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good game

niciu19 | Dec. 27, 2015 | See all niciu19's reviews »

L.A. Noire is a difficult game, but not when it comes to gameplay, but to your own style. It's not a game for everyone. It is quite repetitive, long, extremely linear, do not have superheroes with powers nor fancy twists. After all, we're in Los Angeles, the 40, the end of the 2nd World War, and we are an Army veteran, now a detective. There's nothing extraordinary about it. In my opinion, this could be the game more "down to earth" distributed by Rockstar. He portrays were very close to Los Angeles at the time, including actual historical sites, some characters who really existed (Howard Hughes, for example), famous police cases (such as the case of the Black Dahlia, so far unresolved, shown in the game with an interesting conclusion), some war dramas, the repudiation of communism, blacks, Japanese, etc. The story of the character (Cole Phelps) is shown for a few cutscenes between cases you solve, getting a bit "choppy" and even accelerated through the last parts, as if to close soon. Anyway, the story is nice, but could have a better development. It has merit for showing a very human protagonist who hits and misses (enough) while trying to end corruption within the police, which, to me, is the most interesting part of the game. I will not talk too much to not give spoiler, but the final scenes of the game are a good representation of corruption in government sectors and how the power of money. It's not a pretty story, much less happy, and that's what this game shines. For those seeking a game with noir atmosphere, dark rooms, smoke, jazz, old-fashioned cars and the investigations can buy without fear.


Fantastic Detective Story with Surprisingly Solid Controls

sycomantis1991 | May 16, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

L.A. Noise is an anomaly in modern gaming. It's a great game with a huge emphasis on story. It has great characters and interesting cases to solve. It progresses at a good pace, and it's set in a beautiful early 20th century New York, and it's wholly interesting throughout. What surprises me though, is how excellent the controls are. They could've easily skimped on them as they're far from the focus. The chase scenes and gun fights that do occur are extremely fun and control like silk. It's amazing that this game was forgotten after its initial hype, as it's an amazing experience.


A good game, when it works correctly

LonM | April 28, 2015 | See all LonM's reviews »

The concept of the game is a good one. The story and type of gameplay could have been good (although i'm pretty sure I would make a terrible police investigator). BUT, the game itself is terrible. There is a terrible problem with framerate, and the fixes provided by the community (not the developers) don't always work. Many levels of the game are buggy and impossible to pass, specifically those that involve "grappling". The fact that there are so many problems is very annoying because without them it would be a very good game. But as it stands, you should not bother getting this game.


A unique game..

GatsuRage | March 23, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

Will make this short: The game tries new things that none other game ever tried before.. the interrogation system where you need to actually look at your suspect faces reactions to know if is saying the truth, or is straight up lying.. You will also be able to inspect different areas to find clues that will help you out to make the right calls at the moment of interrogate the suspect. Everything is well thought out, however the game might be too long, and all these things start to get boring, or rather start feeling like a real chore to get done, so keep that in mind. In short, this game is not for everyone, but is certainly unique and worth playing. Side Note: it is NOT a great pc port...


The best detective game!

JenzXD | March 21, 2015 | See all JenzXD's reviews »

A better game in this genre is not possible. This game has a good detective story and gameplay. Everything that detectives do in real live is in this game. Look for notes, write them down, and connect to complete it. But if you think it's only stupid decetive stuff, you're wrong. Cole Phelps army times make him dangerous for whole criminal 1950' L.A. Got asked for help by the police and get involved by a whole war between the bad sides of L.A. If you're out for the whole yolo sandbox idea you're wrong. It's pretty seriously and doing stupid things will not give you a better experience. Don't see it as a GTA game, riding with you're over a pavement and killing innconent people.... it's the wrong game then for you. I like this game!


Unrealized potential

vipe_1 | Dec. 15, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

L.A. Noire is a unique, and on the surface, very cool game. In the game you play a late 1940's police officer/detective in the city of Los Angeles. You will investigate crimes, chase criminals through the streets, and interrogate suspects. From a technical standpoint, L.A. looks good but not spectacular. The motion capture actors are very interesting, but in return the character models/faces are little less detailed than what you may see in other games. The city itself is modeled well and very detailed. Sound is a high point as well. From a gameplay standpoint, L.A. Noire is perfectly entertaining, and even good in parts, but falls short of the rest of the quality of the game. Cases are very interesting and based on real world crimes, but there is little variance and no real way to completely screw up a case. It's paint by numbers one way or another, no matter how long it takes for you to figure it out. On top of this, the interrogation system is completely frustrating and poorly executed. It's really a guessing game, with ridiculous changes in tone depending on your choices. Also worth mentioning is the fact that my Cole character killed about 50 people by the time the game was over, which was necessary for the story but completely unrealistic. So, L.A. Noire is a shiny game, with some good elements to recommend. But the gameplay is very weak, and this makes the game either disappointing or nothing more than a casual experience, depending on your point of view.


