ninjas throwing ancient and outdated weapons around, or team-killing with an RPG in a small shop. Rather than producing promised game content, Overkill began the money-grabbing ‘Hype Train’ event to provide ‘free’ future DLC in exchange for players buying current PD2 DLC. In addition the the original Payday crew, unrelated ‘advertisement’ characters, such as John Wick and Jacket, endorsed by other franchises, joined the list of playable characters to pollute games with walking billboards. The aforementioned ‘Deathwish’ difficulty is what drew in players to pour hundreds, if not thousands of hours into the game. It was a challenge; no matter how experienced you were, how well you knew the map and the objectives, it could all go wrong in a matter of seconds from a surprise attack by one of the Special Enemies downing half your team. However, already invested players don’t bring in many sales, so the the games Skill/Perk system was given a substantial buff to allow newer players to easily get interested, buy all the DLC and then usually leave after 30 odd hours. The challenge of Payday 2 was diminished and myself, and many other players began to move on to other games. The final nail in the PD2 coffin is the “CS:GO Skins Micro-transactions” update as I call it. Weapon stats were completely reworked and stat boosting weapon skins were added to the game inside rare card drop safes. To open the safe? You have to buy a drill, not with the millions of dollars you earned robbing banks, but real world cash. 1 drill costs £1.60 and provides a weapon skin. Or, you can spend £20-60 to buy a skin on the Steam Market with OP stat boosts to make your gun into an unbalanced death-on-click machine.


Good Game with Friends only

orangerazor120 | Oct. 14, 2015 | See all orangerazor120's reviews »

First up, if you just so happen to have 2-3 friends who all have the game then this will probably be one of the best multiplayer experiences you'll ever have. The combat and FPS system is good and the tactics often involved will keep you and your mates laughing/shouting to the end. The game is constantly being updated so I wouldn't worry about running out of things to play since new heists and weapons are added to the game on a bimonthly the cost of your wallet. While most might complain about the bugs and AI, I actually find it quite entertaining especially when something unexpected happens. While its a good game there are certain flaws to it. If you dont have any friends playing with you it can get pretty boring when your just playing with random people. Lastly, the drill never works.


Better With Friends

mlefoo | Oct. 1, 2015 | See all mlefoo's reviews »

So the premise of this game is super simple. You and three other people perform heists in order to get cash. The smoother the heist the more money you get. The variety of heists isn't huge, its rather the location and way you go about it. The game is really fun and has a high replay value. The only real downside is that you need 2-3 friends to play with. Sure you can match up with random players, but you never know what type of people you're about to play with. There is a steady steam of DLC which is optional and pretty cheap.


Good game, but the community is terrible

Klivian89 | Sept. 27, 2015 | See all Klivian89's reviews »

This game is great, even though it has a ton of dlcs and content coming out the door. The only problem I have is the community, it is horrible. You have to just grind and grind to get levels so you won't get kicked for level reasons. So take my advice and play with friends. Also, if you are planning to buy this game, then wait until all the contents are released so you won't have to worry about buying dlcs day by day. Overall, this game is fantastic but only if you have the dlcs and some friends to play with, then you will be golden.


I think that this game is good, and this is why

Dadnaya | Sept. 5, 2015 | See all Dadnaya's reviews »

Well, so I like this game, and it's pretty enjoyable but it lacks some things. I'll write the good things i liked and the bad things I liked less below: Pros: +Enjoyable +Repeatable +HUGE community (tens of thousands of players logged in at the same time) +Co-op +Single player +Many options of weapons, weapons mods, masks..... +Many heists with updates that bring more maps... +Awesome soundtrack +Fully voice acted +Graphics Cons: -Updates come with DLCs and you CAN'T buy a season pass, means you buy the 'full game' and a week later a new DLC comes and you won't get it. -DLCs are good, means that if you buy you are damn strong (For example, with my rifle, I need to empty 3 magazines of 30 bullets in each magazine to kill a bulldozer. If someone bought a certain DLC (I think it's the Gage weapons) he has 1. Grenades, 3 of them and a bit of shooting will kill the bulldozer 2. RPG, I think that about 2-3 shots and the bulldozer and everything around him is dead 3. Damn OP sniper that does 3k damage, 2 shots to kill a bulldozer and it pierces shields of those SWAT units). -Happends a lot that I'm not able to join games, either 'failed' or 'waiting for a response....' and then after some minutes 'the game room is not joinable' and many other joining problems. -Cheaters.... -Many crashes of the game, especially when an update has come (and they come often). -Many heists are available for only who bought their DLC, means if you but the 'standard' game that costs 30$ you will have about half of the options of the game (Which is completely not fair, after I've bought it for 30$). Okay... Bottom Line: Recommended 8/10


A Good Game

LrmNick | Sept. 4, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Payday 2 it is one of the most famous games for pc and consoles, i admit it is a really cool game, lots of action and made for playing with friends,robbing banks,jewelry stores, supermarkets, etc. The point i don't like is the amount of dlc based on buying skins and weapons or new missions, if you don't have money to spend on it, you will have such a boring and basic experience of gameplay, only buy this game if you have money.


Amazing games... with friends.

Valoo321 | Aug. 17, 2015 | See all Valoo321's reviews »

This is a multiplayer focused game. It is super, super fun! But just keep in mind it's a multiplayer focused game. I love the co-op element as I'm not a PvP player very often, but the hardest thing about this game is that if there aren't any friends to play with, it can be difficult to find a group online. There are plenty of games running, sure, but as per any other online multiplayer game it can be difficult to find a group that is willing to help cooperatively and not run off to do their own thing. Basic multiplayer problems aside, the gameplay is great. It can get fast and tense as you know when the police are making a raid and pushing against you, and then when they back off you have enough time to totally focus on the objectives. The shooting and aiming isn't as tight as it could be, but it's definitely functional and plenty of headshots can be had still. The skill trees are expansive and elaborate, being able to totally customize your character however you want (mostly). The weapons inventory is HUGE, just as is the masks and armors. Most of them you have to buy as apart of a DLC, however, which is another major problem with this game, I feel, is that about 90% of the current content is DLC. With triple the price of the game to buy in DLC, which one do you actually get?! The base game is plenty of action and entertainment by itself, however, so if you're like me and don't feel like shelling out the cash, you'll still have plenty of fun. As a side note here, if you have friends that have the DLC missions and you join their game, you can still play. So just find some people that have the missions and you won't have to worry about it! Overall, the game is great fun. It's exciting getting to play and coordinate with people, but the online multiplayer can be difficult to manage with strangers.


Great for coop

The1337N00Bx | July 22, 2015 | See all The1337N00Bx's reviews »

An extremely fun game, especially when playing coop. Plenty of different crime missions to play through and lots of unlockables that keep the game interesting the more you play. Plenty of weapons to pick from as well. Great crime game and I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a fun game to play with friends.


Good to play with friends

Mamaguevos | July 4, 2015 | See all Mamaguevos's reviews »

This is a game about robbing banks or making missions to get money as they're named as "PAYDAY".. This game is, of course, better than the first one and OVERKILL always has this game updated with new masks and new missions, weapons, etc, I recommend you to buy this game and MORE if you want to play it with some friends



discusfish99 | June 16, 2015 | See all discusfish99's reviews »

One of the best games I've ever played. Honest engine guys! First of all, the devs are constantly releasing new DLCs and the like. Second, there is a secret which has spanned all across since Payday 1. This means there is like a treasure at the end of the rainbow type of thing. Very cool. Third, the game is very balanced with tons of weapons, weapon mods, masks, and bank heists of all types. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a fun game to play with up to 3 other friends. 10/10 would play forever lol!


Cops & Robbers + L4D = Win

nightninja | June 5, 2015 | See all nightninja's reviews »

Miss playing L4D? Looking for another Co-op shooter? This game's here for you. Except this time, the zombies have guns to shoot back. Some Pros: - When you play well, you'll feel like Neo taking on a million Smiths - The Game has guaranteed support for another 2 years, so there'll always be development. That means new weapons, heist and more! - You get to play DLC maps without buying DLCs! Some Cons: - You might have seen their DLC list and it's... pretty ugly. But here's the fun part - any paid DLC maps are still playable by you, When you get the DLC, you're getting the hosting privileges (along with some weapons and masks), so don't feel too put out by it. - Connection issues. Depending on where you're playing from, you might have connection issues. This gets worse if you're playing from places where this game isn't that popular. Thankfully most of the stuff is Client-side, so it's still playable. I suggest waiting for a sale to occur before getting it, both the base game and any DLCs you're interested in. Steam has been known to let it go at 75% off. Keep those helmets flying!


Fun but challenging

HavocTran | June 3, 2015 | See all HavocTran's reviews »

I've played this game for a good amount of time and i can tell you that this game is great so long as you know how to work together, your weapons won't help you when you surrounded and low on health. the main misconception players have in game is that hey this gun wrecks that means I'm invincible, but in reality if you don't have anyone to cover you then your gonna get wrecked. That said a shit ton a weapons and a lot of money to steal, go get em champ


Fun with friends, meh on your own

sycomantis1991 | May 28, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Theconcept behind the game is great. it's basically a huge organized heist game. Luckily, it controls very well and many heists feel unique and varied. These key elements would make or break this game, and fortunately they make it. You can spend money on upgrades, coordinate attacks, and have a great time taking down a bank or sneaking in and out. Unfortuantely, unless you have friends with microphones, the game isn't very fun and can get very furstrating. Well worth it if you do however.


Good level based robbery

htanmsa | May 19, 2015 | See all htanmsa's reviews »

This is a good level based robery.In this game you can steal with your friends.The more you steal the more you gain experience and better level gives you better access to weapons and skills.You can choose whatever field you want to be expert and you gain skills accordingly.This game alsonhas beautiful music and best graphics than any other game.You can enjoy with your friends by playing co op similar to left 4 dead but instead of zombies killing cops or even civilians.


Fantasic game, with active devs.

Camzo | May 9, 2015 | See all Camzo's reviews »

First off a key thing to mention is that the developers are incredibly active, the game is constantly receiving new DLC (good/bad) as well as weekly updates, it is a game that I strongly advise having a decent internet connection for due to both the updates and the multiplayer. The game is best played with friends as the AIs are often atrocious and simply act as meat shields. The public multiplayer is very fun provided you are willing to learn either French or Russian. The heists are incredibly fun and do change slightly with each playthrough (e.g. Guard/ CCTV placement or Vault placement.) Overall I thoroughly enjoy this game and recommend it to anyone.


Rob banks with friends, why not!

Cheese4395 | May 8, 2015 | See all Cheese4395's reviews »

Rob banks, steal money, and get to do it with your best buds, heck yea! This game is probably the best combination of guns and fun that you can have. The cops are semi dumb but they are plentiful so if you aren't careful yall die!


If you don't own this yet, what are you waiting for?

PattyHann | April 19, 2015 | See all PattyHann's reviews »

This game offers next to endless re-playability, for so many reasons. The unlock system for weapons is simple and diverse, the skill trees are unique and make leveling up rewarding, and the "prestige system" is awesome. Also, you can play all of the dlc heists without paying, as long as you don't host. Plus, it has one of the best communities for any game.


Excellent For Planning Your Next Robbery

FaketoastFT | April 1, 2015 | See all FaketoastFT's reviews »

Payday 2 is the first I have played in the series, and I have to say I was impressed! This game relies heavily on team cooperation especially when you get to the higher difficulties. Payday truly shines when playing with friends and when everyone has mics - as I said this game requires tight teamwork. Online matchmaking is available and entertaining, but can be spotty: sometimes it is difficult to find people to play a particular mission or sometimes it is difficult to find competent teammates. The character class and gun customization are interesting and allow different players to have somewhat different play styles. I will say that these customization options can be somewhat intimidating when they are first approached. Overall a very fun game, would definitely recommend to a friend.


Left 4 Dead with banks

Armannn | March 25, 2015 | See all Armannn's reviews »

Payday 2 is one of the best games around. From melee weapons to the M16 as well as great character (where my favorite one is Hoxton), Payday 2 does break the rules "The Heist" set a few years ago. Recently, Overkill announced that they are actually going to support this game for another 2 years which literally means we won't get a new Payday in the next while but will get support for this wonderful game which you simply have to own. A very well deserved 93 for our one and only Payday 2.



GatsuRage | March 23, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

You will be hearing that A LOT if you get this game... and often a cloaker will instantly knock you down (a thing you will learn to hate) With all those "competitive" shooters out there like cs:go, battlefield, the now probably dead cod... you will be happy to know that games like this are becoming more and more popular. First with l42, killing floor.... and then, with payday 1 (PayDay 2 is the real and true only PAYDAY you should play, is 100 times better then the first one in every possible way) The PVE era is starting to be a real thing among the FPS games. Ok enough of all that... if you love guns, and FPS in general, you will love this one to the MAX! Weapons feel very good too shoot and you will enjoy every moment you reload your weapon, as the animation of it is very well done. SCORE: 85 because it is not "PERFECT" it does has lots of bugs and glitches, and sadly most of the people who play it "cheats" unlocking everything from the get go.. as the dlc system of this game is very friendly for say it in one way, and people abuse of that unlocking stuff by force. In short: A very solid and challenging PVE shooter. Have FUN!


Fairly good

natedog123 | March 17, 2015 | See all natedog123's reviews »

This game is pretty good, the weapons and characters are cool. It's nice that you can work for a while and continue to upgrade your character's abilities. The gameplay could be a bit better though. Some of the heists are just impossible! I think it also kinda sucks that you have to buy a bunch of DLC to get any of the really cool weapons! But I got it on sale and I've still enjoyed playing it!


Not as fun as the original

Shaide | Jan. 23, 2015 | See all Shaide's reviews »

If you like heists and being the bad guy, you might really enjoy this, Though I would suggest playing with friends, since most of the PUG gamers take the heists EXTREMELY seriously. This made it really uncomfortable for me to play in groups while I was learning the ropes. Still, as I said, it's a fun game and would happily recommend it to friends, although it wasn't as fun or straight forward as the original.


