Reviews for LA Noire The Complete Edition


highly recommend this

rosschris10 | Sept. 26, 2015 | See all rosschris10's reviews »

Fantastic game i had this on the PS3 and enjoyed it i got this on GM one the recent sale for the extra mission and it is really enjoyable highly recommend this. Great FPS and great story lines


Really good game !

cubecka | Sept. 25, 2015 | See all cubecka's reviews »

In GTA, you commit crimes and the police catches you for it. In LA Noire, it's the other way around. You're the one who catches those who commit crimes. If you love shooting people, crashing vehicles or fighting the police, then this ain't the game for you. Go buy GTA instead. This game is set on a fictional LA 1940s. It gave a different vibe when traveling in the open world. The detective stuff like finding clues or asking suspects questions were good, though they could've done better, but is IS a 2011 game. Many have changed in the gameplay of games through the years. I kinda understand why the gunplay is kinda clunky or kinda basic because maybe they focused mainly on solving cases. It's just my opinion though, but it's still fun. A very unique game. would recommend. my rate 9,1/10



Axidok | Sept. 22, 2015 | See all Axidok's reviews »

I actually disliked the game. It was a great concept but I didn't have fun in practice, I quit after around 20 hours. There were three main problems with the game. The first problem was the overarching story. Not enough was revealed throughout the cases to keep me interested. When I got some more information, it was nice, but I never knew enough/understood enough to stay really engaged and to keep playing just for the next bit of story. After I quit the game, I read the rest of the plot on Wikipedia. So much happened! I only had a few cases left (or maybe one desk) and Wikipedia suggested that the entire plot unfolds at the very end of the game. I think it would have been better if the player didn't have to push through 20 hours for the final payoff. The second problem was that I didn't feel like I was solving anything. The game essentially tells you where to go/who to talk to throughout. I didn't feel like a good detective because I followed a certain lead, I felt like I was just going through the motions of solving the linear case. I wish more puzzle-solving/critical thinking was left up to the player. The third problem was the interrogations. Sometimes it was impossible to tell what the correct response was based on the facial animations. Even worse, was not knowing how Cole would carry out different assessments. For instance, "Doubt", could mean anything. Half the time he would start screaming at the interviewee and the other half he'd just drop the issue entirely. I read somewhere that "Truth", "Doubt", and "Lie" were originally under some other labels that gel with Cole's reactions more accordingly but Rockstar switched them last moment.


Good concept, but not my cup of tea

Cornwallace | Sept. 22, 2015 | See all Cornwallace's reviews »

It was an odd thing for me, because usually I love noir, whether book, game or movie, but I couldn't find myself getting behind the nagging personality of the main character. Besides story I found the main mechanic behind interrogation a little annoying since I couldn't tell who was telling the truth as easily as you were supposed to be able to which was a bit frustrating, when at times the game throws you back in until you get the answer the game wants. The side characters were what brought it back for me though, driving and investigation. In the end I think it is worth it for the whole of the story, and the game play is smooth enough to create an immersive feeling, though my character isn't the noir protagonist I wish he was.


Solid but flawed game that will be fun for most

Takwin | July 9, 2015 | See all Takwin's reviews »

More adventure and mystery than GTA or Red Dead Redemption, mind you, but Rockstar just makes amazing games. There is still some driving (which thankfully can be skipped 90% of the time with sort-of fast travel) and some shooting, but it is mostly clue searching and question asking. The meat of the game is judging every answer you get with Truth, Doubt, or Lie - and if you select Lie, you have to present evidence you've found to prove it. It did get boring and I wish it was about 30% shorter or tightened up a bit. It also got a bit repetitive. The story was pretty good with some minor holes, but probably worth your play. It's a unique game.