Lie Detector: The Video Game

mushclone298 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all mushclone298's reviews »

Story: 23/25 Gameplay: 20/25 Graphics: 24/25 Sound: 21/25 Well, you're a cop. That's new for this type of game. The story was pretty awesome with a lot of twists I didn't expect. It also shows pretty well how corrupt the police were at that time and how even the best men can do bad things. The gameplay was rather enjoyable. Running, gunning, following traffic laws until you get bored and decide to just drive on the sidewalk even though there's people there. Good stuff. The main thing that sets this title apart is the interrogations where you have to decide whether or nor people are lying. This is really, really, really awful at times. The graphics are amazing and everything appears to be from the proper time period. The sound is equally as good except I notice some reverberation or muffling with some of the voice acting. Awesome game, get it and its DLC.


Detective story!

Obsessor | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

I love detective novels set in the early XXth century. They have certain charm to them. The peoples clothes, the music, overall atmosphere. I love it. If you are like me, don't hesitate for a moment, you will weep while impersonating Cole Phelps in his career as a detective in Los Angeles of late 1940's. The amazing facial animations are there for a reason too - you have to watch the people you talk to very closely, and listen to what they say, and in what manner they say it. Only if you're a keen observer, a true detective, you can uncover the truth. And even then you can be fooled sometimes. That's the game's magic. Overall impression - shut up and take my money. I got the game on sale, was pretty fortunate in that, but now that I played it - I would buy it again for full price. It's that good. 100/100 and a night in a jazz club.


Where games can go when AAA take risks.

papazdo | Sept. 2, 2014 | See all papazdo's reviews »

Something different and new, Rockstar Games have created another masterpiece again. Combining mystery and action they have somehow added a very interesting narrative over the piece that reminds me very much of 1940 and 50s noire film. Action does not come very often, though when it does, it holds up well and feels like GTA. This is one definitely worth playing if you've ever wanted to be a detective.


Immersive and entertaining.

PrimalHunter779 | July 30, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

L.A Noire is a game set in Los Angeles after World War II, during the "Golden Age of Hollywood". You play as Cole Phelps, a detective who must work his way through the LAPD, solving cases and making arrests. This is one of the best games I've ever played, and I sincerely congratulate Rockstar on their fine work. Firstly, it should be known that the voicework and character animations in this game are fantastic; without this, the game wouldn't work half as well as it did. The characters move and interact seamlessly, due to the innovative use of motion capture technology. During interviews, the player has to read into facial expressions and determine whether a suspect is lying or telling the truth. Due to the impressive animations on display, you can read every eye twitch, uneasy posture and downward glance. These interview sections are the highlight of the game, and it was genuinely entertaining to complete them using evidence and intuition. The basic game mechanics function just like any other Rockstar game; a large (beautifully made) open world, in this case, the grime and glamour of 1950's Los Angeles. You can roam the city on foot or in a vehicle, resolving street crime cases and responding to pleas for police intervention. During a case, you'll often have to travel around the city to meet suspects and other characters, so you'll easily notice the size and attention to detail put into the open world. Additionally, during a case you have to analyse different pieces of evidence, and you'll quickly learn how to integrate these pieces of evidence into the case. It was truly immersive to act like a proper detective, and fans of old crime shows will be delighted here. Without giving anything away, the story is quite investing, and you'll find yourself truly interested in Cole Phelps' story. I don't want to spoil anything, but Rockstar really knows how to make a decent narrative. The only flaw with this game is the horrible optimisation for PC; the graphics are high quality and very consistent, but the port is not well optimised at all. I can barely maintain an acceptable framerate throughout the game, but I persisted due to the quality of the game content. This may be my own error due to using an AMDD Graphics card. Overall, L.A Noire is a highly worthwhile and entertaining experience. The immersive story and gameplay really held me right to the end, but the poor optimisation is the only thing holding this game back from a 10. Well crafted, and I'd love to see a sequel to this one. 9.5 / 10



SexyJesus | June 1, 2014 | See all SexyJesus's reviews »

This game has the most realistic faces I've ever seen. It's not very heavy on the action (You can actually skip the firefights if you can't get past them), but the suspense is killer! If you've ever wanted to solve a murder, or feel like Sherlock Holmes, get this game!