Coop Crime

emptyhaven | Dec. 22, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

I really enjoyed this game for all the coop madness it brings. My brother and I are really into making aolid plans, and it really puts our skills to the test considering it's just the two of us against all the cops. The missions are really fun, and the DLC is actually good. It's kind of annoying to be with random people though, since sometimes there's that one guy that's too eager and gets the whole team in trouble by messing up or not guarding the door. But I suppose that adds to the charm of it all. All in all, a good challenging game. It's fun to play with your friends, so make sure they get the game as well!


Better than the last one

Freeze256 | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all Freeze256's reviews »

Payday:The Heist want really that great but for Overkill this is truley an improvment.The game offer many play styles for everyone.If you like to solo you can play stealth, you can be tanky or be a medic its all there.I really feel like they should add more guns or make them hard to get cause after you reach somewhere level 50 its really easy to unlock anything that can be bought.The weapons are fully customizable with lots of attachments which are harder to get and its okay to keep the game interesting.I only wish the mask would be easier to get instead of having to grind heists for them and getting lucky picking the right card.The game has an awsome community and its still supported with updates by Overkill.Its worth the price, you get twice as much and more.


Used to be good.

Alixaure | Nov. 12, 2014 | See all Alixaure's reviews »

This game used to be really great. Before the Death Wish update, this game used to be really awesome. A 4-player FPS with tons of customization for weapons, masks and stuff. The weapons mods, the materials, colors, patterns, everything was really good ! However, after Death Wish, everything went absolutely like shit, to be honest. First off, when DW was released, stealth was removed. Entirely. You couldn't convert enemies during stealth, making it really hard when there were more than 5 enemies in the map. Second, Crimefest. Crimefest was probably one of the worst ideas Overkill Software even had. They pretty much asked for more members in their community group to unlock more stuff. Most of the stuff was PROMISED, even before Crimefest. On top of that, every update makes the cops harder and harder to kill, while they make us even weaker. Sorry, but this game isn't worth it anymore. If you really want to play it, grab it when the game is cheap.


Co-op Carnage

SparkWave | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all SparkWave's reviews »

Although this game can certainly be single player, the most fun you will make out of it is in multi-player. It may be bad in some aspects, such as the story-line, but it is still a game to be played. Through all of the different weapons and attachments to the masks and their designs, your experience of the game will be changed. It contains many different heists, like bank robbing, jewellery store stealing and even meth cooking! It is an innovative experience to play this because no one is the same. It lets you level up as many games do, and has somewhat of an aspect of a role playing game. The detail in everything is very well done and it is a very good game. It also contains a lot of downloadable content, along with dlc masks and give your character's much swag. The ability of being able to purchase weapons and masks makes you feel great in the aspect of accomplishing something. In conclusion, Payday 2 is deeply recommended, because it is not a game that you play for two hours and get it over with, but it is a game that you play constantly.


One of the best games I ever played

milanp98 | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all milanp98's reviews »

First of all, to be honest, I don't own this game. I played it on my friend's PC. And immediately fell in love with it. We all know that teamwork is the most important thing in coop games. Most coop games can be done without much team work (Just going forward, killing everything you see). But you can't play this game without team work, because you will fail. If one member of a team isn't doing his job right, the whole team isn't gonna make it. It's much harder to kill a shielder when he's focused only on you. One has to distract him, the other one has to kill him. I love this game because of planning how to rob a bank, for example. I love it because it's unique. I just love it. And I'm gonna buy it as soon as I get some money.



ImUnslanderable | Oct. 30, 2014 | See all ImUnslanderable's reviews »

I don't know where to start with this game, I think this is the best horde game I have ever played. Payday 2 is about 4 guys doing every crime possible from robbing banks to manipulating elections to killing cops. I have read that you HAVE to get 3 friends otherwise it's not fun, but I can tell you this is wrong So I'm just gonna list the pros and cons Pros: -Very fun gameplay with the basics done very well (shooting throwing bags etc) -This game has what a lot of big games lack, atmosphere, with "mastermind" giving you instructions and the people screaming and the crew shouting at special enemies etc -Has one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard -Has great RPG elements like skill trees and perk decks that are VERY well done -You can customize everything from masks to guns -Gives you 2 options: stealth and loud, both are very good if you know what you are doing -Has very good matchmaking and is one of the best I have seen Cons: -There are some glitches that affect the gameplay severely, for example: when you and everyone in the room click ready sometimes the game doesn't start the heist, and the only way I found to fix this is to quit the whole game and join again I only have one bad thing to sya about this game which speak about the quality of it. One of the best things about this game is that you can meet cool new people through it, so even if you don't have friends you'll meet some through this game. Payday2 is just fantastic


Bank robbing simulator

NucularS | Oct. 26, 2014 | See all NucularS's reviews »

What could be more fun than robbing banks with your friends? No friends? No problem. Payday 2 offers a generous selection of heists that can be complete solo in stealth mode, to bring out the mastermind criminal in anyone, and generally improves over the original in almost every way. Some of the newer changes to the game are dubious, but the developers continue to crank out more content (free and not so free), making this a great time to start your criminal career.


Awesome game for coop

xiriya | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all xiriya's reviews »

This is a very great game to play with friends, you can of course play it alone with or without "annoying" bots, or join random people to play it, but i prefer to play to play it with 3 friends. Loads of different and customable weapons, weapon mods, masks, and materials for crafting mask is randomly dropped at the end of a round, There is a bunch of payed DLC that gives more weapons, masks, achievements and other stuff, but free updates with new content is also released frequently. How you play this game is up to you and your group, some weapons and skills works best for gun and run gameplay, and others works best for stealh runs. The classes feels different as well, the music is very good and really fit the game. And this game is in general a little bit harder than many other games i have played, but as long as you work together with your friends and communicate during the game, its not much trouble at all. if you buy it, you should join the official group on steam for this game to get items that is exclusive for the members of the steam group.


The best bank robbing, meth cooking and drill fixing on there.

linguofu | Sept. 24, 2014 | See all linguofu's reviews »

This game is a master piece developed by Overkill Software. This game offers a wide range of play style from run and gun into a bank or be a sneaky ninja stealth your way through your pay day. This game has 4 different skill trees from a supportive Master Mind; boosting your team's skill, survival ability and reviving team mates at a range by shouting "Get the F*** up". Or you might want to be a tanky gunner, using heavy weapons and carry extra ammo for your friends. If this doesn't please you, chose Ghost help you with your movement, bagging and open doors with your ECMs. Last skill tree is Tech, upgrading drill to improve their efficiency, setting up sentries and planting trip mines. Make and create your own personal mask with their awesome mask customization system.Mask is not the only thing you can modify, you can now also make each and every one weapon to fit your play style. This game is updated regularly and never forgotten by Overkill Software, so you don't have to worry about a game with out of date content. PS:This game is the best drill fixing, meth cooking,lock picking and bag bagging sim you can ever find on the market. I would 100% recommend this game for you and your friends! ... ... Why are you still reading this? Buy it now! And join the CrimeNet!


Great game in co-op only.

Snotnarok | Sept. 20, 2014 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

This game is really really fun, it's a co-op shooter with classes that actually feel different. Each level gains you points to spend into class tress that are easy to understand and are helpful along the way. Enforcers can drop ammo bags and dishout more damage with shotguns while masterminds can control the heists with their voice, telling civilians to help them out, reviving allies from a distance and even getting enemies to cuff themselves to use in hostage trades. There's more classes but...I feel that gives a good idea what to expect. Gameplay is varied, it's not just a horde mode or stealth game (though it can be both of those too). You look over a map and jobs appear over it, when you spot one you like on a difficulty you want you grab and go. You can rob a bank, you can make raid a meth house and ..make meth while the house is being assaulted, rob jewelry stores, move drugs. Each person will find roles, you'll need to drill safes, saw or pick locks, or hell use C4 if you're speced to do that. You need to move bags individually which REALLY makes the game get tense as the police are on you if you're under assault and they will try and grab them if they're left unattended. With stealth it makes the missions lengthy as you need to get them out without being noticed. Maps also have a randomized feature, parts of the heists will change, safes and vaults will be in different locations, skylights can be in ceilings, the escape van will show in different spots. So maps have a lot of replayability especially with 5 difficulty settings that come with different levels of enemies. (5th difficulty is unlockable) There's a variety of unlocks you get randomly during missions that allow you to buy them with in game currency (no micro-transactions or whatever). These unlocks range from guns, masks+colors+textures,cash, exp etc. You have a wide range of guns, wider with DLC from shotguns, pistols, SMGs, rifles, assault rifles, grenade launchers(DLC), sniper rifles(DLC), LMGs (DLC). Okay let me go over the DLC right quick here: There's no need to go grab the DLC though as there's quite the variety of weaponry to choose from and the other guns may not suit your playstyle and such. There's a bunch of DLC free and pay but the devs were good with long as the host has a DLC for say a heist DLC thing? You can play even if you don't own it, just the host requires it and that's it. Here's the issue, the game hinges on playing with people. There are bots who will fill in for any missing players, but they do not move bags, fix or place drills. They're durable gunners who'll help you if you're downed and will come if you call them. (they can also be disabled and not used). So, playing alone will be really impossible when all the responsibilities lie on one player to move bags, fix drills. You'll have to do all the technical parts of the game while the bots cover you which will make it dull. There's an active community and you'll never have trouble the time of writing, to get into a match. Though your mileage will vary with randoms as ...well they're random strangers. NOTE: When reading reviews, or looking up youtube vids, this game is ALWAYS changing as they add new stuff and different things both free and pay, so it can be hard to gauge what you're getting into. I played this game for many hours and stopped for a bit to play some other games, I come back and the maps have more random set ups, and there's new enemies I've NEVER seen before that added a lot of new challenge. Honestly? Got some friends, this game is 100% worth it.


A Game Best Played With Friends

DeathbyQuigley | Sept. 17, 2014 | See all DeathbyQuigley's reviews »

This is by far one of the best games i have ever played. If you liked the the game Payday the Heist then you are in for a sweet ride. You can coordinate some jobs with your team to try and complete them stealthy or you can walk in guns blazing and go out with style. This game is all about having fun with your friends and communicating to get the job done. If you want a challenge, once you hit a certain rank in payday 2 you are able to participate in high paying jobs known as death wish difficulties. On these you really need a superb team and one who means business. This game is awesome in the fact that you earn rewards after finishing a mission in game like masks, money, weapon attachments and paints/textures to customize your mask the way you want it. The DLC for this game is also great too because it offers many different weapons, masks and tons of other goodies. Payday 2 is a great game, not only because of the content but also the graphics and sounds are amazing. Who doesnt want good visuals or hearing dubstep/ techno music while robbing a bank or doing other missions Another great plus about this game is that Overkill studios(the Developers) are constantly coming out with new dlc's and updates to keep the game community going. Above all this game is a great choice if you have friends who play or even if you just like the first person shooter aspect. Id recommend this game to anyone in a heartbeat.


Best Co-op FPS game

zhim1990 | Aug. 28, 2014 | See all zhim1990's reviews »

Payday 2 has rewrite the meaning of being a FPS game. While every FPS game is asking their players to pull trigger, Payday 2 requires you to think before showing your gun. Missions setting is making this game amazing, every mission is unique and challenging, although it is a FPS game, there's always million ways to clear your mission, and will lead you to different result. The skill tree system is also a wonderful part in this game, you can always try on different skills combination and find out the style you most wanted. Unlike other FPS game skill tree, there is no useless skill in Payday 2. You may say there are some less powerful or inconspicuous skills, but during every heist (or war), those skills may give you an unexpected effect.


Getting a kick out of crime

damaffin | Aug. 20, 2014 | See all damaffin's reviews »

Payday 2 is one of the best games I've ever played and that for many reasons. Firstly I'd like to say I personally stepped into this game inexperienced, as in I hadn't tried the previous game or known anything about it. Regardless of that fact I tried it, and loved it. The game really gives you a (more or less) realistic feeling of robbing a bank or any other job there has been. The guns and masks are all customizable and usable (for a fee of course). And the greatest thing about this game is the cooperation between you and your teammates, and also the free updates the developers throw in sometimes. Would recommend for anyone who wants a great coop experience combined with a bit of skill.


An Amazing Experience

SNAPLOAD111 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all SNAPLOAD111's reviews »

Payday 2 was developed by OVERKILL - A Starbreeze Studio and it is an action packed co-op game. Before I continue this review I want to say, if you are willing to buy the game, buy it with a friend or two, it will be a lot more fun. Let's continue, the graphics are amazing in my opinion and the game looks fantastic with creative heists and aggressive artificial intelligence that makes every heist challenging and a massive fun. Even when you lag in the server you can still play smoothly, the connection in the game is just great! The gameplay itself is smooth and it feels like you are really doing all the tasks for a successful heist. And what I love the most is that in some missions you can try to be stealthy, and finishing a job stealthy is very rewarding in some way. Overall one of the best games I have ever played and enjoyed. I give this game the rating of : 95


Robbing banks has never been more fun!

Terdic | Aug. 14, 2014 | See all Terdic's reviews »

I really like this game! There are a lot of heists to choose from and the newest heist "The Big Bank Heist" is the best one so far. Payday 2 should be enjoyed with your friends. It is true, this game can get repetitive and I do not recommend playing it alone. I really like that there is an option to do heists stealth or all in, guns blazing! Sometimes you want to relax and sometime you just want to go crazy! Payday 2 definitely let you do that. I recommend this game highly!


