Reviews for DOOM 3 (AU)


An edge of your seat thrill ride!

PrimalHunter779 | July 26, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

Doom 3 is a no-holds barred, adrenaline pumped thrill ride; I've never played a game that's kept me quite on the edge of my seat or has had me gripping my mouse as tightly as this one. Doom 3 is scary, fast paced and frantic, and I highly recommend it. This game is a first person shooter that has the player taking control of a Marine on Mars, who is forced to confront demons from Hell itself as they launch the space station on Mars into complete chaos; the story does not get much more complex and this, but hey, this is a Doom game, and I've never played the Doom series for story. The game plays like many other games of the genre, with the player using guns to survive through each level; a simple premise, but effective, and shooting is well crafted here, considering this is what the Doom series is known for. All of the guns handle well and each kill feels satisfying and earned, and each fight will leave you feeling oddly relieved. The atmosphere and sound design in this game is also quite good. Rather than hammering the player with an over the top musical score, this game prefers to use ambience to set the tone; creaks and groans of a decaying space station is far more effective at keeping the player on the edge of their seat. I found the dark environments great, as they left me in confusion as to where the next enemy would appear. My only complaint would be that this game is rather short, and the multiplayer is non-existent nowadays. These are small complaints in comparison to the immeasurable quality of gaming that Doom 3 provides, and I recommend it highly to both novices and veterans of the first person shooter scene. 9 / 10