Hello, detective!

AkiMatti | May 19, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

Ever seen one of those noir detective movies of the old? Well, this game let's you play a movie like that! You can search the crime scenes, interview witnesses and suspects and make conclusions. Drive around the town, even. All of this is made immersive by having a facial animation system that copies the actors expressions. It really adds to the realism. The concept and the execution are good. But I will give the game some negative feedback for handling so sluggishly on lower spec machines. This game need a beast of a GPU to run well.


Very Innovative

RedLinked | May 18, 2014 | See all RedLinked's reviews »

This game tells a story of a LAPD Detective, Cole Phelps. The game's cases have you searching for clues desperately, to find who really was the killer, drug dealer, or whoever caused the crime. The game play is very unique, as you must search for clues, which takes you into interesting places. These clues are also used for questioning witnesses or suspects of the crime, which can leave you completing a case correctly, or failing the case. The story takes you through Cole's life as a detective, and makes you wonder what will happen next. The animations in this game are phenomenal, using technology to use actors/actress's faces to give a sense of talking to real people. I urge you to play this game, you will not regret the purchase.


Art of detective stories

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

Very nice story with only good gameplay. Too much of a shortcuts in going to places where something happened as for a bit of sandbox LA Noire introduces. Good graphics with all the style needed for a 40s. But still solving cases gives much fun when you need to combine traces and suspects to know the truth. You have to guess from peoples faces if they are lying or telling the truth - this is I think the only new thing game introduced. Still quite a top 10 rank.


Excerpt from one of my academic papers on the game (no, really)

iamstillbroke | May 4, 2014 | See all iamstillbroke's reviews »

L.A. Noire is a technological and narrative achievement in videogames. It proves that videogames have style, substance, and content that non-gaming audiences may enjoy. It’s a game that re-envisions its roots—film noir and the hard-boiled genre—as something a modern audience may still appreciate. At the same time, it brings depth to the character stereotypes the genre has developed over long years of deconstructions, and re-establishes why the detective genre has survived for this long. Though its play style may be more like a visual novel, the fact that the world and the characters are virtual, living, breathing, copies of the real thing and that crucial plot coupons may be missed shakes up both its genres—HBI/Noir and videogames—in their entirety. Instead of waiting for major events to happen, the player has to make them happen, by way of careful, intuitive playthroughs. The game allows the player to go through the game at their own pace. Even without collecting newspapers or paying mind to foreshadowings and whatnot, the game is an enjoyable experience on its own. Reader-response here becomes player-response- the experiences of the player with hard-boiled/noir/neo-noir crime fiction and open-world action-adventure games gauge their way of tackling the challenges and perceiving characters. With over 400 actors and 2200 pages worth of dialogue, the game promises to bring a new innovation not only to videogames, but to crime fiction itself. Immersion in the game environment allows the player-reader to surpass the limitations of the first-person perspective, as they actually control the character they follow. As it has its own story, it encourages developers and writers to move beyond adapting known franchises such as Sherlock Holmes into games and into creating a new canon just for this particular medium.


Different In It's Own Way

chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

This game was very different in it's own way. There aren't much games that I can think of that are mystery crime solving, except for the Nancy drew games. These types of games are quite difficult at times because you have to find the smallest clue just to get to the next step of figuring out a crime. Can be frustrating at times, and looking at walkthroughs are very tempting when you're stuck on one part for several hours. It's well worth it at the end though, so don't sweat it too much. You just have to think outside of the box when it comes to this game.


Great experience

gforcesa | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Team Bondi have created a very good game.The game takes place in the 1940's and you play as Cole Phelps a police officer who has to prove himself as a detective and gets promoted along the way.Every time you investigate a crime scene is unique, because you might miss something in which you have to go back to later.The acting and the facial animations are very well done and while you speak to someone you have to watch their faces in order to see if they are lying or not.The story is very well done and Rockstar has created a very good game.It's a must play from me.


Great Concept. Great Execution.

amnv | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all amnv's reviews »

Although not as action-packed and loud as Rockstar's other titles, LA Noire instead has a dark, twisted story and a great detective role to play. You, as Cole Phelps, will examine crime scenes for evidence, interrogate witnesses, and try to solve mysteries and murders, all while dealing with your own inner conflict. A truly great storyline, and an excellent new facial animations system by the devlopers, using actual actor's facial movements for the characters, adding a new dimension to the game. Use this to tell if a person is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Its only downfall is the lack of replay value, with a standard driving free roam after the main story, with nothing left to do but find fancy mid-40's rides. All in all, a good buy if you're looking for some mystery.