Hide yo money, cause they are cooming

hateah | July 25, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

If you want to try a better version of Payday The heist, better as in aiming, mechanics, the whole bank robberies are much different, you can take hostages, try to rob the bank without anyone to see you and push the alarm button, or you can come in the bank with bum-bam and kill them all which is gonna be the harder choice. When you are almost dead and fell on the ground, a teammate can revive you. In single and multi player. The aiming and shooting and movement is much better than the payday the heist. To rob a bank- The american clowns dream. That's how they do it. You have to choose a bank which to rob, enter in it with ur squad or teammate, put the drills on the safes, and restarting them in few minutes. In the meantime you have to cover yourself so the guard won't see you. If he does do not shoot him. Just make him signal to go down and he will. Robe his hands and take him as a hostage. What i most like is the realism in the robbery bank, it's just so real and feels great. The graphics are amazing, really amazing! There is also a rank which you can level up by making the robbery successfully. This game makes me wanna put the mask on and rob a bank :D


Very Nice Game

TheCorvette | July 25, 2014 | See all TheCorvette's reviews »

Payday 2 is one of the BEST FPS games you'll ever find. No matter how many times you play a mission it never gets old. Mostly because if you play online you play with different people every time. So the possibilities of how you pull of your heists are endless. I give the graphics a 8/10. The amount of weapons and masks is plentiful so its not likely you and the people you are playing with will have the same mask or weapon. There all also skills (which I do believe is new) those are also cool. If you like FPS, stealth, killing all, and earning money this is definitley the game for you!


Repetition at it's Finest

Rcoder97 | June 30, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

Wow this game repeats itself a lot, but in the best kind of way. To be honest, if you pick this game up you're going to be horrible but if you keep going, you'll notice progress. There are plenty of different heists to do but the multiple day heists don't really shine in my opinion. The gameplay itself is stellar. Throughout my 6 months of play I have not noticed any bugs/glitches. There are tons of guns, pistols, gadgets, and masks to customize to your heart's content. The AI isn't horrible but I still recommend to either turn them off or bring a friend or two. The game frequently updates adding more heists and content so do yourself a favor and pick this up.


Sequel to a great game.

Furrek | June 26, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

The best thing (at least for now) in Payday 2 is that this game is full of players. As I'm writing this review there are 36,386 steam users playing Payday 2. That's a lot of players, isn't it? You won't have problem finding games and players to play with. Another good thing is that Payday 2 is getting more and more DLCs. Some might say that it's bad thing, but it keep players in the game. Some may get bored after hundreds of hours playing, and people will be happy with new content. It's same fun as Payday 1. I mean, yeah, it's better, have more options and if it will go like that this game will have a playable multiplayer for many years. The only thing that I don't really like are DLC weapons, but well, in today's gaming world it's normal thing, so all we can do is deal with it. Anyway, if you are looking for a great multiplayer experience, grab Payday 2.



adrianching7 | June 26, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

This game is what every gamer could possibly want if they are into violence and robbery. There is so much happening all at once so players that love fast pace games will surely love it! If you are also into Robbers VS Police games, then by this game now for it is the game that will satisfy you forever! This game is worth everything you have so just hop right in and feel the way robbers do.


The True Heisting Experience

WolfeClawz | June 15, 2014 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

Payday 2 elaborated upon all of the innovative things that the original game did, making this a polished, solid first person shooter that should provide you with countless hours of gameplay. Choose to take on jobs alone with or without bots, or team up with your friends to get the job done co-operatively. The skill trees allow you to mix it up with a variety of different skill sets, giving you the chance to play the game the way you want to, whether that's by going in guns blazing, being the technical mastermind, being as quiet as possible or a combination of all three. This allows for a whole bunch of unique heisting possibilities. A must-have for those that are looking for something new in the FPS genre.


Better Than The Original

13th | May 15, 2014 | See all 13th's reviews »

The 1st payday game was good, but the second one is even better, Payday 2 takes everything that was good about the 1st one and just improves on it so much. The missions are fun with lots of replay value, no two missions will ever go the same which is part of the charm. And after each heist you pull off, you get a reward which could be some extra cash to spend, a new weapon mod or even a new mask which will keep collectable hunters going for a good long while. Games like this are always better with friends, Ok the Bots are capable of keeping themselves alive and helping you out, but when there is four of you working together to steal money from a safe and then pulling it off, nothing beats that feeling


Living the fantasy of being a criminal

Funtaine | April 27, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

Have you ever considered what it'd be like to live the high-octane lifestyle of a bank robber? Now you can know! With up to three of your closest accomplices and you can now team up and rob banks, shops, night clubs, produce, transport and sell drugs and much more! Payday 2 is certainly a game that begs you to play co-op. Playing it alone is fun but it doesn't reach the extreme levels of explosive fun you can have with your friends! Highly recommended.


One of the best coop games!

vegitossj7 | April 18, 2014 | See all vegitossj7's reviews »

This is one of the best coop games you will ever play! Bank robberies, coke deals, robbing armored cars and paintings from museum and a lot other jobs await you in this action packed or stealthy game. You can choose to either go loud and pack some action or be silent and rob the whole place unnoticed like a pro, its up to you. You can be a real badass clown! And Wolf, stay off the dance floor!


great game!

HitManHunt | April 15, 2014 | See all HitManHunt's reviews »

Spent many of hours playing Payday 2! I love this game! Totally satisfies all my urges to grab a gun, a few pals my empty jewel satchel and professionally simulate a bank / jewel heist... Comes with a lot of content initially and the team always seems to be releasing extra free / payed content. The only downside is that the DLC can be pretty pricey, and at first did not seem to go on sale much. But the up side is that as of late there have been many more sales on the DLC and makes it reasonable to keep up to date with the latest content. Great game, I bought it early from release so payed a little bit more than what you can find it for now. Worth every penny!


Nice and original shooter

ikerne | April 14, 2014 | See all ikerne's reviews »

This is a nice game, in my opinion is not better or worse than Payday The Heist, but is different. Here the missions are shorter, but there are also long missions. I think there are some bad things with your items, for example, if you buy a supressor for your gun and you dont want to use it in one mission, you have to eliminate it or buy another gun, and if next time you want to play with that supressor, you have to buy it another time (and they aren't cheap). But is a good game and I love the new stealth system.


An improvement over the original

Chack | April 14, 2014 | See all Chack's reviews »

Payday is a co-op FPS where you perform heists with help from other players, the first game was actually not bad, but this one is probably better in variety, graphics, gameplay, and replayability. You often get rewards after completing a heist, like a mask, or a weapon mod, etc. The bad thing about this game is that it's quite a hard game if you don't communicate wiht your partners, or if you play alone with bots, it's designed so you have to work together, so you better get some friends! Also get the 1st game if you can't afford this one :P


Amazing though sometimes irritating

peshmi | April 10, 2014 | See all peshmi's reviews »

The concept of the game, bank robberies, is really unique. The gameplay is also really well done. A few things need some work, but the general heisting experience is a wonder. Games generally get boring fast because you've played something so similar to them and though this one eventually will too - it's an easy thirty hours of sleepless fun, and then some more if you feel like it. Why is it irritating? Because Overkill added money, drops, DLC, and so many other things that just kind of suck. They aren't game killers, they just kind of suck. Even if you pay for this game full price, you'll easily make your money's worth.


It's all about the money!!

NYCMerch | March 24, 2014 | See all NYCMerch's reviews »

Great multi-player game where you work as a team to achieve the common goal... Heists!!! Co-operative in nature. I think the game is well thought out and I like the randomness built in so that every mission, even if played over and over again, its slightly different. Got it on sale after a free play weekend. Awesome!!


Best played online, an intense but sometimes buggy experience

BlockAgent | March 22, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

As an owner of the first Payday, I knew what to expect from Payday 2. It is suspenseful, but should only be played online with others. The AI is pretty dumb, so AI teammates are terrible. Even the enemy AI can be pretty dumb. You will often find police standing right next to you, yet unable to see you. They sometimes walk through walls as well. The graphics are decent, but not great. The depth of field is better than any game I have ever played. My one wish for this game is that the robbery's and heists should be a little more realistic, but I guess that would make them less action packed. The shooting and gameplay is what this game does well. The guns handle and fire convincingly real and you feel like you truly accomplished something when you successfully complete a heist. Unless you are just a fanatic about levelling up characters, you will probably play this game for a total of about 10-15 hours before you have played all of the missions and start to feel it getting repetitive. A good weeks worth of entertainment.


Amazing Co-Op Game

MarkieeAi | March 18, 2014 | See all MarkieeAi's reviews »

Payday 2 is a four player co-op game, but works perfectly fine to play it alone or with just another friend. You have a variety of different missions (Heists) to do. You also have different options when approaching your mission, do you go in loud and guns blazing? Or the quiet way? It's up to you to decide. I've spent hours upon hours in this game and never had a boring moment. Even if you decide to do the same heist again, it feels new and fresh, even though it is in the same location. Every time is almost like a new experience. The Stealth aspect in this game is amazing, it manages to somehow make the stealth feel more realistic than other games based solely on stealth aspects. It's unforgiving if you should mess up, but when you succeed it feels amazing. The guards seem to react in realistic ways. Of course there are some things that are not so very realistic, obviously. But in my own opinion the stealth aspect in this game, is among the best I've seen in a game and the most realistic as well. The action aspect is also very good. You don't have any regenerative health so you gotta be careful, however you can bring either a MedKit or a Ammo Bag to resupply your ammo and replenish your health These are just two of the many gadgets you can use, such as a Sentry Gun, Trip Mines and ECM Jammers. You also have 4 sets of Skill/Talents Trees, Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician and Ghost each with their own unique abilities and each to suite a special game style. You can of course take some from say, Enforcer and some from Ghost etc to suit your own unique game-style. There is a variety of different weapons both Primary and Secondary ones, and they all feel different, handle different sound and look different. Pick your favorite weapon and customize it! Each weapon have tons of customization options. Longer or Shorter barrel, Suppressors, different stock or sights. It's all there The way you acquire new Masks and Weapon Mods is simple. At the end of each heist, assuming you were successful. You see 3 turned down Payday Cards. You pick one and you'll either get a Mask item or a Weapon Mod. Random each time. You can also get bonus EXP or Cash as well. I like this new system more than the old "Get 500 kills to get this unlock" brings something new and fresh to the table. There are also countless ways you can customize your mask to look unique, of course you need to get a mask through the Payday Cards. And also get a pattern and color. Once you have one of each thing. You can select your mask, add a different pattern to it like stripes and such. Then you add a color and a highlight tone. And you end up with a completely new mask. Looking the way you wanted it to look. However some masks look so awesome untouched that you might not want to customize those, but this is just my personal preference. This is a game you will never get bored at, and the best co-op shooter/stealth game there is on the market currently. Challenging, rewarding and 100% Amazing. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who wants a great co-op game to play with friends. This game shines when played with a friend or 3 other friends. But it shines just as much when playing alone.


Reviewday 2 ------> Buy it Or Not?

koticpaxx | Feb. 28, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

Alright everybody, it's time to steal some diamonds. Also known as the Bag Tossing Simulator (2013), Payday 2 is an action packed, awesome soundtracked game that places you in the hands of four unique criminals: Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains, from the original Payday. The gameplay itself is nice, with several improvements from the first game. The customization is great, and of course, the bag tossing is superb. They have improved several mechanics from the first game, which really puts this game to a whole new level. The presentation is great, not horrible yet somewhat awesome. The soundtrack is always great, with some dubstep elements added into the mix to create the feel of adrenaline, which definitely adds to the game. When playing, it's always fun to do so with friends, as you can coordinate and strategize better, especially when you're on Skype . Many fun things can come out of this, so BUY IT, because you are totally missing out. So grab some friends, clear up your schedule (and also your friends') and dive into the game that is Payday 2, and prepare to go for a thrill ride.


It is an amazing experience!

KatsumihD | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all KatsumihD's reviews »

I have played both games of the payday series and both are really good. Payday 2 has besides of great visuals and gameplay a lot of replay value,because of the unlocks,dlcs and patches. You can play alone or play the Multiplayer with random guys and its working. Most people say it is repetitive,but you cant change it and its better than Payday 1. It is a must have for every heister.


A tremendous co-op experience

Matlair | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all Matlair's reviews »

This is the right game to play with your mates, clearly better and more elaborate than it's predecessor. I bought this game on launch and I have already played it much more than I ever played Left 4 Dead 2. Nothing to add, this game is superb.


Rob banks with friends

gforcesa | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I played a lot of the first game and this one is even better.I love how they added a hideout where you can store the money from all the heists you've done.Your masks and weapons are also stored in the hideout which you can check out at any time.It's only fun if you play with friends and want to play a heist they way you have planned it.If you play with random people that are low level, and you want to play the heist stealth, they are probably gonna go guns blazing and ruin the whole thing.I really like the masks and you can also paint them.It does get boring after a while but the DLC's that have been coming out have made it fun again.


Great with friends

Axelonfire | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all Axelonfire's reviews »

Payday 2 is one of the greatest games ever. But the inexperienced community is a problem. Being in a high-level team or playing with friends solves every problem, but trying to have fun with random people oftenly turns frustrating. I have never played the first Payday, but I did have it on my watch with video reviews, gameplay videos and so on. I find the items to be a little pricey, but longer and harder heists solve this problem, since the money reward is high. The A.I seems pretty dumb, so I chose to not play with A.I, and I recommend you do the same. Lastly, I really enjoy seeing the game being updated frequently. One in a week or so, I see Steam updating Payday 2. The thing is, the developers seem to listen to the community and they update the game often based on player feedback. It's definately a must-buy, and since you're at it, get a 4-pack and play non-stop with your friends.


Great game for the 1st month.

Rasklart | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all Rasklart's reviews »

Having bought Payday 1 as soon as it released and loving that a lot, I was so excited to buy the 2nd in the series. When I first played it I was amazed at all the new features and stuff that they'd added, but after around a month of playing it, it got really repetitive and boring, although they have brought out some new DLC which I've yet to play as my old hard drive died on me sadly and I've gotta re install it. But, who knows, they could be good too.


Great game but ends up you repeating your self again and again

santtuz112 | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all santtuz112's reviews »

its great game for start, stealth specially is really fun but after all there isint that many heists, DLC crap, bad optimization, really annoying glitches (For an example, you cant complete heist because you got stuck inside wall by shield) Restart in MP is pain in the ass, but its still fun to play, maybe bit lack of content but worth about ~20€, and its not that bad for solo only if you are not interested to play with randoms and don't have friends with this game.


