Reviews for Ray man Legends (NA)


Platformer of the year 2013

Myzery | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all Myzery's reviews »

Sound: The soundscapes of this game are amazing. Truly without them the game would seem almost hollow. Between the music levels, like the couple I did manage to upload of me playing, and standard sound effects it all fits perfectly. Graphics: UbiART Framework FTW!! Seriously I adore this engine. The graphics are colorful, lively, and well animated. There is nothing I could really say... the screenshots cover it all so well. Gameplay: Level design is king here. The difficulty curve is well done in this game. The levels aren't hard, but don't hold your hand either. This is a game to enjoy, and have fun in. The worst part of the gameplay is Murphy. Murphy is a companion helper in various levels. When you come across Murphy you'll really begin to notice this game was designed specifically with only the Wii U in mind. He seems slightly out place using him with a standard controller. Its very easy to use him, but you know that feeling when something is just off? Final Verdict: Rayman Legends is a truly great platformer, and I pray I get to see more games in the series.


Epic platformer

kalil | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Great game just like the top of a pine tree, but not fun to power, acceptable duration , exquisite gameplay , graphic design and great sound quality . A great work they have done one of the few games I have hooked fun to spare either individually or with friends, great job on this great game Ubisoft and I'm glad that was not exclusive to Wii U , I take my hat off Michel Ancel for making me relive old glories with Rayman . Playable have nothing to envy its gameplay is exquisite , either with keyboard or with a command is a fucking wonder so many things you can do with so few buttons or keys , commands respond effectively in this game that requires us to sometimes be Quick and test our reflexes jumping platforms or using the mosquito that to help us overcome X phases. Technologically not talking about a game with super quality characteristics or current but the program is quite optimized and well kept and polished moves and feels good on my computer just does not ask much to move it , the FPS are constant ( in my case) In a few graphics to say? is beautiful great for the human eye and got me love her beautiful graphic quality Rayman Origins if I fell in love with this cartoon type graphics even more with graphics between cartoon and 3D with funding on stage demonstrating the great work done in this aspect , simply gorgeous and beautiful as I said before some funny animations that make you laugh from time to time the terms of the enemies to be beaten the amount of things that can bring a single phase of the game is simply phenomenal . In terms of sound I must say one of the best compositions I escuhado in years (with permission to those I also love Batman and Darksiders ) femonemales really sounds , great and not to mention the musical levels are ostia , environmental sounds like screaming or hitting enemies of our heroes also hear very well , voices need not, everything is a mouthful in this game but that's what the texts that explain things . In terms of innovation I've loved music levels and if I had a Wii U that is best enjoyed where the game would be pretty good play on it, but as far as I'm concerned have done an excellent job on consoles and PC , a part of that online games have been added and is still the local cooperative for 4 people on a single computer or console, in what I regard is a thousand times better to play well or with a friend, if you pass the Origins very well well be playing with a friend imagine playing this with another friend / ao two more fun is guaranteed and added more than enough levels of the previous game . To conclude recommended game and not just for an audience "childish" as some would say give him a chance Rayman truth both are very well made and fun that is its purpose.