A Concept Piece

Stuman31 | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all Stuman31's reviews »

One thing that is great about Rockstar making such successful games is that it allows it to create concept games like this one. La Noire isnt going to blow you away on any aspect. Its for those who enjoy a good crime mystery. I did finish this game, but did feel like i really had no massive highs or lows. I dont think it will knock your socks off, but it is a pleasant game that would be enjoyable for even causal gamers


Very Great if You Can Get Past the Repetition

TheSteve | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all TheSteve's reviews »

When I first jumped into this game, it was the most amazing thing ever. You get to do detective work, chase bad guys, EVERYTHING. Then after my stint in homicide, everything started to get repetitive. The storyline is great. Voice acting great. You feel very immersed when you play this game. But after awhile you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, gameplay wise. The story is always different which is nice. Don't get me wrong. I really like this game. I just couldn't handle the repetition. So if you don't mind the constant driving, walking around an entire house for clues, interrogating, then you'll love this game.


Amazing concept! MASTERPIECE!

safzan02 | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all safzan02's reviews »

Amazing game set in the old 60s. You are Cole Phelps. A detective. Amazing game, haven't finished it yet, good single player, you can prove that you're an awesome detective if you don't use walkthroughs through out the game. Though this game DOES NOT HAVE FREE ROAM, it's still fun. One of the best AAA titles out there at the moment. This game had a amazing concept, you will love this game if you have been a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. There are many features in this game such as interrogation. This game is just like a detective simulator, but with a great story. Loved it. MASTERPIECE!



EtaYorius | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all EtaYorius's reviews »

This is just one of those games that just has it all, great graphics, great acting, great animations, good controls, superb story line, wonderful late 40`s setting that will truly transport you to1947, it also has a lot of replay value just to see how characters react to different scenarios, this game by Team Bondi can only be described as a "Masterpierce".


Engrossing and Atmospheric

MyDingALing | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all MyDingALing's reviews »

LA Noire is a great addition to Rockstar's ever growing catalogue of Third Person Role Playing Games. Initially, it appears to be neither as exciting or as action packed as previous titles (Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Autos, Etc.) LA Noire instead relies on it's in depth storyline and intelligible problem solving which brings a great change to the running and gunning nature of the Grand theft Auto series. The overall gameplay is great, from simply wandering around a suspect's house looking for clues, chasing a criminal on foot to intercepting a bank heist amidst a heavy gun battle, LA Noire proves to be just as thrilling as it's modern setting counterparts. I highly recommend this game to any followers of Rockstar's previous games or anyone looking for a well written, well designed game set in a fascinating era.


Detective Simulator 2011

el_pelado95 | Oct. 15, 2013 | See all el_pelado95's reviews »

A Master Piece. 1) History: A great story, just like the noir films of the 40`s. War, Corruption, Love and Action. A dark story which you cant miss. 2) Graphics: Supreme. You must to play it. Los Angeles is perfectly recreated (from the costumes, cars, buildings, music and weapons). Real actors portrayed the character of the game, so the animations are just perfect. 3) Gameplay: Detective mode (AWESOME) + Nice shoot and cover + Great chase missions. You can interrogate the suspects, use the clues and close the case (especial mention for the quarter moon murders case). 4) Music: Just check the main theme in youtube, just like hans zimmer music. You must to play it.


Amazing atmosphere, story and gameplay. Great game !

fussioman | Sept. 30, 2013 | See all fussioman's reviews »

It's just amazing how great the atmosphere in this game is felt ! The story is really cool, the cases are really nice to solve, the facial animations are really good. There is action and a very good action ! I love the game but there is one thing - it's not a game where you'd want to replay it again and again at least in my opinion. I love the DLC - it really is nice to have, with it you will get even greater gameplay ! Team Bondi did a great job on this one. Hey ! It's Rockstar game ! It's really worth getting, so what are you waiting for ? Buy it :D


Great soundtrack, Good gameplay, Different in a good way.

psstss2 | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all psstss2's reviews »

The awesome performances and great facial capture make every interrogation and investigation a riveting affair. LA Noire is a masterpiece! if you love deduction, the 40's atmosphere and some outstanding actors performance, you really got to play this one! I'm 60% at the time of reviewing, and there is almost no downside to this game! As of today (July2012) , the game is overall good optimized! (Intel Q9550, GTX560Ti, 4GB DDR2...) fast loading, stable 30 fps, all on max, really decent graphics!