Payday 2, a huge surprise

Michael560 | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all Michael560's reviews »

Although I have not come to this one with big expectations (mostly due to the first game), Payday 2 is a huge surprise and as it seems, the developers have learned from the first game. The game has been improved in almost every possible part. Starting with the graphics which look much better, and do not have this "darkness" like in the first game. And then the wonderful soundtrack, that raises the adrenalin, and makes killing the police more fun. And of course the easy going gameplay, that is easier and much more addictive. In addition, the best way to play the game is with your friends. Even though it is possible to play with random people, that best way is still with friends. In conclusion - the game is really surprising, and I recommend everyone to convince a few of your friends to buy this game with you.


Great Multiplayer Co-op

TPCGorillaMunch | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all TPCGorillaMunch's reviews »

Similar to Payday: The Heist, except an improvement in almost every way possible. The only negative about this game would be single player. The game isn't intended to be played solo and it is very difficult especially with how useless the AI are. The multiplayer in the game is incredible, providing you with hours of fun gameplay. Playing with friends is definitely preferred as communication is important in the harder levels. There is a new skill system in which you get to choose which skills you want from four different skill trees, each bringing something different to your heist team. You get to modify your own masks and weapons using the money you earn completing heists. Every level plays out different every time you play it. Whether you prefer to stealth through the level or just wreak havoc instantly you are in control of what happens. The game does get repetitive due to some of the heists being very similar and a lack of variety. The heist don't feel quite as satisfying to complete as some of the heists in the original game. A very good game but only if you enjoy multiplayer or have friends to play with.


Be the king of heists..

XGpredator | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

PayDay 2 is a bomb. Like a true pro crime, you can prepare your breaks for long minutes with your friends to play stealthy and never being spotted. Here you are with a stealth game. However, when this does to the opposite, you're struggling with the onslaught of special forces. Here you are with an action game. Adding randomness, contingencies, the ability to block or continue depending on your choice, the diversity of levels, lots of accessories or specializations PayDay 2 has everything you ask a blockbuster. .. especially for only 30$, Indeed the best Multi-player games of this year.


Pay for a fun day

ptiemens | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all ptiemens's reviews »

The first payday game, i enjoyed it i got some nice times out of it, but the second, it improves on almost every aspect of the game and really makes it one of my favorite games, i must warn you tho, if you are not into mp stay away from this one as the single player is by far its weak point with a very weak teammate AI that can only shoot and revive you and wont help you on any of the objects, but the mp can give you one of the greatest experiences if you play it at a higher difficulty your greed will really be tested, and if you push it to the limits to try an get away with as mutch cash as possible you are in for a hell of a ride.


Really changes your perspective when entering a real life bank..

siktirgit_115 | Nov. 16, 2013 | See all siktirgit_115's reviews »

This game, i remember being all hyped about the first one. as i played and enjoyed the game i said to myself "Why can't the developers make a second game? It's so unfair!" then the DLC, Mercy hospital heist and a wolf pack dlc showed up. I was still unsure that it would be another one. So one amazing thing happened, the release date was announced. i remember the hype, it was such a relief. I love Overkill and the payday series, but i still think that the NPC's need's alot of work. Oh, and it's not particulary fun on your own, grab a friend or two! It's a epic and awesome game made for epic and awesome people. I highly advise you to buy this game. I won't throw it at you and say "Get it!", you will throw yourself at it.


Highjacks your spare time

IamLincoln | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all IamLincoln's reviews »

Payday 2 is fun, easy to get into, strategic shooter. I love the masks and the wide customization pool of them & the weapons. The game features four different skilltrees for customizing and enhancing your playstyle. The game handles really well and is overall a smooth FPS. Playing coop is a must, since singleplayer missions with AIs or going solo does not quite deliver the intended game experience. A lot of grinding and farming is a part of the game, but is nevertheless fun for a while. Unfortunately the game gets quite repetitive in the end. I also found it not as rewarding as it should have. I recommend everyone to try it out.


Payday 2 is one of my favorite games

Payaso109 | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all Payaso109's reviews »

It is the second video game first-person shooter Overkill, which is again inviting us to take part in all types of jobs in a cooperative multiplayer mode that will put us in the shoes of a criminal with up to 3 teammates. Overkill I think is a perfect mix of an action game with RPG elements to get you in the role of your favorite characters and you can create your own style of game with talent trees. PAYDAY 2 offers three things in their essence: action, shooting and teamwork ... that is the basis of the game together with the last point (team work), for some it is worse, for others it is more realistic. This game reunites Chains, Dallas, Hoxton and Wolf to form a team of professional criminals to perform a number of different jobs ranging from jewelry or rob a bank, even complex jobs can be transporting drugs from one place to another .


Funny but repetitive...

xvx45 | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all xvx45's reviews »

Sure, payday 2 is fun but not alone: the single player mode is catastrophic, blame the useless AI that takes no initiative ... unfortunately. In multiplayer, if you're not with friends, you may quickly become disillusioned as communication is important for large robbery. The game is still fun despite the lack édident levels and the disastrous choice of level in multiplayer.


An outstanding sequel to a great game

commanderhavoc | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

The first Payday game was a great one, but it felt like it was missing a lot of things that could have made it even more interesting. But now we get Payday 2 where they've improved on the many things that were good in the previous game. You now have a safehouse that you can visit and where you can do some target practice, try out several interesting methods of getting through locked doors and even check out how much money you've gotten over the course of the many heists you will be doing in a bank vault. And if you fancy, you can even attempt to complete a heist completely in stealth without letting anyone know that you were there in the first place, these are much harder to pull off but gives you an even more rewarding experience. There's also a RPG system in place where you can spend points in several different skillsets that can for example make it easier to carry the bags that contain the loot, intimidate police officers into giving up and many others. You can also customize all the weapons you buy from the marketplace with various decals and attachments and this also goes for the masks. If you loved the first game, then you simply must have this one and play it with a few friends.


Take the money and run!

RLFAV | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all RLFAV's reviews »

payday 2 is one of the best co-op you will ever play. it's fun alone and even more with friends. you have guns,pistols,shutguns,masks,malls, banks and more! everythnig that make you and your friend laugh and have time is in there! even though you are doing the same you will not feel even a bit! you are so focusing in the game you will want to destroy your screen when one of your friends will have to leave. the guns make sure that no cops will even come near you and shutguns make the cops regret that they wanted to be a cop. but the game is very hard to new people. my most favorite heist is the night club - you can pretend your dancing or you are the DJ have so much fun!!! i got this game for my birthday present from my friends and they having fun hear me having fun (yea, they are good friends) but the AI is not that good



Lasiu2 | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

I think this game is PRO. I really enjoy idea of co-op in this game. I LOVE IT. I always wanted to play as robber. It would be nice. And it is. But the second thing i was thinking about and wanted is playing as robber with friends. It gives me so much fun. Well. Now: Graphic is nice. I like it. I would give it 9/10. Soundtrack.. nothing special. 7/10. And how about plot? Not so interesting. 7/10. Only co-op gives this game character ;) . If you will play with friends, buy it. Otherwise i think it isnt worth buying. But i recommend it. ;D


Can't wait 2 play more Payday 2

Raggzie | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all Raggzie's reviews »

All of my friends were raving about Payday 2 when it was first released. They didn't want to play any other game because of how fantastic they said it was. Being skeptical, I approached Payday 2 with caution. I had played the original Payday game but I hadn't logged in any more than 10 hours. When I first played Payday 2, I was hooked. The game felt very different than Payday 1. It was smoother, there were more weapons, and the skill tree felt more in depth. You could really chose how you wanted your character to perform, whether you wanted to be a brute enforcer guns blazing, or a tech savy technician with little turret guns and a nack for explosives, or a ghost, completely invisible to the people around you enabling you to stealth your way to success without ever having to face any real danger. The possibilities on how you choose to play are endless. There are multiple ways of completing a task, and it takes real team involvement if you want to succeed. Even the most mundane missions could be turned into action pact shootouts between your friends and the police. The small amount of familiarity, such as the special enemies from Payday that transferred into Payday 2 was a nice touch, adding a little bit of nostalgia for the Payday fans. The freedom you have over your load out, including the through customization of your weapons gives the player an even more in depth connection to the role you assume. Whether you are a ghost with a suppressed weapon, or an enforcer with a shotgun blasting away faces, you have the power to play the game however you want. And that's really cool.



iFLIP07 | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all iFLIP07's reviews »

Payday 2 is FAR WAY BETTER than the first one. The graphics and mechanics have greatly improved! Its got tons of cool new features as well. Easier equipment unlocks, tons of weapons available for purchase, weapons can be customized(ex. silencers, sights, barrels, mags, etc.), you can even customize your own masks now(ex. mask types, material types, patterns, and colors). There is just so much stuff you can do, You also have your own safe house where you can do tutorials and have your own money vault just to show off what you've accomplished. There's also way more missions now! More than twice of the original one. I don't think I can name everything that improved in this game, everything improved. Even the gameplay itself got way better. Like stealth for example, it is now a HUGE part of this game. You might not be able to shoot cops but the rewards will be a lot better and in my opinion, it takes more skill to do a perfect stealth than shooting cops in any difficulty. 100% recommended! Even funner to play with your friends; you'll be able to communicate better (you still can with other players) specially on stealth. PLEASE BUY THIS GAME! You won't regret it.


Bring your friends along for the ride..

Trinum | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all Trinum's reviews »

Sound: I feel that exceedingly few games have good sound assets for their guns; but in Payday, everything sounds excellent. When you shoot at a cop, you really feel like the gun on your screen is firing with a lot of power and force. And I personally love the music that this game has to offer; nothing gets you pumped for a coming fight like the hectic beats present here. Gameplay: Payday is a bit lacking in heist variety; you will spend a lot of your time defending a safe as it drills away, or moving a bag from point A to point B. This gets a little tiring after a while, but the great fun you and your friends will have from the many shootouts that will come your way more than makes up for it. This game has a fair amount of enemy diversity. What difficulty you're on and how long a heist has been going on for will determine what types of enemies you are paired up against; the harder modes will have you fighting SWAT units with full frontal body armor and a bad attitude, forcing you to go mostly for headshots. And similar to games Like Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor, there are special enemies who show up every so often to ruin your day. From units who will taze you, to shotgun wielding units who are almost completely impervious to damage, forcing you and your team to focus him down before he takes you all out. Replayability: Unfortunately, Payday does not have very many heists as of yet, nor does it have the community workshop; which means that before long you will have played every single heist to death. On the brighter side, Overkill is updating this game at a fairly quick pace. In the future we will certainly see more heists, and possibly workshop support, which would bolster this game's replayability significantly. So even though I don't play this as much as I did when I first got it, I'm still very anxious to see what future this game holds. Summary: Very satisfying gameplay, a bit lacking in heists and heist variety.


Great co-op heist shooter

patrunic | Oct. 22, 2013 | See all patrunic's reviews »

Payday 2 is a great improvement over the first iteration, especially by making the co-op element more meaningful in each person playing a key role in pulling off the successful heist. Even when playing online people tend to get along which adds to the games appeal. Definitely worth picking up.


a excellent game

gamerboy159 | Oct. 18, 2013 | See all gamerboy159's reviews »

In payday 2 you play as the usual characters ,but brought to a whole new level of customization options and has an ok replay value but i cant go with out saying it takes a mid range pc to play on medium graphics which is pretty good however it is excellent and can get repetitive unless your with friends cause once you hit 55 it gets old but there is still DLC that can happen in the future.



NikuelTrasgu | Oct. 16, 2013 | See all NikuelTrasgu's reviews »

Honestly, this game is pure gem, i haven't played the first one but i had just tons of fun on this one! You'd better play with some people you know to it's a really good deal to get the 4 pack. The downside is that the game is so badly optimized! I mean graphics aren't that fabulous and the ressources needed to run it are by far higher the ones that are in a Xbox 360 where it runs flawessly. It leaves a feeling of unfinished game, or beta game. except that, it does worth every penny i paid!


Similar to the original Payday, just improved much more

Highlander9782 | Oct. 16, 2013 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

If you're a fan of the original Payday then you'll love this sequel. The graphics have been improved, the AI is better and do different things based on the scenario and the missions are much more complex and interesting. You can complete missions using stealth which is a great alternative to going out guns blazing. Doing missions with your friends is a blast cause one of them can get greedy and try to go for more money and make the mission become a nightmare with the police trying to stop you. Great game for a great price.


Extremely fun, if played in co-op

JetShredz | Oct. 13, 2013 | See all JetShredz's reviews »

PAYDAY 2, the game where you and 3 friends can play as bank robbers and.. Well.. Rob banks and stores. The game is amazing, if you play it with friends. In single player, the bots are some of the worst AI imaginable. They cannot pick up loot, meaning you have to make trips back INTO the cops and swat teams trying to kill you. Not to mention they just stand there most of the time. Now, to co-op. Without a doubt, it is one of the best games I have played on Steam with friends. If you have friends that own this game, buy it. You will not be disappointed.


Good fun, Good Value

sohma | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all sohma's reviews »

I enjoyed Payday 1 very much and spent good times with friends playing it. If you were to compare Payday 2 to the original, I would say the character customization is greatly improved but some missions are give and take. There are some missing dynamics they left out of the original missions. While the missions have some randomization to them.. they just seem a bit more simplistic in Payday 2. Still, It's great fun and challenging. You'll get your moneys worth.


Better with Friends

spongengebob | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all spongengebob's reviews »

Its an really good game but i prefer to play with 2 or 3 friends. Then it's much easier to coordinate the heist. If you play alone it's easier to shoot than to make the job stealth. I have often problems to play because the connections get lost. I don't know why I have this problem but i can say without that the game is awesome!


Really nice

nAKAZZ | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all nAKAZZ's reviews »

Like a true pro crime, you can prepare your breaks for long minutes with your pals to play discreet and never being detected. We are not far from a stealth game. But when things do not go as planned, you have before you a action game. The addition of randomness in each level can be varied situations, as for many accessories or specializations PayDay 2 has everything that is required of a AAA ... But it is much cheaper!


