Reviews for Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition (NA)


All the Might & Magic Heroes VI stuff in one package

mahon | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I played Heroes of Might and Magic since its early incarnation. Now the latest edition is Might & Magic Heroes VI, and it really shines. It looks good and plays as great as ever before. And I mean the best parts in the series, without even mentioning the single mistake that happened once upon the time and was the fourth HoMM game. With the sixth game being so good, I can only recommend getting Might & Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition, as it includes all the important expansions you would eventually want to buy anyway. So in addition to the game you receive two Adventure Pack DLCs and the Shades of Darkness expansion. Although the latter is a standalone game, I am sure no HoMM fan would even think of skipping it, as it's more of a standalone expansion than a separate game.