Reviews for DOOM Classic Complete (AU)


Nostalgia Alert!

lachking | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Doom, for those who don’t know is basically the game that has shaped the FPS genre into what it is today. In this pack you’re getting the full experience of the classics that shaped the genre. The graphics and art style are admittedly very dated now but the classic Dooms are about endless shooting and running around, not about wowing at scenery. I must say though that the music is still quite catchy. Throughout the games you will run through environments, kill enemies, flick switches and grab keys to find the exit of each level to take you to the next. Many may say it’s a repetitive formula, but for those that like endless shooting there is great fun to be had here. Even if you've played these games many times, it’s still a blast to play through the games you may have grown up with again and re-visit those early memories. There’s that feeling you get playing these that you just don’t get in modern shooters. Pick this up if you haven’t. Here’s hoping that Doom 4 will arrive soon and perhaps id may be able to revolutionize the FPS genre again?


That's what games used to be

michalmichal | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Old games became trendy, and I think it's a good thing. They are a sign of times when creativity of game designers was challenged to turn concepts into games despite technical limitations of computers of their times. And you know, often these games have better gameplay and are more enjoyable than modern games. Of course the graphics and music don't impress now, but when you get used to them you often find yourself unable to quit playing, while many new games fail to achieve it. Doom was a perfect example of such a game, which was impressive back then and remains fun now. Its appearance may be simplistic and ugly for some, but the game is so addictive, that you will be happy that you got all the old Doom games in this pack, so you can play on and on. Or maybe it's only me being nostalgic?