Amazing Co Op Heistin'

Rawnblade1213 | Oct. 8, 2013 | See all Rawnblade1213's reviews »

An excellent, addictive co-op bank robbing and objective doing shooter best played with a good group. Some heists are possible to complete stealthily, which is often difficult but very satisfying. Even the public games I've joined have been mostly successful, except the games where the host only wants to farm for cards (how you get mods and masks). What’s the point of doing a repetitive task over and over again just to get stuff you’re never gonna use? This breaks the game and turns what should be a pulse pounding action sequence into a repetitive grind. The heists are set to an ass kicking soundtrack that'll have you bobbing your head while causing mass mayhem. The loot system has been criticized for its randomized nature, but isn't this how all RPGs drop loot? The card system actually makes me super excited every time, kind of like a compulsive gambler. The game also has strong RPG elements, with 4 different skill trees that offer very different attributes and advantages, which can be spec'ed into interesting builds. This shit is super fun, would definitely be playing for a long, long time.


Tactical 4 player Co-op game

DManVI | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all DManVI's reviews »

This game is best enjoyed with friends. There are AI if you want to play alone but they are pretty much useless when it comes to anything but shooting. Joining a random group of players in can be just as enjoyable as playing with your friends. You can communicate with voice if you have a microphone so if everyone talks the same language you shouldnt have a problem co-operating. There is alot of versatility in your characters setup. There are 4 skill trees to upgrade to your liking. Mastermind is for the smooth talker, who wants to control crowds and make enemies surrender. Enforcer is for the guns blazing kind of guys. Technician can give you turrets or C4. And last, but not least, Ghost which makes you really stealthy. Using a mix of these skill trees can make your playstyle very personal.


Great game

fenetic | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all fenetic's reviews »

Payday 2 is a great improvement over the original Payday. All the game mechanics have been fleshed out, with more class specialization and abilities to use throughout missions. The graphics are solid and the soundtrack is just as amazing as the original's. Additionally, Payday 2 has a slick new interface that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. The maps are smaller this time around, but this is balanced by the map randomizing feature, which has a lot more power in Payday 2 and can completely change how you will go about doing a mission. However, I don't like the new randomized missions because you can't immediately select the mission and difficulty bundle you want. Payday 2 is well polished and worth your time.


Awesome Coop Game

nazgulowen | Oct. 1, 2013 | See all nazgulowen's reviews »

PAYDAY is a good game for the gamers that have the chance to play as a criminal. It's totally coop (4 players) althought you can play as solo. The missions are like Left 4 Dead 2 but there are not zombies but there are police and SWAT. Your destiny is to rob banks, jewel shop, shopping mall, etc. avoiding the police. The customization is for: Skills, Masks and Weapons, doing your criminal totally different. Finishing a mission, you get a present: Money or Customization Item. Each mission is totally random because there are dynamic scenarios. Play it your way because you can do it as stealthy as assault. You get a safe house to practice your weapons and skills before of the mission.


Extremely fun

Xillion | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

Payday 2 brings a really big improvement on payday 1. There are more missions and is graphically impressive. What really makes the game fun is the co-op. You and your friends can perform heists which makes the game 100x time more fun. For 30$, the game is absolutely worth it. Just be warned that this game is not fun playing alone.


Not so fun for Solo

ker0ppi | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all ker0ppi's reviews »

As someone who doesn't have a lot of friends to play with I tend to find this game not as fun as other people. Although there is the online multiplayer, there tends to be a lack of teamwork. Also I don't think that games does that well in helping new people get into the game. The game mechanics are very well implemented and has lots of potential for group play. The AI isn't good enough for a single player to have fun in the offline mode which makes this game only good playing with other human players, but I feel that restricts the players too much.


Very nice game

SirEagle | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all SirEagle's reviews »

Payday 2 is very good sequel of the original game Payday. When I first time played this part a couldn't stop for 6 hours straight. Very good game, awesome graphics, lots of thinking and teamwork. Without teamwork you it's very hard to complete this game. I think this one of the best games that are recently released. Graphics are very nice, gameplay is awesome, story is very good. Recommending this game to everyone who likes good FPS games or just want to play some co-op with friends.


Amazing co-op game!

manu981 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all manu981's reviews »

As the title says, the game is amazing primarily for the co-op part of it, bot AI is way too weak to carry out a heist. The plus point about the co-op is that, frequent randomization of the security, which always keeps you on your nerves, and the lengthy firefights. Maps can be confusing at times, some discrepancies in graphics and game-play do exist. A challenging game!


Co-op fun

Painmace | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all Painmace's reviews »

Payday 2 playes fine, it got low requirements but still acceptable graphics. Its very team/co-op focused and you do much better when you can communicate with your team, the skill system requires that you have 3 friends with a different skill tree tho sometimes its better with 2 of the same skill tree depending on the mission. The missions are few and very repetitive and can get boring fast. Gun sounds and sounds in general are good. Animations are good and I haven't had any problems with'em. Starting the game (being new) makes it very slow since the good exp and cash often requires a full team of experienced players.


Great game to play with friends!

cdmichaelb | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all cdmichaelb's reviews »

To get the most out of this game, you need to have a group that has diversified it's skills, so it's best to play with a group of friends. Despite the fact that there are a limited number of heists the game maintains it's replay value by randomizing each encounter and randomizing the assault waves. Additionally you can attempt to stealth missions which if successful are very rewarding.


Crime pays!

Asrafil | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all Asrafil's reviews »

For those that played Payday 1, this sequel upgrades the good things about it while maintaining some of the bad ones but if you liked it and your friends will play with you it's a guaranteed buy. If you didn't play Payday 2 or you didn't like it, you should give this game a try when it's on sale and if you have friends to play it with you because the AI is a disaster.


Great game with replay value. Altough!

felixdahlqvist | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all felixdahlqvist's reviews »

This game has a really good replay value, it invites to play the same mission over and over. The map changes, guards are different, cameras move. Its fun to level your character and chosing talents that are well done. Weapons are balanced and the mask customization makes you unique between everybody else. But playing it solo makes it very hard to go up in difficulty. The bots wont carry stuff and are quite stupid on alla difficulties. Get some friends and this game will be a blast!


Great with friends.

MrScavenge | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all MrScavenge's reviews »

As the title suggests it's a great game to play with friends but not solo. the games AI partners are incapable to use or complete objectives making it a pain to complete any mission on solo. his game's gun customization, "pick-a-card" system and economy system is great and this game greatly surpasses the Epic game that was the first Payday. 80/100 -Mrscavenge


Heisting at its finest

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all Alcatraz_Inmate's reviews »

Payday 2 is a multiplayer co-op focused experienced shooter that delivers with all its hype. This truly is heisting at its finest. Something that may be a let down to fans of the previous Payday title is that some of the characters are not the ones you played in the previous game. Hoxton is not the british hoxton from Payday the Heist, and Chains is different as well. If you can ignore minor things like that and focus on the gameplay, which is indeed very solid, you will get quite a bit of enjoyment out of this game. The game throws random events at you which offer tons of replayability to a heist you may THINK you know everything about. The pacing is just right and the action is intense. There is a new class system in place where you can upgrade your criminal as you see fit, If you want to be the bug gunner that holds back swat forces like a tank, invest in the enforcer tree, if you feel like being the guy who can get in and out of a job undetected, invest in the ghost tree. This is a fantastic game and it is worth EVERY penny. Get it and I'll be seeing you in crimenet.


Co-op focused

iBoom3RxX | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all iBoom3RxX's reviews »

Payday 2 has been much more improved compared to the first game. There are a lot more things to do. Compared to the first one, now you can do most missions stealthily, which gives a different experience than going in guns blazing. The game is too much co-op focused to the point where if you play with AIs they wont help you in any way or shape other than shooting, they cant carry bags, put equipment, or tie hostages. The game is fun at first but after you do all the mission a couple of times it would start getting less interesting. The game limits you to have a limited amount of weapons and masks, where you cant collect all the weapons or buy all masks, you have to sell the least items you use to get free slots. Collecting money starts getting useless cause of the limitation, where you get to keep your weapons and masks that you use most and stop buying anything else. The game overall is a great experience with friends.


Earning a Payday, it's the American Dream!

CrimsonWizard | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Ever wanted to play the bad guy? Are you a fan of crime movies like Reservoir Dogs? Or hell, do you want a shooting game that isn't about war, space, or zombies? Then Payday 2 gladly delivers and then some! Payday 1 was a fun shooting game that gave us a taste of being in the action of a heist movie or story, while reapplying some of Left 4 Dead's mechanics to change the zombies into an aggressively suicidal police force. While the sequel keeps the overall foundation established, it also strives to improve on the formula and also share more little touches to each level in Payday 2. What does that mean? Well, for starters, if you were to choose the same heist twice, you'll find that several factors may have changed. More or less security guards and cameras may be posted, new openings and doors may be available or be closed off to you, and most importantly, your goal's location and escape route can be shifted around the map. With the sequel's expanded number of available heist, the possibilities are nearly endless. While your ability to be stealthy or swift has a factor in how a heist may play out, sometimes good old fashioned luck may bless you or throw a wrench into your plan, just like on the silver screen. Even when stealth fails or you're forced to brute force your way to a goal, the game is kind enough to give you a richer variety of skills and modifiable weaponry to fight the hefty police assaults. Unlike Payday 1's level system that rewarded experience through completing challenges and offered only four linear skill paths, Payday 2 gives experience and cash based on completing the heist itself and lets you earn skill points per level to buy into abilities you want and build up a class' tiers. You're welcome to mix and match as you like as long as you have the points and cash. The new system still lends itself well to people who like to be a jack of all trades, but also works for those who just want to specialize in one class. Hence, you're not just locked down to being a pure medic with Mastermind, you can also be a stealthy Ghost who can also make security surrender, or a heavy armored Enforcer who doubles as a Technician with drills. On top of all the mechanics however, a game needs a good setting to paint over all the variables and Payday 2 delivers. While I would have liked to see a few more of D.C.'s iconic locations, I appreciate the better variety of environments in the game and look forward to what they give us in future DLC. Sound and music design are excellent, doing a good job of getting you in the mood whether it's the soft stealth or casing themes or the action packed assault tunes that build up until the police burst in. Most of the original voice actors return as well for the sequel with our four money hungry robbers returning under the enigmatic Bain who now runs, a service for criminals to find various contacts for big jobs, or to just find vulnerable banks and jewelry stores to break open for a quick Payday. There isn't much story beyond that, but the characters have fun in their roles and help get you into action fast. On the plus side, the game also features mask crafting, allowing you to take the occasional materials you win after a heist and customize your favored criminal how you want. In a way, your mask acts as your avatar for the game's fantastic multiplayer. With everyone's special abilities complimenting each other, it's clear Payday 2 was designed for and works best as a co-operative game and is wonderful for a group of friends. However, that also brings me to my few problems with the game, mainly the single player. Why? For starters, the friendly A.I. is rather dumb and half the time will charge out into heavy gunfire only to fall in a terrible location that would be suicide to reach and help it. You're also limited to only two friendly A.I. instead of three, denying you a full team if you wish for a round of offline fun. Add on the fact that they can't carry equipment, nor loot, and single player just feels like a chore compared to multiplayer. However, if you go in realizing that this was meant for multiplayer, you're going to have a great time. Despite the lower price, you're getting triple A quality out of this game. The developers clearly wanted to expand on what they did with Payday 1 and succeeded, giving shooters a nice change of pace. With their active updates, news posts for the community, and the promised DLC missions to come, I see Payday 2 as a very lively game and I look forward to how it grows over time. If you loved other shooting games with RPG elements like Borderlands 2, then this is a must buy.


The gang is back

runnerx | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all runnerx's reviews »

Oh boy i sure put a lot of hours into this. Considerable amount since i played the first one less then 20 hours in total. But now it's time to analyze it in more detail. So what you have now it's the gang returning for a sequel. New heists, new weapons+mods, customizable masks, talent trees and a new lobby system called Sounds like a big change compared to the original which was considered more of a Left 4 Dead 2 clone. But is it? The thing about Payday 2 is that it had a lot of ideas to implement for the sequel and as a result most of them feel unfinished. The introduction was i supposed a way for people to try more maps instead of just farming on the popular ones which tends to happen to a lot of multiplayer games( the original payday no exception). But the fact is people still want to play certain maps because there either easier or take less time to complete. You also have maps appearing on with different difficulty settings(you can't set the difficulty level) which is another point lost. The weapon variety is not big, at lvl 40 you have access to everything. The weapon modding was intended to add more value and it does, you do have a lot of mods available per weapon ..but how do you get mods? Here is the kick in the teeth.. After each completed heist you get your exp and cash and after you get a choice between 3 cards which can be either cash, weapon mods or masks/masks customization materials such as paint patterns etc. Sounds fun but this random dropping system means you can wait ages for a specific weapon mod to your favorite weapon not to mention wait for a decent color paint for your mask. My God you make millions from a single heist and yet your character can't afford to buy some cheap paint for his mask. The stealth aspect of the game. The original didn't have one so this was a big highlight of the sequel. You can do heists entirely stealthy. But it's poorly implemented. More so there is absolutely little reason to waste time to stealth any kind of map(no reward except personal pride maybe). It's far easier for everyone to go in guns blazing kill everyone then blow the vaults with c4 or lockpick. On the technical side of things the game does look better then it's predecessor. Connection to multiplayer, personally i didn't have any problems but i do have friends who experienced problems such as an inability to host or connect to others games and the threads on this topic means it's a big issue. Which brings us to single player. The game does feature an offline The problem is your AI companions are literally brain dead. They do nothing other then shoot cops and ress you. They can't do nothing useful to help pull off a heist. They can't lockpick, place c4, they can't even pick up a bag of cash meaning that you're stuck doing everything. It's definitely not a game to play in single player, it's not a bug free experience for most yet(though the game is being improved each day). It surpasses the original in some things but not overall do to it's unfinished nature. Maybe with a couple of patches all will change. My overall conclusion is it's worth buying to play with friends and not that expensive. But if you want single player games stay away from this.


new co-op experiance

kapamaru91 | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all kapamaru91's reviews »

An excellence game for funny time with a lot of action but also sthelth options . it may be a little buggy at the moment but they are already fixing them and adding new content . a must have game with value for money over 100%


Great Game, Even Better With Friends, Shoddy Gamemaking

CastleX | Sept. 2, 2013 | See all CastleX's reviews »

While the game is fun, its better when you have a group of people you know to play it with. Communication and cooperation is a key aspect, and your actual friends bring more to the table than a random group of people on the internet. That said, there are still people out there on the interwebs that are great to play with, I've added ~5 people to my friends list from Payday 2. They're just hard to come by. As far as gamemaking, its pretty bad at the moment. Their filters do not work at all. You pretty much just have to wait and hope that what you're looking for shows up. Would be nice to be able to create a custom game in which you could select the specific heist and difficulty level. Other than that the gameplay is fun.