L.A. Confidential + Chinatown, but not as good as I hoped

NShep53 | June 29, 2015 | See all NShep53's reviews »

L.A. Noire was a very hyped game for years. With countless delays and rumors, you never knew what was happening with it. Finally Rockstar released it in 2011 to great critical acclaim. But it L.A. Noire actually good? You play as Cole Phelps, an up and coming police officer in 1940s LA. The city is made very nicely, but besides doing the main story missions, there isn't anything to do in it. The motion capture actors are amazing in this game. While the graphics alone aren't amazing, the expressions on people's faces are something no game has done before or since L.A. Noire. Besides the standard GTA run and gunning, the gameplay consists of solving crime scenes with a ton of variety. You can actually mess up an investigation, which is cool. The main issue with this game is the asking questions/interrogation mechanics/gameplay. It is simply awful. You may choose to ask someone something from the options given and Phelps might say something completely out of left field. This really hurts the game many times. Plus the story overall tries to be L.A. Confidential, but ends up just cheaply copying off of it. It L.A. Noire a good game? All I can say is: it's okay.


Take to role of a 1940's LAPD detective

mrgreen9705 | June 17, 2015 | See all mrgreen9705's reviews »

La Noire features a beautiful late 1940's Los Angeles in which you take the role of Cole Phelps. The game combines driving, shooting and fighting with detective work like searching for clues and interrogating suspects. I features some great graphics and an interesting story of violence and corruption in a very unique experience. An excellent crime adventure in a typical Noire style.


Excellent Noir Adventure

Castro0001 | June 10, 2015 | See all Castro0001's reviews »

if you love film noir and the classic Hollywood era you will love this Rockstar game. Shifting from point and click at certain points to an adventure/ exploration on others L.A Noire does an incredible job building an impressive and beautiful world with strong and interesting characters. The writing is incredibly good and the voice acting it's one of the best I ever saw on the video games. Excellent game.


A Rewarding Experience

elchapohefe | May 8, 2014 | See all elchapohefe's reviews »

This game is a fairly unique experience. The face mapping techniques add a great deal of fun in correctly sleuthing out truth, even though it can sometimes be slightly repetitive to interview witnesses. At a few points the story is a bit slow paced, but if you are a patient gamer it won't even be noticeable. The gunplay is fairly similar to grand theft auto, but unfortunately you are not allowed to use your weapon freely. This can sometimes be a positive because it makes you focus on the story, but consequently reduces freedom. The setting is one of the most fantastic things about the game. It has a classic feel, and does as well as any oscar-bait period drama in setting the mood. If you are already familiar with film noir you will be very happy with the story , but newcomers to the genre might be left with a twinge of disappointment.


A sweet, but rather different fruit

OverkillerlSRBl | May 2, 2014 | See all OverkillerlSRBl's reviews »

This game is one of those that have alot of interesting ideas well realised and implemented, however it mixes it with the common rockstar game-style and you get a great coctail of fun and story! It mixes investigation with action, there is everything, every part of detective work is thoroughly included and well done, first off you collect evidence, then based on evidence you question suspects and witnesses, which with collaboration with your colegues will slowly lead you to solving the case, then goes the action which is rather well done. Its not one of those who give you a mouthless degenerate for a protagonist, nor is the one which gives you a full developed character you understand, its really undefined when it comes to the main character. You will have a great time, get it now and enjoy the ride!


Tired of being on the wrong side of the law?