Great detective game

rjb789 | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This game is revolutionary, from everything from the awesome facial animations, to the interrogations and the heart pumping shoot outs and chases you will frequently be involved in whilst exploring the sprawling city of Los Angeles in the 1940s. The game focuses on solving crimes in the city and surprisingly, this becomes very addictive. There is so much to do and the cases vary from homicide to car theft. Searching for clues is both rewarding and challenging and provides an good break between the action and interrogations. If you like open world games with a bit more thought involved than games such as GTA IV or even V this is for you!


Becom the detective you've always (secretly) wanted to be

TonyTurismo | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all TonyTurismo's reviews »

Rockstar are just goddamn amazing at everything they do, from sandbox game experiences, to graphics and soundtrack, everything is top notch. And L.A. Noire keeps this trend, by being as awe-inspiring, if not more than your average Grand Theft Auto game. I just love how they've worked so much on making the facial expressions on this game look true-to-life, it makes the game just that much more enjoyable, I can't even imagine what L.A. Noire would look like if they were to make a sequel and further improve on it. Definitely a must play, and it is quite common for it to go on sale regularly. Get it.


Interesting game

Asrafil | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all Asrafil's reviews »

While not a classic LA Noire is a very interesting detective game with a cool story and amazing facial capture. The action parts can be skipped if you don't like them so if you are in for the story and the investigations you can try LA Noire without fear of getting stuck in an action section.


Great game, new experience, great music

manu981 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all manu981's reviews »

A captivating game, however, the story is a little repetitive and predictable, nonetheless, the game gives you the freedom to explore the world as you want; this has been Rockstar's signature all along. Searching for clues and interrogating suspects and witnesses is addictive and entertaining. Occasional bugs and stuttering. Not much re-playability.


Interesting and unique.

noctone | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all noctone's reviews »

LA Noire at a quick glance is basically GTA set in the mid-1900's. However, instead of running around killing civilians, the game is focused instead on investigating crimes. During much of the game you will be wandering crime scenes looking for clues, and then finding the people who committed the crime, and then interrogating them. All of the mentioned are also done incredibly well although well into the game, it may seem a little bit repetitive - it doesn't really overstay it's welcome though. (Although this may affect it's replayability.) Many of the visuals in the game are also fantastic.


Sweet L.A.

CoillyZ | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

This is one of the best games ever published by Rockstar. My biggest fear for the game (it feeling like GTA) ended up not being an issue. The graphics are amazing. The shooting gameplay isn't revolutionary, but the interrogations and the detective work are the best parts. Scouting for clues feels like a rush. The story is amazing, and the atmosphere is great. Play this if you haven't already.


One of my favourites

SirEagle | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all SirEagle's reviews »

I have played this games a while ago, and i was amazed. The gameplay is very interesting and something new and never seen in video games history. Very nice storylane, stunning graphics. After first minutes of playing I started to love this game, and can not end playing for hours. The game have lots of difficult parts, especially when you must find out if the person you are interrogating is lying or saying the truth, but in my opinion this makes the game so awesome and interesting to play.


Awesome detective game

DeadReap | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all DeadReap's reviews »

This ROCKSTAR game is awesome game, it have stunning graphics, great game play and awesome storyline, the cases are really interesting, a lot of stunning details, very good character actions, when you have to choose whenever the character lies or says the true, you have to see every detail. Game is really good, in storyline, game play, graphics, engine.


Interesting, yet sparse

everon42 | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all everon42's reviews »

At first glance, LA Noire comes off as a sprawling city with opportunities at every doorstep to solve a crime, explore a city and search for clues. But the formula & mechanics it highlights as being new and exciting runs thin pretty quickly. You'll move form point A to B to C, interview a few people and along the way shoot some guys in a side mission. Then rinse and repeat. The game comes across as if it was designed to be so much more, but ultimately features got cut to make a much sparse game. As a result its unevenly paced game because they didn't bother thinking about that element.


A unique experience

Kelzhas | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all Kelzhas's reviews »

L.A. Noire is a very unique game. The detective mechanics within the game, is something never before seen in a video game, and i would wish that more games would follow in its footsteps. The game has the most realistic in game face movement, that have evver been seen before, and the voice acting is about as perfect as it gets. The story is also very engaging, and the rare shootouts that do occur, are brutal enough to keep you in this grim world, despite some of the "gamey" aspects of it, like auto aim, and bad sound design that the guns create. Its a good game, not with much replay value however, and the ending kinda left me wanting more, but it is an enjoyable ride nontheless, so i would wholeheartedly recommend it.