Amazing game (if you like making friends)

alphadogv | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all alphadogv's reviews »

This game was pretty amazing, definitely a massive improvement on the first, which itself was quite a great game. The gun play is very smooth and well done, providing many many options (though not enough single shot weapons). The difficulties scale pretty fast , and the learning curve can be steep at times, but if you have a good group of friends to play with you're in for a lot of fun. Team play is integral to the game so if you aren't a team player then maybe this might not be the best game for you. despite the " run and gun" way the game is portrayed a -lot- of the fun comes from trying to make a stealth run through of many many heists. My only gripe about it is that one bad team mate can drag you down pretty quick, but thats not the games fault.


Amazing game to co-op with

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

Payday 2 is an absolutely gorgeous, well engineered game. Although there are a few glitches, the devs work very hard to fix them. I would recommend that you play with real friends as your team AI is somewhat terrible. However, I cannot stress enough how good this game is, I absolutely love it!


Amazing games

dtk026 | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all dtk026's reviews »

I had tried the first Payday game when it was on sale quite a few months ago, and wasn't very impressed with it, so when Payday 2 was announced, I mostly ignored it. That changed when I received a Beta invite for owning a copy of the first game on Steam. I had a few friends playing it, so I was willing to download and try the Beta. It was very fun, so I decided to buy the full game the day of release. Technically, the game is good, it's not the best looking game of the year, there are some sound related bugs and the occasional network issue, but none of these happen often enough to really be an issue. When playing with 3 other people, the game is extremely fun, not so much when playing with bots or when playing with the occasional troll or cheater. But, that is to be expected in most co-op games. If you're willing to play this game, I suggest getting at least a couple of your friends to do the same. Content-wise, the game feels great for the first 50 levels or so, the next 50 feel like a chore, no new heists (as far as I know, level 60 at the moment), and leveling takes quite a while by then. Grinding fast heists is pretty much your only option, which gets repetitive fast. Overall, if you have some friends playing this, go and get it, you won't regret it. Otherwise, it's still a good game, but you are likely to enjoy it quite a bit less.


Game of the Summer

demino | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all demino's reviews »

This sequal to the first game is amazing! It's amazing new features make it more fantastic than the first. The amount of guns and equipment to choose from and the ability to customize your arsenal and even your mask. The skill tree in this game is also improved with 4 new trees and plenty of awesome skills to use for your heists. Amount of missions and types of ways you can choose to finish you heist is up to you. It is an amazing co-op game and i would highly recommended it.



spartanss300 | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all spartanss300's reviews »

I got this game the day it came out and it is great! Aside from a few bugs in the beginning (all have been fixed) this game is flawless. Great co-op. The guns look and feel great. The customization is neat. You can unlock masks and customize them with materials, colors, and patterns. Levels are fun and intuitive. You can either go guns ablazin or try and be super sneaky. Great Game.


Character growth in a coop shooter

xutech | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all xutech's reviews »

What do you want to do today? Rob a bank, hustle protection money, steal guns or rare paintings? This game is a hella fun crime simulator. You make a crew of 4, each with your own flexible skill trees and gear, you plan a heist and you carry it out, loud or stealthy. This game is fun, not just for times you carry off a perfect theft, but also for the missions where everything goes wrong and you have to shoot your way out. If you like online shooting games, this one is for you, because you get to build your skills and equipment over the long term.


A great sequel to a great game

CyberspyXD | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all CyberspyXD's reviews »

I got this the day after it came out and it is still loads of fun grab 3 friends and enjoy! It has a perfect mix of RPG skill trees (Mastermind, Enforcer, Tech, Ghost) and lots well thought out heists. You can stealth or go in loud its your choice. The only con is the stealth is a bit buggy and some game missions are impossible on solo or higher difficulty for some missions also the AI does not carry bags making solo even harder you have been warned.


Very Nice Game but a flawed completion

babamba2 | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all babamba2's reviews »

from 1 to 2 there are many funtions appeared to play more for coop, but too overly thought only coop also there are so many flaws in the game. first, AIs (especially allied ai) are all too cripple and dont use their computed brain. they only shoots cops sticking to me. this makes single-player boring second, Mallcrasher, which object is break all the worthies, have no worthy except the windows,jewerly and money in a safe. there is supercar at second floor but it have no worthy., if you are not single-player , this game gives you a lot fun so i recommended this game to blast all your worries but i cant give good review because of existing crippled ai


Great time killer

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Thanks to the huge variety of new masks, heists, revamped gunplay and such Payday 2 has to be one of the most fun coop games I have ever played, the gameplay itself being much more varied, you can pick how you'll approach the different heists instead of being limited to one single choice. The game went for an RPG level up system, players being able to level up wich will grant them more skill points to spend on four different classes and so on. Payday is a game wich must be played with other players though, as the local singleplayer bots are fairly rudimentary and were mostly added as a filler, players can still go solo but certain heists might be too difficult to complete alone, the game itself generaly rewarding players which play as a group. One huge flaw has to be, a randomized mission system wich is supposed to make players feel more immersed, itself being quite an annoyance instead, players might have a difficult time finding their favourite heist on the map. Some high tier enemies also tend to be somewhat bulletproof wich can be quite a hassle at the highest difficulty levels. There's also a new stealth mechanic but I won't go too in depth with it. Anyway, the game itself doesn't feel like a "Left 4 Dead" mod anymore and it actualy manages to stand on it's own, thanks to the new gameplay. It's a must have for avid co op fans!


Great co-op experience

nunch | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all nunch's reviews »

The game is most fun while playing in co-op although it is also possible to play by yourself with 2 AI bots,the AI is almost useless except for reviving. Even though robbing a store by yourself without getting noticed gives a great sense of accomplishment it is definitely not the way the developers want the game to be played. +Support for voice chat +Customization to make your character "feel unique" +More free content will be added -The game in some bits feels rushed -DLC announced before the game was released


A Fantastic Sequel

DomEReapeR | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all DomEReapeR's reviews »

Payday 2 is a great sequel to a great game, with promising future features on the way, like decorating your safehouse and added missions/masks. Let's start with that, one thing they added to Payday 2 was mask customization, once you recieve your payday (Random mask item/mod/extra money) you have a chance of getting a new mask, patterns or colours, which gives your character a bit of your own personality. Lots of new weapons with customizable mods, lets you create the weapon of your dreams, whether you want a loud surpressing shotgun or a quiet stealthy pistol. An inventory so you can have 9 of each type of weapon stashed depending on what mission you'll be playing. Every mission can be stealthed in this game, every mission can also be played by running in guns-blazing. It's all up to you. The new day system adds more length to some missions, and thus a higher payday, which is really fun. You get experience and level up after each mission, and you can spend your points in 4 different skill trees depending on what gamestyle you prefer. All in all I absolutely adore this game, and I can't wait for them to add more content, hopefully in free updates.


Awesome game to play with pals

VivienC | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all VivienC's reviews »

And when I say it's a great game to play with friends, I mean it. If your friends aren't into it, personally, I'm not so sure how much you'd enjoy it but who knows, some people prefer playing with randoms. You can complete the missions whichever way you want and it's a thoroughly enjoyable game because of that. Just make sure you don't have an Intel graphics card and your rig's compatible with the game because quite a few people were upset about that after purchasing it.



spiken0 | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all spiken0's reviews »

If you enjoyed Payday 1 at all then you'll love this game. 505 Games has improved on literally every component of the game. The most dramatic improvements are to the variation in missions, character progression, and shooting mechanics. There's plenty of depth to the cooperative gameplay and the way missions are tackled with different equipment and tactics. Buy this game, it's one of the best sequels I've seen in a long time.


Really fun!

mokroprase | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all mokroprase's reviews »

This is a sequel to payday the heist and is a huge improvement over the original game. One of the major improvements of this game is that you can complete almost every single one of the missions using you own play style, you can either go in guns blazing and storm the levels or you can use a stealthier approach and sneak around taking the loot you need without starting a firefight. The game also has a good mission select screen, the game calls it In this screen you can see which missions have the best payout and the individual missions difficulty. However the major downside to this is that it doesn't always display the mission you want to play making you wait. Overall it is a great game and is worth the buy.



idobadbymyselfi | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all idobadbymyselfi's reviews »

I got this game the day it came out and it is great! Aside from a few bugs in the beginning (all have been fixed) this game is flawless. Great co-op. The guns look and feel great. The customization is neat. You can unlock masks and customize them with materials, colors, and patterns. Levels are fun and intuitive. You can either go guns ablazin or try and be super sneaky. Great Game.


Very fun game

crazywink | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all crazywink's reviews »

This game is very fun to play and always rewarding. I definitely love the improvements that they've made since the first one and I hope they will continue to add content! :)



TheBeastF9 | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all TheBeastF9's reviews »

This is a brilliant game and doesn't get boring after a while. I've played about 11 missions now and not boring at all BUT! I am getting a lot of lag I've checked my internet and my graphics settings and it still lags but apart from that its a brilliant game!



courtingpsycho | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all courtingpsycho's reviews »

If you want a game that you can rob stuff and earn money in while thinking of strats to complete the job then payday 2 is for you. No matter your play style there is a job for you, whether you want to stealth a jewelry store and complete it without even getting noticed or create meth and fight off waves of cops in a huge gun fight. Payday 2 comes very close to being a 100% game apart from some minor game bugs that some may say break it but thats just some teething issues that are getting fixed as i do this so if you dont mind a slight bug here and there for now then jump right in


Fun, pure co-op game but seemingly unfinished

hixxsafc | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all hixxsafc's reviews »

I never played the original but decided to give this a go as a few friends had been enjoying the beta so I wanted to join in. When you start out the game really just lets you find your own way and you will take an hour or three to get to grips with the game. Your first port of call will be the fairly horrible mission select screen (aka which gives a random selection of missions and difficulties (of which there are 4: normal, hard, very hard and overkill; rewards of XP and cash are multiplied depending on which you select) scattered across a map of a city. If you are playing solely with friends you can pull up a filter that will hide lobbies that are occupied but then you are still hoping the game the game shows the map and difficulty you want to play. There will be times where you are waiting over 10 minutes to get the level you want. There are also Pro Jobs which are one-shot attempts at a level which can make the interface even more tedious. Once you finally get into a game, hopefully with a full squad of 4 friends or randoms as the teammate AI is horrendous, you will either be in casing mode where you can move around without causing too much suspicion or, in a few missions, you will be masked up and won't be able to survey the area. You can usually play a mission stealthily but not always and your squad and their skill trees will help decide how you plan out your heists or assaults. Are you going to rush in to the Jewelry Store, stick down some electronic jammers and be back to the getaway van before the police are called or are you going to storm a bank and fortify it while you drill into the vault? Or maybe the other way round, silently thin the guard ranks while finding the key card to render the cameras moot so you can storm the bank without raising the alarm and thus minimal bloodshed? Up to you, though both approaches have their bonuses and drawbacks. The aim of the game is of course to get as much loot as possible before you are overwhelmed by hordes of police once you are spotted. The amount of loot you get dictates your spending cash which can buy you weapons, contribute to skill ups and new masks. The mission difficulty seems to add a multiplier to the cash reward and XP reward and in fairly typical fashion, weapon unlocks, skill points and customization items such as masks are tied to your level of which there are 100. At the end of each mission you also get to select a card which will give you a random reward such as more cash, a weapon mod or a mask template or skin etc. The skill trees are broken up in to 4 classes: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician and Ghost. Masterminds come with a medic bag and are more about getting civilians and enemies to... co-operate, shall we say. Enforcers are as you'd expect: all about taking damage, dishing it out and getting access to ammo bags and a saw which will let you get into ATMs and deposit boxes much quicker at the expense of being very loud. Technicians bring the boom with tripmines and sentry guns while being more adept with tools such as the drill. Ghost is the stealth class, allowing access to a jammer and makes you more agile as you move down the tree and faster lockpicking. You can max out two and a half trees I believe when you have hit level 100. A good squad will have one of each archetype. The gameplay itself is good fun - the shooting very solid, though some enemies are real bullet sponges. The guys in bomb suits and shotguns are a definite 'holy crap, run away' moment and the game isn't afraid to abuse them on higher difficulties. A typical mission will have you spend a few minutes casing, snuffing any guards you can silently before moving in and doing what you can before the police are alerted. You'll face fodder early responce before SWAT storms in and assaults you in moments reminiscent of Left 4 Dead hordes attacking you, only with guns, which can be intense. You will pack your loot while fending them off, waiting for the van to arrive and the assault to end before making your way, loot in hand, to the van. Some missions will be spread over 3 or so days and involve missions where your only objective is to survive for a certain amount of time, or to make a trade with a gang for information. There is a fair amount of variety to the missions but not enough to support huge play times other co-op PC shooters seem to achieve. You have 6 or 7 levels with 2 or 3 variations on them, sometimes different enough for it to feel fresh, others not so much. This is where the short fall of the game is, there isn't a great deal of content. After 5 or 6 hours you will feel like you've seen it all and will be looking at simply becoming efficient rather than what comes next. Performance wise the game is largely fine though some levels seem to have my PC really struggling for no apparent reason - the meth lab in Rats will drop to sub-30 frame rates and I can't see any reason why and with Rats being a rather intense mission it can become frustrating. The devs have promised free - and paid - in the future and the longevity of the game will live and die on how they handle that. With that in mind, it's a good base but definitely needs building on.