Pradlik | April 14, 2014 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

Finally a game where you play as a cop! And not some traffic warden but a Los Angeles detective Cole Phelps. The investigation process is the second best part of the game, after the story (see below). The search for clues will make you really punctilious and bring deep insight into all cases. The interogation is even better with the best game facial animation I have ever seen making some characters an obvious liars whereas others might seem honest. What kind of police officer would you be without chasing criminals? This takes me to the third part of police work and that are the gunfights and chases on foot or in cars. These elements aren't the main plus of the game since it's not a shooter of any kind - if you want to buy the game for the action only, don't. However, though these are weaker than in Mafia II for example, they are a nice contrast to the peaceful investigation and they balance the neat investigating with some action, which is important for you not to get bored from finding clues only. Apart from the extraordinary facial animation the graphics is about average. The city of LA is really big and contains lot of hidden secrets, such as cars, sights etc. for completionist gamers. Though the city really is wonderful, it doesn't feel as lively as it might be. Apart from the cases and street crimes, there isn't much to watch. But that isn't much of a drawback - not many games have that (maybe the Watch Dogs will). Finally, the story. There's a lot to spoil so I'll take this just briefly. It focuses on many things and mentiones lot of important topics, which makes it really strong. As set in the year 1947, you'll it connects the horrors of war and Cole Phelps' military history with the police investigations and lot of other topics, you'll encounter in the streets of LA such as drugs, racism, prostitution, rapes and lot more. I enjoyed the last Arson desk a whole lot because it shows nobody is plain black or white, evil or good. Some characters are antagonists, though you feel the morale in their acting, others have it the other way round. It also shows how thin line lies between good and bad, between friends and enemies. To sum up - this game promises something quite different from others as you'll be playing at the right side of the law meaning lots of new aspects and a fantastic story. The weakest thing I can think of is that you cant skip the ending credits :)


A new style of detective game

cdp_star | March 17, 2014 | See all cdp_star's reviews »

Although I felt the total graphic quality was not so high, I imagined they focused all of their skills on the action of face muscle which can indicate the characters' mind. "Is this comment true?" "Is the guy a liar?" I could detect the answer from their face, and it was the amazing experience. However, in summary, the interrogation system was not good. Because the system never allow vague answers. The game system accepts only one answer for each question, even if there are several evidences which indicate same result/truth. It made me irritated in many situations. This game succeeded to make new style of detective game which can display real human feeling on the monitor. But if the judgment system about questioning can include humanity, it may become better.


Detective in a whole new level

Freako | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

Game has great graphics and intense story telling. I personally love detective shows and how the one solves a case. LA noire has really stepped up their level with detective games. You are start off as a small cop patrolling and you are promoted to a crime detective. The game is awesome because of the graphics. The graphics are all used using motion sensors on a actual's person face even the slightest flinch you will notice. When you interrogate someone you literally can see facial expressions like biting lips and nervous looks. It all looks so real, you collect evidence to solve crime and to pin it against your suspects till they submit to your awesomeness. Loved the game worth the buy.


An excellent, fun, and original game!

BlockAgent | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

I loved playing this game from the beginning to the end. Never did it get boring or repetitive. The story is great and very intriguing and begs you to keep playing to find out what will happen next. The controls are great as well. You can tell that Rockstar Games went the extra mile to make the games environment as historically accurate as possible. I actually learned alot about 1940's LA by reading the descriptions of the landmarks when I discovered them. I highly recommend this game to everybody.


Cole Phelps: The Bruce Wayne of 1940's Los Angeles.

PandaGoon | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all PandaGoon's reviews »

L.A. Noire, amazing game that pulls you really deep into the story. Realistic voice acting and facial expressions, this game is all about being a detective, a genuine and good hearted detective who isn't just another corrupted officer. The game has slight pop in but given how great the scope of this game is, it's a very minor issue. L.A. Noire has a great story and great gameplay, it has your easter egg and collectibles so youll be busy for hours. If you like being a detective this game is for you, and if you want to 100% complete it, you'll need to scrape every nook and cranny to get it and this provides a great challenge.


Slightly flawed, but overall a great experience.

