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Great Game But Not Without Its Weaknesses

lachking | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Quake 4 at its heart is a great game that makes good use of the Doom 3 engine. You play as Matthew Kane, the sole survivor of your spacecraft and you make your way through the game’s levels achieving objectives and interacting with other characters. The game’s plot is quite enthralling with often gruesome in-game cut scenes and Hollywood style acting. In order to beat the Strogg force you actually become one of them later in the game, making for some interesting plot twists. The game’s audio and visuals are excellent and create a dark and scary atmosphere that you actually feel a part of. In spite of the excellence of the campaign there are some shortcomings however. The vehicle sections are quite underwhelming and I feel they are only there to advertise the game’s capabilities and variety rather than being a fun experience in their own right. The multiplayer is also lacking and is essentially just Quake 3 or Open Arena with more high-tech graphics and a lower player base. With these pitfalls stated, I must say that Quake 4 is still a great game, but there are definite moments of weakness to be found.