Lots of fun with friends

Smindy | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all Smindy's reviews »

After finally buying this game because all of my friends were telling me to, I sat down and managed to play for eight hours on my day off of work. A couple of things stood out to me: 1. The AI of your teammates is pretty bad, though sometimes having actual teammates can be even worse 2. You'd think it'd get old doing the same jobs over and over again, but at this point it isn't. With the random aspects of each job you take, they manage to feel pretty fresh all the time. 3. There is a lot more they can do with the game, and I'm quite interested to see what they're going to do with your offshore account money in the upcoming free DLC Even though they had to cut a small part of the game out before release, this doesn't feel like an unfinished game. I've only seen one bug and a couple exploits (such as pulling giant bags of guns/drugs/whatever through walls of trucks/warehouses), and they don't really detract at all from the overall feel of the game. I haven't really paid any attention to the story (and I never played the first one. Not sure if that matters at all) but the jobs each have their own mini-story about them. Not sure if this ties into something bigger or not. It's fun, especially if you have a lot of people to play with. If you're stuck playing with the AI teammates or random strangers on the internet, it might not be as great.


Fun Co-op

ConorEngelb | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

Payday was fun - the feeling of robbing a bank/raiding a hospital with friends was a good one: exciting, adrenaline-filled. Payday 2 improves on everything that made its predecessor great. Better graphics and gameplay mechanics make the game a real pleasure to play, especially the addition of a class system for the player. Best enjoyed in a gang.


Hours of endless fun

Terrazine | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all Terrazine's reviews »

Perhaps as a random act of interest, I had decided to check out this game of what I had believed to be "Cops and Robbers." I hadn't expected too much of this game due to average reviews of it's predecessor but I was astonished. This game was to be a time burner with friends to pull off a few robberies but never had I been so into such an intense game! The game is divided up into mission that differentiate in both objective, difficulty, and quite often, frustration. As an example, I will use the first mission, "Jewelry Store." Now this mission is supposed to be a run-of-the-mill break and enter kind of thing. BUT, and that's with all capitals, the mission is far from being bland and vanilla. Number of policemen within and around the store create an environment that may in fact cause a loss due how you the player, interact with them. Maybe you want to stealth kill them, you would have to answer their pager as to why they stopped responding. Maybe the secretary will believe, and then again maybe not. Depending on how you set up and approach each scenario, you may find yourself to be in either an impossibly difficult jam, or the mission will go by quickly and easily. Say you want to attack head first, guns blazing. Fine, fair enough I understand. Just do not expect the cops to be arriving soon to take kindly to that. If you take your time and drag the process out, less cops will come as the situation may be deemed "easier" to deal with. Less initial violence=less action. This can satisfy all sorts of players from the casual wild shot player to the careful controlling player. Payday 2 really brings out what kind of player you are through how you complete the missions. Every mission has random starts and vault locations to spice it up. Missions will generally be the same however with the same objective and task but that isn't necessarily bad. How you play the game is entirely up to you and even a simple heist can result in catastrophic gun fights. The team consists of a random number of people from either the Ghost, Mastermind, Engineer, and Enforcer tech trees. Each tree gives perks for the character depending on what they believe would benefit them more. Always remember though, perhaps you think a ghost as an infiltrator would help a lot, ammo, or rather the lack of, may be the thing that causes you and your team to lose. Personally I had tons of fun with this game. The missions are exciting and challenging. I never get bored of even the generic bank heist. Odd glitches and bugged civilian AI aren't particularly much to note and maybe a cop's head will stick out of a wall. Nothing game breaking whatsoever. However I must warn that single player is well near impossible due to incompetent friendly AI. To conclude, and if TL: DR, Payday 2 is a fantastic game and can very well be considered a triple A game. The missions are exciting and keep you peeled to the monitor. Odd glitches and the impossible single player are the only thing keeping me away from granting this a perfect score. Play this game with friends, you wont regret it.


Big,big,big,big fun

jobs99 | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all jobs99's reviews »

Definitely worth every penny, hours of fun, robbing banks with friends, and even solo style! There are four classes to choose from, everyone is different. I was bored by all my games, but this one is great, and will keep me busy for lots of time. I recommend to pick this game up, along with your friends, so you can play together (it's a better experience in co-op ;))


Great Co-op Heists Promised!

felixdenfule | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all felixdenfule's reviews »

This game really is so much fun. It loses a few points due to featuring really awkward AI, but it covers up this flaw by featuring pretty great matchmaking. The netcode is pretty solid, but there are a few errors every now and then when connecting to a game. However, this has no major impact on the general feel of the game. A quick warning is that anyone even moderately comfortable with fps controls will max out this game pretty quickly, but it does not make the game even slightly less fun. The general gameplay feel is very smooth and there are almost no graphical errors. As said, the game is pretty easy to "complete" so anyone that feels that it's too expensive should probably wait for a (minor) sale. Where Payday 2 really shines is how it's one of those co-op games that can be really fun even when played with completely new players, even players that you have never played with before. It's a real multiplayer gem that I would recommend everyone to play at least a few times during their life. It loses a few points due to more or less non-existing singleplayer, even if this was something the developers actually forced in due to community votes. In other words it's a great game that really delivers on what it promises.


Payday 2 - review

Neapolis47 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

It is the sequel to a cooperative fps setting out a range of features more or less original - mostly inspired by Left For Dead, the aim is to attack banks with an experienced team, close-knit and well organized. There are four distinct and well-defined classes, which the player can develop at will by distributing skill points earned through experience. it is possible to unlock skill of each branch to their character, however, only one of them can be completed to 100%, pushing consequently the player to specialize in one rather than in another class. In PAYDAY 2, you can play with a stealth approach most of the missions, but have great success with this method requires a meticulous knowledge of the map, a study of very detailed goals and targets - some randomly placed as in the original chapter - and especially a coordination exceptional team. The purchase is highly recommended to anyone who enjoyed the original chapter and those who want to try their hand - in the company - with an original, inspiring and deeply complex, which requires time and dedication to be appreciated in all its many and varied facets.


Highly entertaining!!!

Oblaque | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

This is a much improved game from PayDay the Heist. The graphics to the mechanics to the AI all a big improvement from the original. PayDay 2 has a lot of the same looks and feels so you don't loose what you missed from PayDay. There is still some improvements like making a party in the main menu with friends or being able to beat a level after so many tries. If your looking for a fun shooter with different ways to play this is the game for you. It has its perks, as-well many draw backs. But its still a fun game to mess with friends in some challenges.


Quality Price

jean8mathieu | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all jean8mathieu's reviews »

This is the best game with coop that I ever had. If you want a game with coop that's the best game you can get on the market at this price. You get a really good FPS game for 30$. You won't regret it!


Damn Good

Bimbis | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Bimbis's reviews »

My friends and I purchased this because we loved the first one, but this one added so much more. This is definitely worth the $30.


Re playable and Enjoyable!

Roydo | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Roydo's reviews »

I admit that the first game was actually kinda bad in my tastes but this sequel did everything right! when i got in beta i was hooked! the maps provide such an enjoyable experience especially when its a map you have not seen before. this game keeps you hooked with all the unlockables, masks, skills, and fun with friends! and if your into difficulty no worries try stealthing some maps on lvl pro extremely hard! but rewarding. its super easy to get money and tedious unlocking mods or masks you want but all the more fun! this game though requires good teamwork if you dont you will fail so its easy to pass the blame on a teammate who does not stick with the team. the skill classes are just genius! great fun with other people who can do advanced thing like c4 or making a cop your ally everyone is different and you are able to customize you guns u buy with the mods u randomly unlock. thats probably my biggest problem the random unlocks im lvl 37 now and i only unlocked 2 masks and 3 mods for a weapon i actually use but hey thats it everything else is just hands down great and fun!


Payday is back

wolferatus | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all wolferatus's reviews »

If you love Payday 1 than you will love Payday 2. Its so fun to play that game Online with friends or other players you don`t know. Gameplay has a nice graphic, story is easy to understand and there are many locations where you can do your job and earn money. And thats not all, if you complete a mission you can drope special items like masks, weapons, money and a lot of other thinks. Buy it if you love games like this ;)


Good Vibes in the beta, certainly continued in the final release

beatstar | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all beatstar's reviews »

[GMG Mods: A repost from with The Global Marketeer, my blog, with minor edits for content.] After being gifted a beta copy of this game by a friend, I was eager to play a game from the PAYDAY series for the first time, even if it was the second one. With a “free” game in my Steam library (at least, until the final game is released) I decided to evaluate PAYDAY 2 as the game that very well might have struck gold. Following the tradition of its predecessor, which in turn took inspiration from the Left 4 Dead series, PAYDAY 2 is a game where you complete heists in a four-man entourage. In the game modes I’ve experienced, these heists include: holding up a jewelry store, robbing a bank, and cooking crystal meth for a drug lord. These missions and heists seem varied, but all of them revolve around the almighty dollar, and they also (for the most part) rely on skills such as crowd control, intuition, and markmanship. To get through a vault, for example, one must drill through while holding down the perimeter from police armed with shields and tasers. Often, your equipment might break midway through the drilling and it’s up to you or your teammates to fix it. The dynamics of these missions are pretty remarkable, even if they aren’t necessarily groundbreaking. During a heist, you have the choice to go quiet and steal “silently” without alerting the police, or you just go full Rambo and shoot the whole place up. It’s entirely up to you and/or your teammates on how you choose to proceed, but the former provides a much more challenging and rewarding experience. This is especially true on the bank missions, where the rows of safe deposit boxes take a long time to pick open and are an inefficient use of time if you’re being attacked. Once you unload the minimum amount of goods to the getaway vehicle, you can either end the mission right then and there, or, “if you’re feeling greedy”, you can clean the entire place out. Both of these options are always left open to you if your team is willing to spend more time on the heist. Death in this came comes in the form of being “in custody”, or, in other words, purgatory. If one of your teammates is locked up, you either trade a “hostage” for him (except during police assaults), or alternatively your teammate can wait it out. In either case, their death comes with little consequence and you can still proceed with the mission as usual. As for the story — there is none. Don’t try to convince your self that there is, you will only make your head hurt. All that you need to know is that four guys rob places, cook meth, and make loads of money doing it. It’s pure action with no need for a backstory. I’m indifferent on premise when it comes to the FPS genre, but the fact that there is no major plotline allows players to focus more on the game itself instead of the reason which drives your character’s motivation to rob. As for your team’s “bosses”, do we honestly give a damn about Hector or Vlad? Probably not. These are just minor additions to appease people who like light vignettes to further their immersion. Speaking of the NPCs, the AI of this game was once invariably sporadic in the Beta, but by and large it has been patched. Enemy AI will still often ignore your location until you fire a bullet and do not check entrances, despite being SWAT officers and the like. In the game, though, the civilians are your biggest problem. Crowd control is a pain should you need to actually use it, and, if not reminded to sit the (umph) down enough, they will not hesitate to run away, even during the middle of a firefight in the direction of your bullets. Then we get to sound design. It takes major influences from the ambient and electronic department and tweaks them to the environment. For example: A quiet scene in Casing Mode (where you attempt to blend in as a civilian) would get a quiet repetitive monotone beat, whereas a full-on police assault would get a more sonically induced electronic track. Once again, it’s not groundbreaking, because it’s been a tried a true music genre for first-person shooters, but the score does a good job without sounding overtly tryhard. Keep in mind there is a lack of attenuation for voice chat, so you have to lower down the music and SFX if you want to clearly hear your friends speak without it being buried in a barrage of gunfire and electronica. Finally, there’s stability. Even as a beta on its last updates, there is still much to do. The crashes to desktop, the random freezes and the unexpected slowdowns all have the potential to ruin the game, but if they just implemented a bug-reporting program (besides the silent built-in one run by Steam) perhaps these issues could be addressed sooner. These stability issues are not uncommon, but ultimately they didn’t overshadow my gaming experience enough to give it a bad or moderate score. In closing, PAYDAY 2 delivers a whole lot of fun in a familiar package for those familiar with first-person shooters. If it were just 10 dollars cheaper ($19.99), it would be a clear buy. Still, if you’re anxious to give it a go, it's still worth the money for the most part. It’s no secret that the game has problems; there are plenty to fix, and yet so little time to correct them before the game’s release, but with the conclusion of the beta, Overkill Software has made a good first impression to their second installment of their series.


Hours of Co-Op fun!

paddyg | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all paddyg's reviews »

Overkill Software have really pulled one out the bag for this one! The original Payday: The Heist was a heap of fun but Payday 2 is much improved on that. Better customization of weapons, perks (skills), skulls and your safehouse. You can branch into any (or all) of the four different classes: Ghost, Technician, Enforcer and Mastermind. Each specialise in different things. The Ghost is the stealth master, the Technician can operate drills faster and plant down a sentry gun. The Enforcer kicks the ass of the enemy and has improved armour. The Mastermind is the ultimate at capturing people and collecting loot faster. Select the best perks from across the four classes and you'll soon be on your way to making a ton of money. Rob banks, Malls, Cocaine smuggling and many many more to come! 92/100.


very enjoyable coop game

Heisenberg0512 | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all Heisenberg0512's reviews »

After having played 7 hrs with both random people on the internet and AI I can safely recommend this game it has got a lot of weapon variety and customization great gunplay and varied levels drawbacks are the binary nature of the stealth mechanics the bad AI because of which I don't recommend offline play and the skill tree which does not offer anything beyond slight stat increases until the endgame Overall still a very enjoyable game especially if you can find some people to coordinate your attacks with


Huge improvement over the first!