Discostink | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all Discostink's reviews »

LA Noire definitely has a unique feel to it, and is a video game that you'd be very hard pressed to find anywhere else. It plays as a combination of an open-world action game and as an adventure game, and has two main styles of gameplay. The majority of the game is spent doing policework, which includes scouring crime scenes and related areas for clues and connections to the crime being investigated, and then confronting key players in the crime with your findings. The interrogation system is interesting, and is easily the most core part of the game, as it prides itself greatly on its very advanced face animations, which allow the player to tell a person's mindset and whether they're lying or not by reading their expressions. This is, however, one of the bigger shortcomings of the game as the interrogations at times don't feel like they make a ton of sense. When interrogating others, you have three different choices, which is truth, doubt and lie. Basically you choose whether or not you think they're being honest, whether you doubt them but have no evidence to support it, or you straight-up know they're lying, and you have evidence to prove it. The problem is that you never actually know what you're going to say until you've chosen one, and at times, the main character's dialogue doesn't follow your intentions at all. That said, the game has a lot of upsides to it to weigh out the negative. The game is straight-up gorgeous, with specific mention to the characters' face animations. They do of course stride along the edge of the uncanny valley, but the detail in the animations really help convey emotion in conversation and cutscenes. The city of Los Angeles is very faithfully recreated as well, and the entire game's atmosphere and mood conveys the feel of the 1940's, both in the characters, the settings and the music. The game plays out almost as a series of episodes in a televison series. Every case is more or less self-contained, except for a few that have an overarching plot thread running through them, and while the cases can be slightly hit-or-miss, the slightly uninteresting cases are greatly balanced out by the absolutely magnificent cases that follow. Aside from the puzzle and adventure-style gameplay you're also liable to get into gunfights at times, mostly as a result of running into various random street crimes, and the shooting in LA Noire overall feels great. The shooting feels snappy and precise, and enemies are in no way bullet sponges that can take a shotgun hit to the belly and survive; mostly if you hit someone in the abdomen twice with just a pistol they're guaranteed out of commission. All in all, LA Noire is a great experience. There's a lot of hours packed into the game, and the DLC for the game is well worth the money as well, as some of the DLC cases actually end up being some of the absolute best cases in the game.


The rare example of an investigation

Kishko | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all Kishko's reviews »

LA Noire is the game that finally presents the player with a decent, believable crime investigation proceedings. Rockstar took effort to appeal to adventure games lovers with finding clues and trying to expose the lies during interrogations, generally putting the puzzle pieces together but also to fans of action elements (for those who don't like them there is an option to skip them): the game is full of chases, brawls, gunfights, all set in open city of Los Angeles. The city itself is presented with an eye for detail: the player can drive around LA looking for its landmarks in a variety of vehicles from the 50's. The game is cut into cases, most of which takes about an hour to break. It is a good idea, as the end of one case is a good moment to take a break. The game is not without flaws, though. Cases get repetitive after a while (after the third homicide in a row that suggested Black Dahlia I grew a bit weary). The protagonist lacks some emotional depth and character development. It also seems that he gets all the important cases.



Simao20 | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

This game is truly one of a kind. Set in early 50's Los Angeles during one of the more bloody years at that time. You take control of Cole Phelps who just came back from the war who works his way up from a small time cop all the way to detective and its a great ride the whole way through. Its definitely a different style of game, one that most people certainly aren't used to, its a slower paced game but its well worth it. You're a cop, so its different from a game like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. Its a breath of fresh air thats for sure. The new facial technology wowed many gamers including myself. The real passion , intensity and sorrow the actors portray in the game is simply mind blowing. Doing the detective work, asking questions looking for clues in a persons face while investigating as well as looking for any evidence at crime scenes is great. Sometimes you can miss things and get things wrong which gives re-playability to get everything correct the first time. Its not all just trying to solve crimes, there are side missions , trying to stop shootouts so there is high level action . Well worth buying


Flawed in its deceit mechanic, but still very enjoyable.

zachoines | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all zachoines's reviews »