Slightly limited, but worthwhile nonetheless

Crymson84 | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all Crymson84's reviews »

A police investigation game from the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, L.A. Noire is a unique title that has a lot to offer. The game's missions each focus on an individual criminal case, and require you to solve cases by means of scene investigation and interrogation of suspects, witnesses, and other persons of interest. The interrogations are the game's bread and butter. While you'll likely start out performing poorly at them, you'll find yourself growing better as time goes on. The dialogue is very good and the game's excellent face-capture adds to the immersion. The only marked issue with this game lies in its replayability: once you complete the missions, there's simply no reason to play through the game again. Still, L.A. Noire is a unique experience that is well worth its reasonable price.


Finally An Ace Attorney Feeling!

Roydo | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Roydo's reviews »

This game got me when it started with interrogating civilians or witnesses! and man does it feel like Ace Attorney the capcom game on the ds. i am a huge fan of that game and if you are too then you will love la noire. I play games mostly for story and this game has the most feels story there is almost made me cry. this game was a step in the right direction for rockstar, though the gameplay is different with evidence and lie telling it stands far above other rockstar games. Each mission makes you wonder and each story questions your actions and all i have left to say is i just wish there were more games like these, in fact they should have their own genre because they are just down right fun!


Impressive detective game

honghan | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all honghan's reviews »

This is the 1st ever detective game I've replayed. Rockstar always come out with quality product, even they only published this game. Even though Team Bondi has bankrupted once, I think it will come out with another quality game "Whore Of The Orient". The Mocap is the thing impress me most.


What a great experience!

darkbreaker3200 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all darkbreaker3200's reviews »

I agree with some of the reviewers, arguably one of Rockstar's defining games. Massive world map with real landmarks. Reminds me of a Sega game titled Shenmue, stunning story and graphics, but lacks replay value. Rest assured, the first go-around is quite the experience.


Underrated game!

Thomazen | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all Thomazen's reviews »

This could easily be one of THE best games from Rockstar, great gameplay, lots of hours of fun, and with a hutch of detective skills.


A unique experience

MoizMansoorV | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all MoizMansoorV's reviews »

LA Noire is best described as a detective simulator. Very different from your cookie-cutter "let's zoom in on that screw so we can catch the guy from the reflection" CSI-inspired drivel. The facial animations are actually of use, and Team Bondi's done a great job optimizing the RAGE engine to take advantage of modern hardware. Highly recommended.


Just epic.

bartinkopl2 | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all bartinkopl2's reviews »

L.A. Noire is probably one of the best Rockstar's games - it's interesting, revoulationary and just awesome. It's so great that you will probably spend hours on finding victims and solving puzzles. Facial animations are unbelivable - you can read from people's faces if they lie or not. I definitly recommend it!


Not a puchase you'll regret

poik12 | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all poik12's reviews »

L.A Noire is a 3rd person game where you play as a detective in the LAPD. This game is amazing from the beginning with cases that are thoroughly enjoyable. What this game does the best is combining action sequences like car chases and shootouts with detective elements such as scene investigations and the very well done yet sometimes frustratingly difficult interrogation scenes. The plot of the game is also a wonderful piece of work in itself, with brilliant writing and intertwining of the cases that get increasingly darker as the game goes on, all culminating in one of the best endings in gaming that I have ever witnessed.


There's nothing else like it

KayFall | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all KayFall's reviews »

Just like the title says there's really nothing else out there in the gaming world like it. I've always been a fan of the noir genre so I've always looked for it in games. I've found it perfectly implemented it in the Max Payne games, went crazy for it in adventure games like the great old Grim Fandango and the newer Gemini Rue aaaand that's about it. So I was really happy when this came out and even happier after playing it. It's amazing how close this experience comes to a movie. It's like you're the lead character in big budget film noir. Sometimes you also feel like you're the director and the game also gives you a couple of chances to be the screenwriter. Also the 1940's Los Angeles that I hear has been faithfully reproduced here is a pure work of art. So to all those still arguing if games are art or not, I invite you to a car ride through the streets of this amazing city. The lights, the cars, the people, the houses, even the asphalt looks so authentic and the city really becomes alive. This is way better than any GTA, Mafia or anything else out there. The voice acting is also spot on as is the music. There are also many gameplay mechanics and they all work really well together: car chases, chases on foot, shootouts, interrogations etc. The only slightly problematic part is actually a core gameplay issue: the interrogations are slightly off sometimes as you never actually know what you're character is gonna imply by making an option. But that's something that actually becomes easier as you progress. So if you claim atmosphere, story or art is an important part of a game, don't miss this.