Nfarrugia | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all Nfarrugia's reviews »

worth the money either way you swing it. it's been a fantastic time so far and I'm about 3-4 hours in! you level decently quickly depending on how well you did during our heist and the unlocks are fun! at the end of every level you choose a card and it unlocks something new or gives you money and either way its a blast! if you have played the first this is a HUGE improvement!


What a fantastic game!

Calbo | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all Calbo's reviews »

I have been bored in these holidays all the game such as cod and fifa are getting boring and it is a wait until the next exiting games. Payday 2 was coming out so i thought i would buy it for an amazing price on GMG. In payday 2 you rob banks,shops and many other things which might seem pointless but there is alot more to it.After every job you get paid money, with this money you can spend it on things such as weapons,armor and customization. It is also a game where you can make friends with other people since it is co-op, but i would say it is better to play with your friends so you can mix out the different roles. All together the graphics are amazing and it is an overall game for fun, i have spent hours on it and it is interesting how you can do missions guns blazing or stealth. I would highly recommend this game if your are looking for a great shooter!!


Payday 2 is everything Payday: The Heist should have been.

spartan1down | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all spartan1down's reviews »

Huge improvement over Pay Day: The Heist (original game), in every way. Better gun play, better graphics and visuals, more responsive controls like better aiming and sensitivity, and the heists feel more like heists that are also fun yet challenging. Robbing a jewelry store or bank couldn't be more fun and intense all at the same time. I highly recommend picking up the 4-pack to go along with 3 other friends, or just buy it because one of your friends probably already own the game. There are weapon and equipment unlocks, unlock masks and customize them, primary and secondary gun customization, armor, gadgets, and a big skill tree to compliment the four different classes in Payday 2. The customization and skill system are robust and it has a lot of depth. You really get a sense that you are your character class, and if you find one that you prefer to play, you will most likely take the time to invest wholly into it. I have been playing the "Enforcer" class and if you analyze and study your skill tree, it really encourages you to play as your character class and perform your character role. Take for example, the enforcer can provide ammo, deal more damage as well as take less damage in big gun fights against multiple enemies, faster armor recovery, and more damage with close quarter guns like a shotgun. These are just few examples of how you could play. So as an enforcer, I embody the role of a "juggernaut" type of character. I provide cover fire, and heavy fire, subdue enemies with a stronger melee attack to heavy body armor reinforcements. While a class like Ghost which is stealth cannot do any of those things, but he will compliment the team with his own skill sets. Two words: Dynamic Maps. This is the single, most important aspect of Payday 2 that makes it an exceptional game. Every heist is different from the one before, making you plan a new strategy for every encounter. Each "Heist" has several "Days." So for each heist, you could be playing up to Day 7 and get seven different scenarios and locations. For every heist, the security guards won't be standing and patrolling the same route, security cameras may or may not be in the exact location it was the last time you played it. Civilians are also randomly generated. Waves of enemies won't be the same every time. This provides a fresh experience every time you play. Imagine if everything was placed at the same exact location every time? Wouldn't that be boring and predictable? This is the reason why more games like this should have dynamic maps. Payday 2, unlike some co-op games encourages team play and communication. A very hard or overkill difficulty heist will push your limits as a team, causing awkward, funny, intense, exciting moments that pushes you to hone your skill-set with the class you are playing. The game really pushes you to evaluate what you did wrong and come back and do a better heist job the next time. I could picture myself playing this game for a very long time. Playing it with a group of good friends will really stretch the life of Payday 2, at the same time, making it a more enjoyable experience ten-fold. Although, playing it with random players on the server was for the most part has been a pleasant experience. The new and veteran players on Payday 2 aren't elitists like the players I came across in Pay Day: The Heist. The community is much better. Aside from the dynamic mapping, a feature that I found to refreshing and addictive was the card system. After you complete certain "Day #" heist, you are rewarded experience points, cash, and more knowledge of how to pull off better heists through making errors. It also rewards you with unlocks by randomly selecting one of three cards. When a random card was generated, you will either get an unlock for a weapon mod, mask, mask material, color, or pattern, cash, and other goodies. What that did was unlock the item and make it available for you to purchase. So you could imagine, it gives you a sense of reward, but you also then have to earn your way to unlock the items instead of tossing everything your way. It will really give the game longevity, instead of a game with an unlock progression system that could be easily completed in a few days. I wasn't a fan of Payday: The Heist 1, but I was completely sold on Payday 2 during the beta that I went out and bought the game on day one. I hope you do too or else the Enforcer will come out to get you!


Great game to play with friends!

iicornettoii | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all iicornettoii's reviews »

A great game to play with friends, i was fortunate that 3 friends bought this game with me and it was amazing, The game challenges you and makes having good cooperation with your team important and it really shows.


Best coop game out

tonyd87 | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all tonyd87's reviews »

I only play games online with COOP, and this is awesome. The game involves a lot of team work, so get ready to scream at your friends for setting off the alarms. The game is extremely upgraded from the first game. BUY IT NOW!


A fun time with you and your buddies!

xkaboskyx | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all xkaboskyx's reviews »

Payday 2 puts you behind the mask of criminals and this game packs a punch! For not playing Payday: The Heist I was convinced by my buddies that this game is going to be a very good game and I have to say that they were right. I highly enjoy the missions where you could be robbing banks, destroying a mall, to cooking meth the tasks are full of fun and definitely makes you feel like a criminal. I highly recommend playing with either your friends, or with some random people online because this game is a lot of fun when you have you and your buddies running around trying to get the job done and building up your character.



Destroyer4887 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all Destroyer4887's reviews »

Better improvement in the online co-op. The single player is still bad. No improvements there what so ever. When you have a bunch of friends to play with on this game, you will have endless fun. Bank jobs and trashing a mall is amazing. A definite must for all the avid gamers and anyone who enjoys letting out their inner criminal and psychopath .


A good sequel.

crankafoo | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all crankafoo's reviews »

It doesn't offer all of the improvements I was hoping for, but it's still a lot better. Still offers (mostly) the same shooting mechanics as the first, but there's a lot of customization for all of your weapons. There's also an RPG element with your classes. You choose one of four classes and as you level up, your class gets more abilities to use and this helps with smoothing things out with harder missions. You can level up by collecting experience from missions and that gives you the chance to unlock a load of extra stuff from masks to gun add-ons. Aside from that, there's a lot of replayability offered through the missions as they change key things each time you go through. You'll get a lot of bang for your buck here, and if you liked the first, pick this up.


This is a game much like Left for Dead

xmifi | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all xmifi's reviews »

It's a coop game which will keep you busy for a long time. You got different tasks to do before you can archive your goal. And many of these are randomized each time. You also grind for exp and money so you can unlock skills and weapons which will keep you busy for a long time. The graphics are average and although you can play it in single player. I will not advice it cause the AI is lacking. If you are looking for a fun coop game look no further this is.


A worthy sequel

CrippleTron | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all CrippleTron's reviews »

I'm a big fan of the original Payday so obviously I was excited about the sequel. It's a step up in every way with more weapons, gadgets and customisation options that seriously improve on the already great and addictive gameplay. You can see the amount of time and effort Overkill have put into the level design with numerous ways to complete each heist that add endless replay value, no 2 heists are ever the same. This game will keep me busy for a long time.


Bonnie ve Clyde

wayloth | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all wayloth's reviews »

Probably one of the best cooperative based experience you gonna have while playing this game. A joy to share with friends, even some issue about graphics and petty bugs, it's still acceptable. It has potential to keep you playing it over hours with it's highly replayable design. Just one thing, better if you make your friends to purchase this game because it's totally based on coordination in team and when you fail that you will never survive to paradise. Have nice robberies ^^


The best of the genre

macu39 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all macu39's reviews »

The gaming experience is very satisfying to the height of your previous game. highly recommended


Heist Continuing

mertgunes | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all mertgunes's reviews »

Payday The Heist was a good game; but not enough. It has only 6 maps, and short game time; but Payday is coming with a lot of new features like skills, mask desing,inventory and stealth gameplay. It have stealth gameplay in hard/very hard mode. In short, it is a good game with Co-Op. 90/100.


One of the best games of 2013

ZomBieZA | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all ZomBieZA's reviews »

PayDay: the Heist was on of my favorite games, I bought this game as soon as I could and started with the beta straight-away, None stop Heaven! + No funny glitches like Call of Duty has or Battlefield. + Awesome game play. + Amazing voice acting and style of mission choices. + Access to beta. + Such a fun and addictive game. :D - Doing actions take awhile (Lock picking) - The in-game drill gets annoying (Breaks 3 or 4 times) - Playing Single Player can get hard when doing Hard or Very Hard Missions.


Just one problem

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

This game is great, and it is clear that the developers put a lot of time into making it. The gameplay mechanics are amazing, the graphics are good, and it's just hugely entertaining. There are countless customisation options for your masks, guns and equipment which can be unlocked through completion of heists and missions. You can choose to play the game with other, real people or you can go single player with AI- when you join a multiplayer game it does pause the game for the other players for a considerable amount of time whilst you wait for them to join. Now this is a great game, no mistake about it, but there is one huge problem that has been annoying me a lot. The game randomly closes mid-game. This is not an isolated problem, many players have had it, but there are fixes available which makes the game run smooth as ever. This game is DEFINITELY worth picking up, hours of fun and replayability.


Fantastic co-op game with your friends.

vaddler | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all vaddler's reviews »

Payday 2 has everything Overkill previously left out in Payday:The Heist, weapon customization, a huge amount of masks to craft and plenty of other goodies. While I was playing the Beta, I had a lot of trouble with Overkill on Rats, especially the first mission. But that's what I enjoy with this game, it gives you a challenge and teamwork is mostly what matters. If I were to recommend this game to my friends, I would. But not because you're just robbing banks. Because of the time you can spend trying to find yourself that certain mask part you've been looking for. It's almost like loot in an MMORPG. Either way, if you're interested in robbing banks and loves teamplay? This is your game!


this games hits all the stops

Gamereaper95 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all Gamereaper95's reviews »

This games is amazing it hits all the major stops that a FPS should, the missions are not as linear s you would think and with random, occurrences in them like betrayal and FBI ambushes this game is one of the best going. Only thing i will mark this game down for is that i am using a laptop and haven't experienced it to it's full potential.


A serious sequel, and step up.

indirect | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all indirect's reviews »

Payday 2 puts you back in the roles of Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf... a notorious bank robbing, cartel rip-offing, 'modern day Robin Hood' quartet. A new city to own, and new ways to own it. This iteration expands on the first game in all aspects. With a large number of unlocks, masks, customizations, and skills to progress through, Overkill has given us a game that will suck us out of reality and put you right in the world of Hollywood bank robbing.



omegatoast | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all omegatoast's reviews »

This game is incredible. To be honest I was not a fan of the original payday as it felt like Left 4 Dead skinned with cops and robbers. This time around they've really polished the product and have really taken to allowing the player to approach each mission with their own unique playing style. Do you want to go in guns a'blazing, shooting at the cops as you back towards your escape vehicle? Or are you going to sneak in through the back, destroying all the security cameras and leaving without a trace? It's up to you.


The most entertaining action game I have played in a while

sebbecht | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all sebbecht's reviews »

I have always loved bank robbery movies and so this is the perfect game for me. But now that I have played the beta, even if I didnt love the concept of the gameplay and story, I would still love the game purely from its mechanics. I have always been very critical of mechanics in games and their flaws and what really makes me love this game is that they have made an intense action game with beautiful graphics as well as a well thoughtout stealth thief game. I enjoy all the sides of the gameplay they provide: Intense action, complicated heists doable in full stealth with WELL thoughtout mechanics, great possibility of teamplay that requires multitasking etc etc. Its a very wholesome experience in my mind. They also provide you with many reasons to grind up experience and money to upgrade weapons, skills, masks and not to mention one of the best but simplest experiences of all: Walking into your private vault in your safehouse, looking at the stacks of money you have collected. I have played over 90 hours of the BETA that has a small amount of the content they have promised even on release. I would gladly pay double what they ask for this game.


Filled with all Missing Stuff from Payday: The Heist

DirkPittGT | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all DirkPittGT's reviews »

New city with new contracts and diffirent heists. We will continue our business where we left. Our Payday Gang hit the D.C. this time. There is a lot of diffirent heists and each time you play them, they will generate diffirent situations. Each time you do the same heist you have to change your plan according to these situations. This will make the game repeatly playable because you will want to do them overly. Overkill did the job done and bring enourmous custimization options for your guns, skills and masks. Whenever you finish a heist, you get a chance to earn a custimization to make your loadout more unique to you. This time Overkill also add full stealth option for most of the heists. Get in and out without noticed but while doing this; they manage to do only downside of the game: - AI is a little bit ignore you sometimes. In the end, Overkill surpassed the first game with all new and more re-playability stuff. With new Crime-Net setup, Co-op mode has become more fun and easy adaptation for new comers to Payday gang as well. If you enjoyed the first one, you will definitely love this one as well. For those who has a group of 4 player and searching for a FPS game, get Payday 2 you will not regret the decision.


Payday 2 is The Heat

ziddy123 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all ziddy123's reviews »

If there is ever a game that makes you feel you in a heist movie, Payday 2 is it. You can imagine De Niro saying 2 minutes until.... Get the blah blah. Everything is well sequenced and you have to try to execute perfectly. Unlike movies though, the police are good shots. It's a fun game.


The Best heist game available

Pro_Fish | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all Pro_Fish's reviews »

Payday 2 picks up where Payday 1 left off and puts you in a brand new city with a whole new set of heists. Personally, I have enjoyed this game much more than the first, but I also feel that the difficulty was brought down a notch. With even more skills and weapons, comes more money to have to be spent. This game focuses around the mighty dollar and some might say too much. Unlike the first where upgrades were given to you, this game has you buy everything. Some might look at this as a negative, but I see it as better incentive to do heists over. Also, the inclusion of creates a layer of depth where you cannot simply select your heist, but you must wait for it to be placed on the map. The Safe House is a nice touch too that ties the two games' stories together. Overall, I must say Overkill has outdone themselves and has created a co-op experience that rivals that of games like Left 4 Dead. I would recommend this to anyone.