The only thing that I had against with this game was the deceit mechanic. Now, believe it or not, the mechanic in the game is an actual thing detectives use in the real world. I personally have studied lie detection through facial muscle movements, speech peculiarities, and other various behavioral cues in college. Based on what I know, I have to give this deceit mechanic in the game praise, but also scorn for some fundamental flaws. First off, I have to give credit to the game for its accuracy of the behavioral cues to deceit that it does employ. The muscle movement patterns on various characters faces during moments of increased emotional arousal do actually match quite well with real human behavior. However, this is the only thing in regards to the games deceit mechanic that is actually accurate. Everything else such as the intensity of the emotion actually reasonably felt by a character versus the intensity of the emotion shown in the character’s behavior, the symmetrically of the muscles movements in a characters face, the lack of other felt emotions that would be reasonably felt by the characters in an interrogation during moments of emotional arousal, and other various subtleties that actual detectives and lie catchers use to catch deceivers are not employed or are misused. But, I do understand why the developers had to do this. The average gamer cannot understand nor pick up on the subtleties of actual human behavior during times when an individual may be deceiving. Additionally, it is extremely difficult for an individual (or the actors for Rockstar games in this case) to recreate these said subtleties. In other words, Rockstar games had to create a streamlined lie detecting experience for the average gamer at the cost of true realism. However, I will not hold this against the developers, but I will hold the second flaw that I noticed in this mechanic against them. This flaw has to do with the obviousness of the emotions the characters felt during the times they were lying when compared to the times they were not. During the many interrogation scenes in the game, when a character decides to lie, their face and body will contort violently in all sorts of ways, and when they are not lying, these same characters will show absolutely no movement at all. After a while of playing the game, the mechanic no longer involves discerning which emotions the characters are actually feeling, but rather it boils down to whether or not the character’s faces are contorting in all sorts of mannerisms. In other words, it becomes a game of spotting whether or not the characters faces are moving or not. This essentially defeats the purpose of having accurate (although note purely realistic) movements in the face and body in the first place, and serves to cheapen the mechanic. All in all though, I found this game to be most enjoyable and a definite recommend for those who want a complex crime solving experience.


Quite Entertaining

Impoxdragon | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all Impoxdragon's reviews »

As is the trend with most Rockstar games, this game is excellent. The technology used to read the expressions and used by the characters are fantastic and quite helpful (though, required) for solving the cases given throughout your career as Cole Phelps. The story is narrated and executed excellently by use of newspaper and, primarily, voice-over done as a, you guessed it, film noir style with signature "Private Eye Monologue." A fan of black and white films (and maybe even an older audience) will be delighted with the option to turn on the colorless feature and pretend to watch and play in a movie. Feature-wise, the game has what most GTA games have, collectibles, secrets and, of course, easter eggs. It's semi-open-world gameplay can leave fans of Rockstar's previous titles with a feeling of detachment that can break the immersion this game can provide (mostly due to the fact that you can't run around and gun people down as a police officer.) The game comes with a punishment system that will lower the score of the player for getting questions wrong, running over pedestrians and locking away the wrong person, "encouraging" the player to do good deeds (unlike GTA.) Essentially, this game is the anti-GTA. The DLC isn't purely cosmetic and can provide bonuses, extra firepower and extra cases to add to the game. This game may not be for everyone but anyone (above the region's age requirement) can pick it up and play.


Really great game

Kopok | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all Kopok's reviews »

The atmosphere is incredible. Face's animation makes it very hard to go back to any other game and provides vivid interrogations. The only flaws I can see concern the action phases (shootings, car pursuits, ...) wich feel very slow and repetitive. Yet, they are not the center of the game, so this problem is not a big one. This game is definitely worth it if you are willing to use your brain and you like that mid-20th century ambiance.


This game deserves better

creagen | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all creagen's reviews »

Despite the mixed reception of Team's Bondi game, it is a gem that should be appreciated by every fan of noir and detective genre. I enjoyed the story and despite some minor flaws this title deserves better. Most underrated game of 2011 for me.


Noire is Noir

ConorEngelb | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

LA Noire does a magnificent job of creating a true noir experience. The atmosphere of the 40s crime thriller is perfectly constructed and deeply layered. The animations in-game are excellent, and the overall graphics quality quite good too. Gameplay is well done, and fun to go through. The story is well-written and a pleasure to experience.