Very underrated game from Bondi.

MichalM | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all MichalM's reviews »

Well, L.A. Noire is one very underrated games that Rockstar games published, It's necessary to read and listen and also, thanks to some revolutionary technology of motion capture, to look at people's reactions to questions. That's one top notch detective game, I've never experienced anything like it before, graphics are okay (We have to remember it's just a port from console) but sounds and musics are awesome and are perfectly matched with post WWII time. The only problem is an optimalization of the game, It can really eat up your hardware, literally :) But it's steal a great game to play, just take it now :D


One of my favourties!

xSh4d0wXx | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all xSh4d0wXx's reviews »

I really enjoy playing this game for a number of reasons. The characters in this game are realistic and the facial animations are spot on! Finding out who the criminal is for each mini story building up to the main one, is really fun ad satisfying. The story is really good in this game and it will definitely be replayed multiple times!


A Piece of Art

noobboy191 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

This game lives up to the promise of filling the shoes of a detective, from murder cases to arsonists you are put face to face with suspects weeding out the culprit. One of the best facial animations you will ever see and I dearly hope just because the company who made this shut down, doesn't mean this kind of technology will be lost to gaming animation forever. If you ever loved to play Mr. Lie detector you owe it to yourself and team bondi to pick this game up.


Cole Phelps, LAPD

08woodh1 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all 08woodh1's reviews »

Cole Phelps, a second world war veteran with experience of being under fire, take the easy life of becoming a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. This game follows Detective Phelps' journey as he solves the crimes of serial killer, doctors, arsonists, drug dealers, and even missing people. Facial expressions in this game are everything: Judge a person's face, and determine if they're telling the truth. The facial expression in this game, beat all other games on the market, so I would definitely get this money. 10/10, Rockstar.


Best crime investigation game for pc out there!

akki666 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all akki666's reviews »

This game is simply the best investigation thriller out there maybe even for all consoles.First of the gameplay is really nice (almost like GTA) as it is rockstar and they have had really good experience before with GTA IV.The standout thing in this game is the game characters,the story and the facial graphics.The graphics in this is really smooth compared to GTA IV.The facial expression of characters is really good and unique.I haven't seen any other game with this much detail. I recommend to buy the game because i personally enjoyed it very much and it is worth the money!


Another great game by Rockstar

tomdoughnut | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all tomdoughnut's reviews »

Most people buy this game thinking it's going to be another Grand Theft Auto type game- it's not. LA Noire is all about being a detective and working for the LAPD. Anyone who complains about the lack of shooting, flying, free roaming (etc...) obviously have bought the wrong game, because this isn't that. So before buying this game, make sure you know what you're buying because it is very different to Grand Theft Auto. Now that that's out of the way, LA Noire is a unique game with good graphics and I admire Rockstar for introducing new technology to their game. Every single case is different and the variety in them certainly keeps me amused. I enjoy being able to inspect a crime scene and use the information given to be able to interrogate people who may have been involved. I love how you can use clues against people and can choose whether or not they are telling the truth (even though at times it does get very difficult). Although I have never felt the need to free roam in this as much as other open world games (purely because the storyline is too intense), the map is of good size and I love the fact that it is set in 1940's Hollywood as the cars and buildings are fascinating. Driving could be slightly more realistic and perhaps a longer story would have been better (along with a much needed multiplayer in my opinion), however the above have clearly not been big enough issues to change my mind about what a brilliant game this is. On saying that, one of my main issues is the ending; not just the last mission, but certainly the last few missions building up to it. I will not spoil it for those who have not played it, however I found the ending quite disappointing and I felt as though it could've have ended much better and with much more effect. Nevertheless, I am so glad that Rockstar have produced a work of art like this and I hope to see more games like it in the future.


A dark thriller set in the 1940's + Rockstar. 'Nuff said.

VENAXIS | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all VENAXIS's reviews »

L.A. Noire is one of the best dark investigation games ever made. The intense atmosphere and the great storyline definitely makes this game a masterpiece in its genre.


24+ Hrs of Greatness

paddyg | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all paddyg's reviews »

This game offers in excess of 24 hours of gameplay. The narrative and storytelling in this game are second to none. Graphics are immense especially with the life-motion capture of the main characters. You will witness many Actors and Actresses that you recognise from TV in this game playing their parts. Can you tell if what they are saying is true? Thoroughly enjoyed this title. Well worth the money!



