Reviews for Might and Magic Heroes VI - Shades of Darkness (NA)


New race and many new additions

ivangroznyi1 | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all ivangroznyi1's reviews »

Might and Magic: Heroes VI - Shades of Darkness is a standalone expansion to Might and Magic: Heroes VI, which can run without the base game. It tells a story involving Raelag, which is split into two campaigns of four missions each. There's a new faction added to the game - Dungeon, which is commanded by dark elves. New units, buildings, weapons and heroes are not any surprise to a Might and Magic: Heroes VI veteran, but if you are interested in the world of MoM, you can learn a lot of new facts from this game, for example about the origin of the peoples inhabiting this world. All in all, I don't think this title even needs to be recommended to a MoM player!