Facial animation are impressive !

stresskiddo | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all stresskiddo's reviews »

Bought this for less than 5USD.At this price definitely a bargain and steal ! The graphics in this game are very detailed, you probably need a strong machine to run this game smoothly . The facial expression for the characters are detailed and human-like. Its like a mash-up of nancy drew and GTA. Buy this while its still on offer !


A Definite Rockstar

kevdude90 | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all kevdude90's reviews »

Rockstar has shown to be one of the most prominent gaming companies with their other stars such as the GTA series and the Max Payne series. And they continue to impress with the game L.A Noire, the amount of work put into the game is clearly shown through the amazing graphical design as well as using "Motion Scan" to capture facial expressions. L.A Noire brings about a new wave of intellectual gaming while still being fun for younger audiences. The game cannot be limited to a simple genre as it seems to combine many. However, no game is without its "sins", as one can see that there are many redundancies in the gameplay which somewhat make it boring. Yet, there are aspects of the game that still make it interesting as it becomes more difficult throughout the game therefore needing more intelligence.


An intense story

MarcoCav | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

A very intense game with a really good story and characters well designed. There are some flaws, especially in the method of control, but you will forgive them as soon as you will be in the center of the game.


I ♥ L.A.

Sebastai | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all Sebastai's reviews »

Magic, I can describe this game with that single word. From the first moment you are captured by the story. And who does not like to be an FBI investigator? right? It's like watching a movie in which you are the protagonist who must solve each mystery, helping with each track, with each question. And in the end your intuition is that the balance decline to success or failure. Definitely a great game that I recommend a 92% :P


Give it a chance

minigand | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all minigand's reviews »

I have seen this game mocked in certain circles for being repetitive, boring, and uninteresting, but I have to say that I disagree with that assessment. Rockstar has put out a game that is innovative in every sense of the word. It is innovative in its story driven rather than a violence driven approach. It is innovative in the attention that it pays to character development. And it is innovative in the sense that it includes over 20 cases each one with more detail than the last. As soon as I finish a case, I am always eager to go back and replay it to see if I can get more question right and find more clues without the help of intuition. Buy this game, you will not regret it.


Good game

andyvercammen | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all andyvercammen's reviews »

Bought this for 5 euro with the current rockstar sale and the additional discount voucher. This game has the best facial expressions ever. Sometimes the graphics can get sloppy the first minutes (i5 with amd xfx 7770 1GB card and 4GB ram) while driving around, or maybe it is just my system ... But this is nothing that annoys me, the rest of the gameplay is without a hassle. The interregotions are fun and not always easy. Looking for clues is fun aswell. The action scenes are ok: running and shooting bad guys. If you like playing a detective buy this game and at the current price it is a nobrainer!


One more diamond from Rockstar collection

Gojko | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Gojko's reviews »

Who said GTA, no this is the something different, but still the same. You are not bully anymore you are now representative of law enforcement. Graphic in this game is fantastic just wait to see facial animation, it's awesome. Game-play is on hi level, and if you love action, and solving crimes in one, than this is the right game for you. My recommendation for all players.


Great Game

ben5559 | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all ben5559's reviews »

A few problems here and there, but overall a great thriller. with a nice interrogating mechanic and great characters. A pretty solid game.


A one of a kind game

tstaaf | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all tstaaf's reviews »

This game is amazing and I recomend anyone who likes adventure games to buy it without a doubt. It involves shooting, driving and ofcourse solving cases. The atmosphere is excellent and so is the gameplay. On the downside though , it can get a bit repetitive at times.


Solve crimes, play as a good guy in Open sandbox world

y1985 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all y1985's reviews »

L.A. Noire does a great job, with crime scene investigated + 3rd person shooting GTA IV style is really good mix and match. You play as a detective in 1950 era(If I'm right), very unique gameplay. Now for the bad catch. - The game won't run smoothly because FPS capped at 30, that might be a very big issue or just a bit of dust is depends on person. For my experience, anything below 60 is gonna make me feel dizzy. If you can bare with it, then it's ok. - The game does need to investigate or solve puzzles, if you're shooting and raging type, this game could bored you up.