Trollfaceyomama | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

This game has the best face animations of characters you can see in a video game, thanks to a newly developed "face mimics motion capturing technology", which belongs to Rockstar Games. Period. Besides that, the story is strong, gameplay is enhanced with so much fun, graphics are mostly stunning, sounds and musics, that mirrors the NOIR theme of that era, is just amazing. Do not hesitate on buying this game.


Its Rockstar man they don't dissapoint

suvojit91 | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all suvojit91's reviews »

L.A. Noire is a single-player detective game from Rockstar Games set on the infamous streets and in the smoke-filled backrooms of postwar Los Angeles.Rockstar did unthinkable job in this game. L.A. Noire is a neo-noir crime thriller that seamlessly blends crime-solving, clue-finding, car chases and shoot-outs with revolutionary new interrogation-based gameplay that will allow players to read characters' emotions in order to reveal the truth. Cole Phelps a decorated war veteran(silver star), now an LAPD detective, is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in its own excess. Corruption is rampant, the drug trade is exploding, and murder rates are at an all-time high. In his fight to climb the ranks, as well as do what's right, Phelps must unravel the truth behind a string of arson attacks, racketeering conspiracies, and brutal murders. In doing so, he must also battle the L.A. underworld and even members of his own department to uncover a secret that could shake the city to its rotten core. Now take a ride & solve a series of gruesome murders and other crimes ...Shall we ???? Trust me.I own this game..simply Great game..


Great Game, with a Story that goes with it!

con24 | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all con24's reviews »

This game is outstanding. In LA Noire, you play as former Marine, Cole Phelps. It's great! I always though 1940's USA was shocking, but this changed my mind. It's a great game. There are the couple of problems like lag (slowness) on some computers due to low FPS, but apart from that it's amazing. I've complete this once and I found it quite good I'm going through it again. The computerized images of the characters are amazing. It'd be great if there was an LA Noire 2, or even something like NY Noire, or another game like this. Great story, and even has an open world to explore in the cases in traffic after you have complete the desk.


Fun to play

superhuman9amer | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all superhuman9amer's reviews »

Great game if you like the old time crime genre, still a great fun action game if you don't.It can be a bit repetitive at some times when solving crimes.It's has a great story once you start it sucks you in because you want to know what happens next,once started it's hard to put down.


Investigation game

simodeso | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

This game is pretty good, it is the evolution of the point and click adventure games, because here you move the character in a realistic word, where the faces of the people can reveal the truth. They used a nice technique to make real faces in a videogame..and they are awesome. The game is awesome too, because it is pretty funny and the story is very good. If you love to investigate, buy this game it's worth every penny!


Excellent game, but...

buckleboff94 | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all buckleboff94's reviews »

When I first played through the game, I was captivated by the unique atmosphere, engaging story, pretty strong gameplay mechanics and the unbelievable quality of the faces for interrogation scenes! However, now I also recall the nearly pointless open world, (there's not many side quests or anything to otherwise occupy you) occasionally frustrating interrogations and some unusual plots twists. Overall thoough, I'd certainly recommend this game and am pleased to have it in my gaming library


Good game.

Matis221 | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all Matis221's reviews »

It's very good game. Being a detective in 1940's is something great. Nice graphics and interesting interviewing system makes this game "must play" to everyone.


Best Detective game ever

spycid | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

This game does the unthinkable. It completely relies on how you interpret the AI's reaction. If you can manage read the NPC correctly and find the clues then this game will be the most interesting and best game you have played blended with the right amount of Action and Adventure at every unexpected moment. It has brilliant set pieces. It's a must play title for all Sherlock fans.


Great game

Bolo | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

Great game with different cases, you go around solving, and plenty of room to make decision and think things over. The game is set in a classic gangster Rockstar-created world with great characters and story.A great 1940-styled sandbox game, where you take the role as Detective Phelps. LA Noire requires thorough searching and proper thinking to solve cases. Although the PC port is terrible this game is amazing.


Detective puzzle solver

lok0812 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This is a very unique game that puts the player in the shoe of a detective. You are given clues and witness and people to interrogate and it is up to you to find the leads in order to solve the crimes. NPC facial expressions are done very well since it is needed in order to tell if a NPC is lying to you or not. Similar to other types of open world from Rockstar, this game is set in a huge open world as well for the player to explore in their leisure. In addition, the game also have action element add into it like chase down suspect or gunning down gangsters. Great game to get for anyone that loves a deep puzzle game with action element