Rockstar at its best!

rwesleyg | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all rwesleyg's reviews »

Amazing graphics, more to a game than just shoot this or find that, it's really cool that you've got to actually read peoples expressions. Rockstar did amazing with this one! A must buy!


Cole Phelps.

TheOneRedDevil | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all TheOneRedDevil's reviews »

LA Noire will go down as one of the revolutionary games, not for it's game play (which follows an excellent storyline and use of controls to find clues around the crime scene) but for the facial technology used for each of the characters. The voice acting and graphics is quite possibly the most realistic you'll find in any game at the moment.


Great game!

Gantork | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all Gantork's reviews »

LA Noire is a great game. It´s not fantastic, but it´s a great game. The story is well written and interesting. You will have a lot of fun with this game.


You can trust Rockstar.

SniZ | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all SniZ's reviews »

I bought this game after i had played Mafia II, beacues of the setting. I was not disappointed, the game is unlike the GTA or Mafia series not so much about the action. Instead you are a detective solving cases, you need to talk to witnesses and pice together clues. With the awsome face animation technology used it is as if you really are an detective. The only minus i can find is teh lack of open-world gameplay, a "case" is considered a level.


Amazing Game

xuebinglee | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all xuebinglee's reviews »

The game is amazing. It looks like GTA but the gameplay is totally different. For any fan of detective games, this is one that you should not miss. By the way, make sure you have a powerful computer before purchase.


Excellent game!

MattyC_86 | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all MattyC_86's reviews »

Solve crimes, drive around and explore, take parts in shootouts; it's a Rockstar quality game. The game really makes you use your head and it makes you feel like you are an actual detective.


Great game!

a44kaliburll | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all a44kaliburll's reviews »

I own this on the Xbox360 and read about it until it released. I got the game and it feels like you are watching a TV show. My wife liked to watch me play it because of that reason. I would totally suggest buying this game for this price! I know I am.


The best detective game ever.

jobs99 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all jobs99's reviews »

Stylised for a 1950's detective story, L.A. Noire is the best game of this type. The player takes the role of a policeman named Cole Phelps, which later becomes a detective, after solving some of the crimes. After our main character comes Jack Kelso, very similar to the one before. The MotionScan technique went out very well the faces are really human-like. I would recommend this game to everyone out there.


Great game

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

L.A Noire is an amazing detective game, with engaging dialogue and intriguing cases for you to solve. With a mixture of puzzle solving, observation skills and some shooting- this game has it all, combining loads of great features into a must have game.



saad_786 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all saad_786's reviews »

Possibly one of the best if not THE best prohibition-era games I have ever played. Engrossed in the game from start to finish and never a dull moment. Would definitely recommend to play it.


Essential package for LA Noire

lok0812 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This package contains LA Noire and its DLC bundle. If you enjoy crime solving and puzzle solving then LA Noire will be the game for you. Its innovation idea of the game really make it unique by allowing the player to solve different types of crime cases by giving them clues and suspects to questions which ultimately will come to a result of rather you had the correct suspect at the end. The facial expression of each person you questions are top notch as you must read their respond like body language and the way they talk to see if they are hiding something. The game also have a pretty huge open world for the player to explore and aid in local crime scene. The DLC bundle further expand the game by giving more crime cases for players to solve. This is definitely a game to get if you are looking for a puzzle solving crime investigating game.


Do not rush

takuto06 | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all takuto06's reviews »

This game has one of the best animation especially the faces due to the technology they used developing the game. Patience is something you need as this is a detective game that requires full attention to evidences and interrogations. Also, take note that the most action-packed cases are at near end especially the explosion case DLC. This is a great game to play if you have finished games like Mafia II as they have the same atmosphere though they are on opposite sides of justice.